mhall119himuraken: it's based off of 10.0401:22
reya276mhall119, hey15:33
reya276mahll119, do you remember that mysql CLI function to create a new DB from an existing one. I've been looking for it allover the web but I can't find it.15:34
=== tiemonster is now known as tiemonster|ircc
pace_t_zulumhall119: y'all subject is outdated ;)19:28
mhall119pace_t_zulu: it happens20:16
pace_t_zulumhall119: thought you'd appreciate a heads up20:16
pace_t_zului am looking at it now and it doesn't look outdated ... what is wrong with me?20:18
bluebomberHey, everyone!20:47
crashsystemsbtw anyone in this channel hear of http://convergence.io/ yet? I was at the defcon talk where it was announced yesterday, and it looks really interesting.22:44
mhall119crashsystems: nope, how was/is defcon by the way?23:25
crashsystemsdefcon was fun23:26
mhall119what was it like *not* being the most security paranoid person in a room?23:26
crashsystemsnot sure if I was not or not23:30
crashsystemsafter all, I only connected my laptop to the net via USB tether to my phone and a vpn to Sweden 23:30

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