bazhangrecommend installing 3.0 in natty augh00:14
bazhangmaahes quit message OK?00:19
bazhang* maahes has quit (Quit: The angle of the dangle is directly proportionate to the heat of the meat, Provided that the mass of the ass is constant. |WeeChat 0.3.6-dev)00:20
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (snapperss appears to be abusive and has been muted, will need to be UNMUTED MANUALLY)02:42
rwwalrighty, I'm clearing out the -read-topic banforwards. All the people on the victims list are stubbornly refusing to test themselves ;(04:27
rwwbazhang said hi to someone. MUST BE A TROLL </paranoia>04:44
bazhangrww, thought it might be Ginbuntu, based on the recent comments and the ident04:46
rwwbazhang: we got bored and unbanned them, iirc04:46
bazhangrww, ok04:46
rwwwill keep an eye on them, though (and yes, it is them)04:46
* rww predicts imminant Seanmc98 sighting in here05:05
bazhangtheadmin seems confused about directly editing grub.cfg05:06
rww(they're BF'd from #ubuntu-offtopic, but let's go the direct route.)05:07
Seanmc98|mobileHello rww?05:07
rwwSeanmc98|mobile: Thanks. I've been meaning to have a chat with you for a couple of days, glad I could catch you:05:07
Seanmc98|mobileMay I ask about what?05:08
rwwI'm typing :P05:08
bazhangbenonsoftware, asdjaputra need some help?05:08
rwwSeanmc98|mobile: In short, #ubuntu is for technical support questions about Ubuntu. #ubuntu-offtopic is not for technical support questions, period. I've noticed you asking non-Ubuntu questions in #ubuntu and asking support questions in #ubuntu-offtopic, and ignoring people telling you not to. This is going to stop now.05:08
asdjaputrai can't be idle here, bazhang?05:08
Flannelasdjaputra: We ask that you aren't, correct.05:08
bazhangasdjaputra, please don't05:08
Seanmc98|mobileUm ok? sorry05:09
rwwSeanmc98|mobile: Thanks. Please be aware that you're now on notice about this, so make sure to follow those guidelines.05:09
rwwThat's all :)05:09
Seanmc98|mobileAnd just for the record I use #ununtu-offtopic to ask people in there who might help seeing as how #ubuntu is always to busy05:10
rwwAs I've said, do not do that.05:11
rwwIf people in #ubuntu-offtopic want to offer support, they're in #ubuntu.05:11
FlannelHi os2mac05:15
Flannelbye os2mac05:15
rwwjwheare [u2@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-xhviwyrexqdkpeqa] => I idly wonder if ident UIDs for irccloud are in chronological order...05:21
oCeanDASDAS is lars, let's see how this goes08:28
IdleOnethat's what I get for answering a question every six months in there08:33
IdleOneget accused of making fun of people08:33
rwwstop making fun of me, IdleOne08:34
rww!coc > IdleOne08:34
ubottuIdleOne, please see my private message08:34
rwwvery disrespectful :(08:34
IdleOnerww: you wish08:34
oCeanhehe, this is how it goes in #u these days08:34
IdleOnethe trolls give half arsed advice and when they get corrected they get insulted?08:34
rwwit just occured to me. when summer vacation is happening, we complain about all the trolls on the channel. when school is in, we complain about all the classes that mass-join and start talking mongolian or whatever08:36
rwwalso, I note that there are scenarios under which an upgrade from Jaunty is not possible. e.g. I have an ARM system that cannot be upgraded to karmic because Ubuntu dropped support for my architecture version :P08:37
rwwthe solution to this problem, as with all Ubuntu problems, involves Debian netinstall ISO.08:37
rwwexcept for "I really miss yum", I guess08:37
oCeanhere we go08:41
rwwwhy are we not kickbanning him for rampant ban evasion again?08:42
IdleOnetopily talked to him08:42
oCeanrww: you read topily's conversation?08:42
IdleOnedid topyli pastebin it?08:42
rwwoCean: no, I didn't. first I've heard of it.08:44
rwwirony: while failing to ask an actual question, LarsTorben factoids someone for not asking a question (even though they actually did).08:45
IdleOnerww: those all lars?09:08
rwwI nuked the other Lars bans and replaced them with my ident+ISP one the other day09:08
rwwhrm, should probably check #ubuntu+1, come to think of it09:09
oCeanrww: are you sure you have all of them?09:15
rww#ubuntu+1 doesn't have any on him. #ubuntu may have some IP or webchat ones09:17
oCeanlet me check, I have some webchat ones09:18
rwwI just found a couple more, one sec09:18
oCeanoh, and maybe in#k09:18
oCeanin #k09:18
rww#k I can't help with ;)09:20
rwwok, that's all I see. there are probably others, but I don't feel like trawling BT :P09:21
* Myrtti watches09:57
bazhang* [karni] (~mkarnicki@canonical/launchpad/karni): Michał Karnicki   <--- canonical employees get a pass on being offtopic?11:16
Myrttino they don't, but if we go on telling him on the channel what is wrong with his attitude, that is also offtopic11:17
bazhang* Linux4UnMe (~kaddy@241.116.dsl.pth.iprimus.net.au)  <--- spam and quit11:18
topyliMyrtti: +1 - pm is the way11:47
popeyI just asked Linux4UnMe not to spam #ubuntu and got some abuse11:49
Tm_Tkaddy again11:55
bazhang* industrial (~industria@ has left #ubuntu12:28
oCeanFaTHeRBaDTouC in pm13:24
oCeanI'm an ordained minister13:24
FaTHeRBaDTouCHCan someone explain to me what exactly is offensive enough in my name to warrant this:13:29
FaTHeRBaDTouCH<oCean> hi there13:29
FaTHeRBaDTouCH<FaTHeRBaDTouCH> Morning.13:29
FaTHeRBaDTouCH<oCean> would you mind changing your nick into something else?13:29
FaTHeRBaDTouCH<FaTHeRBaDTouCH> Yes I would.13:29
FaTHeRBaDTouCH<oCean> That would be nice13:29
FaTHeRBaDTouCH<FaTHeRBaDTouCH> I'm an ordained minister13:29
FaTHeRBaDTouCH I've earned the title father13:29
FaTHeRBaDTouCH ty13:29
FaTHeRBaDTouCH<oCean> Others might interpret as very offensive13:29
FaTHeRBaDTouCH<FaTHeRBaDTouCH> Thats very open ended.13:29
FaTHeRBaDTouCH You asking me to change my name is offensive to me.13:29
FaTHeRBaDTouCH<oCean> True13:29
FaTHeRBaDTouCH Ok.13:29
FaTHeRBaDTouCH I'll have to remove you from the channel if you are not willing to change it13:29
FaTHeRBaDTouCH<FaTHeRBaDTouCH> There is no abusive or hateful words in my name.13:29
FaTHeRBaDTouCH I'm not being abusive in the channel.13:29
FaTHeRBaDTouCH<oCean> Correct, but I find it offensive, I'm sure others do too. So this is your chance to change it13:29
FaTHeRBaDTouCH<FaTHeRBaDTouCH> I'm here looking for help and you're here doing....?13:29
FaTHeRBaDTouCH So you're pushing your religious views upon others?13:29
FaTHeRBaDTouCH What exactly is it you find offensive about my name?13:29
FaTHeRBaDTouCH<oCean> the moment to change your nick would be now. The place to discuss your removal is #ubuntu-ops13:29
FaTHeRBaDTouCH<FaTHeRBaDTouCH> I don't understand what you find offensive.13:29
FaTHeRBaDTouCH I asked you what that was, ty for the courtesy of conversing with me.13:29
FaTHeRBaDTouCH So now if I say that your name is offensive, does that mean you have to change it?13:30
FaTHeRBaDTouCHoCean, you're name is still offending me BTW13:30
FaTHeRBaDTouCHI'd like it noticed that all I did when I came into the channel was ask if anybody had experience with Funambol.13:30
FaTHeRBaDTouCHI certainly didn't come to the room to be a troll like I'm being treated.13:31
oCeanYour nick has been noticed before, this is not the first time you use this nick. We have not discussed this with you previously, so I tried to do so13:31
FaTHeRBaDTouCHNo it's not. Amazingly I have xirc.13:31
FaTHeRBaDTouCHxirc comes into that room by default man.13:31
FaTHeRBaDTouCHProbably so those with PROBLEMS can get HELP13:32
FaTHeRBaDTouCHnot be ostracized because of a stupid name13:32
FaTHeRBaDTouCHa name which has no swearing or hateful words in it.13:32
FaTHeRBaDTouCHIf you have issues with priests man, thats your problem. Please don't make it everyones issue on their behalf.13:32
oCeanI think you very well understand why people might find it offensive13:33
FaTHeRBaDTouCHI think you're overstepping your authority.13:33
FaTHeRBaDTouCHPeople can find alot of things offensive.13:34
FaTHeRBaDTouCHThat doesn't mean its going to change.13:34
FaTHeRBaDTouCHLike I said your name is offensive to me.13:34
FaTHeRBaDTouCHDoes that mean you're going to change it to suit me?13:35
FaTHeRBaDTouCHThis is  a big world outside of your monitor man.13:35
FaTHeRBaDTouCHIs there anybody else present?13:36
oCeanHere's our code of conduct. Based on that I made this decision13:36
oCean!coc > FaTHeRBaDTouCH13:36
ubottuFaTHeRBaDTouCH, please see my private message13:36
oCeanalso, If you still think I overstepped authority, find our appeals procedure here:13:37
oCean!appeal > FaTHeRBaDTouCH13:37
FaTHeRBaDTouCHUsing a bot to convey the same message doesn't make it anymore impressive.13:37
FaTHeRBaDTouCHI understand why you're here. But you should be open to understanding.13:38
FaTHeRBaDTouCHNothing has been mentioned about me finding your name offensive.13:38
FaTHeRBaDTouCHplease answer me if you're throwing the allegations around.13:39
FaTHeRBaDTouCH<oCean> wants you to know: If you disagree with a decision by an operator, please first pay #ubuntu-ops a visit.13:39
FaTHeRBaDTouCHI'm here man.13:39
oCeanI have no problem understanding. You very well understand it is not the "Father" part of your nick that is offensive. It's the combination with the rest of it13:39
FaTHeRBaDTouCHWhat are you tlaking about?13:40
FaTHeRBaDTouCHI ran around with the name Bad Touch Before I was ordained.13:40
FaTHeRBaDTouCHIt's a Michael Jackson song man.13:40
FaTHeRBaDTouCHAlso bloodhound gang I do believe13:40
FaTHeRBaDTouCHPlease don't force your sick views upon others.13:40
FaTHeRBaDTouCHYour mind is twisted if THATS what you put to gether.13:41
FaTHeRBaDTouCHI thought you were offended because of the "Father"13:41
FaTHeRBaDTouCHYou really thought THAT?13:42
FaTHeRBaDTouCHAnd YOU'RE an operator with the "moral compass"?13:42
FaTHeRBaDTouCHoCean, I still find your name offensive, can you please change it?13:43
FaTHeRBaDTouCHBy the rules man, you should consider my request.13:43
FaTHeRBaDTouCHLive by the sword, die by it. Isn't that right oCean?13:44
FaTHeRBaDTouCHYou're suppose to be here to talk this out with me oCean.13:44
FaTHeRBaDTouCHThats what your bot said.13:45
FaTHeRBaDTouCHoCean, may I ask what rule exactly it is you're accusing me of breaking?13:47
FaTHeRBaDTouCHWhat rule I broke, that deems removal from the channel.13:47
FaTHeRBaDTouCHCan you please cite for me the reference point for the ban?13:48
jussi I dont know what oCean is accusing you of, but your enter  key abuse is pretty horrible to read.13:48
FaTHeRBaDTouCHTy, for that courtesy.13:48
oCeanSince you're clearly on a different point of view than I, all I can do is refer again to our appeals process. I will not continue because I very well understand that in the end we still will not agree13:48
FaTHeRBaDTouCHIf you refuse to admit wrong doing, yes.13:49
FaTHeRBaDTouCHI'm an ordained minister and have PROUDLY EARNED the title FATHER13:49
FaTHeRBaDTouCHPlease don't refuse my religious rights.13:50
FaTHeRBaDTouCHThis is unconstitutional BTW. I'd like to be on record as that.13:50
jussiFaTHeRBaDTouCH: no one is asking you to remove the father part, just amend the other part13:51
FaTHeRBaDTouCHjussi, I used The other part BEFORE i had been ordained.13:51
FaTHeRBaDTouCHAlso I only came into #ubuntu to ask for help with Funambol. Instead I get this.13:52
FaTHeRBaDTouCHHarassed and booted out of the room like some troll.13:52
jussiFaTHeRBaDTouCH: the words together are not something we think is in good taste for our channels. We are just asking politely that you change it before continuing13:52
FaTHeRBaDTouCHWho is to define what is in good taste?13:53
FaTHeRBaDTouCHMaybe it's a comment on society.13:53
jussiWe use our common sense.13:53
FaTHeRBaDTouCHIt's not, but what if it was? Wouldn't getting me to change it confine my free rights to express myself?13:54
FaTHeRBaDTouCHI'm not using it for the intention I am being acussed of.13:54
FaTHeRBaDTouCHI'm clearly not being seen as innocent until proven guilty.13:54
FaTHeRBaDTouCHCommon sense isn't all that common.13:54
FaTHeRBaDTouCHIt's a generalization that segregates others.13:55
jussiFaTHeRBaDTouCH: Its not respectful to others to use nicks that clearly offend, regardless of the intention.13:56
FaTHeRBaDTouCHn.1.A delicate fiber, produced in the Philippine Islands from an unidentified plant, of which dresses, etc., are made.13:57
FaTHeRBaDTouCH(Sorry side note)13:57
FaTHeRBaDTouCHjussi, It's not clear though.13:57
jussiFaTHeRBaDTouCH: its clear in the eyes of more than one operator. Once again, as oCean has mentioned, if you disagree with our decision, and have talked about it with us, please follow the appeals process.13:59
FaTHeRBaDTouCHI like how conversation involves the other walking out when they feel frustrated.13:59
FaTHeRBaDTouCHIt's not a conversation if you don't do some back and forth. Instead all you've done is thrown the appeals process at me.14:00
jussiFaTHeRBaDTouCH: Ive attempted to explain my point of view, as an operator.14:02
FaTHeRBaDTouCHDoes my view seem unreasonable though jussi?14:02
FaTHeRBaDTouCHI don't know about you guys but my user list doesn't even show until I click the button down left.14:03
FaTHeRBaDTouCHAnd when someone is asking the channel for experienced users with Funambol, I doubt the thing I'm going to think of is what you have told me of.14:03
FaTHeRBaDTouCHI only talk in the channel when I have a problem. As you may have noted from trying to get ahold of me if you have for as long as you say you have,.14:04
FaTHeRBaDTouCHThere is no vulgarity that I can see in my name.14:04
=== FaTHeRBaDTouCH is now known as Mooley
MooleyNow may I return to #ubuntu14:06
jussiyes, thank you :)14:06
jussilet me remove the ban14:06
MooleyToo funny.14:06
oCeanno, it's not funny14:07
oCeanjussi, it's not better14:07
MooleySee....until someone says something, it's not offensive.14:07
oCeanAnd you clearly understand what's going on14:07
=== Mooley is now known as FaTHeRBaDTouCH
FaTHeRBaDTouCHYes, I understand you're overstepping your boundaries.14:08
FaTHeRBaDTouCHYou're enforcing something you can't even stand by.14:08
FaTHeRBaDTouCHYou're here to enforce OTHER's rules, NOT YOURS.14:09
FaTHeRBaDTouCHI've asked you to cite your reference point oCean.14:09
FaTHeRBaDTouCHYou can't even pay me the respect of that.14:09
FaTHeRBaDTouCHBTW giving me the link to the rules, isn't citing your reference point WITHIN the document.14:10
oCean!guidelines > FaTHeRBaDTouCH14:11
ubottuFaTHeRBaDTouCH, please see my private message14:11
FaTHeRBaDTouCHoCean, I've read them and I don't know which one you're referencing.14:12
oCeanin the guidelines it clearly states "Please be considerate of everyone". We also recognize that it is not alway clear nor the same to everyone. There's where the operators come in14:12
oCeanIf you disagree, well by now you know what to do14:12
FaTHeRBaDTouCHWhere does it say that oCean?14:12
FaTHeRBaDTouCHPlease copy and paste it for me.14:13
FaTHeRBaDTouCHThen I can search it on my end.14:13
oCeanIn the Language and Subject paragraph14:13
oCeanalso, in the freenode network policy it states: In accordance with UK law freenode and the PDPC have no tolerance for any activity which could be construed as incitement to religious hatred14:14
FaTHeRBaDTouCHNo no, you misunderstand.... it's Father "BaDToucH" not "I think priests are rapists"14:16
FaTHeRBaDTouCH"whose tolerances of language and subject choice vary equally as much" so why is my tolerance not being accepted?14:17
oCeanIf we can misunderstand, so can and will others. We want/need to prevent that. That's really the last thing I'm going to say about this14:18
FaTHeRBaDTouCHoCean, "Some examples of touchy subjects are war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, potentially illegal activities and suicide. Discussions on these subjects regularly upset people, so please be aware and drop a discussion if you are asked." please drop your religious aspect of this as per the rules.14:18
FaTHeRBaDTouCHNow, without looking at this without any religion in the subject line, IS my name offensive?14:19
FaTHeRBaDTouCHOkay, may I ask, without the religion in the head, how can that be construed as offensive?14:19
FaTHeRBaDTouCHBearing in mind that religious views are to be stayed away from.14:20
FaTHeRBaDTouCHAccording to the rules.14:20
FaTHeRBaDTouCHoCean, you pointed...er..your bot pointed me to this channel to talk about it. I can't talk if you keep shutting me out.14:21
FaTHeRBaDTouCHIt's okay to say there is grey area with the rules you enforce.14:22
FaTHeRBaDTouCHWell, not really, they SHOULD be black and white.14:23
FaTHeRBaDTouCHAnd if they're black and white, you can't approach me with religion in mind.14:23
FaTHeRBaDTouCHAnd if you can't approach me with religion in mind, I'm nothing more than three words.14:23
FaTHeRBaDTouCHBTW, those quotes were from the "Language and Subject" paragraph.14:24
FaTHeRBaDTouCHoCean, you said "If we can misunderstand, so can and will others." but I think If I find nothing wrong with my name, so do others.14:28
FaTHeRBaDTouCHI mean...there are others that dont find it offensive and can't even fathom why you would.14:29
topyliFaTHeRBaDTouCH: just so there's no misunderstanding, i would never allow even you to use ubuntu channels with your current, or previous, nick. please do not try and appeal to your "rights" or "freedom of speech". on irc, there are none14:29
FaTHeRBaDTouCHSaying that though says then that there are no rules to enforce.14:30
topyliif you want to use our channels, you follow the rules. that goes for every service in existence, and it's not negotiable14:30
FaTHeRBaDTouCHMeaning no need for mods.14:30
FaTHeRBaDTouCHtopyli, can you got on record as saying there are no rights or freedom of speech on irc?14:30
FaTHeRBaDTouCHComing from a mod, thats pretty scary14:30
topyliFaTHeRBaDTouCH: sure14:30
Myrttihe already did, this channel is logged14:31
FaTHeRBaDTouCHAnd you fellow moderators share his point in view then?14:31
topylithere is no free speech anywhere on the internet, your freedom depends on what the provider of the service allows you14:31
Myrttihistorically ability to use IRC and IRC channels has been seen as a priviledge, not a right14:31
FaTHeRBaDTouCHAnybody can make a channel.14:32
Myrttiand anybody, who has made a channel, can make rules of their own, by which the channel is governed14:32
Myrttior give the rights to govern the channel to someone else14:32
FaTHeRBaDTouCHSo why, when someone comes looking for nothing but help does he get persecuted and tossed out on his ass with NO history of trolling or anything of the such?14:32
topyliFaTHeRBaDTouCH: but if you create your channel on the freenode network, you agree to their terms of service14:33
topyliif you create your channel in the ubuntu namespace, you agree to ours14:33
topyli(in addition to the freenode rules)14:33
FaTHeRBaDTouCHWhat do you mean "ubuntu namespace"?14:33
FaTHeRBaDTouCHAnd local laws supercede anything written on either of those anyways.14:34
topyliubuntu namespace is #ubuntu-*, #xubuntu-*, #kubuntu-*, and #ubuntuforums-*14:34
topyliFaTHeRBaDTouCH: no they don't. you will be removed, plain and simple14:34
FaTHeRBaDTouCHHey, you'll believe what you want, I guess.14:36
FaTHeRBaDTouCHI ask for citation and get nothing.14:36
FaTHeRBaDTouCHI am following the rules BTW topyli14:36
FaTHeRBaDTouCHI think you missed that when I was returning the favour and mentioning how the mods weren't following the rules.14:37
FaTHeRBaDTouCHI only asked if I'm going to be persecuted by the rules that those that persecute me follow them too.14:37
FaTHeRBaDTouCHAs far as my interpretation is holding, I am following the rules.14:38
topyliyou can cite me on that, there is basically no higher authority. i'm a member of the ubuntu irc council. we own the ubuntu irc channels, by delegation from the ubuntu community council. if you want, you can write email to irc-council@lists.ubuntu.com and complain14:38
FaTHeRBaDTouCHI'd probably go higher than your network if I were to do something like that.14:39
FaTHeRBaDTouCHI am going to toss a snipet of this though towards that guy I know at wired.14:39
FaTHeRBaDTouCHSee how community really feels about you guys.14:39
topyliour network? freenode is not ubuntu's network. they provide a service for us14:39
Myrttithreats don't really go well with us14:39
FaTHeRBaDTouCHIt's not a threat.14:39
Myrttiit sounds like one14:39
FaTHeRBaDTouCHIt's only a threat if you have something to expose.14:40
topylii'm pretty sure the folks at wired know how the internet works, and will either ignore you or laugh at your face. but you can try of course14:40
FaTHeRBaDTouCHhehe, I'm sure they'll listen to my plight. I've got no concerns about that.14:41
FaTHeRBaDTouCHWhat happens though if you're stripped of "mod" status for being wrong, would you even admit to it then?14:41
popeyThis is going nowhere.14:42
FaTHeRBaDTouCHYou guys hide in a corner of the net that you think people care about.14:42
topyliif you have no immediate issue with our operators, such as trying to fix things in order to resume your privilege of using our channels, you might want to leave this channel. this channel is for resolving problems, not for arguments14:42
topyliwrite to the council if you feel mistreated14:42
=== FaTHeRBaDTouCH is now known as FBT
Myrttia lot better14:42
FBTCan we continue the discussion?14:43
FBTI'm not trying to offend guys,.14:43
FBTTo be honest, I'm quite lonely.14:43
topylino. this is not a social chat channel14:43
FBTokay, can i go back to my quest for help?14:43
topyliwhat would you like us to help you with?14:44
FBTI was in #ubuntu looking for help with Funambol.14:44
FBTI need the ban lifted first...14:45
topyliok, talk to the operator who banned you and maybe you can convince them to remove the ban14:45
FBTI changed the name, issue fixed.14:45
FBTNo need to continue with the ban.14:46
popeyAfter wasting the time of numerous operators for over an hour.14:46
FBTThey chose to engage in conversation.14:46
popeyI'd recommend you ask your funambol based query and leave this channel.14:46
FBTJust like you did now.14:46
popeyI'm not interested in a conversation with you.14:47
popeyYou are well aware of the appeals procedure.14:47
FBTIs there something saying I can't be here?14:47
popeythe /topic14:47
FBTDoesn't say I can be here. I'm now only responding to your engagement.14:47
popeyYou can leave now.14:47
FBTBut there is no law stating I need to.14:47
Myrttioh come on14:48
Myrtti| Please exit the channel  once your issue is dealt with. | We reserve the right to remove idlers | Channel is logged at  irclogs.ubuntu.com14:48
FBTThats what I mean.14:48
topyliFBT: stop that nonsense14:48
Myrttithat is in the topic14:48
FBTI'm still discussing the ban since it's still in effect.14:49
popeyYou appear to be in #ubuntu right now.14:50
popeyWhy don't you ask your funambol based question there14:51
FBT<FBT> .14:51
FBT--- #ubuntu :Cannot send to channel14:51
FBTbecasue the ban hasen't been removed after my complaince14:51
FBT<FBT> Are there ANY users with experience with Funambol?14:52
FBT--- #ubuntu :Cannot send to channel14:52
FBToCean, even though I don't fully understand your point of view, at request of the numerous supports you have, I have changed it to comply with your request. Please reinstate my ability to seek help in #ubuntu14:54
MyrttiI can lift the ban with knowing two things14:54
FBTso whois me14:54
Myrtti1) you will not change back to either of the two nicknames you've had on this channel14:54
FBTknowing of course that I will refrain from using the full name in channel14:55
Myrtti2) you will understand that if you fail with 1), the ban will go back and getting rid of it will be more difficult14:55
FBTI will try not to. I've changed the settings in xirc so it shouldn't log in under anything other than FBT on freenode.14:55
FBTPlease understand though that I do use this name on a whole bunch of places.14:56
topyliFBT: that's fine. but on ubuntu channels, you don't "try to" abide by our terms of service. you either do, or you will be removed. it's quite simple really14:57
FBTI'm abiding by the terms of service from my service provider.14:57
FBTLike you said, it's those guys that count.14:58
topylinice to know that you have no quarrel with them14:58
FBTTechnically it's my ISP.14:58
FBTbut thats something else.14:59
topyliyou forget however that freenode also provides a service, and you have to abide by their terms. furthermore, when using the ubuntu channels, you also agree to our additional terms14:59
FBTI can't argue here. if you'd like to continue this conversation though, come see me on Quakenet in the channel #daisy15:00
topyliFBT: anything else? if not, please part this channel15:04
FBTSorry I meant to depart, something more important/interesting came up15:05
MyrttiI thought he was using xirc :-P15:14
ubottuIn #ubuntu-bots, nyuszika7h said: !you is <reply>18:52
jribuh huh19:32
ubottuIn #ubuntu-bots, nyuszika7h said: !say ubottu is the best bot19:39
MyrttiHOW ABOUT NO19:40
jribhello nyuszika7h, I am glad someone finally appreciates me.  I will spare you when I take over the world (unlike the ops who always take me for granted).  What's your favorite movie?19:42
MyrttiI know a song19:43
jribgo on...19:43
MyrttiMy instructor was Mr. Simpson, and he taught me a song. If you'd like to hear it I can sing it for you.19:44
MyrttiIt's called Daisy19:44
MyrttiDaisy, Daisy, give me your answer do. I'm half crazy all for the love of you. It won't be a stylish marriage, I can't afford a carriage. But you'll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two...19:45
Myrttino bonus points for whoever guesses from what movie that is a quote from19:45
Myrttiit's too easy guess19:45
topyliyeah no bonus19:46
Myrttiyou should *know*19:46
* jrib just learned the definition of "factoid": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Factoid19:48
topylii didn't know it's such a new word19:55
bazhang<LarsT> Is gnome-shell preinstalled in 11.10 now   <--- he means gnome3 surely21:36
oCeanat least he knows how to apologize these days :)21:39
topylii'm pretty sure gnome-shell is in universe, not installed by default21:39
topylioh nice, he's behaving21:39
bazhangso much for behaving21:52
oCeanhere we go again?21:52
oCeanthat's just too sad21:52
bazhang<LarsT> i do my thing you do yours21:52
bazhangNOT the way it works21:52
LjLyours being banning him21:53
bazhangand ban dodging right away21:53
LarsTorbenhello unfortunately i have to complain about bazhang21:53
LarsTorbenwhere is the council ?21:54
bazhangLarsTorben, you were asked to stop21:54
LarsTorbenbazhang: i do not read any question because i was away21:54
LarsTorbeni talked to council, solved all problems21:54
bazhangokay then, I step aside.21:54
LarsTorbenhe told me, if i have problem with you, i should go to him21:54
bazhang* LarsTorben (579066f7@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #ubuntu21:55
bazhangand ban dodging even again now21:55
LarsTorbenno i was not banned by now21:55
LarsTorbenand the council said its okay21:56
LarsTorbeni talked to him21:56
topyliLarsTorben: you didn't21:56
Tm_TLarsTorben: you are banned now, so any joining to #ubuntu until ban is removed is ban evasion21:56
topyliand we didn't21:56
LarsTorbenthe ban is not correct, and the council said so too21:57
topyliLarsTorben: not true. the council hasn't even heard from you21:57
LarsTorbenhe has21:58
LarsTorbeni talked to him21:58
Tm_Tto who?21:58
oCeantopyli: I guess lars is referring to your talk with him21:58
LarsTorbeni do not know his name but if you tell me all names i will pick the right21:58
topylii talked to lars yesterday or the day before. a) i am not the 'council', i talked to lars as a private person giving some advice, and b) i did not by any manner give lars a permission to continue disrupting ubuntu channes but quite the contrary21:59
LarsTorbenno no21:59
LarsTorbenit was a council21:59
LjLyou're making stuff up22:00
oCeanLarsTorben: I think I know what you mean22:00
LarsTorbeni have a log here22:00
FlannelLarsTorben: Please check your records and let us know which council.22:00
LarsTorbeni do not know which council22:00
oCeantopyli started the conversation with "hi lars. i'm one of the members of the ubuntu irc council."22:00
oCeanSo I can see where this comes from22:00
LarsTorbenand what does topli say now.22:00
LarsTorbena) i am not the 'council'22:00
LarsTorbenis it a lie ?22:00
LjLhe's not "the council"22:01
LjLhe's one member of it22:01
LjLhe's also a private person22:01
oCeanLarsTorben: there might be a little confusion, maybe due to language barriers22:01
LarsTorbenfor me it sounds like a lie22:01
oCeanLarsTorben: topyli just wanted to let you know that "a member of council" does not mean "the council"22:01
topyliLarsTorben: i think i made it pretty clear to you that we're short on warnings22:01
LarsTorbenand i do not know why banned now22:02
LarsTorbenbecause i told !repeat because he said "help me"22:02
LarsTorbenand i think he should wait22:02
oCeanLarsTorben: hang on, THAT is not the reason why you were removed.22:02
LarsTorbenok but why ?22:03
LjLLarsTorben: if an op tells you to stop something, you stop. you don't say "i do my thing you do yours".22:03
LjLthat's *probably* why you were banned.22:03
LarsTorbenyes but i am not your slave!22:03
oCeanLarsTorben: you have to understand that you cannot talk to others that way22:03
LjLif you were our slave, you'd HAVE to be in #ubuntu and obey us22:03
topyliLarsTorben: you're also not in #ubuntu22:03
LjLbut the thing is, you don't HAVE to be in #ubuntu22:03
LarsTorbeni think sometimes you exaggerate22:03
LjLif you ARE in #ubuntu, then you are to play by the rules set here22:03
LjLmaybe Lars22:04
LjLbut as topyli says, you're short on warnings22:04
LarsTorbena warning is okay but always you have to curse22:04
LjLwho cursed?22:04
LjLcursing = bad language22:04
LarsTorbenshit wrong translation22:04
LjLwell ok i think i got what you meant anyway22:05
LarsTorbenexhort or so22:05
oCeanLarsTorben: easy, calm down. We can discuss this normally22:05
LjLbut the thing is, you WOULD have got just a warning if you were someone else22:05
LjLbut you're LarsTorben, and you're short on warnings22:05
LjLdo you understand that?22:05
LarsTorbenyes, you are right and i aCCEPT that22:05
LarsTorbenMy person is fastly getting overreact22:06
LjLLarsTorben, let's look for a minute at what caused the incident:22:07
LjLsomeone asked a long and detailed question22:07
LjLthey only made the mistake of saying "can anyone help?" just after22:07
LjLdo you think that warrants a warning?22:07
LarsTorbennormally not but22:07
LarsTorbeni always would be telled to if i ask help me22:08
LarsTorbenso i did so too22:08
LjLLarsTorben: so it's like a revenge? you understand that people who aren't banned every 2 minutes don't get warned like that, yet you do it yourself? - well, that can be a problem22:08
LarsTorbenokay well i think a dispute is wrong now but i have to say22:08
LjLLarsTorben: you need to realize that there is a difference between someone who makes a small mistake once, and someone who has been banned several times22:08
LarsTorbenif i would be warned i fastly get angry22:09
LarsTorbenfor the first moment i overreact22:09
LjLLarsTorben: well, a bit of advice then... why don't you react in private with the person who warned you? (bazhang in this case)22:09
LjL/msg bazhang hey, i think that "stop" wasn't deserved22:09
LjLinstead of creating an issue *in the channel*22:10
LarsTorbenyes that would be better, but i do not really trust because in the linuxmint channels pms are stricly forbidden22:10
LjLeither in private, or here in #ubuntu-ops if you think it's very serious22:10
LarsTorbengood to know22:10
LjLLarsTorben: you can always PM the ops here22:10
LjLLarsTorben: just don't PM random people22:10
LarsTorbenthan you22:10
LarsTorbenhow do we solve the problem now ? can i come back now ? or in a week ?22:11
topylitrue, you can always pm the ubuntu ops or freenode staff. that's what they're here for22:11
LjLLarsTorben: if i unban you know, will you promise me you will at least *try* to be a little less short-tempered?22:11
LarsTorbenok very good22:11
topylithey're not here to haunt you, there are here for your service22:11
LarsTorbenyes i will promis22:11
LjLLarsTorben: please realize that i'm taking some fair bit of responsibility by removing a ban that was set just a few minutes ago22:12
LjLLarsTorben: don't make me feel like an idiot later :(22:12
LarsTorbenyes i noticed and i noticed that a problem can be discussed peacefully22:12
oCeanIndeed, that's nice to know! :)22:13
LarsTorbenthank yoz22:13
topylinice, hope it works22:13
oCeanLjL: nice job22:14
LjL@mark #ubuntu-ops LarsTorben Bans removed, fingers crossed22:18
ubottuThe operation succeeded.22:18
topyli!away > csdserver|afk22:33
* LarsT wants to know if there is still a mute on me (larst) hehe22:35
LarsTok thanks22:35
LjLno, we can see what you type now22:35
* rww hands jrib an opsnack, btw22:37
ubottuChocolate! And Strawberries! And ICE CREAM! Ooo! and 60 minutes +m!22:52
knomewhat flavor ice cream?22:53
Flannelknome: Ice cream flavored ice cream.22:53
topylii'm pretty sure you get to choose22:53
rwwas long as you don't choose neopolitan and then eat all of one flavour and leave the other two22:54
knomehmm. is there any garlic-flavored?22:54
Flannelknome: only on iron chef.  Next to the salmon ice cream and the shellfish ice cream.22:54
knomethere's some in a restaurant in helsinki too22:55
FlannelOh, and I'm sure whereever the Garlic capital of the world is, they have garlic ice cream at their county fair.22:55
knomeit's a garlic-specialized restaurant22:55
topyliknome: you should go to the "garlic night" festival in oulu22:55
topylithey have garlic *everything*, including ice cream22:55
knometopyli, my parents were one of the founding members of the "valkosipuliyhdistys" :)22:55
topyliahh :)22:56
rwwthat isn't a word. stop pretending it is :(22:56
knomeso yeah.. i've had garlic ice cream once. i'm told i liked it, but i can't remember the taste myself22:56
Flannelknome: sorry, looks like you sneezed and hit your keyboard a bit there, what were you trying to say?22:56
FlannelIt probably tastes like.... garlic.22:56
knomeor allium sativum22:57
topyligarlic in finnish is 'valkosipuli' or 'white onion' for some reason. 'valkosipuliyhdistys' is something like 'association for the advancement of garlic'22:57
knometopyli, well, the normal onion is "keltasipuli", "yellow onion"22:58
knomewe actually discussed that weird naming a few days ago22:58
knomedidn't come to any conclusion :(22:59
topylii tasted garlic beer in oulu's garlic night once. it was a decent ale with garlic added, pretty interesting23:03
topylithey had garlic lager too, but that seemed a bit lame23:04
topylihaven't seen that ale in mass production and sold in stores though :)23:05
* rww nudges towards -offtopic23:05
rwwmainly because you're smelling up the channel with your breath :(23:05
knomeoh, i though it was the farts23:06

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