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Noldorinwhat's the difference between bzr update -r and bzr revert -r ??04:18
lifelessone merges and one overwrites04:26
Noldorinlifeless, update merges, right?04:33
Noldorinlifeless, and what about bzr merge -pull and bzr pull - any difference?04:39
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lifelessNoldorin: yes they are different - the docs should cover that one ;)04:58
Noldorinlifeless, you have too much confidence in the docs heh. the difference isn't explicitly stated ;-)04:58
lifelessNoldorin: sorry ;( - try bzr help merge; I have to head away from the keyboard, its why I'm pointing you at the docs.04:59
Noldorinok sure04:59
Noldorinwhat happens if i shelve changes, make some edits, then unshelve...do the shelved changes get merged or pulled with overwrite?05:06
Noldorinwhat makes bzr say "working tree is out of date" ?06:04
siliYou need a bzr update06:06
Noldorinwhat does that actually *mean* though?06:06
Noldorinwhy does it think i need a bzr update?06:06
siliyou issued a command it determined the version you're working with is older than the checkout branch06:07
Noldorinsili, not using checkouts here...06:08
silihmm. https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/5538306:09
ubot5Ubuntu bug 55383 in Bazaar "bzr status should say if the working tree of a branch is out of date" [Low,Fix released]06:09
Noldorinsili, the branch is not bound to anything...don't know how it can possibly claim it's "out of date"!06:10
silidid someone push a change to your branch?06:10
silior commit there06:10
Noldorinsili, i guess not, since bzr revno gives 46, which is the latest revision in bzr log06:11
Noldorinsili, ?06:24
Noldorinwell this sounds like a definite bug to me06:34
Noldorini see no reason for it06:34
aminpyhttp://dpaste.com/587804/ <- can anybody help me?06:40
Noldorinhi again jelmer06:56
jamaminpy: http://dpaste.com/587804/ that is a timeout resolving "lp:"07:53
jam2 options07:53
jamuse "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/..." directly07:53
jamupgrade to the bzr 2.4 series which will resolve lp:~... on the client instead of via Launchpad XLMRPC07:53
Noldorinhi jam. any idea about my issue?07:58
Noldorinjelmer, let me know when you are back :-)08:43
aminpyhttp://dpaste.com/587858/plain/ <- can anybody help me?08:48
Noldorin_can anyone please tell me exactly why im getting "working tree out of date" on my branch?09:01
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Noldorin_can anyone please tell me exactly why im getting "working tree out of date" on my branch?09:39
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idnaranyone know if setuptools_bzr is still maintained? it seems to have a completely broken setup.py so I'm guessing not, but maybe I missed something20:25
sam_looking for beta testers for a new chat site www.chatnearme.com also available on mobile devices at same url20:38
RenatoSilvaThere's repo version of project foo. I want to patch it with a feature so I branch it as bar. But upstream goes on, and my bar branch becomes a mix of feature commits and upstream merges. I want to produce a version of the feature for last release, which is a changeset before the one I branched from, for example tagged as R_1.0. This is called backport, right?21:34
RenatoSilvaBut in the process of backporting the feature, I'll have to differentiate between those upstream update and feature commits, and I've got the impression it's a lot of trouble. Am I right? Is this workflow weird or ok?21:34
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