billfarrowNivex: are you interesting in doing something for the upcoming ubuntu global jam ?14:40
Nivexhadn't really thought about it14:41
holsteinbillfarrow: we are going to do one in asheville for sure14:41
NivexAny interest in an OLF field trip?14:41
holsteinwe (akgraner internalkernel and I) were talking about having an offical place in asheville, and meeting up on the IRC with whoever else where ever else14:42
billfarrowI am seriously thinking about it.  Do we drive to OLF or fly ?14:42
holsteinyou can drive it14:42
holsteinit would take a while though14:42
NivexThe drive goes nicely with people to kibitz with :)14:43
Nivexholstein: it's about 8.5 hours from where we are14:43
Nivexlast year we rode with the OpenNMS crew. I see Tarus is on the schedule again this year, but he may fly. I haven't heard.14:43
billfarrowholstein: if I can get together a Raleigh global jam site, I think that would encourage other locals to help out.14:44
holsteinbillfarrow: i think so too14:44
billfarrowNivex: return flights to OLF are ~ $25014:49
holsteinw0w... thats not bad14:50
Nivexyeah, but I'm in no hurry to submit to the TSA's asinine "security"14:50
billfarrowbut if we get 4 people in a car with wifi hotspot, we can Road Trip !14:51
Nivexif we can persuade Jeff to come along with his Sprint phone :)14:51
NivexI can share, but I've only got EDGE14:51
akgranerNivex, I haven't had any problems with TSA so far....14:51
akgranerI've only had to go through the body scan thing once...the rest of my flights were just like "normal"14:53

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