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dcorbin_workWhen a upstart job is started, it emits a signal.  Is there signal emitted when a job is stopped?14:00
pmjdebruijnyou can just do things l ike14:06
pmjdebruijnstart on stopped jobname14:06
pmjdebruijnI don't know if that's technically a signal14:06
dcorbin_workso, I can have "start on foo" and "start on stopped "foo" if a particular daemon (bar) requires the foo to be running, and should always be running if foo is running.14:17
pmjdebruijndcorbin_work: "and" requires both events14:20
pmjdebruijnstart on foo or stopped foo14:20
pmjdebruijnoh wait14:21
pmjdebruijndon't you want14:21
pmjdebruijnstart on started foo14:21
pmjdebruijnstop on stopped foo14:21
* pmjdebruijn is just thinking out loud14:21
* pmjdebruijn is no expert14:21
pmjdebruijnanybody a clue, why this is messing with my startup?14:21
pmjdebruijnI basically want to make the rc process dependant on a homerolled task14:21
pmjdebruijnthis task synchronized configuration from a central machine14:21
pmjdebruijnso the rc sysv daemons only get started when the configuration has already been synchronized14:22
JanCpmjdebruijn: there might be a problem with the homerolled task?15:22
pmjdebruijnthough not impossible16:02
pmjdebruijnthe homerolled task only operates at startup16:03
pmjdebruijnmy problem is only at shutdown16:03
JanCpmjdebruijn: the rc job runs on every runlevel change, but your change probably prevents that16:09
pmjdebruijnyeah, that was my guess too, but I can't grasp why ...16:10
JanCpmjdebruijn: you can run your task before sysvinit-emulation without changing rc.conf BTW16:16
pmjdebruijnit does run16:18
JanCif you put "start on starting rc-sysinit" in your task16:18
pmjdebruijnJanC: starting = before actual start...16:18
pmjdebruijnI guess I need to readup on that again16:19
JanCit's in the cookbook  ☺16:20
pmjdebruijnmy bad16:24
pmjdebruijnI'll try that on monday16:24
dlibanorihi guys, when desktop-session-start event is emitted?18:39
dlibanoriI  installed X + nodm + matchbox, but upstart doens't trigger desktop-session-start, does anybody know why?18:40
jhuntdlibanori: it is the dm's responsibility to emit this event, so chances are that nodm isn't. Look at /etc/gdm/PreSession/Default for an example of how gdm does it.18:51
dlibanorijhunt: thanks!18:51
twentylegendHello guys18:53
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