SIR_Tacoxcv: have you found out if t works on the newer 3.0.x kernel? might be a not-so-pain-in-the-butt version of that00:01
xcvwhere can I get it? as I said I'm a bit afraid of kernel updates, I had bad experiences in opensuse with the nvidia proprietary driver00:02
SIR_TacoI really can't say that you wont have problems with a kernel update, but often it's the way to go.... let me find a backport of a 3 series for natty00:03
xcvSIR_Taco: ok, thank you00:04
SIR_Tacothis should help: http://ubuntuguide.net/how-to-install-linux-kernel-3-0-rc2-in-ubuntu-11-04-natty-narwhal00:06
xcvSIR_Taco: where can I get the pae kernel?00:10
bazhangxcv, install linux-generic-pae it'll pull everything in00:10
bazhangxcv, a very bad idea to install outside kernels (ie 3.0) in natty00:11
SIR_Tacobazhang: if you have a hardware problem... downgrade then?00:12
xcvbazhang: what should I do then? I need to update my 2.6.38-10 to >=2.6.39 because of a bug in the ath9x driver00:12
bazhangSIR_Taco, file a bug, wait for oneiric release, work with that00:12
bazhangxcv, whats the bug, link please00:13
xcvbazhang: and the 2.6.39?? where is it?00:13
SIR_Tacobazhang: I agree, but you will either need to upgrade or downgrade to get your hardware working properly again...00:13
xcvSIR_Taco: if I install it, will I be able to choose the older 2.6.38-10 in the grub menu?00:14
alexThunderi got a ppa for (currently) 3.0.7, if that would help - the mainline 3.x didn't work with the fglrx but the ppa provides a fixed one00:15
SIR_Tacoxcv: yes, your old kernel will be there00:16
xcvperfect, please wait and I will be back after the install & reboot00:16
SIR_Tacoxcv: ok00:17
xcvthe new kernel doesn't even recognize the card00:25
xcvi'm using the old one00:25
SIR_Tacodo you still have the previous kernel for which it worked available through Grub?00:26
xcvyes, i'm using it right now, but with it, wifi sometimes suddenly disconnects and it's very annoying00:27
bazhangxcv, got the bug link?00:27
xcvno, sorry, where?00:28
SIR_Tacohave ryou asked the atheros/madwifi guys?00:28
bazhangxcv, you said there was a bug with that card00:28
xcvi've seen that the bug is fixed in the 2.6.39 kernel00:28
bazhangxcv, so bug link, please00:28
xcvwait, please, i will look for it00:29
xcvi think that it is this one, or very similar: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/72605800:32
ubottuUbuntu bug 726058 in linux (Ubuntu) "wireless disconnects randomly" [Undecided,Confirmed]00:32
bazhangxcv, looks like the bug report says upgrading to the http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.39-rc1-natty/ did not fix the issue. could you tell me the exact card, please ie lspci from terminal (if pci) or lsusb (if usb), then paste.ubuntu.com and give us the link00:46
xcvbazhang: ↑00:48
bazhanghttp://blog.homelinux.org/?p=327   xcv seen this?00:50
xcvok i just did it and i'll reboot now00:54
xcvthanks i will be back in a moment00:54
xcvbazhang: thank you, it works apparently, i just have to wait and see if it is stable now00:58
jschall_I've switched my mother to Kubuntu. She used to use an old version (8) of dreamweaver to do her websites. I was hoping to move her to something free/open source, but it needs to be WYSIWYG and it needs to sync her files with SFTP from a local working copy.01:24
raevinanyone know if by chance deleting /etc/hosts.allow | hosts.deny will remove the tcp_wrappers ability?01:25
raevinnot seeing any actual packages in regards to it specifically01:25
SIR_Tacojschall_:  http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/Linux_software_equivalent_to_Windows_software is a decent list of comparisions  or Kompozer for KDE is a decent WYSIWYG program01:31
alexThunderotherwise one of them might do the job: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_HTML_editors#WYSIWYG_editors , jschall_01:32
SIR_Tacothanks alexThunder01:33
SIR_Tacothanking you for the extra link01:36
alexThunderoh, np :)01:37
alexThunderbtw, dreamweaver 8 seems to work nice with wine01:41
alexThunderaccording to the app db01:41
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linuxguyHi all.......ive been trying to install modelines etc on kubuntu 11.04 using kate /kwrite as root.......but when i try and save the xorg.conf file ......it refuses to.....any ideas would be great......thanks03:28
linuxguy Hi all.......ive been trying to install modelines etc on kubuntu 11.04 using kate /kwrite as root.......but when i try and save the xorg.conf file ......it refuses to.....any ideas would be great......thanks04:03
ArchangelSe7endefine "refuses to"04:04
ArchangelSe7endoes it return any error messages ?04:04
well_laid_lawnkubuntu doesn't have a root04:05
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo04:06
linuxguyArchangelSe7en, ..........."cannot save to xorg.conf file" you do not have enough permission, "close", save" dont save"04:06
ArchangelSe7enread up linuxguy ^^^04:07
well_laid_lawnsudo kate /path/to/file is all you'll need if you can use sudo04:08
well_laid_lawnor I should say  kdesudo kate04:09
linuxguyArchangelSe7en, yes have ridden that..........i have tried to use kdesudo kate /etc/X11/xorg.conf i can get access to it (the xorg.conf file) but it will not save at all come up with same message I posted earlier04:09
ArchangelSe7enin your case "sudo kate /etc/X11/xorg.conf"04:09
ubottuIn KDE use « kdesudo <program> » (or « kdesu <program> » for Feisty and earlier) to run graphical applications with root privileges when you have to. Never just use "sudo"! | See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to find out why04:09
well_laid_lawnapologies for that slip04:10
well_laid_lawnlinuxguy: in your terminal of choice what does   ls -lh /etc/X11/xorg.conf   return?04:11
linuxguywell_laid_lawn, -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 3.0K 2011-08-05 03:22 /etc/X11/xorg.conf is what i see04:12
well_laid_lawnso with sudo privileges you should be able to edit that file04:13
well_laid_lawntry in a terminal with nano04:13
linuxguymaybe i am not in the sudoers file.........i will have to look into that later as its late here now........5:15AM and Im about to get some sleep.........pls keep posting.........i will be awake soon........its obviously something Ive missed out here :(04:14
well_laid_lawns/nano/sudo nano/04:14
linuxguynite all.........and thanks........I will read the messages latrs :)04:14
well_laid_lawnnot much more anyone could add at this stage...04:15
well_laid_lawnnite :)04:15
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ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».07:20
DarkwingDuckwhat you looking for salvatore?07:21
venkataHello everybody07:26
venkatai have a problem regarding fonts. In system settings i have downloaded few kdm login themes. after that the system font become small and looks like monochrome07:28
venkatai havent changed fonts at all07:28
venkatathe fonts looks very bad. But the font on KMENU is same as before. ( smooth font)07:29
venkataplz help me07:29
DarkwingDuckSo, the themes changed the fonts?07:31
DarkwingDuckhave you checked the system stetting for the font change?07:31
venkatano actually i browsed some theme, when clicked on download button they appear as downloaded. but once i closed the dialog no new themes appear there07:32
venkataafter that the fonts has changed07:32
DarkwingDuckJust login themes?07:33
venkatathis has happened several times before when i played around installing some themes (LOGIN and other) the system fonts looks monochrome07:34
venkatathanks for ur reply07:35
DarkwingDuckHow did you fix it last time?07:36
DarkwingDuckI'm trying to re-create it on my system...07:36
venkatano i couldnt i have re installed Kubuntu07:36
well_laid_lawntry changing the font in system settings07:37
venkatano presently 10.1007:37
venkatacan i send a screenshot07:37
venkatai am new to IRC07:38
venkatahow could i ? i am on quassel07:38
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:39
well_laid_lawn To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add07:39
venkataok thanks07:39
* DarkwingDuck uses imm.io but, imagebin works :D07:40
DarkwingDuckI should get some sleep...07:40
venkatahi i have uploaded the screen shot at the above url07:41
venkataplz have look if u can07:41
DarkwingDuckWhat fonts are messed up?07:42
venkataall system ones .. like07:42
venkataall applications07:42
venkatau could see in the screen shot the font difference between Kmenu font and others07:43
venkataAny idea plz ?07:47
DarkwingDuckI can't recreate the issue... Have you tried changing the system fonts in system settings?07:48
Boomboyvenkata: Did you try uninstalling the themes you downloaded?07:49
venkataactually no themes were downloaded  into system. when i clicked install , in the theme browse dialog, that themes were appeared as installed07:50
venkataafter closing the dialog there are no themes in the list07:50
Boomboyyes I know.. I remember something like that happening07:50
venkataonly default theme there07:51
venkataany workaround for the issue07:52
Boomboyvenkata: system settings ->application appreance07:54
Boomboyand then try changing the fonts07:55
venkataplz have a look at my current font setting in the following image07:55
venkatasorry for late response. my net speed is very slow07:57
DarkwingDuckDoes it change if you click the "defaults" button?07:58
Boomboyyes try default07:58
Boomboyeven I have the same settings...heh07:58
venkataya i havent changed the font settings infact.07:58
venkataok let me try with fonts07:58
DarkwingDuckOkay, 4am, time for sleep. Good luck venkata07:59
DarkwingDuckSorry I couldn't help more. :/08:00
venkatahave a sound sleep08:00
venkatathanks all for ur response08:00
DarkwingDuckEh, My kids will prolly get me up in about 3 hours.08:00
venkatahahha :)08:00
venkatathanks.. when i clicked on defaults.. all fonts have changed from ubuntu font to Sans Serif08:08
venkatathis time the font size has been increased08:08
venkatabut the new font has rough edges still08:08
Boomboyah :)08:08
venkatanot as smooth as when installed kubuntu08:09
venkatau could see the diff before and after the change in this chat box itself08:09
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onebitxajaxhi to all09:23
onebitxajaxhouston we have a problem09:23
onebitxajaxi installeed the kubuntu 11.4 using the 4gb dvd09:24
onebitxajaxi am using 2 monitor 1 is my mobile the other is an lcd monitor09:24
onebitxajaxeverytime i boot i can't see the windows openede but if i use alt+tab i see there there is windows09:25
onebitxajaxbut after i choose one it disappear and the only think i see is the walpaper09:25
onebitxajaxin the second monitor it's like kwin and plasma-desktop not running09:26
onebitxajaxso i can open dolphin but there isn't the  close button09:26
onebitxajaxcan someone hellp me?09:26
GirlyGirlHunni: Hi09:53
Hunnigirlygirl Where is everybody09:55
GirlyGirlHunni: I did something to them hahaha ... and you are next on my list09:56
Hunniwhat makes u think your not oon my list hahaha09:57
HunniHelloooo everyone that joined in09:58
HunniGirlyGirl  Cat got ur tongue09:59
GirlyGirlHunni: We shall see10:00
well_laid_lawnfind another channel please10:00
HunniGirlyGirl Whats Wrong Hunni, U can talk to me! there is not need for that! if something is bothering u talk to me10:02
GirlyGirlHunni: ok #kubuntu-offtopic for such10:03
HunniEVeryone b careful GirlGirl Apperently does something to some of us hahahaa10:04
HunniSo GirlyGirl where are U from then10:04
onebitxajaxhow can i use double monitor?10:05
onebitxajaxi now deleted the .kde10:05
onebitxajaxone monitor have kde ok the other don't have enithing10:05
onebitxajaxhow can i set it to run kde?10:05
onebitxajaxon the second monitor there is only the wallpaper10:05
onebitxajaxand mouse of course :)10:05
onebitxajaxon right click i can add widgets and other thing but it's like kwin and plasma-desktop is not tunning on second monitor10:05
onebitxajaxcan someone help me?10:05
FloodBotK1onebitxajax: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:05
onebitxajaxat where it stop?10:06
tsimpsononebitxajax: what do you mean? you said it has a wallpaper and you can add widgets, so KDE is running fine10:07
onebitxajaxtsimpson: no10:08
onebitxajaxtsimpson: because there isn't the pannel10:08
tsimpsonso add one10:08
onebitxajaxtsimpson: if i add one and open a dolphin it open it without the close buttone10:08
onebitxajaxwithoute the composite10:08
onebitxajaxnow if i open something on monitor 1 it appear on monitor 210:09
onebitxajaxthere is something wrong with configuration of 2 monitor10:09
Hunnionebitxajax Sorry i cant help u  :(10:09
onebitxajaxHunni: nope10:10
tsimpsonI have 2 monitors, works fine10:10
onebitxajaxhow tou configure them?10:10
tsimpsonfrom System Settings10:10
tsimpsonSystem Settings -> Display and Monitor10:10
Hunnionebitxajax what do u mean Nope10:12
onebitxajaxtsimpson: i see ongly 1 monitor in system setting but on nvidia there is 210:12
onebitxajaxHunni: :P10:12
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HunniAnyway Nevermind was just being Nice10:13
onebitxajaxHunni: ghghghg10:13
Hunniloool Who im i Kiddin being Nice loooool10:14
onebitxajaxokk rebbot10:14
onebitxajaxi will reboot and try to reinstall all system10:14
Hunniso where u fromm then? nd are u M\F10:15
tsimpsononebitxajax: you probably need nvidia-settings to configure the nvidia graphics I guess10:15
tsimpsonHunni: #kubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter, #kubuntu is for support only10:16
HunniTsimpson well done that is correct10:16
tsimpsonHunni: if you know it's correct, then you'll stop the offtopic chat in here10:17
HunniAnd ur point is?!!!!!10:18
Hunniu just jeolous that im not talking 2u10:19
GirlyGirlHunni: to join #kubuntu-offtopic unless you have a support request10:19
onebitxajaxwhen asking to install the third party software10:22
onebitxajaxwhat kind of software it will install?10:22
onebitxajax(in the installation procedure)10:22
xcvhello everybody10:25
xcvi was configuring the plasma dashboard and i remembered that in opensuse i was able to set a hot corner fot it, but now in kubuntu i can't... is it possible anyways?10:27
tsimpsonxcv: it's in System Settings, either under Workspace or Window Behaviour (I think)10:34
xcvtsimpson: okay, i see it now, it was translated into panel, thank you10:42
naseemwhy there is no major change in kde???10:59
dnivranaseem: I believe KDE 4.7 is out? isn't that major enough?(and this wouldn't be the right place to ask this question IMO)11:00
naseemI'm new here...what is the question of disscussion here??11:02
dnivrabefore I redirect you, are you asking why there is no major change in KDE or KDE in ubuntu?11:02
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naseemCannot ping nokia n900 with kde network manger!!!!!!!11:09
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ImekHey guys, I'm trying to get the enable/disable shortcut on my ASUS 1215n to work via synaptiks12:09
ImekBut when I try to bind it via the KDE settings, it says the key is not supported by Qt.. anyone know of a way around this?12:10
ImekIt's an Fn+F9 shortcut12:10
Peace-Imek: mmm12:16
linuxguyHi........I am trying to edit my xorg.conf file to get a better resolution than the basic 1024x768 res.........ive followed other instructions earlier, but they didnnt work well........im using kubuntu 11.04/kde 4.7 and a nvidia 9500gt card.... i have better resolutions with other distros12:21
Peace-linuxguy: mm have you installed proprietary driver ?12:24
linuxguyPeace-, i used the aditional drivers from kubuntu12:25
Peace-linuxguy: i guess , i am not sure but i think to remember you have to do sudo nvidia-settings12:25
Peace-something like that12:25
Peace-maybe from that panel o that application you can set better your stuff12:26
Peace-i have intel12:26
linuxguyPeace-, there was an experimental driver........but it didnt say what it was.........i think I have the awful nouveau driver :(12:27
Peace-linuxguy: have you seen the wiki ?12:28
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto12:28
linuxguyPeace-, aahh something interesting here.......ive just clicked on hardare drivers.....it says i have the 3D driver activated.......but also says its not in use.......maybe now i need to blacklist the nouveau driver?12:30
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pranavrcThe 'Enable Wireless' option in the network manager isn't highlighted..I'm not able to enable it, can someone assist?12:52
=== sayakb_away is now known as sayakb
dnivrapranavrc: do you have a separate switch that turn the wireless on?12:55
pranavrcI do, but that button never works in Kubuntu, I used to enable wireless through the network manager.12:56
Peace-pranavrc: have you used suspend ?12:58
Peace-or supend to ram ?12:58
tonymcanyone here experienced with packaging? there's no one alive on #ubuntu-packaging, and i have a question12:58
Peace-tonymc: i know something but something is something = not atos12:59
tonymcwell i just need some advice with versioning13:00
tonymci'm making a PPA, and the program is new so is not present in either Debian or Ubuntu repos13:00
tonymci've read launchpad help but it assumes that the user is making an update of existing package13:01
tonymcso how do i version it? upstream version is 0.5.1, do i put it as 0.5.1-0ppa1 or what?13:01
tonymcdput complains about orig.tar.gz not being "needed" so i assume i am doing it wrong13:02
Peace-have you made the file control ?13:02
tonymci've made everything13:02
Peace-i guess you have to upload the folder13:03
Peace-lauchpad will compile and create the package13:03
Peace-if you did everything well13:03
tonymcit's there on the build queue right now13:04
Peace-i guess the name is specified on the control file13:05
tonymci know the name is specified in the control, what i am asking is what is the proper way to actually assign a version number13:05
Peace-so when you have written that you have done everything you need in oder to compile it on lauchpad13:05
Peace-**^i guess**^13:05
tonymci mean, should i name it 0.5.1-0ppa1, or 0.5.1-ppa1 or something else13:06
Peace-the important thing is 0.5.113:06
dnivratonymc: maybe #ubuntu-motu could help?13:06
Peace-maybe then you can add yournamerepository13:06
Peace-ppa1 mean the first version of the package13:06
tonymci'll ask there thanks13:08
Peace-tonymc: 6.0~b5+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu113:08
Peace-something like that13:09
tonymci think that's for packages already present in ubuntu repo, no?13:09
tonymcor changed to ubuntu from debian13:10
Peace-tonymc:  look  at this 0.8.0-0ubuntu0~sunab~lucid113:12
Peace-that it was fo kdenlive ppa made by kdenlive team13:12
tonymcwhat does sunab stand for?13:13
Peace-tonymc: it's the name of the user13:13
Peace-tonymc: https://launchpad.net/~sunab/+archive/kdenlive-release13:13
ThePubwhat is this "New Activity" thing on the side of the desktop?13:24
ThePubdesktop seems to be as performant as the classic ubuntu desktop, even after turning off effects.  disappointing :(13:28
James147ThePub: in kde activities are a way of grouping tasks (atm they can hold different applciation, widgets and wallpapers) much like virtual desktop do except they can be stoped and started... also there are plans to extend their functionality to expose features to applcations13:30
James147(so that they can react differently depending on what activity they are on)13:30
ThePubstrange.  will have to find a way to turn that off.  annoying with it sitting there.13:36
ThePubnow if I could just get the desktop to react like regular ubuntu (fast), would be a happy camper :)13:37
tonymcno one forcing you to use activities, but the feature can't be turned off the same way you can't really turn off virtual desktops13:41
James147but you can remove the widget ^^13:42
James147(and delete any extra activities)13:42
James147^^ try turning off nepomuks indexer and see if that helps with performance13:42
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ThePubwhen I moved the bar to the top, next thing I knew there was an additional tab along the side of the desktop which says "New Activity".  Not being a KDE user I have zero clue how it got there.  Must have clicked something unintentionally, the desktop is performing really poorly in comparison to regular Ubuntu.13:45
Peace--ThePub: your language , i mean the first one is english?13:46
Peace--ThePub: http://www.youtube.com/user/gotbletu#p/search/3/RRJJ4tG4lFQ  for activity13:47
DarkriftXcan anyone here think what could be causing my dbus-daemon to start using 99% cpu until killed? this happens almost once a week lately and until I kill it, no other programs will run13:56
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venkataHi all14:44
venkatai have a small problem..my kubuntu has been upgraded from 10.10 to 11.04. Update went fine. But i cant enable desktop effects14:45
venkatathis message frequently : Desktop effects were too slow and have been suspended.14:46
venkataIf this was only a temporary problem, you can resume using the 'Alt+Shift+F12' shortcut.14:46
venkataYou can disable functionality checks in System Settings (on the Advanced tab in Desktop Effects).14:46
BluesKajvenkata, which graphics cards ?14:46
BluesKajcard rather14:46
venkatano proprietary14:46
venkataonly Intel14:46
venkatahow do i know graphics chipset details ? any command14:47
BluesKajlspci | grep video14:47
venkatano output14:48
venkatawith the above command. command simply exists14:48
BluesKajlspci | grep VGA14:48
venkata00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82945G/GZ Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)14:49
BluesKajso no recommended drivers in additonal drivers ?14:50
venkatathat message i didnt get as part of upgrade14:50
venkatawhen 10.10 freshly installed earlier i didnt even get that14:50
venkataon 10.10 desktop effects were fine14:51
venkatawhere i can search in KDE for additional drivers info .. ?14:52
venkatathanks for replies14:52
BluesKajkmenu>apps>system>additional drivers14:52
venkatai found in Kmenu14:52
venkatait came with no proprietary drivers are used in system14:53
BluesKajand no recommended listed?14:53
venkatayes no recommendations14:54
venkatawhen effects enabled .. they are inforce for some time. after that disabling message popping out.14:57
venkatathe desktop cube effect was smoother earlier .. now it is very slow.14:58
BluesKajvenkata, look in your package manager for xserver-xorg-video-intel to see if it's installed14:59
venkatayes installed15:00
venkatahello BluesKaj sorry for interrution15:12
venkataany updates?15:12
BluesKajvenkata, I see in the forums , some have been successful with the ' i915.modeset=0 ',  workaround15:14
BoomboyAll, am trying to decrease brightness for this laptop and am not able to find an option in system settings to do that?15:17
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rbetzenBoomboy, you should be able to find the System Settings > Power Management option.16:09
rbetzenunder Performance there is a brightness option.16:09
BluesKajrbetzen, he left16:10
rbetzenYea, saw that after the fact.16:11
BluesKajinteresting that the option isn't in the display and monitor section , it would make more sense , even tho the power management is part of it's control16:13
BluesKajrbetzen, seems to me display is the first section that comes to mind16:14
rbetzenTrue. I checked there first myself.  I had to look at the whole system settings and ask myself  if anything else could lend itself to the task before I realized I needed to check into power management.16:15
rbetzenIt would be interesting to have a bunch of people sit and do some tasks and see how often they have to hunt things down rather than just naturally go to the right option.16:17
BluesKajit's confusing to new users , i don't understand why these things are setup to be so arcane16:18
Peace--BluesKaj: nvidia card and dual monitor16:19
Peace--BluesKaj: do you know something ?16:19
Peace--i have a user that has some problems16:19
rbetzenI'm thinking that brightness actually fits under both options.  I'm not sure how to fix this one.  Maybe put the brightness control under monitors and reworking PowerDevil to just make the brightness adjustments automatically depending on settings.16:20
BluesKajPeace--, sorry I have no experience with dual monitors16:21
rbetzenNone here either, sorry.16:21
onebitxajaxòhola amigos16:22
BluesKajrbetzen, yes , one would think a simple hidden link would work16:22
AciD__how do you reset/relaunch the sound server, sometime it just freeze then no more output sounds16:29
BluesKajAciD__,  are you sure it isn't the player that's causing the problem ?16:30
AciD__BluesKaj: perhaps it could be the cause of pulseaudio or whatever backend is outputing sounds, but now I'm trying to listen to sounds from different programs, same effect : nothing16:31
AciD__i tried with clementine, juk, kaffeine, vlc..16:31
AciD__I'd hate to reboot for this :o16:31
AciD__is there a service  sound restart cmd I could use ?16:32
AciD__I tried /etc/init.d/pulseaudio restart but it tells me : PulseAudio configured for per-user sessions16:32
BluesKajAciD__, that means you have to at least logout and back in again to restart pulseaudio ...personally i don't use pulseaudio , alsamixer does the job on my setup16:35
AciD__BluesKaj: I use the default kubuntu config, perhaps not even pusleaudio, though it's running "/usr/bin/pulseaudio --start --log-target=syslog"16:36
BluesKajAciD__, just look in system settings>multimedia>phonon16:38
AciD__just got the sound back after going to alsamixer and disabling auto-mute16:39
BluesKajcheck what audio playback device is in use16:39
AciD__not sure why this changed something16:39
AciD__BluesKaj: gstreamer, got only this backend16:39
BluesKajgstreamer is ok , but since vlc is my media player , I use the vlc phonon plugin16:40
AciD__to be exact, I disabled auto-mute, then tried to output sounds with mpg12316:40
AciD__I didn't know there was a phonon backend for vlc16:41
AciD__is it necessary, I mean, I use vlc with kde without problem16:41
BluesKajAciD__, are you on 10.10 ?16:42
AciD__nop, 11.0416:43
AciD__with kde 4.6.216:43
BluesKajodd, alsamixer no longer shows automute here , kde 4.716:45
BluesKajI fail to see why kde 4.7 would delete it16:46
BluesKajor how16:46
subr00tis the TelepathyQt4 preinstalled in Kubuntu 10.10 (KDE 4.5.1) ??16:47
kevin_hello guys i have necounterd with one problem could anyone plaese help me16:47
BluesKajkevin_, just ask your question16:47
kevin_wait a sec16:48
kevin_i will upload the snapshot16:48
kevin_i am getting some question marks in the names of some mp3 files16:50
kevin_and i am not able to copy, cut or rename these files pls help16:51
BluesKajkevin_, check permissions16:51
kevin_pls see this snapshot16:52
kevin_those files have got read write permissions16:53
kevin_i got this error when i tried moving the files using the terminal16:55
kevin_cp: cannot stat `/mnt/sda5/MUSIK/western_classical/Antonio Vivaldi - 12 Concerti for Oboe and Violin op. 7/CD2/Concerto N\3709 en si b\202mol majeur, RV 373 - 08 - II. Grave.mp3': Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character16:55
kevin_any one there?16:55
BluesKajkevin_, what's the destination folder or dir ?...paste the whole command17:01
kevin_kevin@kevin-desktop:~/jdownloader/Antonio Vivaldi - 12 Concerti for Oboe and Violin op. 7$ ls17:02
kevin_kevin@kevin-desktop:~/jdownloader/Antonio Vivaldi - 12 Concerti for Oboe and Violin op. 7$ cp -r CD2 "/mnt/sda5/MUSIK/western_classical/Antonio Vivaldi - 12 Concerti for Oboe and Violin op. 7"17:02
FloodBotK1kevin_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:02
kevin_how to solve this issue17:04
BluesKajkevin_, shouldn't the command be : cp -r CD2 "/mnt/sda5/MUSIK/western_classical/Antonio Vivaldi - 12 Concerti for Oboe and Violin op. 7" :~/jdownloader/Antonio Vivaldi - 12 Concerti for Oboe and Violin op. 7$17:05
kevin_but my partitions are premounted17:07
BluesKajI don't see why you are using the mount command then17:08
BluesKajif you have access to the drive in dolphin >places, whynot just copy and paste17:11
kevin_i tried through the dolphin then too the error is coming!17:11
BluesKajwhat's the CD2 for in the string?17:14
BluesKajkevin_, cp -r /dev/sda5/MUSIK/western_classical/Antonio Vivaldi - 12 Concerti for Oboe and Violin op. 7" :~/jdownloader/Antonio Vivaldi - 12 Concerti for Oboe and Violin op. 7$17:17
kevin_the source directory17:18
BluesKajthe source dir should be listed after the device you are copying from17:19
BluesKajin the string , afaik17:20
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kevin_i tried renaming those files but those file are not getting renamed it shows error that those files do not exits17:23
=== Guest53449 is now known as dequire
BluesKajkevin_, you may be dealing with copy protection17:25
kevin_oh i see17:26
kevin_anyways to remove that17:30
BluesKajkevin_, install libdvdcss217:37
tobagoi use vim on an kubuntu machine. when i yank some lines in the visual mode, close the file, open another file and try to paste the stuff, the register is empty. what's going wrong?17:37
BluesKajtobago, yank some lines in the visual mode?17:41
BluesKajtobago, why not leave the vim open while copying and pasting the line .17:42
tonymcwhy not just use a graphical editor with proper clipboard support?17:43
ubottusvn is Subversion: an open-source revision control system, which aims to be a compelling replacement for CVS. See http://subversion.tigris.org/17:56
bocmanwass up18:02
bocmanhello people18:02
bocmansome one  spaeks russian18:02
bocmansome one18:03
BluesKaj!ru | bocman18:10
ubottubocman: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke18:10
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raevindoes anyone know if a user's home directory has to exist for them to log in via ssh?  I set up a dummy account for proxy access via ssh, and was forced to create a homedirectory using useradd, and deleted it from /etc/passwd18:42
raevinnvm, found out my own answer, which is no lol19:04
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CoJaBoHow do I get GIMP to do... anything at all but segfault? Running Kubuntu 11.04.20:24
CoJaBoinstalling from apt-get install gimp20:24
Omnehhi there, I have a new laptop, I just installed 11.04, it's a tablet and it has a wacom integrated as a touchscreen, but xsetwacom --list doesn't pick anything up20:34
Omnehany ideas?20:35
CoJaBo..appearently the GIMP issue is a Kubuntu bug (defaulting to GTK+ theme Oxygen thats horribly broken)- where do I report it?21:00
Alexia_DeathLaunchpad probably. But just for people here, if somebody comes complaining about non-working gimp - Tell them to change the GTK theme.21:02
CoJaBolol indeed o_o- never used launchpad before tho..21:02
ubuntuciao a tutti21:15
bazhang!it | ubuntu21:16
ubottuubuntu: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)21:16
bazhang /join #ubuntu-it21:19
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xcvI am looking for a package manager GUI similar to YaST2 but i can't find anyone as complete as it. Do you know about anyone?23:03
xcvHello?? I am looking for a package manager GUI similar to YaST2 but i can't find anyone as complete as it. Do you know about anyone23:18
szalxcv: YaST is much more than a package manager23:29
xcvszal: yes, i know, but what i need is just a similar package manager, i feel very comfortable with it23:31
* szal does package management exclusively on the commandline23:32
draikszal: Me too :D23:32
KimLarouxIs there a way to change the order tasks changed upon scroll wheel in the task bar? It's the ONLY place on my desktop where it goes from left to right, Very annoying23:33
xcvszal: so... do you know about a similar package manager for (k)ubuntu?23:34
KimLarouxyeah, lol, I thought of it after.. English isn't my native language ;)23:34
szalxcv: no..  fairly obviously ^^23:34
draikxcv: I didn't get your question, but Kubuntu already comes with one.23:34
draikKimLaroux: I've not heard of that issue. Seems pretty odd that your scroll is 90'd23:35
xcvwhat i'm asking for is a similar package manager GUI to yast in (k)ubuntu because i feel much more comfortable with it than with kpackagekit, software center or synaptic23:36
KimLarouxhttps://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=228886 it's this bug. I run KDE 4.4.5. The bug report is said to be fixed, I suppose the ones running newer version can confirm this?23:39
ubottuKDE bug 228886 in widget-taskbar "Mouse wheel over task manager switches windows in wrong order" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]23:39
draikSorry, I cannot replicate23:41
xcvthe wheel on the taskbar works fine for me ( kubuntu-desktop in natty, kde 4.6.2)23:42
szaldraik: w/ the same KDE version?23:42
szalxcv: obviously, if the bug is marked as fixed ;)23:43
xcvi didn't see that lol23:44
xcvsome package manager?23:44
draikI believe so. How do I check my KDE version?23:51
KimLarouxdraik, I just go to a native KDE app and under Help > About KDE (Amarok, Dolphin, K3b...)23:52

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