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h00kEgyParadox: hello. I don't remember meeting you. Where-about in the state are you from?13:46
EgyParadoxI am from Egypt13:46
EgyParadoxnot from US13:47
EgyParadoxbut I noticed that the WI team is active13:47
EgyParadoxand I used to live there13:47
h00kEgyParadox: ah, welcome13:48
h00kWe are somewhat active13:48
h00kwe try, anyway13:49
EgyParadoxyeah I noticed there are many events13:49
EgyParadoxThe Egyptian became somehow active only recently13:50
h00kEgyParadox: Yeah, we have some Ubuntu hours going on, we are going to try the Global Jam, too13:51
EgyParadoxWe just had our ubuntu our13:54
EgyParadoxit was fun, we haven't had the global jam yet13:54
EgyParadoxWhat about the number of people attending the events?13:58
h00kEgyParadox: usually, for the Ubuntu Hour, it is around 3-4, from what it sounds like13:59
EgyParadoxwhat about release parties?14:00
EgyParadox /install fests14:00
h00kWe had one...what, 2 years ago now, and another 6 months after, but not for the last 2 releases14:06
EgyParadoxI mean the numberof people attending14:06
h00kwe had 16 on the first one14:07
h00kI don't remember how many at the one in Madison14:07
h00kmaybe... 12? 14?14:08
EgyParadoxI am surprised14:08
h00kNow that my wedding is over, maybe I'll throw something down for Oneric14:09
EgyParadoxI think 100+ attended our first release party14:10
h00kEgyParadox: that's awesome14:10
EgyParadoxit was a nice start14:10
EgyParadox*install fest14:11
EgyParadoxfirst install fest*14:12
h00kIt'd be fun to get shirts, or tell people that are attending to get some sort of Ubuntu swag to wear it14:13
EgyParadoxWe put some artwork for the designs so anybody could print14:16
EgyParadoxThis is our first release party14:17
h00kI think we talkeda bout borrowing a wiki header like yours14:24
h00k:( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WisconsinTeam14:24
EgyParadoxWe did talk?14:25
h00kWe did talk about a nice wiki header like yours, I have to check my logs14:26
EgyParadoxI can't remember14:26
EgyParadoxwas it thelinuxer?14:26
h00kOh, no, I mean the LoCo talked about it14:27
h00knot you/I14:27
EgyParadoxoh ok14:27
EgyParadoxI thought in the US more people would attend events14:27
h00kIt's hard with Wisconsin being spread out14:27
h00kWe seem to have some people interested in the Madison/Milwaukee area, but the further north you get, it's more spread-out14:29
EgyParadoxI thought its the other way aroujd14:32
h00kEgyParadox: as in...?14:36
h00kI just sent an email out, a call for artwork14:36
EgyParadoxI thought it would be more spread in Madison/MIlwaukee14:38
h00kEgyParadox: there is more of a concentration down there14:38
h00kAs in, more people14:38
EgyParadoxoh ok14:38
h00kEgyParadox: you have a magazine cover for artwork?!14:41
EgyParadoxThere were plans for a magazine14:43
EgyParadoxbut I dont know what happened really14:43
EgyParadoxI think there is14:43
EgyParadoxI am not responsible for art work14:43
h00kCool, though.14:46
EgyParadoxWhat about other states?16:08
h00kEgyParadox: what about them?16:08
mikeputnamh00k: Μπορώ να φάω σπασμένα γυαλιά χωρίς να πάθω τίποτα.16:08
mikeputnamsomething UTF8 in Greek ^^^16:09
h00kmikeputnam: what16:09
mikeputnamdid it work?16:09
h00kmikeputnam: yes, I could see that ;)16:09
h00kmikeputnam: Yeah, I fixed it16:09
h00k.screenrc doesn't always do UTF8, even if you tell it to16:09
h00kmikeputnam: YES!16:09
h00kmikeputnam: irssi16:09
h00kmikeputnam: what's wrong with that?16:09
EgyParadoxAre they active like the WI team?16:10
mikeputnammuch more excellenter16:10
h00kEgyParadox: some probably are, I'm not sure16:10
h00kmikeputnam: I have used terminator in the past16:20
h00kmikeputnam: I just run screen on my VPS where my irssi runs16:20
h00kmikeputnam: locally, I've been playing with byobu lately16:20
mikeputnamh00k: http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2011/06/anyone-interested-in-byobu-profiles-for.html16:22
h00kmikeputnam: cool16:22
mikeputnamh00k: i highly recommend tmux over screen16:23
h00kapparently ;)16:23
mikeputnami also op #tmux16:23
mikeputnamand wrote the web page16:23
* mikeputnam <= fanbois16:23
mikeputnambig solar flare today http://iswa.gsfc.nasa.gov:8080/IswaSystemWebApp/iSWACygnetStreamer?timestamp=2038-01-23+00%3A44%3A00&window=-1&cygnetId=26120:43
h00kI wonder when that's going to knock out phones ^.^20:44

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