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ScottKslangasek: It looks like I was wrong about smokekde.  It needs to be in Main.  If you could move it back to Main then I could build korundum on powerpc and armel and then we could give component mismatches a chance to get unconfused.04:19
ScottKThe one last source package was the (I'm pretty sure) the piece I was missing.04:20
ScottKKDE has gone to over 80 source packages now, so it's taking some getting used to.  This is all code that's been in Main before.04:21
slangasekScottK: ack, repromoted05:23
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ScottKslangasek: Thanks.10:30
charlie-tcato further the frustration of yesterday, the images from today are working on the same hardware16:43
skaetcharlie-tca, is there a manifest diff between the two?   might give a clue.17:06
charlie-tcano, the old images have been removed17:06
charlie-tcaThere were two casper uploads since the alpha3 image, one must have fixed it17:07
charlie-tcaI stand by my decision to not release. I still think that was a good thing17:08
skaetcharlie-tca,  its why we have Alpha's,  so we can figure out this sort of thing before betas.  ;)17:10
charlie-tcaheh, yeah17:12
charlie-tcaIt just really frustrates me that it would not install for three days, and today it works17:13
charlie-tcabut, I guess that is why I "test", too17:13
charlie-tcaOtherwise, it might have gone out, to frustrate a lot more people17:14
skaetyup,  that's why getting these images tested before they go out is very important to me.17:14
skaetwould like to make sure we have 100% coverage on all the ones that ship,  but for alphas its not a hard rule.   Key is to make it easier for developers and testers to find and fix things before the betas.  :)17:16
charlie-tcaThis is true.17:17
ScottKskaet: Sorry I missed the meeting.  The short version for Kubuntu is we had a Good Alpha 3 and don't have a lot of suprise issues to deal with.17:53
ScottKNot switching to Light DM seemed to make things easier ....17:54
charlie-tcaI could see that17:56
ScottKIt was an easy decision for us since the KDE front end is still not written.17:57
charlie-tcaApparently, lightdm works great if you use Ubuntu only.17:57
ScottKOf course.17:58
charlie-tcaThey seem to have forgotten the rest of us, though17:58
ScottKHopefully the stack of Alpha 3 bugs will help fix that.18:08
charlie-tcaThat would be nice18:09
charlie-tcaskaet is on top of them, too18:10
ScottKinfinity: I don't suppose there's any chance of getting adare resurrected today so powerpc has some hope of keeping up?19:21
skaetScottK, thanks.  One thing I was curious about is what's the outlook for Kubuntu mx5 and n900 images before FF?20:52
ScottKI need to check in on mx5 stuff.20:52
ScottKn900, probably not, but it'll be tech preview grade again, so I don't see an issue with FFe for it.20:53
ScottKI suspect for mx5 it'd make sense just to do headless/server this cycle and then see about more images later.  It's easy enough to add $DESKTOP if you want one and it's less testing that way.20:54
skaetjust don't want n900 landing too late, and us scrambling to get the tools ready to publish the images.20:55
skaetre: mx5,  fair 'nuf.20:56
skaetScottK,  before I head out,  do you want kubuntu's crontab enabled this weekend at somepoint?  or leave it until monday.21:39
ScottKskaet: Please leave it until Monday.  powerpc testing is going on right now and mac+amd64 is still promised.21:40
ScottKWe should be able to add some more images to the release.21:40
skaetScottK,  sounds good.   Will do.21:40
skaet(or rather,  will leave it alone ;) )21:40
ScottKGreat.  Have a nice weekend.21:42

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