Unit193charlie-tca: This week is rather busy for me if we have any ISOs to test (Already started)00:09
charlie-tca no problem. I broke them good00:11
charlie-tcagoodnight all, I have to go take a break tonight00:33
charlie-tcaGood morning14:09
madnickmorning :)14:10
charlie-tcamr_pouit: bug 789333 is going to be an issue for us. Any thoughts on how to work around?14:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 789333 in gnome-system-tools (Ubuntu) "users-admin crashes on start because of mixed GTK2 and 3 symbols" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/78933314:23
charlie-tcaIf we use the gtk3 tool, it should work, but it also means we have to add gtk3 to the cd14:24
charlie-tcaAnjy reasons yet why Xubuntu desktop would not work?14:29
charlie-tcamadnick, micahg : any reasons why I could not install the desktop?14:55
charlie-tcasorry, madnick. meant astraljava ^  ^  14:55
micahgcharlie-tca: not that I know of14:55
charlie-tcathis is going to be a good release team meeting14:56
madnickochosi: http://www.madnick.se/~madnick/xubuntu/spinner-new.ogg15:35
madnickfixed version15:35
madnick(its 8 fps, so it seems to be lagging, but it does not IRL)15:35
astraljavacharlie-tca: Sorry, I haven't had time to look into that further since last night, work's been busybusybusy.15:40
charlie-tcahm, I guess that excuse still has to be, then. work seems to get in the way of a lot of stuff.15:41
astraljavaI've put in 50 hours thus far this week, and might have to do more over the weekend.15:42
charlie-tcaThanks for trying. It really is appreciated 15:45
GridCubemadnick, ochosi what about something like this? http://imagebin.org/16653215:45
madnickIm neutral, I don't really know what fits the graphical profile15:46
madnickGridCube: I do think the logo should be preserved however15:50
madnickGridCube: http://www.madnick.se/~madnick/xubuntu/experimental-spinner.ogg :)15:58
charlie-tcaI like that one15:58
charlie-tcaThat is really nice15:59
madnickWell, there is acctually 1 thing I still need; test cryptsetup with this plymouth theme, I have been unable to do so 16:01
madnick(it's acctually because the alternate CD's that I put on USB with Unetbootin cannot finnish installing)16:03
madnickEven 11.04, I think its an unetbootin bug16:03
charlie-tcaum, I could not login after encrypting /home with the latest alternate images for oneiric16:04
charlie-tcait won't accept the password16:05
charlie-tcabug 82046016:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 820460 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "Encrypted LVM install will not allow login in Xubuntu Alpha3" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82046016:05
madnickThis might be a dumb question, but this happened to me and i realized it used the wrong keymap, could this be the case?16:06
charlie-tcait's possible, I guess16:13
charlie-tcabut I would suspect issues with lightdm and policykit16:13
madnickso much problems with lightdm :\16:14
GridCubenew things tend to break16:15
charlie-tcaastraljava, micahg : easy to find the problem with the install today. compare the image from 2011-08-03.2 and 2011-08-0516:19
charlie-tcafrustration level has now gone from "critical" to "completely gone"16:42
charlie-tcatoday's images install on the same machine that failed for the last three days16:42
charlie-tcaThe only answer I have is "I give up"16:48
micahgexcept the old images are gone now16:48
charlie-tcaI realized that late, and then I also over-wrote the image I had with zsync16:49
charlie-tcaWho would think today's image would work?16:49
charlie-tcagoing bang my head on concrete, I guess16:50
astraljavaInteresting. Oh well. Such is life. Guess I shouldn't waste more time working on the problem, or?16:54
astraljavaI still haven't overwritten that .iso, so could there be something to be found?16:54
micahgcharlie-tca: there have been 2 casper uploads since the last respin16:56
charlie-tcaThat has to be what fixed the images then16:58
charlie-tcaKind of frustrating to have them work today after three days of broken16:58
charlie-tcaWell, today's images need testing, please17:49
astraljavacharlie-tca: zsyncing now.17:53
charlie-tcaThanks. Any testing today is appreciated!17:53
charlie-tcawell, any testing any day is appreciated!17:54
astraljavaYeah. :)17:54
charlie-tcabut today is special :)17:54
charlie-tcaWe don't care so much about the special tests, as will live session work and can you install any partitioning methods17:55
astraljavaRight, well, as I forgot to sync the images at work, I can only test i386 desktop, as that was the first one that appeared on the zsyncing list commands. :)17:56
charlie-tcaThat's a good one, if you can only do one!17:57
charlie-tcaWe actually have live sessions working here, and can install from the desktop too17:57
astraljavaGood, good.17:57
charlie-tcaGridCube: We need to test today's images if possible18:09
GridCubealternate or live?18:12
GridCubei zsyncked alternate yesterday18:13
charlie-tcagot to be today's image. It changed18:17
charlie-tcaastraljava is syncing the 32bit desktop18:17
GridCubeso when i get home ill do alternate?18:18
GridCubedo you want the encrypted /home test?18:19
madnickIm doing encrypted lvm on todays image, but I got a question, if I find a bug, do I fill it in xubuntu oneiric, or at the projects (like lightdm project) section?18:22
charlie-tcayes, try for encrypted /home if you can18:24
charlie-tcabut be aware, it destroys whatever is on the hard drive 18:24
charlie-tcaand if it fails, you can't get it back18:24
charlie-tcamadnick: file against the package affected. What is the bug?18:25
madnickcharlie-tca: It was theoretical, im installing at the moment, im quite new to launchpad tbh (im gonna make sure i find a tutorial)18:27
charlie-tcaeasiest way to file bugs is open a terminal, type      ubuntu-bug PACKAGE       and hit enter18:27
madnickah sweet :)18:27
GridCubeok charlie-tca :) will do the test on a vbox when i get home :D18:27
GridCubesee ya later :)18:27
charlie-tcait will open a browser, you login to launchpad, and complete the report. It will attach all the needed logs18:28
astraljavacharlie-tca: How is the live session supposed to work nowadays?19:28
charlie-tcafully after you log in19:28
charlie-tcaI think19:29
charlie-tcaYou won't get it to autologin19:29
charlie-tcaIf you get the xfce stripes wallpaper, you chose the wrong session and must restart19:29
charlie-tcaIt is always the third session here. I get Xubuntu, Xfce, Xubuntu sessions, and pick the third one19:30
astraljavacharlie-tca: Right, but what user/passwd?19:34
madnicka while back i used "ubuntu" -> "ubuntu" to login19:35
madnickDont know about todays images19:35
astraljavamadnick: Nope, doesn't go with those, but thanks.19:36
charlie-tcauser = ubuntu, password = none19:38
charlie-tcanone as in nothing19:38
charlie-tcaEnter ubuntu, hit enter, tab to sessions, down arrow three times, tab to login, hit enter19:39
charlie-tcaI wrote that into the release notes, too19:40
astraljavacharlie-tca: Sorry, didn't read those. Thanks for your patience!19:46
charlie-tcano problem, at least we do have answers :)19:47
astraljavaYep, and are kind enough to repeat them all the way down to feeling sick, I bet. :)19:48
micahgcharlie-tca: do we still have the user list on the login page in the live session?19:49
astraljavaI need to hunt down the test scenarios, but at least the live session seems to boot in properly.19:49
astraljavamicahg: Nope.19:49
micahg:(, so the new meta did nothing19:49
charlie-tcamicahg: we only have the user "other..." on it19:49
charlie-tcaWe don't seem to batting a very good percentage19:50
micahgok, well, we'll have to get this sorted after feature freeze then when robert_ancell returns19:50
charlie-tcaand if he doesn't care about anything except Ubuntu, we better find another display manger quick19:52
charlie-tcaThere are several possibilities out there19:53
madnickBut SLiM is also very lightweight19:54
charlie-tcaLubuntu went back to lxdm for alpha3, Kubuntu stayed with KDM because lightdm won't work for them yet19:54
madnickand the dependencies for SLiM is neat :)19:54
* GridCube will start an install of alternate i386 whit encrypted /home20:55
madnickI did that21:00
madnick1 sec21:00
madnickyeah, the disk is OK21:00
madnickthe login issue is presant21:03
GridCubeso ill do it too XD21:05
madnicki didnt mean you shouldnt :P I just forgot to report it back21:05
madnickBecause I was watching TV21:05
GridCubemadnick, you should fil the spreadsheet21:06
GridCubelet me a moment to find it21:06
astraljavaThe instructions on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Testing/TestingInfo/Short, regarding Settings Manager | Panel, are a little off. None of the sliders makes a difference when regarding the icons.21:08
madnickoh cool21:09
madnickDid not know there was a thing like that21:09
madnickGridCube: i'd love to fill that in, but it is in a language i do not understand21:10
madnickThe Google thing21:10
madnickI dont wanna ruin anything21:10
madnickIts in spanish or italian21:10
GridCubeits easy21:10
madnickthanks :)21:11
GridCubeXD changed the =es to =en21:11
madnickyeah :D21:11
* madnick is ashamed21:11
madnickGridCube: I fill in Alternate w/Disk encryption, should i fill any of the "5" fields?21:12
madnickill just do it to the best of my ability :)21:14
GridCubeno... thats the day..., just besides the day add your name and in the test you have done add PASS or FAIL and any thing you think its important21:14
madnickGridCube: okay, done :)21:17
GridCube:D charlie-tca will be pleased21:19
madnickI worked with spreadsheets the last time in... 1998?21:19
madnickIts was a bit hard21:20
astraljavamadnick: With Google Docs, they're coming back with a vengeange! :D21:20
GridCubealso google doc allows you to do formularies that one could fill up21:21
GridCubei think charlie-tca should see about that, it would made the spreadsheet filling more interactive :P21:21
madnickWell, I guess spreadsheets are better than what we used at my work :)21:22
astraljavaWhile also so much more complex, making them more error-prone.21:22
astraljavamadnick: PDF forms? :D21:22
madnickeven that be better! 21:22
madnickthe testers (which was also the devs), uploaded a checklist and info in a zip file to a ftp server21:23
madnickofc it had a nice front end :)21:23
* astraljava faints21:24
astraljavaWho came up with that procedure?! Some dinosaur from the '50s?!21:25
GridCubeits like the simpliest thing21:26
madnickthe thing at my old job? :D well, it was like this21:27
madnickwe didn't even have organized tests until an intern started working at us, then we started using ftp plainly, but the intern also wrote a GUI for it, then when he went back to school, we kept using it21:27
madnickmight be offtopic, sorry21:28
astraljavaOh no, no horror story is ever OT, anywhere.21:29
astraljavaNot a good one like that, anyhow.21:29
madnickfound another bug, it does not honor my choosen keylayout21:30
madnickseems what you enter in lightdm is presentet as "UNKNOWN"21:30
madnicksame with tty21:31
astraljavaWait, what? Can you actually specify a keyboard layout on lightdm? Or are you not talking about the greeter, here?21:32
madnickbdus rejects a send message from lightdm-greeter21:32
madnickastraljava: you cannot, i dropped to root terminal recovery21:33
madnickhm, good thing i have network, bad thing i dont have pastebinit :P21:34
micahgcharlie-tca: what am I seeding over the weekend?  pastebinit and pavucontrol?21:35
madnickcan't find a workaround :\21:42
madnickcharlie-tca: want me to add to your bug report?21:44
GridCubemadnick, you should add it to your bug report21:45
madnickGridCube: but i did not make one with launchpad21:46
charlie-tcamicahg: pastebinit and something I can't remember now21:46
madnickoh you mean in the spread :D21:46
charlie-tcaI have to go look in the minutes21:46
charlie-tcayes, If you can confirm a bug report, definitely add to it21:47
charlie-tcaIt takes someone besides the original report to make it valid21:47
madnickokay, ill do that21:47
madnickNot sure which logs are useful, ill put in auth.log i think21:48
charlie-tcaYou don't have to add logs even, just comments that you have the issue, and what is happening and what the date of the image is21:52
madnickokay good :)21:52
micahgcharlie-tca: pavucontrol?21:52
charlie-tcaI don't know that we need it now with oneiric21:52
charlie-tcamicahg: evince?21:54
charlie-tcaI give up21:54
charlie-tcaI guess if we do pastebinit we should be good21:54
micahgcharlie-tca: I did evince for alpha321:54
charlie-tcaWe haven't decided to add gthumb yet, have we?21:55
charlie-tcaI really want to know what mr_pouit thinks of gthumb instead of ristretto ?21:56
charlie-tcaor do I it confused again?21:56
* micahg hasn't been keeping up21:57
micahggthumb is heavy lib wise21:57
micahgI guess it's stuff we already ahve though21:58
micahgit also adds .75MB21:58
charlie-tca.75 shouldn't hurt, we are under 699 in all images22:00
charlie-tcamicahg: the biggest image today is 681MB22:01
GridCubequestion: why is gparted on the livecd and not on the final system? i could never see the reason of that22:01
charlie-tcaGridCube: because it is a dangerous app for the new users22:01
micahgGridCube: it's in the live seed, but not the desktop one22:02
charlie-tcaWe want them to intend to have it, so they know what it is22:02
charlie-tcapeople will play and try the installed stuff more so than the live session22:02
micahgcharlie-tca: ok, if I get an ACK from mr_pouit, I'm happy to s/ristretto/gthumb/22:02
GridCubeoh ok22:03
charlie-tcamicahg: that would be great22:03
GridCubecharlie-tca, do you know how to fix the problem whit the log off instead of shutdown bug?22:03
charlie-tcait is not fixable. The easiest solution is to logoff and then restart or shutdown from GDM22:04
charlie-tcaThey have three choices in the screens, reboot, shutdown, log out22:04
micahgcharlie-tca: gthumb seems overkill for an image viewer though22:04
charlie-tcaThey should log out, then do the others, that is very dependable then22:04
charlie-tcamicahg: we want it for the photo stuff more than just a viewer22:05
micahgah, we don't have a photo app at the moment, right?22:05
charlie-tcait lets you crop, resize, etc, on the photos by default22:05
charlie-tcaright, no photo app now22:05
micahgcool, the gthumb for simple image, gimp for advanced22:05
charlie-tcayeah, that's it22:05
charlie-tcaBut I want mr_pouit to ACK it. He would know more about why we don't use it than me.22:06
charlie-tcaand I will go with whatever he says on it22:06
GridCubecharlie-tca, feel free to delete the form i did if you wish https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGZSenZqRS04eE9LYnBwSWtUM0NJRXc6MQ22:11
charlie-tcadelete it why? 22:13
charlie-tcaIsn't it easier to fill out that way?22:13
charlie-tcaAny special format for date?22:13
charlie-tcalike if I just put 5, will it work?22:14
GridCubedunno you used  numbers so it should be it22:14
GridCubebut i think it will add them to the end of the spreadsheet22:14
GridCubei havent tested it22:14
charlie-tcaOTOH, if I put 08/05/2011, will it work?22:14
GridCubeit will add that to the cell 22:14
GridCubethats how i understand it22:15
GridCubeoh boy22:18
GridCubeyep i broke things, apparently it adds stuff at the begining of the table whit time stamps22:20
GridCubeso it added a new column at the begining for the timestamps 22:20
GridCubesorry about that, you should be able to delete that i think, being the spreadsheet creator and all22:21
charlie-tcaWell if you can fix it so it works right, we want it22:21
charlie-tcayou can delete too, can't you? I gave everyone rights to do anything, except to the master22:21
charlie-tcaOh, you broke July instead of August, even22:23
charlie-tcaI can fix it22:23
charlie-tcayou are doing fine22:24
GridCubei did already22:24
GridCubei think i've fixed it22:25
GridCubebut i dont know how to make it work correctly, the form i mean22:25
GridCubeunless we play whit the google doc rules22:25
charlie-tcaplay with it and see. I can change to a real date format if need be22:26
ochosimadnick: hey, thanks for the new spinner video. i talked a bit more about it with knome today and will continue in the upcoming days22:42
ochosimadnick: unfortunately i'm rather busy in RL atm, so it might take a few days until i can come up with a spinner that works better with the logo22:43
madnickokay :) 22:43
madnickI had an idea, did you watch that too?22:43
ochosimaybe knome will send you something in the meantime, who knows :)22:43
madnickWell acctualyl it was GridCube's idea sorta22:43
ochosidid you ping me with the idea?22:43
ochosii only saw a mockup by GridCube 22:43
madnickOfc it would look rather different22:43
madnickbut I just used what i already had22:44
ochosihm, in that case i'd drop the grey circle22:44
ochosiand make the "ball" a "comet", if you know what i mean22:44
ochosibut it's a bit odd that the spinner isn't centered22:44
ochosithe comet might work better anyway, btw22:44
ochosisry, really gotta hit the sack now, i have a rather long and strainful day tomorrow22:44
madnickokay :)22:45
ochosibut i'll try to have a peek in here tomorrow22:45
ochosijust in case you come up with something new, ping me :)22:45
ochosiotherwise maybe sunday, then definitely on monday22:45
madnickokay, thanks, i look forward to it :)22:46
ochosiyeah, me too. i really like what you've been doing so far!22:46
ochosik, anyway, nighty-night and see ya22:46
madnicknight :)22:47
charlie-tcaMaybe we should tell everyone, if you address us by our nick, we get a hightlight message to looka t22:55
charlie-tcaeven when we are away, it will alert us to go look22:56
GridCubecharlie-tca, check the spreadsheet, i've made a new sheet on it23:05
GridCubeits for the formulary23:05
micahghave a good weekend everyone23:06
GridCubeall the warnings you've added to the colums can be added to the form, so people can read them23:06
charlie-tcaThanks, micahg 23:06
GridCubebut you cant make it on an existant sheet23:06
charlie-tcaYou enjoy your weekend23:06
GridCubeit breaks things up23:06
charlie-tcaWhat will happen to it if someone manually enters information?23:08
charlie-tcawill that break it again?23:08
charlie-tcaand, when you ask which test to do, how do I tell you?23:09
astraljavamicahg: Thanks, you too!23:10
GridCubecharlie-tca, adding stuff to the sheet wont break things up ill. I'll show you how the form will look now23:14
charlie-tcaWhich one should I test today?23:22
charlie-tcaSee, I look to see which tests I marked to be done so the same tests don't happen everyday23:25
charlie-tcaI'm curious why it won't work with other pages?23:27
GridCubebecause its just meant to gather data, you could change the form everyday23:28
charlie-tcaI guess I will play with this thing and try to get it to do what you want23:29
GridCubeor, i could add a "To see what test are meant for today look at this cronogram"23:29
charlie-tcafor mon, tue, wed, etc instead of month at a time23:32
charlie-tcawell, that's what I get for thinking instead of typing23:32
charlie-tcathe first part of that was "Well, we could have something for "23:33
GridCubeoh yes we can have like if its monday you should do this ones, and so on23:37
GridCube(i wonder how many people outside this irc channel do tests, we usually just ask)23:37
GridCubeD: so... im doing alternate i386 whit encryted /home and D: lightdm its just RED!23:38
charlie-tcaThere are a lot of tests done daily, and a lot of automated testing gets done, too23:39
charlie-tcared is nicer than pink23:39
GridCube:) ok so you like it like its now?23:40
charlie-tcamine changes colors every boot23:40
charlie-tcalike what? lightdm?23:40
GridCubewhere are the orders to get a log in?23:40
GridCubesorry, two conversations at the same time, i meant the form23:40
charlie-tcalogin to live session?23:40
GridCubeno to installed system23:41
charlie-tcaoh, let me think about the form23:41
charlie-tcato installed system is what we been doing. click name, or Other and enter username, enter password, choose second Xubuntu session, login, if it is Xfce stripes wallpaper, go to 12 step plan on release notes and try again23:42
charlie-tcaheh, easy, huh? :)23:42
charlie-tcagot to go gardening now23:43
GridCubeit would be a lot easier if i remembered what user name i gave iti23:44
GridCube:/ i didnt used one of my standard user names23:48
charlie-tcaIf you used encrypted /home, it won't matter, you can not login cause it will tell you bad password23:51
charlie-tcaand you can not login to the tty either23:51
astraljavaGridCube: *tsk* *tsk* A deviation from the procedure. Strike one. :)23:52
GridCubeoh that should be it23:52
GridCubeoh... well23:53
GridCubenothing there watching the folder from a rescue cd, but i guess that if its encrypted i shouldnt see it anyway correct? or is that i should see the folder but not access it?23:54
charlie-tcaand yes, I did install three times using the 64bit alternate and two times using 32bit alternate before I caught on to theat23:54
GridCubenever used encrypted folders23:54
charlie-tcaright, you can not see it23:54
GridCubeoh ok23:55
GridCubeso i don't know what name i used them i think it was xutest, as i usually do, but i can not login23:55
charlie-tcaI seem to recall saying I had a really bad day trying to test this alpha milestone :)23:56
charlie-tcaI have two hard drives in each test machine, so I unplugged one drive and tried it, then tried on the other drive. 23:57
GridCubeok i add FAIL then?23:57
charlie-tcayeah, I think so23:57
GridCube(or should i retry and this time pay attentio to what username i give it?)23:58
charlie-tcait will still fail23:58
charlie-tcatry not encrypting /home if you want to try again23:58
charlie-tcaI did not run full LVM encrypted without encrypting /home23:58
GridCube:D do i fill the spreadsheet using my fresh new made form?23:59
charlie-tcabut I think you are not going to be passing it today23:59
charlie-tcaWhy does it need blank lines like that?23:59
charlie-tcaI will have to go dig around now. You got me curious.23:59

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