scutumHello, Im interested in a reliable Linux hosting provider in Australia09:39
scutumcan someone please help me09:39
scutumI know this is a bit off topic here but Im in need of good australian hosting09:40
head_victimscutum: ah ok there are plenty around but none I've personally used09:40
scutumhead_victim, have you heard of a satisfied customer?09:41
head_victimMost people I know use linode but they aren't in Australia09:41
head_victimIf no one else here can help out I'd suggest asking on the mailing list09:42
head_victimThere's several hundred people on it so you'll reach a wider audience than the 20 or so here :)09:42
scutumgreat advise!!09:44
scutumI can do that by emailin it to ubuntu-au@lists.ubuntu.com 09:44
scutumthank you so much!09:44
head_victimscutum: here to help09:45
scutumI really appreciate it MATE!09:46
head_victimYou didn't mention you wanted in it AU 09:46
sagacikinda did09:47
head_victimsagaci: I meant in the email to the list09:47
* head_victim went to moderate it to the list09:47
sagaciah, makes sense09:47
sagacididn't mention it was on the list :P09:47
head_victimscutum: did you want me to pass that one to the list or did you want to rewrite to say you wanted it in Australia?10:00
scutumyes please10:00
sagacihead_victim, so send ubuntu global jam - translation jam to the main list?10:08
head_victimSet up on the loco.u.c page?10:09
head_victimI just sent out a UbuntuAU tweet/dent from Jono on organising UGJ so nice timing10:10
sagaciyeah, should I just say 3pm saturday arvie or ask for a time that suits the most people?10:10
head_victimThat's for details on what to set up where nad how to link it10:10
head_victimAs far as when, if you're running it pick the time most suitable for you, if there is a few different ideas that work equally well for you feel free to create a doodle poll but make sure you set an end date of about a week from when you start it so it doesn't drag on and on10:11
sagaci2 or 3 hours?10:12
head_victimDepends on what you want to do with it. The one I ran I basically said "I'll be available in the channel with information on how to get going from x to y" and people just came in as they wanted and I helped them get set up10:13
head_victimIf you want to run a specific program you could probably do it in less time10:13
sagacimeh, I'll just make it saturday afternoon from 2-4pm, so it's not too later for westerners and not too early for easterners10:15
head_victimSounds good 10:15
sagaciannouncement - link to jono's post or make a blog entry of my own?10:17
head_victimBlog to ubuntu.com.au if you like10:18
head_victimIf you log in you can post to it and I can submit it10:18
head_victimNothing stopping anyone writing posts to the main page there, just needs approval from the admins10:18
sagacido you get spam?10:18
head_victimNot a lot of people posting information spamming, more just as a double check for spelling/content10:19
head_victimLet me know when it's done, we don't get auto notified of new content10:19
sagacihead_victim, just mocked this up, http://paste.ubuntu.com/659839/ , suggestions...10:30
head_victimI'll probably try to remember how to hyperlink the links rather than list then but looks good10:31
head_victimMaybe include your nick or wiki page in brackets at the end so they can find you easily10:32
sagacioh yeah righteo, do you want to fix that up? hyperlinks can't be done by me and if you want to copy+paste (sagaci) to the end...10:33
head_victimIf you just go to http://ubuntu.com.au/node/add and submit either an event or story10:35
sagaciah right10:35
head_victimSo yeah, anyone with an account on the website (which is open to everyone) can create content, it just needs to be moderated by an admin to hit the website.10:36
sagaciah, new to me10:37
sagaciaccount created 2 years 33 weeks ago, wowser10:37
sagacididn't think it was that long ago10:38
head_victimHah time flies when you're having fun10:38
sagaciah, link doesn't work10:39
head_victimOh WOW, there are a LOT of spammers sign up to that site10:41
head_victimBe happy when Canonical get time to upgrade it so we can hook in open id to it10:41
head_victimblahdeblah: is there anything special to do to an account to let them submit content for approval?10:43
head_victimor elky or any other website admins10:43
head_victimsagaci: so if you go to the home page is there a link on the right hand side "create content"10:44
head_victimsagaci: try now, I just gave you "page creator" access10:45
sagacinow it does, along with a lot of other stuff10:45
head_victimI'll leave it there for now, if I'm told that's the really wrong thing to do and there is a better way I might revise it but I"ll let you know if it's going to change10:46
head_victimLooking at what others have done that seems to be the correct way to do it though so fingers crossed I got something right :)10:47
sagaciyeah righteo10:48
head_victimAs you can tell I really know what I'm doing with drupal :D10:48
sagacii'll leave published checkbox unticked, yeah, for proof-reading/typo-hunting?10:49
head_victimYes thanks10:49
sagacido you mind if I copy the announcement to my blog and link to it?10:50
head_victimNot at all, I was going to tweet/dent it as well if you don't mind10:50
head_victimHit it on all fronts get as many people there as possible. Feel free to link on the forum as well10:50
sagacihead_victim, will that autolink l.u.c as well, or should I put it in the p.u.o.au10:51
head_victimsagaci: nah you still need to create the event in loco.u.c10:52
sagacino, I just mean link to the l.u.c event in the post10:53
head_victimOh yeah that would be good, that is where we're menat to organise it all from10:54
head_victimI'll be so glad when they get all the requirements for locos on the loco.u.c page10:54
sagaciit's on loco.u.c10:55
head_victimNice job, I think that's a day I'm working but that can't really be helped, I think I'm working most of that weekend unfortunately10:56
sagacithat's fine10:58
head_victimAnd I think the loco.u.c site is still on UTC time10:58
head_victimI could be wrong though10:58
sagaciit looks like UTC but when you register/update the event it says input local time10:59
head_victimI think we set it to UTC because the local time didn't want to work properly at the time11:00
sagaciso change the time?11:01
head_victimIf it's in UTC you probably shoudl11:02
head_victimIf you're still going at 6 I might be able to join in ;)11:03
sagacimeh,anytime after 2pm, really11:06
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head_victimsagaci: ok if I add links to the general translation guide and the english translation guides?11:16
sagaciyeah, go for it11:17
sagacijust didn't know how to link with that text, without using full html11:18
head_victimI'm just going to use an example from the previous post that looks like - <a href="http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-au/events">Ubuntu-AU loco.u.c events page</a>11:18
sagacirighteo then11:20
head_victimI never really know exactly what it's all called or doing but I have a knack for copying everyone else's work ;)11:20
sagaciMr. Copyleft man11:25
head_victimI'm going to link the loco event as well if that's ok?11:25
head_victimAs a part of the first sentence.11:25
head_victimsagaci: nah mate thank you for organising and wriiting it. Do you have an identica and/or twitter account?11:34
sagacilink is broken11:34
sagacilike the main en-AU link11:34
head_victimThe first line?>11:34
sagacitwitter but I don't use it11:35
sagaciand it's the kind of thing I don't really want to start using11:35
head_victimYeah I know how you feel. I'm doing the UAU posts for now, that's social media enough for me11:35
sagaciomg! i can't believe how much I like honey and peanutbutter on #bread11:35
head_victimHmm not sure what I've done to that link11:36
sagaciunder the alternative url path I think11:37
head_victimNo idea how that link got there11:38
head_victimShould be fixed11:38
head_victim#UbuntuAU is holding a Translation Jam! Announcement -  http://is.gd/IXQSaJ Details & Signup - http://is.gd/syHFKn #ugj #locoteams #ubuntu11:40
head_victimHows that for a tweet/dent ?11:40
sagaciyeah fine11:47
sagaciHave I sent an email to the list about it11:47
sagacinope, looks like I haven't yet11:48
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