_stink_can't do it bytewise, i get it now.  gotta make the hex bit instead.00:00
_stink_i overloaded 'bit' there.00:03
rick_h_bah, getting cranky. My talk is the last one not on the site now00:50
rick_h_other than lightning talks I guess00:50
greg-grick_h_: it was that full of awesome that they couldn't contain it all on youtube00:58
rick_h_greg-g: hah01:01
rick_h_I had thought so, thanks for verifying01:02
brouschno, rick_h_'s talk was so hot the tape melted01:03
snap-lGood morning, folks.11:48
snap-l++ ++12:03
WolfgerI wish it was naptime12:05
Wolfgerdickfinity. Priceless12:18
rick_h_http://blip.tv/pyohio/sqlalchemy-tutorial-5442205 so so close!12:47
snap-lrick_h_: Sheesh, you're like an expectant father. ;)12:50
rick_h_I want to keep ahead of the fall out12:50
greg-gand it is now the first bookmark of the day: https://bmark.us/recent12:50
rick_h_you have to understand, when I talk, I just kind of hit play and honestly can't remember much of the during12:51
rick_h_so people tell me there were people on the floor and in the hall12:51
snap-lYou're assuming I remember anything I say an hour after saying it.12:51
brouschwhat are we talking about?12:51
rick_h_bah, picasa is taking too long12:52
rick_h_https://picasaweb.google.com/deuce868/pyohio#5635716983660312738 is my last view I really remember12:52
snap-lNice, the other party's insurance is picking up our deductible.12:52
rick_h_and then a blur and then done12:52
rick_h_brousch: if you try to load my link above12:53
snap-lYeah, that's a bit of a relief.12:53
rick_h_my video is on the site, but gives an error "the video was recenlty added and isn't ready" or something12:53
snap-lrick_h_: That's what I got12:53
snap-lOh, that was for brousch's benefit12:53
rick_h_snap-l: yea12:54
snap-lGET WITH THE PROGRAM, brousch12:54
rick_h_it's a friday, we're all out of it12:54
greg-gsnap-l: whew. Good dea. I remember when I was hit by a big Ram 2500 when I drove my little (but tough!) Ranger. Their insurance Did The Right Thing, too.12:54
snap-lYeah, honestly I was expecting to have to cough up the deductible.12:54
snap-lsince there was no police report, etc.12:55
rick_h_sweet, snap-l's taking us all out to lunch!12:55
greg-gman, that picasa/google+ tagging of people in photos is still unnerving for me (same with facebook)12:55
snap-lrick_h_: Hardly.12:55
snap-lKeeps us treading water, not floating calmly on it. ;)12:55
rick_h_greg-g: yea, I'm with you on that12:55
snap-lme too12:56
snap-l"blah blah tagged you in a photo". "NO! Don't do that! My sacred privacy!"12:56
snap-lLike brousch just did12:57
brouschi should tag people who aren't even in there12:57
snap-lTag the chandelier as "Wil Wheaton"12:57
snap-lAt least you can remove it.12:59
brouschvery nice12:59
brouschand i can BLOCK you from taggin me in the future13:00
snap-lOh, how elegant.13:00
greg-gI think, that if you tag anyone else in a photo, your setting of blocking others from tagging you should be removed. Quid pro Quo and all that, mutha effer13:00
greg-gjust like, if someone follows me on twitter, and their timeline is private, I shouldn't have to request to see their timeline, it should be pre-granted for me.13:01
WolfgerI hate it when people tag a photo with names of people who aren't in the photo. Don't do that.13:01
greg-gWolfger: but, it'll be just like Facebook then!13:01
greg-gand we all love facebook!13:01
Wolfgergreg-g: Yes, ++ (regarding twitter)13:02
Wolfgerif you tag a photo with my name and I'm not in it, I will report you for spam :-p13:02
Wolfgerbecause that's what you're doing13:02
brouschyou're no fun13:03
WolfgerYes I am. I have references. :-)13:03
rick_h_ http://techcrunch.com/2011/08/05/stop-its-a-really-bad-time-to-buy-a-kindle/  oh oh oh oh13:14
brouschsnap-l: i sent a barcampgr announcement to ubuntu-mi, would you please pass it along to MUG?13:19
brouschand if someone in the washtenaw linux group would pass it along to them, i'd appreciate it13:20
snap-lSure thing13:28
snap-lbrousch: Done.13:29
brouschawesome, thanks13:29
jrwrendoes anyone use landscape?14:01
* greg-g only has a laptop nowadays14:03
greg-gno need for that kind of management :)14:03
brouschi prefer portrait, but sometimes it just fits better in landscape14:04
rick_h_har har har14:04
jrwrenif that was a terrible name dig... i agree :)14:05
Wolfgerlandscape... name... dig... <groan>14:06
snap-lApparently it's a competition to see how many commands you can use in a sentence. ;)14:08
rick_h_lol, perl lightning talk at pyohio14:11
rick_h_snap-l: we missed the fun stuff14:12
Wolfger++ to today's xkcd alt text14:12
Wolfgeraw man, there was Perl at PyOhio? I knew I should have gone... ;-)14:12
rick_h_going over porting moose stuff into python14:13
rick_h_the sun lighting talks are up14:14
snap-lPerl at PyOhio? No, no...14:14
rick_h_and one of them is how he's porting moose-isms from perl to python14:14
snap-lI haven't looked enough at Moose, but the mental image isn't pretty14:14
snap-llet's take Perl's riffing on everyone else's frameworks and port them back to Python14:15
snap-lThat may be very unfair, though. My impression of Moose after giving it less than 5 minutes glance wasn't favorable.14:16
snap-lhttp://www.google.com/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=miroguide+pyohio <- Check this out14:16
snap-lmine has lococast at the top of that list.14:17
rick_h_same here14:17
greg-gbtw, we're rocking out again today, if you're down with listening to us DJ for you: http://turntable.fm/ubuntuallstars14:21
snap-lFacebook != listening14:21
greg-gI know I know :(14:22
snap-l(Sorry, but that's a big beef of mine with turntable.fm)14:22
greg-gI know, I held out for so long14:22
snap-lhttp://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-08-05/alcatel-s-76-drop-since-lucent-means-breakup-value-isn-t-french-real-m-a.html <- And this is why we can never have serious patent reform14:25
snap-l"Alcatel’s patents alone may be worth twice as much as the $4.5 billion that Nortel Networks’ licenses sold for in a bankruptcy auction in June, according to MKM Partners LP, even as analysts expect Alcatel’s routers and optical fiber products to drive a 59 percent share gain. "14:25
greg-gyeah, money talks14:28
snap-lw/q greg-g Worse, Lucent actually owns and has litigated mp3 patents.14:29
brouschdoes i3 have any employees?14:43
rick_h_I think it's all volunteer14:43
rick_h_they're not 501c3 yet14:43
snap-lI'm not even sure what an i3 employee would be. ;)14:48
brouschpr man, tours, videographer14:50
nullspacelooks like pastbin.com is down15:12
nullspacepaste bin went down for a little15:15
rick_h_so what was the #i3 reference to it?15:15
greg-gmy guess15:15
nullspaceforgot the /j15:21
nullspacemy guess is a bunch of people just learned to enumerate pastebin15:22
rick_h_well there was a post up that pastebin.com had cross some large number of pastes this morning15:22
nullspacemakes me wonder how often they clear things out15:23
jrwrenrick_h_: when did you realize you were a linux guru?15:28
jrwrenor really... all:  at what point did you realize you were a linux guru?15:28
rick_h_when I stopped caring about windows15:28
rick_h_just realized i didn't know how it worked/what it was up to anymore15:29
jrwreni know lots of linux peeps who hate on windows but who aren't very linux-savy15:29
rick_h_yea, but they hate, but can sit down and change the wallpaper15:29
rick_h_if you put win7 in front of me, I have no idea where/how that works15:29
jrwrenah... so I'd probably consider you a guru before that... but it was your lack of windows knowledge taht triggered your own guru realization15:29
rick_h_was more work for me to do things on the aunt's windows machine than on my linux machine15:30
rick_h_so maybe that's a better summary15:30
rick_h_for various definitions of guru I guess15:30
_stink_mine's something like that - i think it was when i (1) could no longer answer simple questions from family/friends about windows + (2) became a resource for people at work about linux.15:31
snap-lAlso, the definition of guru is overloaded IMHO15:31
snap-lguru can mean anything from being able to teach people how to do simple tasks in Linux to being able to handle a DDoS in a server room without a noticable drop in traffic.15:32
_stink_i might use the word 'guy' instead.15:34
_stink_that's when i knew i was a 'linux guy'.15:34
brouschbut that was not his question15:35
jrwrenguru definition is entirely subjective.. that is part of why I asked.15:35
_stink_then my answer is that i am not a guru15:35
jrwren_stink_: but you are to those people at work who use you as a resource.15:35
_stink_that's true, yes.15:36
snap-lI think everyone in this channel, to a T, can say they know someone who knows more about Linux than they do15:36
snap-lHow did I become the go-to person for Linux questions? because I was for the longest time the only person15:37
snap-lIt's not hard to be the pied piper when you're the only one playing the flute.15:37
snap-lit only depends on if the rats are listening15:37
* snap-l wonders if he can abuse that metaphor any more than he already has15:38
ptenhoopensnap-l:  That was well put.15:39
snap-lThank you.15:41
brouschi realized i was a guru when ptenhoopen let me present at him linux user group15:42
ptenhoopenbrousch:  Glad to have elevated your status. :)16:05
rick_h_someone shut off my internet17:18
rick_h_please hurry, NC dude is going off17:19
snap-lJust found out that my parents cat has a tumor and an abcess.17:19
snap-lhopefully it's benign, but my parents aren't terribly happy at this point.17:19
snap-lGrowing up sucks.17:20
Wolfgerabcesses suck17:20
snap-lalso, don't go to wikipeida to look them up17:25
Wolfgerso noted17:29
Wolfgeronly 69 days until 11.10 comes out17:35
WolfgerI feel like I should be alpha/beta testing or something17:36
brouschmake it so17:37
* Wolfger waits for brousch to execute The Picard Maneuver...17:40
Wolfgerugh. Periscope down. Time to crank out a big report on moment's notice before EoB. Have a good weekend everybody17:45
Blazeixwtf, they added another game to the humble bundle 3? How am I supposed to get meaningful work done?17:59
brouschBlazeix: that's easy, don't buy games :P18:01
BlazeixI budgeted time for 5 games, now I have 7, and my curve is all thrown off.18:03
BlazeixI assume next week I'll have 8.18:03
Blazeixactually, I never bought HB2, so I suppose I have all those games too.18:04
greg-goh man, what's the point of chromium having separate process for each tab if I can't kill one's pid without killing all of chromium?18:19
greg-gyep, you do :)18:20
rick_h_greg-g: there's a tool in chrome to do that18:20
rick_h_when I hit the config button there's a "view background pages" that lists tabs and extensions with an "end process"18:21
greg-gyeah, but what if I can't switch tabs/open up the wrench menu?18:21
greg-gyeah, big boom18:21
Wolfgerok, I'm going to have to buy this when I get home18:33
Wolfgernot that I have time for more games in my life18:33
snap-lHow's the afternoon treating everyone so far?20:12
Blazeixwell, my 4 hour meeting turned into a 6 hour meeting.20:12
Blazeixso that was fun.20:12
Blazeix(company-wide, quarterly meeting)20:13
snap-lBlazeix: Oh dear god20:13
snap-lDid they at least give pee breaks?20:13
snap-lBlazeix: Ugh, even better20:14
snap-l"Let's hear it for Carol from Accounting, who made our processes 1.4% more efficient. Sadly, Carol cannot be with us because of the nervous breakdown she and her team had while aiming for that 1.4% efficiency boost".20:14
snap-l"Let that be a lesson to you all. I want you all to have nervous breakdowns if it means we can do more with less".20:15
snap-l"Also, I'd like to welcome Bob as the new head of accounting. I'm sure Bob will follow carefully in Carol's footsteps, and will be a great asset to the team. Plus he already knows the fine folks at Shady Pines Asylum from his previous position in finance."20:19
Blazeixyeah, that was pretty much it. talking about benefits, recruiting, other stuff I don't care about20:22
snap-lI really hate financial institution security.20:29
snap-lPick the following image. Enter a catch phrase. What is your favorite brand of golf-ball20:29
snap-lI swear, it's like getting a rorschach test along with playing a party game20:30
brouschsqlalchemy gurus http://paste.mitechie.com/show/375/20:33
brouschmy query does not seem to be filtering by is_bad20:33
brouschi don't know why20:33
snap-lWhat's in the column? (select distinct is_bad from table ...)20:37
Blazeixthat should be ==, not =, right?20:38
Blazeixoh, wait, maybe both work20:38
_stink_filter_by should use single =, it hink20:38
_stink_filter() wants ==20:38
Blazeixah, you're right20:38
_stink_can't tell why this wouldn't work, though.20:39
snap-lI think the data is hinky20:39
brouschi see 1s and 0s in the sqlite db20:39
brouschfor true and false20:39
snap-lOK, so that's OK.20:40
brouschit seems to be getting set correctly, but it's returning all results, ignoring the filters20:40
snap-ldid you try it without the limit?20:41
_stink_dunno, can you AND two filter_bys?20:41
_stink_i would guess you can20:41
snap-lalso, what's the sql display?20:41
_stink_i know you can AND filter() like that.20:41
brouschmaybe they don't chain?20:41
brouschi think they do20:41
_stink_i think they do too.20:42
_stink_but didn't test. :P20:42
snap-ladd "echo=True" to your create_engine, and paste the SQL20:42
snap-lengine = create_engine('sqlite:///piddlepodderpy.db', echo=True)20:42
brouschi don't have a create engine20:42
brouschit's using flask-sqlalchemy20:42
snap-lUm, so find where it binds the engine and see if you can add the echo? :)20:43
snap-lAlso, Unity can die in a fire with the way that windows that pop up steal focus20:44
snap-lBanshee doesn't like it when I tell it -sqlalchemy20:44
snap-lbrousch: http://packages.python.org/Flask-SQLAlchemy/config.html20:45
brouschgot it http://paste.mitechie.com/show/376/20:46
snap-lWhen you run that query under sqlite3, what does it give you?20:47
Blazeixhm, are you displaying the right variable on your UI? that query _seems_ correct20:48
snap-lBlazeix: ++. I've not seen anything yet to suggest a problem.20:48
snap-lunless sqlite3 is behaving like a piece of shit20:48
snap-l(which it can do from time to time)20:48
Blazeixsqlite. Querying not supported.20:48
brouschlooks like it doesn't work under sqlite3 either20:49
snap-lWhich version of sqlite3?20:51
snap-l(this is part of my eternal frustration with sqlite3. When it works it's a dream. When it doesn't, it's no better than just throwing random shit into files)20:51
snap-lYou may have a buggy version20:52
brouschit's the current version in ubuntu 10.04, so i hope not20:52
Blazeixflask is a web framework, right? maybe you should just set up postgres or something.20:52
snap-lThat's the spirit. ;)20:53
BlazeixI've only ever had issues with sqlite.20:53
BlazeixI've never had it fail this hard before, though.20:53
snap-l"I see you're having problems with your puny file-based SQL engine. Man up and install a real database."20:53
snap-lI had problems with sqlite3 under 10.04 as well20:54
snap-lcommits didn't commit20:54
BlazeixI'm exemplifying typical IRC helpfulness. "X isn't working."  "Why are you trying to X?"20:54
snap-lBlazeix: Oh, totally. That's the way of IRC.20:54
snap-l"I see you're trying to kill an ant. I find that flyswatter 2.0 is not effective. I prefer SCUD missiles, personally"20:55
snap-l"borax as ant poison? Takes too long. I just microwave my house."20:56
snap-l"I picked up 4 microwave dishes from the MIT flea market for dirt cheap. You might be able to find the same thing at Radio Shack"20:56
snap-l"total cost of the project: $30 and a handjob"20:57
snap-l(yes, I'm dissing Make and Lifehacker as well)20:57
brouschhm, i don't think these are getting set as bad20:58
Blazeixhm, didn't your initial 'distinct' query return some records with is_bad=True?20:58
Blazeixif you're setting stuff as is_bad=True, then immediately requerying, you might need to flush the session.20:58
snap-lAlso check if a commit is sent20:59
snap-lbrousch: Another thought: how many processes are connecting to this file?20:59
brouschdoes that look right for setting is_bad in each of them?21:00
snap-lI'm not sure if sqlite3 can handle multiple connections21:00
snap-lbrousch: Check the SQL. It's the only way to be sure.21:00
snap-lAlso, you might want to spin up another DB, just to make sure that you're not chasing sqlite errors21:02
snap-lI about drove myself batty with sqlite3 and Perl, only to realize that sqlite3 wasn't honoring the commits I was sending.21:03
Blazeixoh my god. Someone extended the boolean type in this project with a method called IsTrue()21:05
snap-lBeauty. :)21:05
Blazeixah, it isn't as bad as i initially thought.21:06
Blazeixit was added as part of a fluent api unit test framework, where you write test cases like foo.hasBaz().isTrue()21:07
Blazeixit's a little bit awkward, but _maybe_ forgiveable for a fluent api21:07
Blazeixbut the references leaked from the test project into the main project, so it was popping up in the autocomplete of my editor.21:08
snap-lI'm starting to really hate budget classical releases.21:14
snap-lNever any meta-data for any of them in MusicBrainz21:14
snap-l15 tracks, each by a different composer / orchestra / conductor21:14
brouschit's like the commit never runs22:11
brouschhm, the change is made, but it's never committed22:13
snap-lrick_h_: sheesh, what did NC dude do to warrant you flooding the place?22:39
snap-lbrousch: try mysql or postgresql22:39
rick_h_brousch: never use filter by, just filter. I wish he'd remove that filterby22:58
brouschwhat's the difference?22:58
brouschi don't think that's my problem though22:59
brouschthe queries look correct, it's just not committing22:59
rick_h_sorry, reading scrollback22:59
rick_h_ok, so is .query valid for your model?23:00
rick_h_did you copy the part from my demo code that added that?23:00
rick_h_and are you getting results from your query?23:00
rick_h_e.g. your loop is executing?23:01
rick_h_and filterby brousch the space after the .\ I don't think is valid23:02
rick_h_bah sorry23:02
rick_h_you have spaces between the . and \23:02
rick_h_I don't think you can have that or it breaks the chain23:03
brouschi think i figured it out23:13
brouschsomething about the record not being in the session23:14
brouschso the commit doesn't see the change23:14
brouschand commits nothing23:14
brouschbut if i add it, it ays that's already attached to a different session23:15
rick_h_you shouldn't have two sessions going on23:17
rick_h_the db.Model should be bound to db.session23:18
rick_h_not sure how flask extension sets it up23:18
brouschdefinitely something wonky there23:19
brouscha second session is coming from somewhere23:27
brouschi must have mucked it up when i moved my database models out of the same file as my views23:32
brouschi just moved them back and now it works23:32
brouschit works now, so i'm just going to leave the models in there23:38
brouschi think it's from the facy hookup the flask-sqlalchemy extension uses. if i use regular sqlalchemy i think it would work23:43
rick_h_well every web framework does some fancy hookup so that each request gets their own session23:46
rick_h_so that user 1 can't change/overwrite/conflict with user 223:46
brouschbut in http://paste.mitechie.com/show/377/23:50
brouschthe changes to bgi are in a different session from the db.session.commit()23:50
brouschalmost like it's pulling a new session out of thin air. is there a way to ensure something happens in a specific session?23:54
brouschmaybe like db.session.query(GridItem)...23:55
rick_h_you create a session and then it goes bound to the db.Model23:55
rick_h_that needs to be the same session you're using in db.session23:56
rick_h_http://packages.python.org/Flask-SQLAlchemy/contexts.html ?23:58

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