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Kilosmorning superfly and others06:00
superflymorning Kilos06:00
* nlsthzn_work waves @ Kilos and superfly and others :p06:13
superflyhi nlsthzn_work06:13
superflyhow's work?06:13
nlsthzn_workWell... OK thanks for asking... and there in ZA land?06:14
nlsthzn_worksuperfly: ^06:14
superflyat least here in Cape Town06:15
superflyand cold06:15
superflybut I'm pretty warm in my nice new jacket06:15
nlsthzn_workCool :) (or I mean hot?)06:16
superflyyeah, quite hot actually06:17
superflymight have to take it off just now to cool down :-)06:17
KilosMaaz, coffee on06:45
* Maaz puts the kettle on06:45
Kilostoday eskom trying to kill me, the swines06:45
Kilospower keeps cutting and had to boot from karmic to fix grub06:46
hihanhoesjHi all06:47
Kiloshiya hihanhoesj 06:47
hihanhoesjHows things going?06:49
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!06:49
Kilosgood ty hihanhoesj and there06:49
KilosMaaz, ty06:49
MaazEnjoy Kilos06:49
hihanhoesjgood, good :)06:50
Kiloshow did you work your nick out06:50
Kilossounds near to a cough syrup06:51
hihanhoesjtrying to set up a tun interface via ssh, to bypass our firewall :)06:51
Kiloswhew enjoy06:52
hihanhoesjhmm thinking I am biting off more than I can chew at the moment :)06:53
Kilosi know nothing about them but cant you set the fw to accept you06:53
hihanhoesjI could.....06:54
Kilosor who do you want to bypass the fw06:54
hihanhoesjbut where is the challenge in doing that :)06:54
Kilosisnt that an easier way06:54
hihanhoesjthe only way to learn, is to chalenge youself...06:54
hihanhoesjbesides, it might be easier, but its gonna take longer ;)06:55
hihanhoesjI need to ask permission first06:55
superflyhihanhoesj: ssh on a known safe port :-)06:55
hihanhoesjI can ssh06:55
hihanhoesjbut I cant git pull06:56
superflyoh right06:56
hihanhoesjnot so difficult after all :)07:15
Kiloswell done07:15
hihanhoesjssh -w <local tun number>:<remote tun number> <host>07:16
hihanhoesjwhere <local tun number> and <remote tun number> a tunX interface is07:16
hihanhoesjor any for the next available07:17
nuvolarilo everyone07:17
nuvolarimorings oom Kilos 07:17
hihanhoesjfor your future reference :)07:17
hihanhoesjmorning nuvolari07:17
Kilosmorning nuvolari 07:18
Kiloshihanhoesj, save that info somewhere07:18
hihanhoesj<ctrl> + <s>, commited to my memory :)07:20
Kiloslo |3o|3 morgs sdehaan 08:44
morgshi Kilos *08:45
queerySymmetria, welcome back13:09
nlsthzn_workHome time :D ... tata13:11
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Kiloshiya kbmonkey and others15:50
Kiloslo superfly 15:50
kbmonkeylo Kilos 15:51
kbmonkeydoing well?15:51
Kiloskinda ty. had some probs 15:52
Kilospower cut about 5 or 6 times and my brug got hurt15:52
kbmonkeyja myself hay. I have this terrible craving for shortbread and there is none around15:52
Kiloshad to boot from karmic and run sudo update-grub15:53
kbmonkey*first world problems (tm) he he15:53
kbmonkeyoh dear. did it reinstall okay in the end?15:53
Kilosnow if i boot and try the recovery option it doesnt work as it used to15:53
kbmonkeyyou have karmic and the new one both ?15:54
Kiloson booting all test tiny till i actually in15:54
Kiloskarmic and maverick15:54
Kilosluckily or i woulda been struggling stil15:54
Kilosbooted to initramfs15:55
kbmonkeythe maverick recovery option is broken? maybe just update-grub from inside maverick15:55
Kiloscan one run recovery from cli?15:55
Kilosi have15:55
Kilosi also get a tiny script saying diskdrive uuid not ready15:56
Kilosthen it boots15:56
kbmonkeynot sound good15:56
Kilosno me cries15:56
kbmonkeydoes maverick boot then?15:56
Kilosyes i am in it now, just the recovery doesnt work and on booting i get that script but too fast to see what all it says15:57
kbmonkeydoes recovery just take you to a command line?15:58
kbmonkeythats all recovery is, a root login15:58
Kilosit runs on its own but now only goes halfway to what it used to then i get the option to resume normal boot but inna tiny window15:59
Kilosbut i can still get in, just annoying to not work properly16:00
Kilosand my maverick been so lekker for so long16:02
Kilosboo hoo hoo16:02
Kilosyou supposed to say 'now now, dont cry'16:03
KilosMaaz, coffee on16:05
* Maaz starts grinding coffee16:05
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!16:09
KilosMaaz, ty16:09
MaazEnjoy Kilos16:09
kbmonkeynow, now don't cry16:14
kbmonkeyim confused when you say 'only goes halfway' <?16:15
kbmonkeyi wonder if some files of yours got broken with the power cuts16:16
Kilosit normally runs lotsa scripts and then goes back to boot options but now it goes back earlier and the boot options window is tiny16:16
Kilosmust have been16:16
Kiloslike grub for starters16:16
kbmonkeygoes back too boot options? no no, it should boot the OS not go back :p16:16
Kilosnever mind i will try recover bit by bit from earlier updates16:17
kbmonkeyfirst step is to look for any errors that show during that boot :)16:17
Kiloshow are youuuuuu16:17
Kilosi will try but they flash by too fast for one eye to keep up16:18
Kilosi can boot straight in16:19
kbmonkeyek het koekies gevind! shortbread16:19
Kilosshortbread be very lekker16:19
* Kilos thinks sis has a great recipe from my grans time16:20
Kilosi think the eat some more one was the best over the years16:22
kbmonkeyif you can spare the 200K, you can get the ubuntu document on grub, how to fix it with a live cd and all that16:25
Kilossounds good. link please16:26
kbmonkeyin a terminal run:16:26
kbmonkeywget -O ubuntu-grub2.html https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub216:26
kbmonkeythat will download the html for you. no images.16:26
Kilosi tried synaptic and it took 2.3m download16:26
Kiloslol so i stretch again16:26
Kilosty kbmonkey  i go get and read16:27
kbmonkeyno I make that command for you so you wont need to open a browser :)16:27
kbmonkeyyou can download most web pages like that. 16:27
Kilosoh ty so much clever kid16:27
kbmonkeyyou still open the file with web browser, but is all offline16:28
kbmonkeyhi MPD 16:28
Kilosi run that in cli hey?16:28
Kiloshi MPD 16:28
kbmonkeyyes kilos. it will put the file into your home ~ folder16:28
kbmonkey202K size16:29
Kilosthats great ty16:29
kbmonkeyMPD, do you use the mpd music player by any chance?16:29
Kiloswow it fetched that in .9 s16:30
kbmonkeylots of reading in that one. see section #12 Kilos :)16:39
kbmonkeysaved my but a few times that page16:39
Kilosk will do16:39
kbmonkeybutt dont bother with that graphical boot-repair tool. you can fix it without that tool16:40
kbmonkeywith just a live cd, thats all you need16:40
Kilosah ty. still looking for section 1216:40
kbmonkeya tip: before you boot the live cd, while in maverick/karmic, run "df -h" and write down which /dev/sdXY is used for root (/) and home (if any). makes life easier when you know which partitions are used ;)16:43
Kiloswill do that dankie16:43
* kbmonkey gives kilos a cookie16:44
kbmonkeyhe he16:44
kbmonkeyMaaz, cookies please16:44
Maazkbmonkey: Go get it yourself!16:44
* Kilos smiles in gratitude16:44
kbmonkeyMaaz, go play in /dev/null16:44
Maazkbmonkey: *blink*16:44
Kilosnight everyone. sleep tight18:19
Kilosi fix grub tomorrow18:19
KilosMaaz, night18:19
MaazCheers Kilos18:19

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