ojwbno, it's because somebody decided to rename the bootloader config from text.cfg to txt.cfg so my preseed file got ignored and my new VM is full of crap I don't want00:00
ojwbgnome desktop isn't pleasant with too little memory00:00
ojwbit keeps randomly deciding I've held a key down00:00
ibeardsleeapt-get purge ubuntu-desktop ?00:00
ojwbthat doesn't actually do much, as it's just a meta package00:01
ojwband autoremove didn't then seem to get rid of the actual stuff00:01
ibeardsleethen apt-get autoremove00:01
ojwbbut it's painful00:01
ojwbrandomly it'll think I hit enter a lot of times and the terminal will whizz up00:01
ojwbi'm pretty close to deleting it and restarting00:01
ibeardsleesometimes that is easier00:02
ibeardsleeof course because you /home is a different partition should be easy right?00:03
ojwbit's a VM, there's nothing in /home yet00:07
ojwbit just takes a while to chug through the install00:07
ojwbwell, it now seems to have corrupted itself, so I guess that's made the decision for me00:09
ojwbso when the electricity company said they'd send someone "within 4-6 hours", then actually meant "within 5 days"02:27
ojwbI can see how that's an easy mistake to make02:27
ajmitchhours, days, what's the difference?02:28
chiltsroll on the weekend!!!03:49
ibeardsleewhat, now it's the weekend .. what am I going to do without people at work telling me what to do all the time?04:09
chiltsand enjoy it :)04:15
* ojwb wonders if launchpad has deliberately made in unobvious how to file a bug04:52
ajmitchojwb: yes04:57
ajmitchare you trying to file a bug against ubuntu?04:57
ojwbwell, I just gave up04:58
ojwbbut it's against help.ubuntu.com04:58
ojwbhttps://help.ubuntu.com/11.04/installation-guide/example-preseed.txt is missing04:59
ojwbbut linked to, and exists for 10.04 and 10.1004:59
ajmitchhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website/+filebug might be the best place, not sure if that covers help.ubuntu.com though05:02
ojwbif it doesn't, they really need to make it more obvious where to file issues05:06

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