mhall119cjohnston: doesn't seem likely, no01:21
mhall119or, good afternoon I should say14:08
dakerirccloud is good15:03
nigelbyeah, very good.15:03
nigelbunless you have too many channels.15:04
nigelbI also felt their rates were comparable to the cost of a VPS.15:04
dakeri have a small server and i need to figure out how to use irssi with xchat15:06
nigelbthere is a way to configure irssi as a bouncer, or you could a boucner.15:07
nigelbDustin wrote a good post about it (kirkland)15:07
YoBoYdustin wrote also a post about bip (better for me :p)15:07
YoBoYhi :D15:07
nigelbaha, bip it was.15:09
nigelbThanks YoBoY :)15:09
nigelbAlso, hello!15:09
dakerah good found it15:09
nigelbYou can always poke him if you have doubts on that, he's quite friendly :)15:09
YoBoYI'm using bip since 2009 and it's really a good irc proxy15:10
pace_t_zuluhey guys17:29
pace_t_zului'm a member of the TennesseeTeam (unapproved loco) ... i am keen to help with the loco-directory project17:30
mhall119cjohnston: nigelb: daker: meet pace_t_zulu17:30
nigelbw00t, hey!17:31
pace_t_zuluhi cjohnston nigelb daker o/17:32
pace_t_zulufiring up my natty vm to branch the code17:32
pace_t_zulubeen talking to mhall119 about the development environment17:33
nigelbthe environment should be fairly okay to set up.17:33
pace_t_zuluyea ... the instructions look clean and straightforward17:34
pace_t_zulu+1 to whoever put them up17:35
pace_t_zulumhall119 cjohnston nigelb daker ... general question ... adding and editing meetings is quite slow ... are y'all aware??? if so, have you identified why this is?18:09
nigelbYeah, the machine is having some trouble.18:10
nigelbwe're waiting for new hardware there.18:10
pace_t_zulunigelb: cool18:10
pace_t_zulunigelb: just curious ... not trying to be critical ;)18:10
mhall119pace_t_zulu: we've been having on again off again problems with it for about a week18:10
nigelbmhall119: http://animuchan.net/django_php/20:13
pace_t_zulumhall119: nice20:17
pace_t_zulunigelb: nice20:17

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