stlsaintJasonO: sup00:56
JasonOstlsaint: >;-(00:59
JasonOstlsaint: I've been trying to get a hold of you. You don't reply to PM's?01:00
KM0201a lot of people don't01:04
KM0201i only reply to PM's to a select few people that i "know" the others i just close w/o response, or put them on PM ignore01:04
stlsaintJasonO: i work01:32
stlsaintJasonO: remember i am on a completely different time zone than you are ;)01:32
JasonOI guess.01:32
stlsaintJasonO: i will be gone for another hour but send me a pm and i will respond when i get back01:32
* stlsaint is AFK!01:32
stlsaintJasonO: also i stated that best method to reach me is email01:33
JasonOstlsaint: Alright.01:33
head_victimSo I know how to check my CPU, RAM, HDD and networks to see how hard they are working. Is there any way to see how hard my video card is working? I'm wondering how close to it's limits I'm taking it.02:17
escotthead_victim, "limits" are mostly thermal. sudo apt-get install sensors02:18
escotthead_victim, but if you want to see your load use top for cpu, free for memory,02:19
head_victimescott: ah ok, I can read the temps. I was more concerned with the onboard ram and GPU as I've recently made this 8800GT with only 512 MB ram go to dual screen 24 inches.02:19
escotthead_victim, iotop for disk usage02:19
head_victimescott: yeah like I said I know how to test CPU, RAM, HDD and networks, looking for a way to check the video card in a similar matter.02:19
escotthead_victim, well even dual screen 24 inches won't use much ram, those buffers aren't that big even at 1980x1024 and 4 copies of all the buffers its only 30megs02:21
head_victimescott: ah ok, just wasn't sure as when I start gaming while the HDTV is going the TV gets a little jerky despite the cpu and ram all being within normal.02:23
head_victimTrying to see if it's driver or hardware related.02:23
Nubi1KenobiWhats happenen02:28
Nubi1Kenobianyone alaive?>02:29
ubot2The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/02:29
Nubi1KenobiNot real talkative this evening, are we?02:32
Nubi1Kenobioh well.02:33
Nubi1KenobiAdios tards.02:33
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Nubi1KenobiI am having some navigation issues on here. I am new to Ubuntu/Linux. I have an separate internal hdd and i can mount to it on the dui by going to it in places, but I can not mount to it in terminal mode.03:55
Nubi1Kenobigui not dui03:56
Nubi1Kenobiany help?03:58
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: you can mount the drive fine yes?03:59
stlsaintwhat is the issue? you just want to mount via command prompt?03:59
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, correct03:59
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: try running command: mount all03:59
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: let me know what you get04:00
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, http://pastebin.com/g81Qf4ae04:01
gabrieltomateplease, how can i configure HP RC6 remote control on VLC?04:01
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, what do you think?04:04
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: one sec04:05
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint,  10-404:05
holsteinin the mean time Nubi1Kenobi , check out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount04:05
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: sorry, try mount -a04:06
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, ok, one other thing04:06
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, nm i will try it04:06
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: sudo mount -a04:07
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, http://pastebin.com/rMK3n2ur04:08
Nubi1KenobiThe other thing.....what do I got to do to program a hot key to "alt-tab" between the different work spaces?04:08
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: now run mount and see if your internal drive is now mounted04:09
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, http://pastebin.com/sDPDYieQ04:12
Nubi1Kenobistl The Label "image" for drive sdb1 is what I am looking for04:12
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, The Label "image" for drive sdb1 is what I am looking for04:12
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: run command: sudo fdisk -l04:14
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: if you are fine with installing it i would suggest installing a app called: pastebinit04:16
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: that way you can directly output to a pastebin from terminal04:16
stlsaintjust run: <command> | pastebinit04:16
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, http://imagebin.org/166615 and http://pastebin.com/1eTza1TA04:18
Nubi1Kenobii may04:18
holsteinfor me, i run sudo fdisk -l, i find the partition i want to mount, such as /dev/sdb1, i mount it to a directory, like sudo mount /dev/sdb1 ~/whatever04:20
holsteinassuming the directory 'whatever' is there04:20
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: mkdir /mnt/tmp ; mount /dev/sdb1 -t <whatever_filesystem> /mnt/tmp04:21
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: seperate cmmands there represented by the ;04:21
Nubi1Kenobiall, well here is the thing, and you may remember the other night when i was talking to Cronos about trying to get part image to work...04:21
escottcat /proc/partitions is probably better than relying on fdisk which may not support gpt04:22
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, but it is already there, I am just not sure how to get to that. My frined installed all this and he was able to sudo su, run partimage and use the director media/image/Windowsblahblah blah.000 and it worked....04:22
Nubi1KenobiI can mount the drive in the gui04:23
Nubi1Kenobino problems...04:23
stlsaintgo to your /mnt folder04:23
stlsaintcd /mnt04:23
stlsaintthen see if its there: ls -la04:23
Nubi1Kenobijust not in terminal...I figured I would try to mount it there and see if I was making a mistake on the path in part image04:23
stlsaintif not there maybe your friend mounted it in /media04:23
stlsaintin which go there04:23
holsteinescott: i like that :)04:24
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: then also what happens if you hit the "mount volume' button in disk utility?04:24
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, it mounts04:25
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, http://pastebin.com/BZiWztqE04:25
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, mounted @ media/image04:25
stlsaintok so now you should be able to use it04:26
stlsaintand see it with all the other commands, blkid, mouunt, fdisk, etc04:26
Nubi1Kenobiwhat exactly do I need to type in the command line to get to it04:26
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: cd /media/image04:26
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, uno momento04:27
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, http://imagebin.org/166617 and http://pastebin.com/zfv9LwwX04:29
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, you will see it is actual mounted and then i opened up a new terminal and tried to get to it04:30
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, what am i doing wrong or is this thing possessed?04:30
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: first question...why are you doing sudo su?04:30
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, still doesnt work when i dont04:31
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint,  i installed the pastebinit04:32
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: i am thinking either you have a faulty drive or formated wrong04:32
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: your disk utility should show you way more than it does, can you reach the drive via nautilus?04:32
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, nautilus?04:33
bazhangNubi1Kenobi, the file browser for gnome04:34
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: Hit the places tab04:34
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, it is in places and in dolphin04:35
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: can you access it?04:35
Nubi1Kenobigraphically yes, no problemo, i can even see the original imgae my friend did. But I can not via terminal mode04:36
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: do you have important info on this drive?04:36
Nubi1KenobiSort of...04:36
Nubi1KenobiI do not want to lose my windows image of the base install w/o software04:37
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: well at this stage i would suggest not touching this drive anymore04:37
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: if you can  access it via gui leave it at that04:37
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, I was trying to save another image to it, and partimage is a terminal mode program...hence the problem..04:38
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint,  guess I will have to wait on my friend, I was hoping to have this figured out before he came over next04:38
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, And I am exausted on the issue...so I will be patient04:39
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, is there an easy way to set up workspace switching from a hotkey?04:39
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, what would need to be the command in the keyboard short cut area?04:41
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: i understand, back up your image first then we can go after that drive again04:41
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: does ctrl+alt+left not work for you?04:42
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, here is the thing, i can not copy it off the drive to another drive04:42
stlsaintor right04:42
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: ? i thought you said it was a image...like a ghost image yes?04:42
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, it works, just didnt know what keys they were...thnx...got 9 of them open04:42
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, the name of the image file is WindowsBase.00004:43
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: ctrl+alt+<direction> should not open up more tabs04:43
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, it is working fine04:43
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: ok good04:43
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, I set it as 904:44
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, Just starting to get a feel on ubuntu, I am liking it a lot.04:44
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, I have a meeting setup tomorrow with a couple of peeps, my friend is supposed to come early.04:46
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: well welcome aboard04:46
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, I can wait until then...wifey is on her way home, so need to wrap things up on here. When I find out what the whole disconnect was on here, I can let you know when I see you next....been  living on the irc here of late04:46
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, how does that pastebinit prog work?04:46
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, ty04:46
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: try running: cat /etc/fstab | pastebinit04:46
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: did it work?04:48
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, yeah, that is neat04:48
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: yea i enjoy it04:48
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: if you have a preferred paste site you can use the -b option04:48
stlsaintcat /etc/fstab | pastebinit -b www.whatever.com04:48
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, curious how do you get it to capture already existing info on terminal, rather than it running the result of the command?04:49
stlsaintbut that site must be allowed within default pastebinit program or else you will have to recompile yourself and add in the pastebin site04:49
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: it would actually be faster to just re-run the command you did in the first place to get that output04:50
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, k04:50
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, How to I change the default OS in grub?04:50
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, I am dual booted04:51
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, I need it to default to win7 for my wife04:51
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: you can use a program called: startup-manager04:52
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: you could also use grub but since you are starting out new i wouldnt suggest touching grub just yet04:52
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: not trying to insult you or anything but you can really wreck a system by messing up grub04:52
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, Grub is already set up04:52
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: No.04:53
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: grub is setup to boot ubuntu first04:53
Nubi1Kenobiand it is04:53
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: exactly which is why i said use startup-manager to set what OS you want to boot first04:53
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: i must leave for now04:55
stlsaintyou can ask anyone in the room any further questions you may have04:55
stlsaintjust ask it and someone will answer04:55
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, i am good04:55
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: again welcome to ubuntu04:55
Nubi1Kenobistlsaint, 10-4 is an acknowledgemnt04:56
stlsaintNubi1Kenobi: roger04:56
* stlsaint AFK!!04:56
Nubi1KenobiHey, is there a way on xchat, or maybe another irc client that will let you auto join multiple rooms?05:19
Nubi1Kenobiwhen it launches?05:19
holsteinNubi1Kenobi: i have irssi set up that way... but i think xchat does it all too05:20
* holstein looking05:20
bazhangNubi1Kenobi, sure05:20
Nubi1Kenobiholstein, Xchat will only let you do 1 unless there is an option somewhere that will let you do multiple05:20
bazhangNubi1Kenobi, xchat menu  network list edit servers choose ubuntu servers ( really freenode)05:20
bazhangNubi1Kenobi, then put the autojoin list #chan1,#chan2,#chan3,#etc05:21
Nubi1Kenobilemme check it out05:22
holsteinhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=2421363 maybe?05:22
bazhangNubi1Kenobi, best to put user:PW in the server field for auto-identify (assuming you are registered)05:22
holsteinAH.. bazhang knows how :)05:22
Nubi1Kenobinot registered...maybe I should do that first05:23
bazhangthough I prefer quassel :)05:23
Nubi1Kenobiwhere at?05:23
bazhang!register | Nubi1Kenobi05:23
ubot2Nubi1Kenobi: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode05:23
MrChrisDruifAloha, anyone experience with backing-up android apps to ubuntu local disk?09:36
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qabileHow to create linux boot-up disk/17:57
escottqabile, cd or usb17:58
escottqabile, you need an image of some kind. usually you would use the iso downloaded from ubuntu.com18:00
escottqabile, there are instructions on the website that will walk you through the creation of the usb. if you already have a working ubuntu system you can install and utilize the usb-creator tool18:01
philipballewDarkwingDuck, what time to have a global jam would have the most people in your opinion?18:34
nlsthznat the login screen I have a graphical issue, looks like several desktops overlapping and i can't read any text (blurry)... any idea what would cause this (gnome)?19:17
philipballewis this the first time it happened?19:20
nlsthznphilipballew: since install19:21
nlsthznJust for info, this isn't an Ubuntu install... just incase that would make a difference to anyone wanting to help :p19:22
nlsthznIt is Frugalware...19:22
nlsthznand Gnome 3...19:22
philipballewis there a bug anywhere for it?19:22
nlsthznNot sure... finding it difficult to know how to describe it properly... and I got it working fine in VBox... but now on the proper install... well ... not so good... I can't even get to a shell :/19:25
nlsthzncan't even get the "text" option to kernel to disable gdm...19:27
philipballewctrl alt f1 doesnt work?19:53
nlsthznphilipballew: nope... all i get is black screens19:54
philipballewmight be irrelvent to gdm19:54
nlsthznsure... but if I could stop gdm from starting the GUI I might get to trouble shoot... as it stands I see the regular prompt for login moments before the GUI launches and then everything goes pear shaped19:55
philipballewafter the bios press shift to get the grub menu, then chose recovery mode. and drop to a root shell or boot into cli there19:57
escottnlsthzn, you did run the grub-update after modifying /etc/default/grub right19:58
nlsthznfresh install that installed grub etc... it boots fine... philipballew i nuked the install... fresh intall, then once i install gnome i will edit so gdm doesn't start gui automatically incase this happens again... thanks for all the help19:59
philipballewgood luck!20:04
nlsthznthanks :)20:05
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thomas____hi can anyone help with video lagging issues on a toshiba nb205 (11.04)20:48
nlsthznthomas____: flash (youtube) or video player?20:48
thomas____both, problem seems sporadic though20:49
thomas____worked fine w/10.10 - problems started after upgrade20:50
nlsthzn... hmmm ...20:52
thomas____likewise no webcam or internal mic20:53
nlsthznsounds like drivers...20:53
nlsthznwhat graphics you have?20:53
thomas____will have to look it up, just a sec20:55
thomas____Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator GMA950 - sound right?20:56
nlsthznthomas____: hmmm... intel usually doesn't give issues...21:03
nlsthznthere is a command that installes a lot of extra's for multimedia etc... flash and java ... if you would like to try it ... in terminal type: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras21:04
nlsthznthen you should have all the codecs etc... if it still persists then it may be driver... what my help is to try sudo apt-get install xf86-video-intel21:05
thomas____that's great. ill try the the first command21:06
thomas____hmm getting an "unable to locate package" on both installs21:10
nlsthznthomas____: can you try the autocomplete just type ubuntu-res then hit tab and see what is in the list21:14
thomas____from terminal, ubuntu-res then tab? not getting a result, enter gives me invalid command (sorry completely new)21:17
thomas____figured out what you meant now sorry21:20
thomas____what am i looking for, should i paste the results21:20
bioterrorremember to update package repositories21:21
thomas____are those updated automatically through the system updates bioterror?21:22
nlsthznthomas____: sudo apt-get update21:24
thomas____updates run. nlsthzn, was i looking for something in the list from ubuntu-res?21:27
nlsthznif you type sudo apt-get install ubuntu-res then hit tab you should see the one you are looking for ... or just type ubuntu-restricted-extras completely21:29
thomas____thanks guys - going to try a reboot21:37
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thomas________-nlsthzn thx. seems fixed now.22:43
thomas________-just ran updates, switched to firefox and downloaded add-on "flash-aid". video player not a problem22:43

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