rwwh00k: Conditions under which you can banforward from one channel to another on freenode: 1) you are currently opped in both channels, or 2) you are opped in the source channel and the destination channel is +F. autobleh attempts to op you in both channels to fulfil (1).00:16
rww(#ubuntu-ops is +F)00:16
rwwHeh, eir-ubottu's getting thrown straight into #ubuntu? I would have expected #ubuntu-offtopic or some other less intense channel that wouldn't mind breakage so much :P02:10
elkyrww if it goes in -ot, we'll probably start trying to make it break.02:27
rwwPerhaps the bots team secretly agrees with me and plans to make it break by removing all of #ubuntu's bans :302:28
rwwbut my problematic sense of humor aside, I'm glad it's happening :)02:29
rwwany particular reason not to remove all those +q nick!*@* set by FloodBot? I assume the users involved are either banned by IP or k-lined :\02:31
elkythey shouldn't be there longer than a week, but afaik nobody in the bots team has figured a way to check this or something02:33
elkyoh, misread02:33
rwwsorry, I veered onto a different topic02:34
elkyyou might notice that some of them are strings which are not welcome, or are symbolic "this person is  banned here but is hard to actually keep out"02:36
rwwthey're owned by FloodBot, and are thus automatic ;)02:37
rwwcute, I can't find them in BT :\02:39
rwwanyways, the only ones I consider objectionable out of http://paste.debian.net/hidden/181b1c61/ are the ikonia* ones, and maco already covered that with a wildcard +q02:40
* rww really doubts we can mute every misspelled permutation of staffer nicks02:40
elkythe ikonia ones are a bit too specific given the pattern they're banning. just get rid of all those02:47
rwwoops, missed two02:54
h00krww: ah, that's what it is02:57
rwwh00k: it's another one of those ircd-seven things that people don't tend to know :)02:58
h00krww: :d02:58
rwwps, yes, I know I'm opped in #ubuntu. I'm looking through the ban list for removal candidates again and don't feel like spamming the channel with +-o02:59
h00kHEY rww, you know you're opped in #ubuntu?03:00
elkycan we just ban that isp? :P03:02
rwwI keep awesome ideas like that for #ubuntu-offtopic, sorry.03:03
rwwmy rationale behind that ban is that keeping bans on lars's dynamic IPs is pointless, but having one for "you're evading this ban" is nice, so we may as well make one that catches him at least some of the time and is informative03:04
rwwand then continue spamming banlist with him when he slips through and leave them for rww to clean up when he changes hostnames :P03:04
elkyyou seem to enjoy it so03:06
h00kI was tempted to /opme, /deop rww, /deopme03:07
h00kbut decided not to03:07
rwwsome people count the number of steps in staircases or separate out M&M colors. I fix banlists :(03:07
elkyh00k, he would have made you do the banlist cleaning instead03:08
rwwelky: I hope you're appreciating, btw, that I'm keeping my definition of "removable ban" far, far away from UW :P03:08
h00kelky: :(03:08
elkyrww, it probably needs reviewing, there'll be some multiples03:08
rwwalthough that's mainly because it's rather easy to get on my "go away forever" list by trolling there03:09
elkyi can see several removables just at a quick glance. don't have time right now though03:10
rwwIt's not a huge concern. Unlike #ubuntu, that channel's scheduled to fill its banlist in years, not months.03:11
rwwactually, it's not really a concern at all03:11
rwwalrighty, #ubuntu's down below 70% again, I'm done for the day03:11
Flanneldown to 70%?  You'll never get anywhere in life by shooting for average!04:24
rwwFlannel: elky didn't like my plan for... more notable reductions :P04:30
Flannelrww: nuke the banlist from orbit?04:30
elkyrww, clean banlists make it easier to keep track of who is actually banned04:32
rwwI for one think we should give Bacta and r00t4rd3d a second chance, anyway. Perhaps they have become productive and pleasant members of society by now.04:33
bazhangshould program the floodbots to kick upon those06:48
IdleOnethat would start the inevitable "I didn't get a warning" argument06:49
bazhang"so sensitive"06:49
rwwIdleOne: !nowarning is <reply> The terms of service and IRC Guidelines you were linked to upon joining the channel constitute a warning about how to behave correctly. Your failure to read those guidelines is not a failing of the channel operators.06:54
IdleOnethat solves it.06:54
IdleOneNow to get someone to approve having the bots kick on lmgtfy links06:54
rwwnah, that's what trigger.pl is for06:55
rwwit has been alleged that the r in rww stands for Robotic :P06:56
rwwI just had a mental image of me autokicking ubottu for replying to !test | lmgtfy.com06:58
* rww shelves that idea06:59
rwwLjL: Please examine your #ubuntu scrollback and figure out why +q Avinash_Sonawane!*@* and +q resc_user_2169!*@* weren't automatically removed when those users stopped failing at Enter usage.07:04
rwwIdleOne: it's best to put the technical overview URL instead of a download server link so that 1) people can download flavors other than Ubuntu and Server, 2) people get the usual warnings about it being a developer snapshot.07:10
rwwin #ubuntu+1's topic, that is07:10
IdleOnego ahead :)07:11
rwwalso the usual known issues and other notes that nobody reads >.>07:11
bazhangI read them07:11
bazhangQED, I'm a nobody07:12
knomecan somebody look after painkiller in #xubuntu? i need to go, and i'm not sure how this will end08:20
knomelooks like he's silent now, but for reference, he has been really thick (need to tell several times to do something), pasting multiline stuff and also used the f-word once08:25
yagoothere a reason for oCean to act like a troll?08:40
yagooI can suggest google search results if it helps out people.08:40
yagoono need to act rude oCean.08:40
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.08:40
yagoojust for the other ops see how you are acting out there.08:40
yagooI did not say "google it"08:41
yagoolet all the other ops see in here how you love to troll in there..08:41
yagoonot helpful on your part.08:41
yagoono thank you.08:41
yagoo"lotuspsychje, (try google: list of webcam secutity software site:wikipedia.org)"08:41
yagoogood bye08:41
IdleOneyagoo: sometimes even the most useful hints on what to google is not helpful to someone who just does'nt have the "fu"...err forget it. oCean stop trolling08:42
oCeanI was typing something along those lines, but he parted08:43
oCeankrazykrivda> unop: trying to exploit a script that I cannot edit to achieve rooting a device08:44
bazhang* [DeltaEpsilon] (~jiojiojio@82-170-138-20.ip.telfort.nl): ijijojojjoj    Ginbuntu ?09:31
bazhang<Nonicks> how can I open a program with notepad as a root?10:22
bazhangthought that was a windows app10:23
jussibazhang: probably a user using the name "notepad" as a generic descriptive word.10:28
bazhangjussi, no, he said he saw it on his system, probably with his wine install10:29
bazhanghe's a -cn user as well btw10:29
jussioh. well could be I guess.10:30
bazhangwine--->programs--accessories yep10:31
jussiahh, well that explains it10:32
bazhanghe was trying "sudo vim" in -cn10:32
bazhangoh yay crossposting10:33
bazhang* CatFish (~CatFish@2001:5c0:1400:a::975) has joined #ubuntu11:49
bazhangis banned but still able to join11:49
LjLi don't see the ban11:50
oCean42333 removed by rww11:51
oCeanin his last-night removing frenzy11:51
bazhangtroll detected12:17
jpdsbazhang: That's my line.12:20
bazhangjpds, hehe12:20
bazhangRyan___ is giving some odd advice12:21
bazhang<yagoo> rumba, u need to alias eth0 to r8169 with modprobe conf file12:35
bazhangsounds really wrong12:35
bazhang<yagoo> rumba, rtfm12:37
bazhangban forward imo12:37
bazhangsome very odd advice, arguing, and then very aggressively outside the code of conduct12:38
oCeanand then left?12:40
bazhangimmediately thereafter12:40
PiciThats what ryan__ did too12:41
bazhang<skymind0> but there is not hacking tools on Ubuntu12:43
oCeanforward set12:44
bazhangionite is asking the same questions over and over12:50
bazhangnow in #kubuntu , earlier crossposting there and #ubuntu12:50
bazhang* [Guest84149] (3ebe330c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. - http://webchat.freenode.net13:27
Picibazhang: bazhang irssi is telling me that hes in Cambridge, UK today.13:29
bazhangPici, okay, odd that there is the nick "seveas" already in the channel13:29
ikoniawow, looks like I missed an evening of fun14:06
Piciikonia: Just seeing your hilights from yesterday?14:07
genii-aroundikonia spambots!14:07
ikoniasuch sillyness14:07
PiciIt was crazy.14:08
h00ketc, etc.14:08
ikoniasuch stupidity also that people saying "hey ikonia stop spamming" when it's come from a user using the nick ikonia2114:08
PiciWe had people dropping in #ubuntu just to say that.14:08
ikonianot a massive deal, appreciate the effort though14:08
h00kcause, you know, you can't /query or /msg, etc.14:08
Piciikonia: One person claimed it was controlled by you because "isn't Matt Darcy ikonia's name?"14:09
ikoniaI saw that genius thought process14:09
ikoniathe fact that it's in my real name field14:09
ikoniaI guess some people don't like having their internet contract terminated14:10
jribwell if I ever want to spam I know to change my nick to jrib1214:12
h00kgenius idea, I bet nobody figures it out14:13
jribplease remove that statement from logs, thanks14:17
ikoniaI've crashed my car,14:17
popeywe were all thinking it14:21
h00kyes, yes we were.14:26
ikoniaplease remove my thought from the log14:27
bazhangikonia, are you OK? re: the crash14:27
ikoniaI need to post it in more logged channels14:27
ikoniabazhang: it cost my 370GBP in the USA to get it fixed14:27
ikoniabazhang: (I didn't really crash my car)14:27
bazhanggedit via ssh?14:29
ikoniaok, I'm off, got to setup my spam bot network for later.14:31
* genii-around sips his coffee and ponders the repercussions if everyone prepended their questions with !ask14:31
Picigenii-around: It could make metabot's job a lot easier.14:32
jribbazhang: his X is just a black screen and he has unsaved documents in gedit (but he can ssh)14:34
bazhangjrib, ok thanks14:35
bazhanglasers was using lmgtfy to retaliate against lucky711x earlier14:38
* jrib ponders lunch14:40
* oCean forgot lunch14:40
oCean(~jorgito@  Java IRC Hacks Bot14:43
oCeanjorge_> its not necessary say some words   he brought that ^bot? or something?14:47
bazhangwhy is he asking if he's done it already?15:08
bazhangand successfully "downgraded" twice?15:08
bazhang<abn7575> lmao what ever man. someone commented on gnome. I said something. dont worry, ill leave though, dont want to bother you fine closed minded peoples. :) peace15:09
rwwbazhang: recommendation: don't rely on arguably-broken FloodBot behavior to keep users out for more than a day :P15:18
rww(re: my highlight backlog)15:18
genii-aroundbazhang: I should probably add #xubuntu back into my channel list....15:55
bazhanggenii-around, he's been asked to stop crossposting, but ignored15:55
sdhasuwhats wrong with saying fuck?16:11
sdhasufuck fuck fuck16:11
h00kubottu: tell sdhasu about CoC16:12
ubottusdhasu, please see my private message16:12
bazhang!guidelines | sdhasu16:12
ubottusdhasu: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines16:12
Pici13:04:16 <?[THC]AcidRain> Pici, im like a little high school kid in the public school system that smarts off to the teacher every so often knowing i can get away with it.17:04
rwwI'm entirely unsurprised to find that they have BT entries17:29
ubottuопитайте #ubuntu-bg за български потребители . try #ubuntu-bg for bulgarian users, and please idle there patiently17:40
Myrttitoo fast17:40
rww3 people in it :(17:40
PiciThere are four lights17:42
Picioh dear17:42
genii-aroundhence maybe the "please idle there patiently"17:42
h00kgo left17:42
Myrttiuniverse, go surprise me17:46
neverbluestatus of jpalmer ?18:45
neverbluevacation ?18:45
Picineverblue: What?18:45
neverbluewhats up with jpalmer ?18:45
neverbluehaven't seen him in a few weeks18:46
Picineverblue: Why are you asking us?18:46
neverbluehe is an ops in ##windows and #ubuntu18:46
neverbluefigured some in here would know18:46
Picineverblue: He is not an op in #ubuntu18:46
neverbluehe -was-, wasn't he ?18:46
neverbluesorry, my mistake18:46
PiciI don't even know who that is.18:47
jribsame here18:47
Myrttianything else we can help you with, neverblue?18:47
jribneverblue: I'd suggest sending a memo as he'll likely get an e-mail18:47
neverbluetrue, good point18:47
neverblueMyrtti: sorry for disrupting :)18:47
rww@comment 42396 seanmc98 has been asked repeatedly to stop asking support questions in #ubuntu-offtopic and still is. Remove banforward once user has agreed to follow channel topic and listen to ops instead of /parting, coming back later, and ignoring them.19:24
ubottuThe operation succeeded.19:24
rwwsomeone joined the channel and greeted ikonia. MUST BE A TROLL </paranoia>19:27
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
bazhang<brianherman> anyone want to make a gnome2 fork with me?22:05
bazhangnot sure thats really a fork. more like a dead end22:05
rwwpretty much. as I've said elsewhere, KDE 3 continuations are a model for that22:05
LjLyou're a dead end22:12
MyrttiI for one welcome all new users of Xubuntu :-P22:14
jribwhat's the difference between what people want from gnome and metacity with gnome applications?22:17
IdleOne FaTHeRBaDTouCH (~harold@CPE0026f3211c30-CM0026f3211c2d.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com)23:35
IdleOnehaven't we removed them for that nick before?23:36
bazhangshould have done23:56
bazhangvery offensive imo23:56

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