freelancer317jedijf: how have you been?  I haven't chatted with you in like, forever.00:27
jedijffreelancer317: good, and you?00:28
freelancer317Besides work killing me, pretty good.  Got health, and family is good.  Just. Need. More. Time....  But I guess we all do, right?00:30
jedijfgave up on time; using caffeine00:30
JonathanDThere is never, and will never, be enough time.00:30
freelancer317JonathanD:  I think that will be my new signature00:31
JonathanDThis is why I jog with my laptop every morning while hanging laundry off my back to help it dry and eating my breakfast.00:31
freelancer317JonathanD: oh wait that last line will be my new signature!00:31
JonathanDI like the first better, myself :)00:31
freelancer317JonathanD  How'd FOSSCON go?00:33
JonathanDsold out @14500:33
JonathanD115 in attendance.00:34
JonathanDit was hot, though.00:34
JonathanDcrazy hot00:34
JonathanDI enjoyed it :)00:34
JonathanDjust not the heat.00:34
freelancer317Good!  And I completely understand about the heat... <ugh>00:34
JonathanDhottest weekend of the year.00:35
freelancer317I know... that is about the most unfortunate timing in the history of PA Open Source!  lol00:35
jedijfif there was more of that 't' word, that's what i was going to blog about; how despite the heat how the geeks represented00:36
freelancer317geeks rule!00:36
jedijffosscon and the keynote is also why we are here tonight00:37
freelancer317Ok... It's after 8:30,  do we want to start discussing team shtuff?00:37
freelancer317jedijf, sounds like pleia2 really inspired you!00:38
freelancer317Ok...  Well, I think it can safely be said that things have been a bit stale in the PA Local Community, and I shoulder that fault00:38
jedijfso if you need to hand off the reigns, i am here to say that if no one objects, i would like to take them00:39
freelancer317I wanted to get the team moving, I wanted to get people energized, but I can't do it.00:39
freelancer317and jedijf has been with this team since the beginning and is very motivated00:40
freelancer317I don't think that it has to fall on one person.00:40
freelancer317No, it really shouldn't00:40
freelancer317I think we should get a few people, who are excited, have time and energy to devote to the team00:40
jedijfright, that's why in the agenda, i put to re-allocate all the management'y type positions of the loco, and its' resources00:40
freelancer317jedijf   quite right00:41
* ChinnoDog creeps into the back of the meeting hall00:41
ChinnoDogI only show up for the oreo cake00:42
jedijfi think that Ubu itself has grown to a point that the LoCo isn't as 'user' needed to get started, but how to keep going, or come back and try again00:43
* teddy-dbear pokes ChinnoDog with a sharp stick00:43
freelancer317Has there been discussion in the irc about this?00:43
freelancer317ChinnoDog:  I thought you were bringing that?00:43
ChinnoDogThere is only one person that can bring oreo cake, and it is not me00:44
jedijfi think, once again, that the Phila area will just have to set the pace, and usually individuals in other areas will get inspired00:44
jedijfubu hours, sfd, global bug jam(which we can do virtually, too)00:45
jedijfworking with other 'techy' groups regionally and cross-branding stuff00:45
jedijflike we really should have done at fosscon :-(00:46
freelancer317fosscon would have been an awesome opportunity.00:46
freelancer317I agree00:46
freelancer317Sorry JonathanD00:46
jedijfbut that's in the past; we cand always do more moving forward00:47
freelancer317I have been working through the weekends and it seems like irc is the best way to move this team forward...00:47
jedijfi think meatspace is vital00:48
freelancer317(Don't ask why the working through the weekends was in that statement... doing two things at once!)00:48
jedijfin irc we have the same old cast of characters...we need to promote externally00:48
freelancer317jedijf... yes, but I think we coordinate events better in irc\00:48
ChinnoDogAre you calling us old?00:48
jedijfold enough to send 30th bday photos from the /past/00:49
JonathanDfreelancer317, jedijf, there is always next year.00:49
freelancer317jedijf you are absolutely right about getting to reach people "in person"00:49
JonathanD(help me find a free philly venue!)00:49
JonathanDAnd I would love to help organize other philadelphia events.00:49
freelancer317JonathanD  I can find a Harrisburg venue for free!00:49
JonathanDfreelancer317: I do believe there is already an event in harrisburg ;)00:50
freelancer317JonathanD the more events the merrier!00:50
freelancer317It does seem that Philadelphia is the Mecca of open source00:50
JonathanDPhilly has a good mass of people.00:51
freelancer317Our local computer events in Harrisburg are limited to .Net users group (VERY strong), to CPLUG which has 10 - 25 people attend per month.00:51
jedijfwe are just fortunate to have folks like JonathanD and hive and plug to cross-pollinate with00:51
freelancer317It is hard to get activists here.00:51
jedijfan the NJ loco team too00:52
jedijfand there is and has always been /interest/ in all other parts of the state just no "nike" spirit (which has lacked statewide)00:53
JonathanDI spent many days in harrisburg. Too much of a "governement town" for a lot of FOSS.00:53
freelancer317jedijf I agree00:53
freelancer317JonathanD... Harrisburg itself is not the key... The 1 million people living in the surrounding area ARE key00:54
JonathanDIs there an SFD event in harrisburg? (or near it?)00:54
freelancer317I tried to coordinate something a couple years ago, and got 0 interest in help00:54
jedijfthe 2 listed for the state officially last I checked were pitt and philly'ish00:54
freelancer317from the locals00:54
JonathanDThe philly event benefits from hijacking PACS meetings.00:55
jedijfit's really like field of dreams..if somneone does it they will come00:55
JonathanDagain, the existing mass makes it easier to gain more, I guess.00:55
freelancer317PACS is one of our strongest allies, I think!00:55
freelancer317If you can say ally00:55
JonathanDhow much of the CPOSC crowd are local?00:55
jedijfthat's why i offered...doing stuff usually only required a phone call, and half hour before event setups00:55
freelancer317JonathanD the three people who coordinate it are local... A huge amount of attendees are NOT00:56
freelancer317I have thrown some help there way, and this year I hope to do more (if my work will allow).00:57
JonathanDIs it scheduled yet?00:58
JonathanDwaltman was asking, and I asked in the cposc channel without reseult a few days ago00:58
jedijfon the site it said october....00:58
jedijfsometime in october00:58
jedijftick tock00:58
JonathanDdates/times coming soon00:58
JonathanDoctober is VERY soon00:59
freelancer317I haven't seen anything and I think I heard that Harrisburg U. is not an option this year (but I may be misinformed)00:59
JonathanDI might ask again.00:59
JonathanDMaybe I can help somehow.01:00
freelancer317Let me see if I can raise one them on the channel...01:00
freelancer317TheEvilPhoenix was mentioning the meeting online here has he been around?01:03
jedijfi think he's drunk01:03
jthanI'm here!01:04
jthanLet us meet, eh?01:04
jedijf12:46 < TheEvilPhoenix> i'm rescinding it01:04
jedijf12:46 < TheEvilPhoenix> because i'm greater than the legal system01:04
jedijf12:46 < TheEvilPhoenix> (FYI: Drunk)01:04
jedijfso, basically if freelancer317 wants to give up the leadership email and all that it entails, I'd be willing to take it andmove forward01:06
teddy-dbearjthan: stay away from my cookies :-/01:06
jedijfand go to bed01:07
freelancer317ok, I have no problem turning everything over to you Jim, I trust you, I think you are Ubuntu through and through.... But does anyone else have anything to add?01:07
jthanWell.. Um..01:07
jthanLet's see01:07
jthanjthan always /wants/ to get involved but everytime I take initiative nobody else does01:07
jthanso it doesn't go anywhere01:07
jthanI have access to the calendar, and... that's about it01:07
jthanI drive now.. going to events is feasable.01:07
jedijf[jimf@arch_desktop ~]$ hostname01:07
jedijf[jimf@arch_desktop ~]$01:08
jedijfwant !=do01:08
freelancer317jthan... Everyone is needed here.  Events are what are REALLY needed..  You're in Lehigh valley?01:08
jthanAnd I'm ALONE01:08
freelancer317Well... Not completely, but I know the feeling.01:09
jthanThere aren't many people here from the lehigh valley01:09
jedijfnah, he's alone01:09
jedijfbts3685|vps: left him for a wife01:09
jthanIn fact.. idk if anyone is actually in the valley01:09
jthanYeah.. he was close.. then he left01:09
freelancer317well there used to be a few people hter01:09
jedijfwe can do qmart stuff and find jthan a friend01:09
jthanI have a few friends. I should get them on IRC. They're older and have more time - perhaps they'd be willing to setup events.01:10
freelancer317Well here's the other thing... It doesn't sound like there are any objections to jedijf being team contact / fearless leader01:10
* jedijf objects01:11
jthanHe's top notch01:11
freelancer317... but we need to worry about reapproval01:11
freelancer317or do we01:11
JonathanDjthan: I'll come up to lehigh to help with events.01:11
jedijfre-approval is dead01:11
JonathanDEvents are sort of my thing.01:11
JonathanDI enjoy them, the whole process01:11
jthanYeah. I thought reapproval was awhile ago.. except it never really happened01:11
jthanfreelancer317: in fact, I think I emailed you about it, even01:11
freelancer317We are still approved01:11
freelancer317Until October01:11
jedijfit would be embarrassing to dopefiend it, when for a long time we haven't really ubu Loco'd anything01:12
freelancer317(I finessed)01:12
JonathanDWhich reminds me. I'd like to have a picnic.01:12
jthanpicnics are nice.01:12
JonathanDIn bridgeport.01:13
jthanI have lots of places in mind for outdoor stuff. Indoor stuff I haven't really found any great places01:13
freelancer317Here's why reapproval is less than fun... We have to do monthly reports, we have to satisfy people on the council that we are viable01:13
jthanmonthly reports for when?01:13
JonathanDI happen to live there, but they also have a nice park, pavilion, and train access to philadelphia.01:13
jthanlike months past, or months in the future01:13
jedijflike i said re-approval is pointless with a vacant recent past01:14
JonathanDare we a not-group?01:14
jedijfi'd rather create a future and re-apply01:14
freelancer317Good things about approval... CD's (which can be a mixed bag if we can't move them), and better stuff for events if we request in advance.01:14
JonathanDjedijf: what makes a viable future?01:15
jedijfdoing stuff01:15
JonathanDEvents? and which events can ubuntu pa claim?01:15
freelancer317I don't care either way.. I just don't want to leave the council waiting for an answer01:15
jthanjedijf: Valid point.. if getting re-approved is going to be like pissing in the wind, we might as well accept that it's going to happen lik ethat, and then plan ahead01:15
jedijfthat's my thought; fight now, we are not *worthy*01:15
JonathanDjedijf: what level of activity is "worthy"01:15
jedijfno ones fault; i haven't done anything01:16
freelancer317Well the representation at CPOSC has been what has kept us in the picture I think (and our history in Philly)01:16
jedijfJonathanD: anything01:16
JonathanDI mean, we missed an op with fosscon I guess.01:16
freelancer317JonathanD EXACTLY missed an op01:16
jedijfwe've missed opps every 6 months - releases01:16
JonathanDI do the geeknic thing about 4 times a year though, can ubuntu-pa fly a flag there?01:16
jthanYeah.. and even Ubuntu hours..01:16
jthanWhen's the last time anyone had one of them here?01:17
freelancer317JonathanD yep01:17
jthanpleia2: has them out in Cali all the time.01:17
freelancer317As long as we report it01:17
jedijfJonathanD: the answer to all is yes; again *nike*01:17
jedijfthat's how we got approved....01:17
JonathanDWe shall all have an ubuntu hour in my living room.01:17
JonathanDThere will be tacos.01:18
teddy-dbearand cookies?01:18
JonathanDOr burgers.01:18
JonathanDI'll leave the snacks to jedijf01:18
jthanSeriously though..01:18
teddy-dbearoreo cake!01:18
jthanIf we're going to let this slide /for now/ we better get a list of events that we CAN do.. then we better start picking dates and making them happen.01:18
JonathanDWhats lacking for an ubuntu hour? Places to hold them, or just planning?01:18
freelancer317I think part is planning part is motivation01:19
jthanWell - I'd be happy to have an Ubuntu hour. I don't know what that really entails, and as I said before - I don't have any places around here that have willingly said "yes you can use our space for..."01:19
jedijfJonathanD: you can say, i'll have an hour at Ginos01:19
JonathanDjedijf: well then, I'm game.01:19
jedijfwe ml, forum irc it01:19
JonathanDjedijf: I'll happily do that if it doesn't matter where.01:19
jedijfpeople come, eat giants, bitch about unity01:19
jthanI wanna have some up my way to see what interest is out there01:20
freelancer317It seems like that is alot of it.01:20
JonathanDI'm on good terms with the marketing guy at ginos.01:20
jthanbecause if we grow the community in this area, there are more people who could contribute to events.01:20
JonathanDMight even get some kind of deal out of it.01:20
jedijfthen again, we explain the freedom of any desktop you want to run and show them01:20
freelancer317jthan yes01:20
jthanand that's why I always wanted to have events up my way.. to try to get some more people so I don't feel alone :-p01:20
JonathanDOk. I'll commit to making an ubuntu hour happen in my area.01:20
jthanBut then I get into the school year (and I am only a senior in highschool...) and things go south01:20
jedijfok, this is getting pathetic01:20
jedijfjthan: i promise we'll do something your way if qmart counts01:21
freelancer317my big problem at CPOSC is everyone uses Ubuntu already.  We don't reach many new users who haven't heard of us.01:21
jedijfas your way01:21
rmg51we can start with something simple like a picnic01:21
jedijffreelancer317: that's the way it is now01:21
jthanjedijf: QMart is 20 minutes from me. totally counts. But it isn't like there's just "usable space" in QMart. Haha01:22
jedijfwhy it's a little trickier, more of a support, than get started thing01:22
jedijfjthan: outdoor flea market table showing off01:22
JonathanDinteresting idea.01:22
JonathanDlets go to zerns.01:22
jedijfthat too01:22
jthanJonathanD: totally worth it just to go to qmart01:22
jedijfnj loco did columbus market01:23
* ChinnoDog waits for time and location so he can show up01:23
jthanDon't wait01:23
jthanmake it happen01:23
freelancer317ChinnoDog I thought you were in DC now?01:23
JonathanDThere is no time to wait, only time to execute.01:23
freelancer317That's what we need01:23
jedijfonly during the week01:23
jedijfChinnoDog: in dc ^^01:23
jthanI have off August 9-1901:24
jthanIs that too short notice?01:24
JonathanDI have off a week this month, I forget which.01:24
jedijfyeah, i'll prolly be doing an hour on 3rd sat at hive01:24
jedijfubu hr(3 actually)01:24
jedijfthen sfd01:24
jedijfthen bug jam01:24
jedijfthe cposc01:24
jthanWhat do you do at ubuntu hour?01:24
ChinnoDogduring the week? pfft01:24
jedijfaug - sept - oct01:24
freelancer317jedijf>> Do you want the admin rights and stuff to the team?  It isn't a pain for me to maintain that for the group (Launchpad, Mailing List, Forums)01:24
jthanChinnoDog: be a saturday in Quakertown01:25
JonathanDI have to head out.01:25
jedijfi would like to have roles for people, like we did in the past(current) with multiples in the event of untimely demise01:25
JonathanDI'll do something in KOP. Date TBA.01:25
jedijfof any one person01:25
jedijfdon't want to micromanage, and make everyone feel part of01:26
jedijflike calendar was kejava and lamalex01:26
jthanwho are both GONE01:26
jthanjthan is also on the calendar01:26
jedijfpleia2 is good to have everywhere like she is as ultimate fallback01:26
jedijfphoenix can get stuff01:27
freelancer317Ok... I'll add you on, but I'll keep myself there too.... pleia2 and ChinnoDog are on launchpad01:27
jedijfChinnoDog: even01:27
jthanSo let's get two more people to step up and make sure the calendar looks good.01:27
jedijfJonathanD: is bogged down with geeknics and fosscons, but he can do events01:27
jedijfirc was/is andrew and pleia2 ...that's good01:28
freelancer317Mailing list has been lamalex and me and someone else....01:28
jedijfso we can offer the roles up, to spur involvement and sense of ownership01:28
freelancer317I'm on the irc too01:28
jedijfwe kinda already know the players anyway01:28
freelancer317Yep.  I am not sure if I can give access to the website or not.01:29
jedijfbut dupplication/triplication is necessary because sometimes life does get in the way01:29
jedijfpleia2: can01:29
freelancer317THat might have to come from pleia201:29
jedijfit's hers anyways01:29
jedijfi mean she got it01:29
jedijfpro bono01:29
freelancer317yes it is :-)01:29
freelancer317thank you Pleia201:30
jedijfsoon to be 1/2 mj's01:30
jedijfwe may need a prenup01:30
jedijfpleia2: ^^^^^01:30
freelancer317Google could take it all over!01:30
freelancer317Ok.  I'll start working on getting you on the things I can.01:30
jedijfyou have my email addy right?01:31
jedijfyou can keep all the adminny rights you want01:31
jthanaddy.. adminny01:31
jthanawesome sauce01:31
jedijfiirc evil is central pa college'ish, so i would like him to get involved01:31
freelancer317the myfisher one, right?01:32
jedijfjedijf at myfisher dot org01:32
freelancer317Yea I got it01:32
jedijfwiki team - web team - JonathanD -> events team01:33
freelancer317I'll let the team contacts know as well.01:33
freelancer317You can send them and intro if you want (It doesn't really need to be done)01:33
jedijfi'll throw something together01:33
freelancer317But if you want to, you'll get some welcome aboard emails01:33
jedijfhold an oreo cake hostage for pleia2 to vouch for me01:34
freelancer317So are we in agreement to tell the council that we are foregoing the approval process this cycle while we are in "reoganization" mode?01:35
jedijfthat's how i would handle it01:35
jedijfit's honest01:36
jedijfbecause right now there are alot of jthan's isolated throughout the state, not knowing that we're here to be their friends01:36
jthanYou better be serious about qmart01:37
jedijfremember that farmer kid from delaware county...a few events that way and he might still be around01:37
jthanfarmer kid..01:37
jedijfjthan: campaign bs01:37
jthancampaign bs?01:38
freelancer317jthan  "you are not along, young man"01:38
jthanNot campaign bs01:38
jthanI don't accept that01:38
jedijfit's not01:38
jedijfi need to get some fleck's01:38
jedijfubuntu 15 minutes in the fleck's sticky bun line01:38
jedijfand old magazine shopping at the old magazine store (that's for ChinnoDog)01:39
jthanYou don't need to wait 15 minutes01:39
freelancer317Right.  I've got to start running some queries, and customers are sending me more emails <sigh>01:39
jthanjedijf: can't forget about pizza and auntie anne's01:39
jedijfso yeah, do it, we'll survive01:39
freelancer317jthan how close are you to Macungie?01:40
jthaneh.. 30-45 minutes01:40
* jedijf triangulates jthan's location01:40
jthanYou know where Bethlehem is?01:40
jthanI can be in Bethlehem in 5 minutes.01:40
freelancer317My company owns a warehouse there and are opening another soon01:40
jthanNot like you just checked fb or anything01:40
jedijfthanks for the g+ invite btw01:41
jthanI was just adding random people and I was like "... he needs something new to play with.. and I think he runs a phone w/ android"01:41
jedijfwe could roadtrip the hive4a too01:41
jthanor do you still have an iPhone?01:41
jedijfno captivate running serendipity01:41
jthanI had a captivate for awhile.01:42
jedijfgazelled my iPhone for $30 more than i paid for it01:42
jedijfat&t and i parted laptop card ways when they discontinued my unlimited01:43
jedijfi went clear mobile hotspot01:43
pleia2hooray jedijf01:43
jedijffor 4g van action (where available) and tether to at&t in 3g01:43
jedijfpleia2: for what01:44
pleia2jedijf: that was my vouch :)01:44
jedijfpleia2: thank you...did you see that we need a prenup for ubuntupennsylvania.org....have mj sign off01:44
freelancer317pleia2 Congrats btw!01:45
freelancer317Belated as it might be01:45
pleia2freelancer317: thank you :)01:45
pleia2just give me a nudge if you need me to add anyone anywhere (irc, wordpress, etc)01:45
jedijfyeah we'll do that at a later meeting; do a process01:46
jedijfif any01:46
freelancer317pleia2 jedijf should be added to wordpress01:46
pleia2I think gallery has officially suicided itself upon upgrade, so if someone wants to fix that it would probably be good01:46
pleia2(I really don't like debugging it)01:46
jedijfandrew: ^^^^01:46
pleia2for california we use flickr :\01:46
jedijfhe's our resident photographer01:46
jedijfand he's got free bot time01:47
rmg51he needs to fix his son01:47
rmg51er bot01:47
jedijfi think it's banned due to memory leakage01:47
pleia2yeah, it sometimes explodes and takes up all the cpu, it needs to stop doing that01:48
jedijfi think that's why i upgraded pacsbot01:48
* jthan announces that the meeting is adjourned01:48
jthanI'm hungry, I just got done working 10 hours01:48
jthanBut I ran home for this!01:48
jedijf10.....half day01:48
jthan10 is more than I'm legally allowed to work01:49
jedijfyou'd be retired by now01:49
freelancer317I'm off to sql world... Good meeting everyone!01:50
jedijfthank you for the confidence everyone...let's nike01:51
jedijfupcoming....ubu hours at hive 3rd saturday august, bugjam 1st weekend sept...SFD 3rd week sept....CPOSC sometime in October and qmart fall event01:52
jedijfthen a release party!!!01:52
jthanqmart we're going to shoot for first weekend in october I think01:53
jedijffirst weekends are bad for me; just saying, they are grand daughter weekends01:53
jthanoh boy.. alright01:53
jthanwell I don't want it to snow! haha01:53
jedijfhaha yeah i know01:53
jthanlast weekend in september?01:53
jthanbut then it's two events in a row.. sfd then qmart01:53
jedijfoctober is good just /around/ cposc, once they pick a date01:54
jedijfjthan: you should check out abe perl mongers just to get geek exposure01:56
jedijfyou just missed one01:56
jthanABE Perl Mongers?01:57
jthanI went to LVLUG once. they were meh. but it was awhile ago. I should go again01:57
jedijfallentown bethlehem easton?01:57
pleia2what's wrong with ABE?01:58
jthanI know what it is01:58
jthanbut wha'ts a perl monger? haha01:58
jedijfuh oh01:58
pleia2I had beers with them :d01:58
jedijfwaltman: drop the camel on the youngin01:58
pleia2http://princessleia.com/images/journalpics/092009/abe_phl_pm_victory.jpg <-- like that01:58
jthanmiddle guy on the right looks so familiar01:58
jthandid he go to jail?01:58
pleia2waltman did not go to jail01:59
jthanjust checking01:59
jthanwaltman: apologies for accusing you of being a criminal.01:59
jedijfok time for bed...02:03
pleia2I got a free toy at the disney store that turns out to be "zombie nerd girl" (there were like 8 possibilities)02:03
pleia2not sure how I feel about zombie nerd girl02:03
jedijfzombies, nerds, and girls are all cool, so cumulatively, it seems pretty awesome to me02:04
jthanon that note I'm off to eat something02:04
jedijfactually the glasses are just too big, i've got a current enfatuation with the librarian look02:05
jedijfyou know? those little glasses; the bun02:05
jedijftime to sleep02:07
jedijfsee ya tomorrow02:07
* teddy-dbear hides from jedijf02:07
pleia2night jedijf02:07
freelancer317Night!  5am comes early02:08
freelancer317That's when I get up02:08
freelancer317Not going to bed for a couple hours though.... California folks still working and asking for info02:09
pleia2yeah it's only 7 here!02:09
teddy-dbearok, I'm done for the night02:18
teddy-dbearnite-nite everyone02:18
freelancer317pleia2... The morning is dominated by a wallpaper manufacturer in Lancashire England, and the evening by a water bottler from CA02:24
pleia2freelancer317: ugh, long day02:24
pleia2I don't even talk to europeans anymore, they go sleepies before I finish work :)02:25
pleia2the east coast is the center of the world02:25
freelancer317I wish the rest of the world worked around the east coast 9am - 5pm bank hours...  lol02:32
freelancer317then it would pay to be in the center of the world02:32
waltmanSorry, was busy watching futurama.02:41
waltmanwait, why was I a criminal?02:46
pleia2who knows02:46
waltmanNot me.02:48
waltmanpleia2: I'm worried that one day that driod army of yours is going to smother you in your sleep.02:58
JonathanDThere are anti-smothering protocols in the holodeck. No worries.02:59
waltmanI find it more than a little disturbing how their antennas and ears go out at the same angles.03:00
waltmanJonathanD: Well played.,03:00
pleia2waltman: it may happen, one of them glows in the dark so they can make a night attack03:00
* JonathanD goes back to his code.03:00
waltmanAt least you'll see them coming.03:00
freelancer317night all... I've got to get back to sql and then to bed.03:00
pleia2night freelancer31703:01
rmg51hi sleepyhead10:28
* ChinnoDog yawns13:35
teddy-dbearsomeone heeds a nap13:43
ChinnoDogandrew: Is PennBot coming back?13:44

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