args[0]I need to rsync files between my server and my own machine once every 6hrs, how can I pass the password since this will be handled by a cron?01:02
mdeslaurhallyn: thanks! I'll give it a look this we01:19
baffleI'm trying to rewrite payload-packets from a tftpd-server, anyone have any hints? The tftp-client will connect from random hiport (ex: 2000) to tftpd at port 69. TFTP will then send payload from ports 1400:1499 to the random client highport. The problem is that this doesn't pass a NAT-firewall on the client side.01:56
baffleI've tried the following IPtable rule: iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -p udp --sport 1400:1499 -j SNAT --to-source :6901:57
mdeslaurhallyn: oooh! putting the latecommand.sh in the initrd is a great idea01:57
baffleBut it doesn't work. If I set SNAT to "--to-source :70", it will work, except that replies will come from port 70, not port 69, and thus will not pass the firewall. It seems no packets will flow if I rewrite to sorceport 69.01:58
mdeslaurhallyn: If you don't mind, I'm going to start by trying to not repack the isos, and then I'll incorporate your changes, but will make most of them apply to the other install types as well01:58
baffleAny ideas?01:58
mdeslaurhallyn: thanks for all of that, lots of great stuff there01:58
baffleargs[0]: You don't, you use public/private ssh keys either without a password, or with the password inside an ssh-agent.02:00
hallynmdeslaur: cool, thx.  give the credit to smoser, i only spent a few hours figuring out that i needed to rip off his idea :)03:13
hallyni'll be offline most of weekend, ttyl03:14
hallynoh, actually - it did occur to me that it would probably work just as well to hack initrd's /init to modprobe iso, mount /cdrom, and then proceed as the others do.  Dunno which is cleaner.03:16
swimfinsbusy night?03:25
swimfinsI ran an install of 10.10 LTS and everything seemed okay until I rebooted. I'm getting an (initramfs) prompt.  Any ideas?03:28
swimfinsAhhh huhuh... is this thing on?03:30
patdk-lapsounds like it can't locate your root drive03:31
swimfinsright, I can boot with the cd into recovery and I can get to the partition03:31
swimfinsBeen working on this for a couple weeks now.  When I go to 11.04, it won't see the dirves at all03:32
jmarsdenswimfins: So, what strange disk controller does your server have in it?03:33
swimfinsI'm sure it's a SCSI issue, but I don't know how to troubleshoot it from here.03:34
swimfinsIts an LSI MPT Fusion03:34
swimfinsI found lots of posts on google, but nothing that helped.03:35
patdk-lapwhat model?03:35
patdk-lapah a lsi 103003:36
swimfinsha, you've stepped in this before?03:37
patdk-lapdon't have that one, I have a machine with an 3008 in it, it works fine03:37
swimfinsstrange thing is that it installs just fine. it just won't boot03:38
patdk-lapI have seen a few times here the system forgets what driver it needs03:39
patdk-lapif you can boot using a cd, to get into the install03:40
patdk-laptry adding the modules needed to /etc/initramfs-tools/modules03:40
swimfinsonce it boots go to busybox with alt-F2?03:41
patdk-lapdunno what that is03:42
swimfinsbefore it checks for hardware?03:42
swimfinsI thought you meant during the install03:42
swimfinsboot into the recovery and modify the /modules?03:43
patdk-laphmm, I can only find into up to kernel 2.6.2303:43
swimfinsI think I'm at 2.6.23-3303:44
patdk-lapmptsas module03:44
patdk-lapyou should be on 2.6.32 for lucid03:44
swimfinsmy mistake03:45
swimfinswill the mptsas work for scsi?03:45
patdk-lapyou don't have sas?03:45
swimfinsno, it's scsi03:46
patdk-lapactually here you go03:46
patdk-lapbug #57957203:46
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 579572 in linux "Lucid: Gave up waiting for root device (mptsas) resolved by rootdelay" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57957203:46
swimfinsbooting to rescue to try.03:50
swimfinsnope, I modified the /etc/defaullt/grub and did update-grub and it still does the same thing03:57
jmarsdenswimfins: Just in case, wait 3 minutes at the initramfs shell prompt and then type exit and see if it then boots?03:59
jmarsdenOtherwise you will want to look for other info about what is happening, either on screen or in log files, to troubleshoot this further, I think.04:00
swimfinsyes, it boots.04:04
swimfinsto x but it boots04:05
swimfinsdo I need to extend the rootdelay?04:06
jmarsdenSounds like it to me.  Try 180 which is 3 minutes04:06
jmarsdenWait... this is a server install, and it boots to X ?  A server install doesn't *install* X by default... ?04:07
swimfinsThat's what I thought04:07
jmarsdenSounds like you used a Desktop CD by accident?04:08
swimfinsthe last install I did was from the alternate cd04:08
jmarsdenalternace CD is a desktop image.04:08
swimfinsmy bad, I'll have to reinstall04:08
swimfinsI'll try the rootdelay first.04:08
swimfinsthere is still a disk problem because it tells me I only have 2GB left in /04:11
swimfinsit's like a 40Gb raid partition04:11
swimfinsit's like its booting to the wrong partition04:13
swimfinsso the boot was ugly and it looked like it was going back to the initramfs prompt, but it did eventually boot04:20
swimfinsyou rock jmarsden04:21
jmarsdenYou're welcome.  OK, so now you have a running system which you can use to debug/troubleshoot further with if you need to do that.04:21
swimfinsjust need to figure out why the partition is not right.  Maybe I need to do a manual part instead of the guided with LVM?04:23
jmarsdenIt should work either way.  But since you will reinstall anyway to get server not desktop, you can test that as part of the reinstall.04:24
swimfinsThanks again for the help.04:26
jmarsdenYou're welcome.04:27
swimfinslooks like what I needed to do was to delete all existing partitions first.04:37
swimfinsfor some reason I thought a fresh install would do that.04:38
DanaGokay, finally got the stupid remote to pair with forked-daapd.04:41
swimfinsjmarsden, it's an ugly boot with lots of failures and nasty messages, but it eventually boots05:11
jmarsdenOK.  You can pastebin logs of the ugly msgs and ask for help with them if you need to.  At least you have a bootable Ubuntu server now :)05:12
swimfinsit looks like its about to go to the initramfs prompt when the screen blinks and it goes to a login prompt05:14
swimfinsyou rock05:14
swimfinsby he way05:14
jmarsden:)  Thanks.05:16
uvirtbotNew bug: #821830 in postfix (main) "package postfix 2.8.2-1ubuntu2.1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82183007:06
Guest21798which has more features and which is more easy to install and handle? drupal, elgg, or wordpress/buddy press ? any suggestions please.?07:12
uvirtbotNew bug: #821840 in samba (main) "package samba-common-bin 2:3.5.8~dfsg-1ubuntu2.3 failed to install/upgrade: Abhängigkeitsprobleme - verbleibt unkonfiguriert" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82184007:51
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jared555Does anyone know if it is possible to configure dhcpd to handle a dynamic 6to4 IPv6 address (comcast); or would I have to either use scripts to generate the config file or use something like he tunnelbroker?10:43
Guest21798i have heard buddypress cannot work for heavy load. or not suitable for facebook similer social networking sites as contrasted to drupal ?10:51
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bernhard1when i boot the server cd 11.4 in rescue mode to be able to make an image with DD the prompt has only a few commands: i need to be able to see the harddrives first to see which to clone to which drive.12:05
bernhard1booted with knoppix and through fdisk -l i see my two disks. i want to clone the installed disk to the other disk with dd. But how do i know which is the empty disk ?12:32
bernhard1On disk /dev/sda it says.. doesnt contain a valid partition table..12:33
patdk-lapwhat one did you want to clone from?12:43
patdk-lapsda? or sdb?12:43
bernhard1thats my question. how can i see which is the drive i want to clone when they are unmounted ? they have the same size..12:44
patdk-lapserial number? model number?12:45
patdk-lapchecking what one is configured with fdisk?12:45
StevenRbernhard1: does fdisk -l show you what you need?12:45
StevenRor at least enough to identify12:46
StevenRwhy do you want to clone with dd ?12:46
bernhard1those disks are identical 300gb velociraptor. On one is my server install. i want to clone that to the second disk.12:46
bernhard1when i use fdsk -l i get sda and sdb but with same details12:47
bernhard1only on sda it says that it does not contain a valid partition table.12:47
StevenRbernhard1: that's not the same then12:52
StevenRbut still, why do you want to do this?12:52
StevenRif you know physically which disk is which, you could use the serial numbers to tell them apart, and look at dmesg or maybe fdisk -l to work out which is which12:53
patdk-laphmm :(13:02
patdk-lap24 port 10gig switch is 8k :(13:02
bernhard1i want to clone disk to have a spare disk which can boot my same server (for instance disk is broken. Then i have a spare working one.13:02
bernhard1oke i found out which is which.. the one whith indentifier 0000 is the empty disk it also gives the message doesnt contain valid partition table.13:11
patdk-lapdd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/sda bs=1M13:11
patdk-lapstill seems alittle pointless though13:12
bernhard1so my empty disk is sda and my installed disk (source) is sdb13:12
patdk-lapyour going have to keep them updated somehow13:12
bernhard1thats true.. but when the disk is broken i have still got a working disk and i can do this one a month for instance..13:13
bernhard1sda is empty sdb = server13:17
bernhard1commando: dd if/dev/sdb of=/dev/sda                 is correct?13:17
patdk-lapthat will take all day13:17
patdk-lapuse the command I said13:17
bernhard1bs=4m not better13:17
patdk-laptechnically, anything larger than 64k is likely to not matter13:17
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cjs226i have ubuntu-desktop 11.04 installed in a vm i'm using to tinker with.  how can i disable X from starting?  google's not returning working solutions20:55
bernhard1when ubuntu server boot it gives some choices to boot: recovery mode etc. How can i disable these choices and make it just boot the ubuntu server?   (i noticed that it does not have the countdown and booting unbuntu normally when i make the boot partition read only).22:20
Patrickdkanyone know a commandline utility I can use to generate $6$ type hashs?22:24
philipballewif i want to accsess a server via ssh from outside the network do I type "ssh domain computer name@user" ?22:25
Patrickdkssh user@servername22:26

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