czajkowskiairurando: howdy20:01
airurandohi czajkowski20:01
airurandothanks for the match tweets today20:02
* airurando was at work :(20:02
airurandoit's great it didn't count for anything20:02
airurandodelighted to see Ubuntu Hour Dublin being discussed again20:03
airurandofair play to slashtom20:03
airurandoczajkowski: were you at the last geeknic in Stephens Green?20:32
airurandoif so where did folks meet up?20:33
airurandonever mind20:45
airurandoI see a meeting place has already been identified20:46
airurandoneed to get this onto the LoCo dir and also up on the website.20:48
airurandowill get this done on Monday.20:48

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