Test_Question.  why would the desktop show applications on the left side and another time I boot the desktop applications are a pull down menu01:15
Test_anyone have a reason?01:17
ChinnoDogTest_: Did you change your video card or video driver configuration?01:20
Test_No on video card change01:21
ChinnoDogI'm assuming we are talking about the difference between runnning Unity and running the classic gnome desktop here01:22
Test_The problem I have is a application wont work on the pull down menu01:22
ChinnoDogUnity won't run if a) the video card won't support or be) you selected the classic desktop at login01:22
ChinnoDogWhat doesn't work about it?01:22
Test_I think I running gnome01:23
JonathanDhi ChinnoDog01:24
ChinnoDogThere shouldn't be any functional differences whether running Unity or not.01:24
ChinnoDog(aside from the obvious operation of the task bark and some desktop elements)01:24
Test_ Application is DraftSight.  everything shows up in the graphic window but non-functionable01:24
ChinnoDogoh. It is CAD software. The reason you ended up at the classic desktop is probably also the reason Unity isn't running. Your 3D acceleration is broken01:25
ChinnoDogWhat kind of video card do you have?01:25
ChinnoDogoops, I mean the reason you aren't running unity is the reason DraftSight doesn't work01:26
Test_The change in the desktop is kind of random.  some times its the pull down and othertimes it shows apps on the right side01:26
ChinnoDogYou have an intermittent problem but it probably starts at your video card01:27
ChinnoDogOr the driver01:27
ChinnoDogWhat kind of card do you have?01:27
Test_let me check on the card01:28
ChinnoDogjust run lspci01:29
Test_I'm using a mac for Ichat--Ubuntu is on a pc01:30
Test_how do I run lspci?01:31
ChinnoDogRun it in a terminal01:31
ChinnoDogTerminal is on your menu somewhere01:31
ChinnoDogIt will dump out the identifier strings for all your PCI devices including your video card01:32
ChinnoDogI need a shower. Once you are in terminal you can also try: glxinfo | grep 'vendor'01:36
ChinnoDogThat will show what 3D acceleration library is in use01:36
ChinnoDogI'll be back01:36
Test_I'm going to have to spend some time on this--as you can see I'm not good with computers01:38
* ChinnoDog yawns21:05

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