stephenthemartyr<holstein>can u help me02:14
stephenthemartyrwhat exactly was the fsck command for?02:14
stephenthemartyrdoes anyone know what temp. is quasi-normal for cpu temp?02:26
stephenthemartyrhow do i clear space on harddrive02:34
stephenthemartyranyone here?03:02
holsteingood timing stephenthemartyr03:06
holsteini just walked in03:06
holsteinwhats up?03:06
stephenthemartyrwhats does that fsck command do?03:07
stephenthemartyrimean i know what it does but03:07
stephenthemartyrim so lost03:07
holsteinim going to tell you whats up03:08
holsteinare you listening03:08
holsteinis this still from when you dropped it?03:09
stephenthemartyryea,i mean i put un lm-sensor03:09
stephenthemartyrand some temp reading thin is on the top of screen03:10
holsteinthat is a waste of time03:10
holsteinyou need to test that hard drive03:10
holsteinyou need to make sure the hardware is still good03:10
holsteinstephenthemartyr: however you feel comfortable03:10
holsteinotherwise... you'll just fsck and fix and waste time on a hard drive thats dying03:11
stephenthemartyrwhat r my options?03:11
holsteinstephenthemartyr: after you test, then you'll know your options03:11
holsteinyou'll know if you need to go on with repairing the file system03:11
stephenthemartyrall my memory on the ubuntu studio dise of partition is almost gonr03:11
holsteinyou mean hard drive space?03:12
stephenthemartyrand what are my options as fcar as testing03:12
holsteinstephenthemartyr: i use this..http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/03:12
holsteinyou can use any live CD pretty much though03:12
holsteintheres a disk utility in the ubuntu live CD's03:12
holsteinyou'll want to run the long smart test03:12
stephenthemartyrok so it uses a cd or dvd?03:13
holsteinwell, the live disc is on whatever you put it on03:13
holsteinUBCD is CD sized03:14
holsteinyou can burn CD images to DVD's03:14
holsteinbut not the other way around03:14
stephenthemartyrok so i download the boot cd aND put it on cd and then boot?03:14
stephenthemartyri am super confused,and i dont understand how i used 28 GB so far03:16
stephenthemartyrso i download and run which out of all those03:19
stephenthemartyr<holstein>im confused03:26
holsteinstephenthemartyr: if that hard drive is failing in a serious way03:29
holsteinit will be odd03:29
holsteinit could be reporting funky stuff03:29
stephenthemartyrwhat do u mean03:29
holsteinagain... you'll need to test the drive first03:30
holsteinyou dont want to waste time wondering whats going on with data03:30
holsteindata that you *should* have backed up03:31
stephenthemartyroka and im i dont understand where do i download the ubbc?03:31
holsteinworst case, you get a better hard drive than what you have right not for like 40 bucks03:31
stephenthemartyri did03:31
holsteinstephenthemartyr: you dont *need* UBCD03:31
holsteinuse what you have03:31
holsteinyou have a live CD03:32
holsteinjust boot that03:32
holsteinuse the disk utility03:32
stephenthemartyri have a 11.04 dvd is that what u mean03:32
stephenthemartyrand how will that help me03:32
stephenthemartyrim sorry im annoying but pleaser spell it out for me03:32
stephenthemartyrwhat does partition 5 of partition 3 is busy mean03:34
holsteinstephenthemartyr: you cant test the drive while you are running it03:40
holsteinyou shouldnt03:40
holsteinboot a live CD on there03:40
holsteingo to the menu03:40
holsteinfind disk utility03:40
holsteintheres a test to run there03:41
stephenthemartyrand when i boot from the cd it seems like it is updating everything03:41
holsteina short test and a long test03:41
stephenthemartyryes i understand thaT part,it is the booting part i dont get03:41
stephenthemartyrits funny cause i got an interface,now this happened03:42
holsteinstephenthemartyr: you put the live CD in, and boot it03:44
holsteinjust like you did when you wanted to install it03:45
holsteinyou just dont install03:45
holsteinyou run it live03:45
holsteinthen, you can test that drive03:45
holsteinstephenthemartyr: step one for you is test the drive03:45
holsteinextended self test03:45
holsteinit'll take an hour or so03:45
holsteinyou need not do anything else til that03:45
holsteinanything else you do could potentially be a waste of time03:46
stephenthemartyryes i understand that,now i need help getting there!!03:46
stephenthemartyri know disk utility03:46
stephenthemartyrand the test03:46
stephenthemartyrso i should boot with 11.04?03:47
stephenthemartyro0k so there is an option to "run it ;live"?>?03:47
stephenthemartyr<holstein>i tried but there was no option to run live,only install,check memory and a few others04:05
holsteinstephenthemartyr: you can get a live CD04:15
holsteinif you dont have one04:15
holsteini gotta run...04:15
holsteinyou'll figure it out :)04:15
gotik_does a low-latency-kernel work adequate on a thinkpad (l420)?10:02
JurgentjeHi... Anyone in here who could help me out with LCMS?12:27
JurgentjeHi... I'm having troubles with LPROF (for icc profiles) ... can't find how to load the IT8 target   ... the [...] button seems missing12:30
Jurgentjehttp://tinypic.com/r/70ypfq/7   <- I'm expecting [...] behind the IT8 target pulldown12:31
vasohaving problem booting 11.04 from usb15:24
vasocannot find cd-rom15:24
holsteini suggest using the normal ubuntu live CD, then15:25
holstein!vanilla | vaso15:25
ubottuvaso: To install Ubuntu Studio on top of a vanilla Ubuntu install, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/Installation15:25
holsteinvaso: heres a bug report i started15:26
ubottuUbuntu bug 697774 in Ubuntu Studio "cant install ubuntustudio from USB stick" [Undecided,New]15:26
holsteinif you would like to get involved there, and report what works for you15:27
holsteinthere are several work arounds available :)15:27
vasoi'll try15:27

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