ToyKeeperI don't get along well with the sun or the heat.  I'm sick of not being able to wear more than a short skirt and small t-shirt without melting.16:58
ToyKeeperI don't mind having an excuse to wear big floppy sun hats though.16:59
ToyKeeperAnd my office is much nicer ever since I finally got an air conditioner last week.16:59
ToyKeeper... but cooler weather is definitely preferable.17:00
FunnyLookinHatToyKeeper, I worked in a garage up until two weeks ago...  and it sucked.  Now I'm in a real office and I couldn't be happier... no joke, central AC increased my productivity by 500%17:28
ToyKeeperI kept having to sleep through the day because it was too hot to do anything.17:29
FunnyLookinHatAh that sucks17:43

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