faint545http://i51.tinypic.com/2qwzaf8.jpg -- how woould i modify the current theme so that the white area matches with the background?00:11
stlsaintfaint545: try posting to the mailing list00:54
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Pip_oneiric alpha 3 hangs after starting bluetooth at boot, any ideas anyone?10:57
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gnuvinceIs it possible to tell bash to ignore the global bashrc file and consider only my own?13:41
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speckmadeI had this computer here running fine on the native resolution of the TFT monitor that is connected to it (that is 1280*1024) - but now it suddenly recognises the screen as being only capable of up to 856*600 or 800*600. Where does that come from?.. o.O16:22
itsmeagainhello! could someone please tell me how to increase audacious or alsa priority? I installed Lubuntu on an old computer and audacious's audio playback works well only if I run it through nice -10 audacious2. I need to make this permanent. Is there a way to make audio and/or video priority higher?16:31
ubot5'Nice' is a property of a process that determines how willing it is to give CPU time to other processes.  A higher value makes it more likely to give away time.  A negative value makes it less likely. Values are from -19 to 19, with 0 being the default.  For more information, type 'man nice' at a terminal.16:34
itsmeagainphillw, Yes, I know about nice. But I was wondering if there is a way to automate this for a non-root account. I want to make audacious start with a nice lvl of -10 without asking for password. It's for my mom, so she doesn't have to enter a password every time she wants to listen to audio without hiccups.16:37
phillwitsmeagain: maybe a start up script? - let me go have a dig whilst the devs are sleeping in their dungeon... speckmade I'll have a look for you on resolution, I *think* we may have to revert to good old x-config if your monitor is not being detected.16:39
phillwitsmeagain: I've asked the 'gods' about it, we are held in queue :)16:46
jmarsdenitsmeagain: I'd set up your/her shortcut to run sudo nice -10 audacious   and then edit /etc/sudoers to allow her user to run that command with no password16:46
itsmeagainphillw, jmarsden thanks! I will try that!16:49
phillwjmarsden: do you want ibu in to explain (17:45:29) phillw: hiyas ibuclaw, is there a way to invoke nice for a program on boot up, instead of having to manually set it each time?16:51
phillw(17:49:16) ibuclaw: phillw, /etc/init16:51
phillw(17:50:12) ibuclaw: /etc/rc.local is called when switching to runlevel 2,3,4,516:51
phillwor are you in your comfort zone?16:51
jmarsdenphillw: I'm comfortable scripting that, but it sounds like itsmeagain has the idea and is off trying it right now anyway :)16:52
jmarsdenWhy "on boot up"?  I though it was "when the program is started" not "has to autostart at boot" ??16:53
phillwjmarsden: cheers, as it was an issue I know little of, I saught help....16:53
phillwjmarsden: while you are here, could you also have a look at speckmade: I had this computer here running fine on the native resolution of the TFT monitor that is connected to it (that is 1280*1024) - but now it suddenly recognises the screen as being only capable of up to 856*600 or 800*600. Where does that come from?.. o.O16:54
phillwI'm just moving our little dragon to a new home :)16:54
itsmeagainjmarsden, phillw this solution is just fine! although, I initially wanted to increase all audio/video priority, but I think that would be harder. Would a real time audio configuration as for -rt kernels help? or is it better using nice?16:55
phillwitsmeagain: myth have a tuned kernel16:55
speckmadephillw: you know - it was detected at first - everything fine then!.. :-/16:56
jmarsdenitsmeagain: That depends partly on what the problem with your audio is (or was)... Using rt is preferable if it helps out on your machine, because then it is in place for all audio not just for one program (audacious).16:56
jmarsdenspeckmade: What changed between when it worked OK, and now?16:56
jmarsdenAh... wife says breakfast is ready... I'll be back later once I have eaten :)16:57
itsmeagainjmarsden, exactly. well, being a 766Mhz 640Mb Ram old thing, browsing chrome would make audio suffer. could this be fixed globally by rt?16:57
itsmeagainps i don't care if my mom waits for an hour to load her homepage as long as the background music doesn't suffer.16:58
jmarsdenitsmeagain: I'd say RT it is worth trying, but no guarantees how well it will work for you.  Try it and see.17:14
itsmeagainjmarsden, thanks. I will.17:15
IAmNotThatGuyitsmeagain, IAmNotThatGuy :D17:17
jmarsdenI was thinking of doing /nick IAmTheOtherGuy  :)17:17
IAmNotThatGuylol :P17:18
hosoka_hello, is there anyone who can advise me how to play streaming media via Chromium using the Gnome Mplayer ?17:51
Pisagorwhen i try to open some link in folder (for instance, when i click on browse c: drive on wine menu) my lubuntu doesn't really open it in a file browser like pcman or nautilus. It does open it in web browser17:53
jmarsdenPisagor: Which version of Lubuntu are you running?  This is a bug in one of the xdg utilities that has been fixed recently, I think.18:08
Pisagori think i am using the recent version18:09
Pisagori am not sure, i have downloaded it aproximately 1 month before18:09
jmarsdenPisagor: Open a terminal, and tell me what     lsb_release -d    outputs18:10
Pisagorubuntu 11.0418:10
Pisagorit says18:11
jmarsdenOK, fine.18:11
Pisagoram i hopeless ?18:11
jmarsdenCan you cause the problem without using Wine?  (I am running Lubuntu in a virtual machine and do not want to install wine to test it)18:11
Pisagorhow can i test the same problem without using Wine ?18:11
jmarsdenNo, first I need to duplicate the problem, then I can hopefully find a way to fix it for you...18:12
jmarsdenWell, if you open folders in pcmanfm do they always open OK?18:12
Pisagoryes they do18:12
jmarsdenah.  If this is Wine-specific, it is not the problem I was thinking of.18:12
Pisagorwhen i start browsing in my hdd with pcmanfm or nautilus - it never leads to somewhere wrong18:12
jmarsdenOK.  I suggest you open a bug report in Launchpad and describe exactly how to duplicate the problem, step by step.  Then hopefully someone (maybe even me) can look at it.18:13
itsmeagainjmarsden, could you please tell me why audacious2 works at high priority if I run "sudo nice -10 audacious2" from a terminal, but works the same crappy way if I changed the shortcut to run the same command.18:53
jmarsdenitsmeagain: I'm not sure... if you run it from the .desktop file and then use top to look at the process, is it actually running with the raised priority you expect?18:54
itsmeagainjmarsden, if ran from .desktop it has 20 in top, while if ran from terminal it has 30.18:57
jmarsdenSo it didn't really do the nice -10, it seems.  Are you sure you are running it from the changed .desktop file and that you changed the right part of the .desktop file??18:58
itsmeagain/usr/share/applications/audacious.desktop   and changed the Exec= part19:00
itsmeagainjmarsden, oh, sorry, the values were jumping around. both times they are 30, BUT when ran from .desktop it breaks audio if I do anything else. When ran from lxterminal, it keeps playing flawlessly no matter what I do.19:03
jmarsdenThat doesn't seem to make sense, but OK... time to try using an RT kernel instead, perhaps :)  I can help increase audacious priority... seems like that is working... why it sometimes stutters your audio is a different thing :)19:06
itsmeagainI just don't get why when ran from terminal, leaving the terminal window open, it works perfectly.19:08
stlsaintjmarsden: fail again on lubuntu A319:16
stlsaintjmarsden: had to redownload for third time, am trying now19:17
jmarsdenitsmeagain: I can't explain what you are seeing, but you are running in a different environment when running from shell as opposed to a .desktop file.  from the shell you have already run your .bashrc and so on, so tyour set of environment variables is different, for instance.19:18
jmarsdenitsmeagain: WHy that matters to audacious2 is... a different question.19:18
jmarsdenstlsaint: It "just works" here for me.  Did you verify the md5sum of the downloaded ISO?19:19
itsmeagainjmarsden, thanks for the help. have a nice day/evening/morning! :)19:19
AlgotJust downloaded lubuntu for testing on old laptops. Noted that the heading link at the top of right nav at lubuntu.net is broken. Link in paragraph does work.19:20
jmarsdenAlgot: I know... I tried changing it and the CMS for lubuntu.net doesn't want to keep my change to that link... I don't know why!19:21
jmarsdenAlgot: BTW the standard place to go for Lubuntu is https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/GetLubuntu  see the /topic of this channel19:22
stlsaintjmarsden: i checked first one but not last one19:24
jmarsdenstlsaint: It's usually quicker to check an md5sum than to redownload a 700+ MByte file :)19:25
stlsaintyea yea19:25
phillwjmarsden: I did really try to update lubuntu.net, but even with help, I have not managed to alter the link :(20:11
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ma5t3rw1ttI have a quick question that could possibly be answered rather quickly. I have searched on how you restart X. Lubuntu is not letting me restart X with the CTRL+ATL+BACKSPACE, is there something I need to change?21:56
jmarsdenma5t3rw1tt: Yes but you didn't stay around long enough for me to find it for you ...22:23
KM0201jmarsden: do ynou know how i would make a shortcut to my NAS on my desktop?22:32
phillwjmarsden: some we win, some just wander off.... very annoying :)22:33
jmarsdenKM0201: Not off the top of my head, but it shouldn't be hard.  You want a shortcut to a mounted filesystem, I assume.  So (once the filesystem is mounted) you just need a shortcut to /media/mynasfilesystem/ (or wheterever it was that you mounted it).  Right?22:34
KM0201but i can't figure out how to make a shortcut.22:35
jmarsdenI don't use them, but I think that would be a .desktop file that opens pcmanfm on the relevant directory... let me play a bit...22:36
KM0201jmarsden: hmm.22:37
jmarsdenYes, if you run   pcmanfm /media/mynasfilesystem      it opens pcmanfm at that directory... so just create a mynasfilesystem.desktop file that does that.22:38
jmarsdenIt's easier to just use a bookmark inside pcmanfm, but that assumes you know to open pcmanfm first :)22:38
KM0201well lol, yeah i know how to use pcmanfm22:39
KM0201lemme try that22:40
jmarsdenKM0201: So open pcmanfm, navigate to the relevant place and click Bookmark and then Add ... job done :)22:41
KM0201well crap, nw my nas drive isn;t wanting to mount22:46
Numni got a problem with the mouse thing their you edit the speed of the mouse23:32

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