thefinn93goddard, yeah, also lots of fat neckbeards00:44
shantorngood evening01:11
goddardnever herad of a neck beard02:08
goddardright on!02:08
goddardhey my laptop has an antenna slot02:08
goddardwhat antenna can i get for it now that is the question02:08
goddardhi there pal02:13
shantornhows your evening02:13
goddardnot bad although got a lot of work to do02:14
shantorni have a lot of school work to do02:14
shantornjust had the os drive on my desktop fail so i am in a world of hurt02:14
goddarddamn what brand and how old is it?02:15
shantornits a seagate and its from 200402:15
shantornclickyt clack like atrain on a railroad track02:15
goddarddid you take it apart and check and see if the disk is in tact?02:16
shantornnot yet02:16
goddardthats what i would do then just buy another and swap out the good junk02:16
goddardim not 100% sure that would work since ive never done it02:17
goddardbut it makes sense02:17
shantorni dont think it works that way, oyu would have to have the same drive for parts swap02:20
shantornany conversations on the newest ubuntu coming down the pipe?02:22
shantornis anyone about?02:49
bkerensa:) I hope everyone is coming to Ubuntu Global Jam in Portland in September.... You will get a free Ubuntu Global Jam shirt03:15
shantornwhenprecisely is it or better yet do you have a link03:39
shantornbkerensa, how do i redeem that free ebook, i registered at the website but didnt not see an area to choose a book or any offer03:46
shantornalso how do i become a team membver so that ubuntu see's it? i am not listed on our team website03:48
shantornoh i think i have it figured03:49
shantorngood mprning14:39
bkerensashantorn: No idea I havent even used one of thouse ebook coupons yet :)16:06
MarkDudebkrensa- what sort of support are you doing?16:59
bkerensaJust general stuff17:02
bkerensawhatever I stuff I actually know about :)17:02
MarkDudelike what does circle of friends mean?17:02
bkerensaor can readily google a solution17:02
bkerensano like audio config17:02
bkerensaserver stuff17:02
MarkDudeHow many islands doe Mark S own?17:02
MarkDudeOh, future reference17:03
bkerensaless then Redhat, Inc :)17:03
* MarkDude is MARK17:03
MarkDudeowner of Ubuntu is MArk S17:03
MarkDudeGot it?17:03
MarkDudeRumor has it he admires that I am an A-hole17:03
MarkDudeDont know if I beleive it ho :P17:04
bkerensahi jhmextern18:15
jhmexternhello bkerensa18:15
bkerensabrb guys18:16
goddarddid you just call him a ho MarkDude18:48
MarkDudegoddard, why yes I did18:49
* MarkDude will pretend it was on purpose18:50
goddardMarkDude: haha18:50
MarkDudeand hope he does not call me out on violation of CoC18:50
goddardviolation of cockadoodledo18:50
goddardMarkDude: have i bothered you about my problems yet?18:51
goddardthefinn93: upload your cd so i can download it!!18:52
goddardi went and bought OS X yesterday18:56
MarkDudeWhat are your issues? goddard18:59
goddardbkerensa: i was waiting for you to ask19:03
bkerensaI see19:03
goddardbkerensa: i gotta make an app for the iphone19:03
bkerensaI considered doing it once but OSX ehh19:03
bkerensaJust download the tools and make it on Ubuntu19:04
goddardthey only allow you to build on mac19:04
goddardseriously nutz19:04
goddardthey even say on their software cd "Design by Apple in California"19:05
goddardDesigned :D19:05
goddardlike that some how makes it cooler?19:05
goddardCalifornian's made their state broke now they are moving HERE!! Oh NOO!11!19:05
goddardMarkDude: i would tell you my issues but for some reason i can't click out of this window19:06
MarkDudeAnd driving up housing costs no less19:06
goddardanother bug19:06
goddardhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1817164          ----------            http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=181716419:08
goddardok back19:11
goddardMarkDude: so any ideas on how i can end my misery with these bugs?19:11
bkerensaMarkDude: You still need to make that acct so I can transfer your .com19:12
MarkDudeUm, decide that you always want to fix stuff and go to Arch19:13
MarkDudemaybe gentoo19:13
goddardoh no19:13
goddardgentoo NOO!!!19:13
* MarkDude was going to say more, but this channel is logged19:16
MarkDude\and poking bears is not good19:16
MarkDudeMaybe use Puppy Linux also19:17
goddardhaha i had a class where we used that19:17
* bkerensa whips out his credit card to pay for something for ubuntu oregon19:46
goddardnice what you buyin?20:04
goddardpizza :D20:04

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