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* nlsthzn_work has been patiently waiting to work on 227... but no email came... only dawned on me now to check Google Docs... DOH!08:18
nlsthzn_work... oh, but I see we are still in the collecting links phase...08:18
NRWliongood afternoon15:06
pleia2good morning news friends!16:02
pleia2https://docs.google.com/document/d/18ZbtFHQq6uMj7iuRLd11VH8V5Uc_FA0IfgiRUcbMbQk/edit?hl=en_US is ready for summaries (and as always, please speak up if you think a link should be moved or removed16:02
Pendulumpleia2: I'm not going to be in any shape for summaries this week, but feel free to poke if you need someone to proofread16:15
Pendulum(really, though, summaries are likely to be heavily medicated out of me and be far more 'fun' than UWN would like ;) )16:15
pleia2ok thanks re: proofread :) I think we will need you for that16:16
NRWlionpleia2: hey liz16:17
pleia2g'day NRWlion16:17
Myrttiohai from me too16:21
pleia2hey Myrtti :)16:23
MyrttiI wonder how me editing the text shows up in16:30
Myrttiatleast chromium hiccups didn't take away the two summaries I had written16:31
pleia2it's near real-time if your browser cooperates (can see where someone else is editing, but sometimes it comes in big chunks16:36
pleia2holstein has taken to putting his name in when he's editing to avoid conflicts16:36
MyrttiI tried to but I can't see how16:37
pleia2oh, he just writes "holstein" :)16:38
pleia2no doc magic16:38
Pendulumhiya Myrtti :)16:52

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