dzhospeaking of charges00:27
Derath-SrvrHi all12:37
paultagthafreak: proke13:22
paultagthafreak: http://turntable.fm/ubuntuallstars13:22
paultag_bbb: yeah mang13:29
paultag_bbb: come join13:29
_bbbhere i go13:44
paultagthafreak: you're a god among men13:53
thafreakanyone ever look at this stuff: http://hubzero.org/13:55
thafreakyeah chap-hop14:15
_bbbthe gentry lifestyle14:17
paultag_bbb: hahaha14:19
paultagthafreak: yeah that song is rowdy14:19
_bbbstraight outta surrey14:20
paultagDerath-Srvr: dude, you're missing some int0x80 on turntable14:34
paultagDerath-Srvr: thafreak is cranking dualcore on turntable.fm14:34
Derath-SrvrMissing a lot it seems, what's up?14:34
Derath-SrvrAh lol14:35
paultaghaha a:)14:35
Derath-SrvrCan't connect at the moment14:35
paultagsed s/a:)/:)/g14:35
paultagit just ended anyway14:35
thafreakgoing through this docs for setting up hubzero...it wants you to install on deb lenny (squeeze "not supported yet")14:59
thafreakand it literally says to create a 100GB bootable root partition...14:59
thafreakand then a 50gb part for each project you host14:59
Derath-Srvrthafreak: Got the form in yesterday, I also let the contact know that someone else was sending the check16:04
thafreakcool, the check should be there today18:01
Derath-SrvrWonderful! btw, have some news... will pm you...18:02
thafreakholy crap people18:06
thafreakcanton city schools is looking for a high school teacher to teach VIDEO GAME PROGRAMMING!18:06
thafreak"Canton City Schools is seeking qualified applicants to fill the high school teacher position of Video Gaming Instructor for the 2011-2012 academic year"18:06

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