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pleia2akgraner: are we all set for setting up the poll on tuesday?18:25
akgranerpleia2, yep....will send you a test link in the am20:07
pleia2akgraner: no need, just wanted to confirm that we didn't have to run around like crazy people getting things on track tuesday morning :)20:08
pleia2"yep" is good enough for me!20:08
akgranerpleia2, I am using the same format as the last election with the exception being the names and wiki pages are the current people...20:13
pleia2akgraner: sounds good :)20:13
nigelbakgraner: you're here!20:21
nigelbkicked pete?20:21
akgranernigelb, I'll be adding info to the google doc later tonight20:22
nigelbakgraner: re:mentorship, how much do you want to document?20:22
akgranerI'd like to get as much as possible into the doc over the next 4 days...even if some areas are just place  holders in the outline20:23
nigelb(a) invitation to mentorship, (b) finding mentors (c) selecting candidates (d) finding sponsors (e) measuring progress (f) concluding (g) post-program review.20:23
nigelbDid I miss anything that we'd have to document?20:23
nigelb(oh, I'm sure I missed something)20:23
akgranerthat's the basics yep20:24
nigelbawesome, that sounds good :)20:24
akgranerand I am sure there will  be additions as we pull from and tweak the best practices from other programs to suite UW20:25
nigelbyeah :)20:26

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