head_victimIs there a collection of useful scripts and things for translators anywhere in particular? One of our translators has made some javascript to make the launchpad pages auto come up with batch=5009:10
kelemengaborhead_victim: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-translations-coordinators/ubuntu-translations/ubuntu-i18n09:49
kelemengaboraltough not so many of them09:49
head_victimkelemengabor: thanks, anything is a start, if it helps make our jobs easier I'm all for it09:50
sagacithanks, i'll grab a copy09:50
kelemengaborhead_victim: if you wrote something useful, I think you can just open a bug and propose a branch09:52
head_victimkelemengabor: yep was just going to point the person who actually wrote it there, don't want to steal their work was just seeing if such a thinkg existed first09:52
head_victimsagaci: if you see jaddi first by all means point him that way09:53
sagaciyeah, just have to make sure it's free software09:54
head_victimYeah that's why I cc'd him into our convo on the email and didn't do what benny did09:54
sagacihave to hook the .js into the browsers installed or something09:56

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