guest-I271GZgreetings here, i came back00:00
BUGabundoanyone ever had problems with recorded or broadcasted sound (voice) being so high chip, that sounds like you are speaking VERY fast?00:32
BUGabundotrying to upgrade to trunk build of PA to see if it improves00:32
BUGabundo  Installed: 1:0.9.23-0ubuntu200:33
BUGabundo  Candidate: 1:0.98-dev~gitmaster201108050634-0ubuntu374~oneiric100:33
BUGabundonautilus crashes *everytime* I right click to delete in the tree view00:51
BUGabundoapport overs to send the bug: complete report 135MBs. *small* report 87MBs :P00:52
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alex_mayorgaHas Canonical bought this for Ubuntu yet http://www.synaptics.com/solutions/technology/gestures/touchpad-linux ?07:16
alex_mayorgaCan a user get it somehow?07:16
alex_mayorgamy OEM, Sony, couldn't care less for Linux support, so I'm pretty much on my own here :(07:17
hakermaniaWhat should we use instead xdg-open in oneiric?08:43
epifaniohi all09:14
epifaniohaving  problems with unity on 11.10 on a mac book pro 2.2 using the mac iso image ... i fixed the battery check problem with your help, thanks!09:14
epifanionow when i log in i have nautilus on top of unity that is not running, while if i log in in the recovery mode and then i log in as user and run : startx .. all works fine09:14
epifaniohave you any hints about?09:14
epifanioon the ubuntu wiki i was looking for the macbook pro hints .. but for my model 2.2 there are no hint for the 11.x release09:17
epifanioi'm open to any kind of test .. i can be your guinea pig on a macbook pro 2.2. if this can help :-/09:17
epifanioi'm sending all the report every time i had a crash, i tried to do :   unity --replace too but doesn't fix the problem. for now the only way i have to run it is :  log in root shell + netw. -> sudo su username -> startx09:24
epifaniowhile if i log on using a normal boot .. nautilus is on top, unity doesn't start (i've no access to app settings etc ...) the same problem happen if i try to log in a gnome session09:25
epifaniowhile ubuntu2d is half working, unit 2d give me only one active desktop, and when i try to switch from one app to an other one it give me problem in the  application menu on the top bar09:26
epifanioany clue on how to reset the user unity configuration and settings ?09:29
epifaniomaybe is an user setting problem .. but no clue about09:30
epifaniomaybe removing hidden files from the user home ?09:30
robin0800epifanio, gnome won't work I think until you install gnome shell but at present that wont start on mine09:30
epifaniorobin0800: i like unity  .. i'd like to use it as i'm doing .. but the procedure i'm doing to have it working is weird and not optimal09:33
epifanioso it's normal that gnome doesn't work .. ok09:33
hakermaniaepifanio, you are unlucky with your ubuntu installation and that's sad. You could try with a normal Desktop PC/laptop with a clear install09:36
epifanionautilus   is starting  on the top masking unity  .. in the menubar on top no way to close it . if i open the terminal running it from nautilus /usr/bin/..  i tried to kill its pid .. but then i've an empty desktop .. no unity no windoew manager09:38
epifaniohakermania: i'm used to soffer .. but i've only this laptop. 11.04 doesn't boot on macbookpro09:38
epifanioi've it running on my desktop09:39
epifaniothe only distro that actually boot on a macbookpro is 11.10 (debian too failed .. as 11.04 ... the install cd ask me at boot :  selecd cd room boot type ... and froze there09:39
epifanioi used the mac iso image for 11.1009:40
epifaniothe problem with the installation was beacouse i chose the 64bit distro .. i guess09:41
hakermaniaepifanio, this is ridiculous, 11.10 is in testing stage, yet09:42
epifaniohakermania:   yes, i know .. what is ridicolpus is that the stable 11.04 .. doesn't boot09:43
hakermaniaepifanio, 11.04 isn't stable, 12.04 will be09:43
epifaniouh .. so there are 2 unstable ?09:43
epifaniook ...09:43
hakermaniaepifanio, 11.04 is one of the most unstable versions ever, for stability you could use 10.0409:43
epifaniothis means i have to come back to 10.0409:44
hakermaniaepifanio, yes, till 12.04 release which is meant to be stable and will be possibly work to you, if everything else fails09:44
epifanio.. odd .. beacouse 11.10  was working fine .. i don't know if using it and send report is of any help for the dev team09:44
epifaniois it ?09:44
hakermaniaepifanio, I assume so09:48
hakermaniaepifanio, the weird thing is that 11.10 is not official yet and it's working to you while the official releases don't :P09:48
epifanioyes, this is what i means .. but it's true i had to choose the  mac.iso to have it running .. and this problem affect all the latest distros09:50
dupondje11.10 is alpha09:50
epifanioi know09:50
dupondjebut just runs quite fine :)09:50
dupondjerunning it since pre alpha 1, and only had 1 issue where my gnome didn't boot09:51
epifanioit has all working here .. except for the weird way i have to do to have the window manager runnig09:51
dupondjeelse only smqll issues MP09:51
robin0800has any one got gnome shell to work?09:51
dupondjebut on 11.1009:52
epifaniocan i try gnome shell maybe ?09:52
dupondjegnome-shell > unity09:52
dupondjebut thats my opinion /D09:53
robin0800dupondje, did it just work for you? because it won't start for me09:53
dupondjerobin0800: on 11.10 ?09:54
robin0800dupondje, yes alpha 309:55
epifaniothis what i had09:55
dupondjeit works fine here09:55
dupondjeOnly needed to install an additional package to make my gtk apps look good :P09:55
dupondjebut that is fixed now i think09:55
epifaniodid you installed it from repository ?09:56
robin0800dupondje, what package?09:56
dupondjegnome-themes-standard or so09:57
dupondjebut its not NEEDED to get gnome3 working09:57
dupondjeit will only look ugly ^^09:57
dupondjewhat error do you get when starting gnome-shell ?09:58
robin0800dupondje, it might be because I found gnome tweak tool can change unity themes09:58
epifanioi'll try to quit my window manager .. and try to run gnomeshell .. i'll be back .. to make you happy10:00
robin0800dupondje, its not starting I just get the top left menu if I then start it from terminal it wont detach but it then works10:02
dsatheyeah gnome shell or unity do not start on logon10:02
dsatheany solution10:02
dsathefor now i hae to launch them manully10:02
dupondjelightdm ?10:03
robin0800dsathe, unity starts on login here just gnome shell won't10:03
dupondjeusing gdm or lightdm ?10:04
dsatheyep lightdm10:12
dsathealso i would love to have default adwaita10:12
dsathesans ambiance/radiance borders10:12
dsatheis it possible10:12
dupondjeYou can change that in gnome tweak no ?10:13
dupondjehave Adwaita here10:13
robin0800dupondje, gnome shell started this time no idea why though10:13
dsathedupondje: yeah without orange bar on top ?10:15
dsathethat is what i am lookin for10:15
dsatheas in with adwaita windo borders too10:15
dupondjeorange ? :p never seen an orange bar :P10:15
dsathelemme try now10:16
dsathegimme a min10:16
dsathedupondje: no luk now i have a blue titlebar10:18
dsathenot orange10:18
dsathetitlebar is still wierd and messed up , am i lacking anything10:18
dupondjewhat you mean by "messed up"10:20
dsathewaitup ill show u a screenshot10:22
dsathegimme 2 min10:22
Dimmuxxdsathe: be happy that you can login to gnome-shell at all, If I select GNOME it starts unity10:22
Dimmuxxand to get the proper shell look you need to remove a package or had to that before at least. Have you logged off and on again after changing the theme to adawaita?10:23
Dimmuxxbecause it is the ugly blue title bar until you do that, a gnome-shell restart might do the trick too10:24
dsathesame here10:25
dsathei have terminal extension in nautilus10:26
dsatheuse that fire up a terminal10:26
dsatheand fire up gnome shell10:26
dsatheoh i dint try a logoff and login10:26
dsathebrb lemme try , dupondje Dimmuxx plz hang on brb10:27
dsathelogout did it10:30
Dimmuxxseems the login bug is fixed too10:31
ubottuUbuntu bug 821477 in gnome-session (Ubuntu) "gnome-session update breaks login to gnome-shell" [Undecided,Fix released]10:31
dupondjeIt seems like you are missing gnome-themes-standard ? :)10:31
dsatheyeah did it fixed10:31
dsathenow the dirty bar from unity is still lurking behind the shell10:32
dsathegets confusing10:32
dsathecan it be hidden or removed ?10:32
Dimmuxxget the new version of gnome-session and you will be able to login to gnome-shell properly10:33
dsatheupdating sources10:33
Dimmuxxany of you guys experience an issue that the screen never goes to sleep?10:34
dsatheany fix for gnome shell command not found ?10:34
dsatheon  alt+f210:34
DimmuxxI have to force it so sleep with xset dpms force off10:34
dsathesleep all well here10:34
dsathethere is an issue in unity tho10:34
dsatheif i close my laptop lid it beeps and fails to suspend10:34
dsathebut if i click suspend10:34
dsatheit does10:35
Dimmuxxthat's the fun part about running alpha software :P10:35
dsathehaha moved really late this time10:36
DimmuxxI have no choice though on my new sandy bridge laptop since 11.04 locks up all the time on it10:36
dsatheelse its post UDSO10:36
DimmuxxI'm still running 10.10 on this computer10:36
dsathei did not want to move to oneric was forced to it by a crash10:36
dsathetook me 7 hrs to get back in a state of work for my GSoC proj,10:37
dsathebut ok at least crash forced me to moove , 3 ppa and u end up with a broken system too messed up to fix10:37
dsatheone more last glitch10:38
dsathewhat proxy does empathy obey10:38
dsathei rember in natty it still used gconf10:38
dsatheis it now on dconf , ie gnome 3 system settings ?10:38
dsathecoz it aint working10:39
dsatheno rebooted , with ne session10:48
dsatheany solution to gnome shell command not found10:48
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hvis it possible to change the shortcut key for the launcher?14:18
coz_hv,  if it is the same in 11.04  look in ccsm  under Ubuntu unity plugin14:19
tensorpuddingin theory, if you configure the unity plugin14:20
tensorpuddingi've not had luck changing all the options there14:20
dr_willisI notced the other day that altering the settings via ccsm got ignored..14:20
dr_willisalso notice that every so often all the unity settings got replaced back to defaults.14:20
hvthey are using gsettings for such settings, don't they?14:20
coz_hv,  it should be handles by compiz14:20
dr_willisI think so hv.14:20
coz_mmm darn it,, I wanted to wait awhile until I installed 11.1014:21
dr_willisI think a command like this  resets compiz (and unity settings) back to defaults --> gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/compiz-114:21
tensorpuddingi thought compiz still used gconf14:21
coz_tensorpudding,  if it is using the gconf backend14:22
hvcoz_: me too. just couldn't resist, and fell into the trap!14:22
coz_tensorpudding,  if it using the flatfile  then no14:22
tensorpuddinggsettings isn't gconf14:22
dr_willisNot sure how gsettings differs from gconf then.14:22
coz_hv,  that i understand :)14:22
dr_willistoo many similer sounding things..14:22
coz_gconf    gsettings    gooo   what's the difference :)14:23
coz_hv,    reset compiz to defaults..under Preferences14:23
dr_willisi cant get my nvidia drivers working.. yet again. :) but those novea drivers seem to be at least functional now for me..14:23
coz_hv,   then log off and log back on  ,, reset  the unity plugin to see if it now works14:24
hvso, which one should I use for changing the launcher settings? gsettings or gconftool?14:24
coz_dr_willis,  that's sort of good to know,, I k now nouveau was working remarkably well on fedora + compiz.. there is that one bug,, not sure if it has been fixed,, graphics mem gets filled and all slows to a crawls14:25
dr_williscoz_,  i cant play 3d games. but the desktop is 'useable' - i do see a lot of graphic 'glitzes' like when menus first appear. the space is filled with random colors, then overdrawn and so forth. and title bar flickers and other quirks..14:25
coz_dr_willis,  yeah I have seen this also ,,, nouveau isnt really ready  in my opinion but it sort of works :(14:26
dr_willisYou could say the same thing about COmpiz. :)14:26
coz_hv,  i would start with the reset to defaults first14:26
hvcoz_: thanks. let me see ...14:27
coz_dr_willis,   :)  yeah  but it is getting there at least with Unity14:27
hvbtw is gnome-terminal noticably slow, under ubuntu-2d session?14:27
coz_hv,  if all else fails,, go to #compiz-dev and speak with sam,,, smspillaz14:27
coz_hv,  also the  #ayatana  channel,, they may have screwed up sams  stuff  not sure14:27
hvcoz_: sure, thanks.14:28
coz_hv,  but of course the reality is ,, 11.10 is not ready :)14:32
hveven when it is ready, I would still want to change that shortcut key ;)14:32
hva lot of others.14:33
coz_by the way guys,, is there a classic mode in 11.10?14:33
coz_or fallback mode14:33
hvcoz_: you can install gnome-panel which also installs the classic fall back mode14:33
coz_hv,  ah  is gnome3  available I would assume ...yes?14:34
hvyes the Gnome session that shows in the lightdm list is actually Gnome314:34
coz_ok I can live with gnome3  on fallback mode14:34
dr_willisI cant even get gnome-3 /gnomeshell to startup at all.14:50
coz_I am definitly waiting to install then :)14:51
dr_willistheres no classic gnome in 11.10. i imagine you can confoigure gnome-3/shell to look like it.14:51
dr_willisgnome2 is dead.. deal with it. :)14:51
coz_dr_willis,  fallback mode in gnome3 is not bad at all14:51
dr_willisnot used gnome-3 enough to even know what that is.  tested it once ages ago on a live cd.14:52
coz_runs compiz well however,, because gnome3 no longer uses  "desktop windows'  some plugins wont work unless the wallpaper plugin is enabled..aka   transparent cube ,, snow   ,, thihngs like that14:52
coz_dr_willis,  fallback mode disables  gnome-shell,,14:52
dr_willisI was so hopeing compiz was just a fad. and would die out soon. :)14:52
coz_dr_willis,  ooo   blashphemer :)14:53
dr_willisso many useless things....14:53
coz_dr_willis,  so may great work related things as well ...yes?14:53
dr_willisI much perffered that metisse desktop with its eyecandy that worked without needing 3d accell.14:53
coz_group windows... scale  etc14:53
dr_willisMost pople dont even know how to use the groupwindows and other features..  :)  main feature the wife likes is the zoom...14:53
coz_dr_willis,   thats why we are in #compiz... to guide  the useage of the uninitiated :)14:54
dr_willisIm not sure they even know half the time.14:54
tgm4883Was the command line only install option removed from the alternate disk? Or am I just blind?14:54
coz_tgm4883,  I havent tested 11.10 at all so I cant answer that one14:56
tensorpuddingpeople don't need to know what compiz is to use it14:57
trismtgm4883: it is there, you need to make sure to highlight 'Install Ubuntu', then you can hit f4 and enable command line mode14:57
tensorpuddingwithout compiz would be most disappointing14:57
tgm4883trism, ah, that isn't at all intuitive. Thanks that will help alot14:57
trismtgm4883: I agree, took me a while to find it when they changed it a while ago14:58
coz_tensorpudding,  agreed :)14:59
head_victimAm I the only one unable to load gnome shell? I keep getting "failed to load session "gnome"" whenever I try and it just logs me back out when I hit ok.15:07
dr_willisive not gotten it to work yet either,.15:08
dr_williswhat session are you using at the login screen?15:08
robin0800I think adwaita theme in unity is looking really good15:09
head_victimUbuntu and Ubuntu 2d both work fine but I can't get gnome 3 to work.15:09
dr_willislast time i tried 'gnome' it gave me the unity desktop.. but let me try again...15:09
tensorpuddingi can't load gnome-shell either15:09
tensorpuddingthe session starts but none of the shell stuff is visible15:09
head_victimI can't even get it logged in.15:09
head_victimI disabled the virtualbox drivers just in case that was causing something odd but other than that it's all stock15:10
coz_I wonder if   gnome-shell --replace & disown would work15:10
head_victimcoz_: Hang on I'll give it a shot15:10
dr_willis'gnome' session here - just gives an error message.15:11
robin0800dr_willis, checking the x session errors it seems gnome shell chokes at least on radiance not sure about ambience use adwaita  if you can15:11
dr_willis'failed to load sesion "gnome"'15:12
coz_adwaita is the default theme for it15:12
dr_willisI couldent even find where to change themes on this thing the other day...15:12
dr_willison the console right now.15:12
coz_gnome-tweak-tool helps with that15:12
dr_willisthe logout button, fails to go back to lightdm.. it just hangs15:12
robin0800dr_willis, use gnome tweak tool15:13
mrdebhow do you like 111015:14
head_victimI keep getting a clutter error when trying gnome-shell --replace15:14
dr_willismrdeb:  its definatly at alpha state. :)15:14
robin0800mrdeb, love unity with adwaita theme15:14
coz_head_victim,  apparenlty  it is not up to par yet for ubuntu15:14
head_victimcoz_: I'm sure others have reported it running so was just curious to see how well it worked15:15
coz_head_victim,  I have not tried gnome3 on ubuntu as of yet,, works remarkably well on fedora 15 however15:15
dr_willisrunning gnome-tweak-tool on unity desktop.. it seems it cant list the themes for me to sellect one.15:16
coz_dr_willis,  well gnome tweak tool I believe, is specifically for gnome3  ,, I could be wrong15:16
dr_willisunder 'Shell -> shell theme ' --> "Could not list shell extensions"15:16
coz_darn it,, I guess I have to install15:17
dr_williswell i cant get TO gnome-3/gnome shell :)  thats the issue.  trying to change its theme.15:17
coz_oh  sorry15:17
coz_dr_willis,  wasnt keeping up with converstation15:17
robin0800dr_willis, its in interface15:17
dr_willisUnity seems half goofed up for me at this time also.15:18
coz_well.. at alpha 3  I dont expect much to work properly :)15:19
ubottuUbuntu bug 821477 in gnome-session (Ubuntu) "gnome-session update breaks login to gnome-shell" [Undecided,Fix released]15:19
dr_willisI really have to wonder how all this stuff goes from working to broken with the next release.. to be honest with you.15:20
dr_willisbut i guess we should be glad that as much of it works .. as does.15:20
dr_willisUndecided but its been fixed.. :)15:20
coz_dr_willis,  I dont know.. I often ponder the same question15:21
dr_willisIm not sure what Undecided means in that statement.15:21
tensorpuddingthis is the buggiest alpha 3 i've ever used15:21
dr_willisI think that about every 3rd rekease they should just 'lean back' and polish/fix things.. not add new features.. but fix things.. :)15:21
tensorpuddingi've thought about that as well15:21
dr_willisbut theres so much push for 'newer and better'.....15:22
tensorpuddingexcept they should make all the releases between LTS releases "experimental" while focusing LTS releases on fixing bugs15:22
dr_willisMS and Apple do the same thing. only not as fast...15:22
coz_tensorpudding,  I have always viewed in between releases  as  "playtime"  "experimental"15:23
coz_tensorpudding,  seems the best way to not get frustrated :)15:23
dr_willisLTS - experimental -> polish -> next lts...15:23
tensorpuddingmaverick was more stable than lucid15:23
dr_willisbut who wants to stick to lts only. :)15:23
dr_willisHmm. theres no 'custome' 'xsession' entry in lightdm.. or does it only show up if i have a xsession or .xinitrc file?15:24
robin0800dr_willis, did you try alpha 2?15:24
dr_willisrobin0800:  started with A2 a few weeks back.15:24
dr_willisits been a roller coaster up and down.15:24
mrdebwillis are you having trouble with 111015:24
coz_alpha 3  is not a good time to pass judement though15:25
dr_willis mrdeb  seems to hit a low point for now for the week.. most isues ive seen in quite some time.15:25
dr_willis unity is not even logging out correctly. its just hanging.15:25
tensorpuddingnatty never completely gelled15:25
tensorpuddingi'm hoping oneiric does15:25
coz_I wonder if nux is still an issue with unity / nvidia/ etc15:25
robin0800dr_willis, well at the beginning it was more full of bugs than alpha 315:26
coz_one eye ric15:26
dr_williswas going to test gnome-3 but cant even get into that. was going to get to it by a custom .xsession but see no entry for that in lightdm.15:26
tensorpuddingthough natty had the benefit of bringing new stuff15:26
dr_willisrobin0800:  currently nvidia drivers are not working here.. they are installed. but not working.15:26
dr_willisthe Noveau drivers are useable now at least.15:26
mrdebdr, are you using daily build15:27
robin0800dr_willis, Ive seen that but I think jocky lies as they appear to be working as far as I can tell15:27
dr_willisrobin0800:  well they are definatly not working. :) they used to be..  then broke.. then got fixed.. then broke.15:28
dr_willisits a roller coaster. :)15:28
dr_williswhat is the proper command to start a gnome3/gnome-shell session anyway?15:29
coz_now all we need is cotton candy and popcorn15:29
dr_willisElepant Ears! :)15:29
coz_dr_willis,  i think it is still gnome-shell --replace15:29
dr_williscoz_:  making a custome .xinitrc and using startx. so just an 'exec gnome-shell' should start it up eh.15:30
coz_I hope15:30
robin0800dr_willis, not realy fair Ive got that error in 11.04 on the desktop machine not upgraded it yet15:30
dr_willisaha. Gnome-shell dosent like the fact im using the noveau drivers, and dont seem to have a proper glx stuff going.15:31
coz_dr_willis,  thats odd15:32
dr_willis"Xserver apepars to lack the required GLX support"15:32
coz_dr_willis,  if you want to see gnome3 /shell and nouveau work properly...fedora 1515:32
dr_willisunable to initilize clutter15:32
dr_williscoz_:   i think i tried their live cd.. it worked. but was very sluggish on this box.15:33
dr_willisi really need to put my higher end nvidia card back in this box.15:33
coz_yeah for sure :)15:33
dr_willisI took it out because it was a power hungry 8800gtsxxx and loud.15:33
dr_willisand  it took up 2 slots  one i needed. :)15:33
coz_dr_willis,  well it would be interesting to see if it solves some issues ..yes?15:34
dr_willisYea. cleaning up the pc room/desks now.. may do that later.15:34
dr_willisall ive been running on this test box is ZNC and weechat.15:34
coz_cool,, I would actually like to now if it in fact does solve some issues15:35
dr_willislooking at the x logs now..15:36
dr_willis(EE) Failed to load module "nvidia" (module-specific error, 0)15:36
dr_willis(EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)15:36
coz_double oy15:36
dr_willisso what driver am i using.. :)15:36
coz_apparently nouveau15:36
coz_sort of maybe  ,, I dont know15:36
coz_since no more nv  i would assume nouveau..yes?15:37
dr_willisyea. i dont see that mentioned in the logs..15:37
dr_willis[ 10312.795] (II) NOUVEAU(0): [DRI2]   DRI driver: nouveau15:38
dr_willis[ 10312.820] (EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)15:38
dr_willisthis is on a low end nvidia build in to the mb chipset.15:38
dr_willis00:0d.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation C61 [GeForce 6150SE nForce 430] (rev a2)15:38
coz_dr_willis,  what like a 6600  or something?15:39
dr_willismy old old desktop. :)15:39
coz_dr_willis,  I have one with a 6600 onboard15:39
coz_it sort of works15:39
dr_willisYea. i need to get that 8800 down and put in here. ..15:39
coz_for sure :)15:39
yofeldr_willis: did you try to add nomodeset to the kernel options?15:39
dr_willisbut its sitting right near the bed.. and that 8800 is so #*&&! loud.15:40
dr_willisyofel:  used to need that to even get the system to boot. :) havent tried it lately15:40
yofelfor some reasons nouveau gets into the initramfs and blocks the nvidia driver15:40
dr_willisthat makes sence.15:40
coz_I'll have to keep that in  mind15:40
tensorpuddingnautilus is really buggy15:41
yofelso with nomodeset nouveau can't enable KMS and thus should be un-loadable again15:41
yofelat least here nvidia works with it15:41
coz_yofel,  it can be blacklisted ...yes?15:43
coz_or is that just overkill15:43
yofelwell, it *is* blacklisted if the nvidia driver is installed15:43
yofelfor some reason that blacklist is ignored by update-initramfs15:43
coz_yofel,  ah ok understood now15:43
dsathethe ubuntu panel is still visible on starting the gnome shell session15:45
dsathehow do i get rid of it ?15:45
coz_killall gnome-panel   ?15:45
dr_willisthats what i thought.. it should be blacklisted..15:46
dr_williswell made changes.. rebooting15:46
dsatheok got it15:47
dsathenautilus was handeling desktop15:47
dsatheswitched it of15:47
dsathenow all well15:47
dr_williswell nomodset seems to have worked..15:53
dr_willisthe noveau driver was somehow stopping the nvidia driver from loading15:53
penguin42two drivers driving one piece of hardware is normally bad news15:55
coz_dr_willis,  cool thats real good news :)15:55
dr_willisbbl pizza time15:56
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penguin42yofel: Have you found any flashing/flickering in menus on gnome apps running under KDE ?16:15
yofelnot for me, but all I use from the GTK side are firefox and thunderbird16:16
penguin42gnucash's menus are flickering heavily for me16:19
penguin42I'll check it under gnome I guess first16:19
min|dvir|usWeird error with Totem.16:36
min|dvir|us"Error connecting: Connection refused" -- it opens for a split second, then closes.16:37
tensorpuddingtotem crashes for me all the time16:40
tensorpuddingluckily i use vlc16:40
min|dvir|usYeah, lucky for you, but unlucky for all the users who just use the default video player.16:41
tensorpuddingi guess it is alpha 316:41
tensorpuddingit's still terrible16:41
tensorpuddingbut not the worst problem with it16:42
min|dvir|usIt's shaping up nicely. :)16:42
min|dvir|usThe main reason this bothers me is that I am having trouble watching porn.16:42
tensorpuddinguse vlc for video instead16:42
min|dvir|usI like Totem. :)16:43
dr_williswell gnome-shell is now workings.. No idea what makes it so great. but its workings16:59
bullgard6What is the proper way to test GNOME 3 if I want to keep my Natty GNOME 2?17:07
escottbullgard6, there isn't a good way unfortunately. you will want to have a throw-away system. you might try a usb disk17:08
bullgard6escott: Or install Oneiric just as another operating system?17:09
escottbullgard6, yes. the gnome3 ppa can break natty, and once you go oneiric there isn't a good path back17:09
bjsnidergnome 2 and 3 cannot reside side by side17:10
bjsniderthey are mutually exclusive17:10
bullgard6escott: Right. --  How much free space do I need on my hard disk for testing Oneiric?17:11
bjsnideryou could just boot today's livecd17:11
bjsnideryou don't need to install it just to test it17:11
bullgard6bjsnider: If I make the effort, then I will test it more thoroughly..17:12
min|dvir|usAnyone know anything about dbus?17:37
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.17:38
bullgard6How much freedisk space do I need for installing Oneiric on a new partition?18:04
escottbullgard6, depends on how much you want to install 10g should be plenty18:04
bullgard6escott: Thank you for your advice.18:06
htorquebullgard6: afaik the minimum is 4.5 gb18:07
htorque(required by the installer)18:07
bullgard6htorque: I will make a new partition of ~10 GB.18:07
htorquebullgard6: should be enough :)18:08
dr_willisHmm. TO use gnome-tweak-tool it mentions i need to install a 'user theme' extension  so this is some pacage in the package manager? searching for it now and not finding it..18:33
escottdr_willis, are you installing gnome-tweak-tool from source or is there a package18:53
dr_willisJust installed it from the repos.. reading up on it now.18:53
dr_willismanaged to extract a new theme to my .themes dir also. :)18:53
dr_willisAdwaita theme.18:54
dr_willisextracted some shell extensions to the right place also. but they are not showing up in the gnome-tweak-tool either.   gnome-shell-frippery-0.2.3.tgz18:55
BUGabundo11958     1058e3         781     58639K        5.0G       1.4G        5.0G       1.4G      bugabund     bugabund       37%      chromium-brows21:01
BUGabundothis is getting preposterous21:01
penguin42BUGabundo: 1.4G - is that enough for all your G+ posts?21:08
BUGabundopenguin42: it was 3 open tabs21:09
BUGabundotwo gmail, one plus21:09
BUGabundoon one of my circles21:09
BUGabundonot much movement there21:09
BUGabundotoooooo much21:09
BUGabundothere's a leak somewhere21:09
BUGabundotrying a clean profile now21:10
BUGabundo13354       1329          0      58639K     961.0M      99824K        32K        328K     bugabund      bugabund       2%     chromium-brows21:10
BUGabundosee the diff?21:10
LarsTI have a question.21:28
BUGabundothat doesn't sound like a question to me :P21:29
LarsTIs gnome-shell preinstalled in 11.10 now21:33
coz_LarsT,  I think its installable via repos21:34
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Seven_Six_TwoI downloaded oneiric, but the iso is 709MB.21:41
Seven_Six_TwoI got it on my desktop, and I was going to install it on a spare partition on my laptop. any ideas on how I can do it without resorting to a vm?21:42
bazhangSeven_Six_Two, boot the iso using grub2?21:42
bazhangSeven_Six_Two, you mean put the iso on a spare hdd, or try to install with no media at all21:43
Seven_Six_Twobazhang, so move it from my desktop to my laptop's main ubuntu install and boot from there? I wasn't aware I could do that21:43
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bazhangSeven_Six_Two, use a usb stick if it's too large21:44
bazhangie unetbootin21:44
Seven_Six_TwoSeven_Six_Two, I think I can find a usb stick. the last time I tried that, it wouldn't work...I'll give it a shot21:45
bazhangsometimes takes a couple of "burns" to get it right21:45
bazhangunetbootin is the most failproof one I've used21:46
Seven_Six_Twois unetbootin == startup disk creator?21:46
bazhangno, thats usb-disk-creator21:47
bazhang!info unetbootin21:47
ubottuunetbootin (source: unetbootin): installer of Linux/BSD distributions to a partition or USB drive. In component universe, is optional. Version 549-2 (oneiric), package size 281 kB, installed size 800 kB21:47
Seven_Six_Twooh ok. That's actually what I tried and failed with21:48
Seven_Six_Twounfortunately I don't see any option in my laptop's bios to boot from usb21:50
Seven_Six_Twooh wait. I spoke too soon21:50
Seven_Six_Twoi have options for usb floppy, usb diskette on key, usb hard drive. I know it's not the last option21:51
Seven_Six_TwoI'm guessing diskette on key>?21:51
penguin42Seven_Six_Two: Actually I think usb hard drive should work22:12
Seven_Six_TwoI'll try both. bios is set and laptop is off. It's got to be one of them!22:14
Seven_Six_Twothanks for the info though, penguin4222:14
Seven_Six_Twounetbootin was a lot easier than I thought it would be. thanks all!22:19
LarsTorbenis 11.10 usuable ?22:30
penguin42LarsTorben: Not too bad at the moment, but it's an Alpha so it might break horribly for you22:30
LarsTorbenyes i do not need the pc as productive it is a home pc22:31
LarsTorbenif i upgrade to final, do i have fully final ?22:31
penguin42probably yes22:31
penguin42LarsTorben: Could you recover if the alpha didn't boot for you?22:31
rwwIf you run alpha and then continue updating as normal until release, then yes, you will have final.22:31
ubottuIf you install a development version of Ubuntu Natty and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 11.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.22:31
penguin42hmm that needs updating22:32
ubottu<reply> If you install a development version of Ubuntu Natty and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 11.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.22:32
LarsTorbenpenguin42: no problem22:32
rwwhrm, there's a thing for this. one sec.22:32
penguin42LarsTorben: In that case I'd say go for it; the KDE and Gnome versions seem OK with just a few quirks at the moment22:33
LarsTorbeni think it did not make sense to use 11.04 if 11.10 is in the start22:33
LarsTorbenyes thank you22:33
Seven_Six_Twoin order to not trash my 11.04 install on /dev/sdc1 where should I put 11.10 boot loader when I install to sdc8?22:33
rww!no, final is <reply> If you install a development version of Ubuntu $curDevel and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of $curDevelNum when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a terminal.22:34
ubottuI'll remember that rww22:34
ubottuIf you install a development version of Ubuntu Oneiric and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 11.10 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a terminal.22:34
jbichaSeven_Six_Two: the bootloader will automatically recognize your other partitions, you can just let grub install22:34
jbichalike normal to sdc22:34
Seven_Six_Twojbicha, I'm being prompted to choose a partition. they are all listed, including just sdc22:35
Seven_Six_Twojust sdc? ok, thanks22:35
Seven_Six_Twoand it won't overwrite 11.04's grub?22:36
jbichano, normally grub is installed to the MBR but overwriting 11.04's grub is ok, it will still work22:36
Seven_Six_Twoafter i choose my username and pwd, installer says "welcome to 11.04". that's funny22:39
Seven_Six_Twoalthough top of screen and install icon on desktop say 11.10, and the iso says oneiric22:41
jbichaSeven_Six_Two: bug 79424822:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 794248 in ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu (Ubuntu Oneiric) "ubiquity-slideshow-lubuntu Welcome slide has version 11.04 on Oneiric" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79424822:42
Seven_Six_Twohaha. it's all good, although I cursed for a moment...22:43
jbichahaha, yeah it will be fixed in a bit, 11.10's not even beta yet22:44

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