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AlanBellmorning all07:20
MartijnVdS\o AlanBell07:21
MooDoohello all07:59
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brobostigonmorning everyone.09:32
brobostigonmorning MooDoo09:33
MooDoopurchasing a external cd drive today...hope they are cheapish :D09:35
StevenRMooDoo: I have a liteon one that was about 20 quid.09:42
MooDooStevenR: where did you get that one from?09:42
StevenR(usb, dvd re-writer actually)09:42
StevenRebuyer iirc09:42
StevenRit's usb powered with a standard A -> mini-B cable09:44
MooDoook thanks :D09:44
mfraz74not very happy with ebuyer/city-link at the moment09:45
MooDooGirlyGirl: hi09:46
MooDoomfraz74: how come?09:46
mfraz74hi GirlyGirl09:46
mfraz74MooDoo: ordered a hard drive yesterday for delivery today, checked earlier and something has rescheduled it for monday instead09:46
MooDoomfraz74: have you contacted them?09:46
mfraz74tried to contact city-link, but was on hold for ages. ebuyer aren't open today09:47
MooDoomfraz74: how far is the city-link depot from you, couldn't you go pick it up?09:47
mfraz74about an hour away and no car today09:48
MartijnVdSTaxi! :)09:48
directhexit may not be at the depot09:48
mfraz74it is at the depot09:48
directhexwhat time did it arrive at the depot?09:49
mfraz74arrived thereat 6.20 got rescheduled 2 hours later09:49
mfraz74it says "Thank you for your rescheduling request."09:50
directhexyeah, goods are loaded onto delivery vans at around 5:30-6:0009:50
directhexso the lorry didn't arrive until it was too late09:50
directhexyes, you've paid for saturday delivery and not got it. i've had this kind of thing from citylink09:50
mfraz74the website makes look like i've rescheduled the delivery09:51
directhexmfraz74, the depot staff helpfully rescheduled delivery on your behalf.09:55
* GirlyGirl is deciding whether to spend money repairing her car bodywork or buying herself a nice new laptop 09:55
mfraz74new laptop of course!09:56
MartijnVdSI'd go for the car09:57
GirlyGirlI think I'll take the laptop, since the car moves like it should (except for a bit of constant steering)09:58
MooDooGirlyGirl: what's going to be the cheaper option?  and is your life at stake in the car ;)09:59
GirlyGirlor maybe balancing for the car and a laptop09:59
directhexlaptops are SOO last millennium. tablets are where it's at!10:01
GirlyGirlMooDoo: both cost around the same.. no the car is safe, just dented, I smashed it pretty bad10:01
GirlyGirldirecthex: nah not so interested in a tablet10:02
mfraz74GirlyGirl: you're not also known as Rowan Atkinson are you?10:02
GirlyGirlmfraz74: Why would that be lol10:02
mfraz74GirlyGirl: have you seen what he's done to his car?10:02
brobostigonmfraz74: yes, he rightedoff his mclaren f1.10:03
GirlyGirlnah mine's not so bad! and no f1 for me10:04
* penguin42 yawns11:31
* GirlyGirl thinks penguins are lazy11:39
directhexand stuffed with herring.11:41
penguin42GirlyGirl: I'm not going to argue with that11:41
penguin42given it's nearly 1pm, I've been up less than an hour and am still in dressing gown :-)11:43
GirlyGirlpenguin42: You must be used to it, the south pole is always dark at this time of the year11:45
penguin42GirlyGirl: Nod11:45
penguin42GirlyGirl: Although Manchester isn't quite that bad11:45
* popey is also still in dressing gown :D11:50
directhexi'm going to have a shower, i think11:50
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Azelphurfor all the electronicy type people out there, would it be possible to make a magnetic USB charging cable?13:08
Azelphuryou know like the cables you get on laptops which are held in magnetically so if someone trips over the cable it just falls out13:08
aquariusnot really. usb requires more of a contact than that13:08
Azelphurthought it might do, but I wondered if the requirements would be lower for just power with no data13:09
directhexusb doesn't work that way.13:11
aquariusthen it's not usb :)13:11
aquariusthe whole point is that usb is universal; you can plug any usb device into it. If this magic socket requires shorter plugs or something then it ain't usb ;)13:12
Azelphurspose :p13:12
aquariuswhat you could do is make a very short usb-to-azelphursb connector, and then put an azelphursb socket on your laptop13:12
directhexlook inside a usb plug. power happens on the 2 long lines - ground on the left, +5v on the right13:13
aquariusalso, liisten to directhex, since he has the skillz13:14
Azelphursounds like it would be easier to bypass the usb charging and just go straight to the battery13:18
* penguin42 hands jacobw a goat13:26
* jacobw nutures the goat13:26
jacobwi'll definately be following the research next time i mow a lawn13:27
MartijnVdSyes.. move in a circle from the inside out..13:37
MartijnVdSexcept adjusted to non-circular laws :)13:38
head_victimAny enGB translation admins around?13:51
brobostigonhi GirlyGirl14:28
MooDoohi GirlyGirl14:29
ubuntuuk-planet[Laura Czajkowski] Ubuntu Ireland August Geeknic - http://www.lczajkowski.com/2011/08/06/ubuntu-ireland-august-geeknic/18:15
ubuntuuk-planet[Laura Czajkowski] One Week to OggCamp See you there - http://www.lczajkowski.com/2011/08/06/one-week-to-oggcamp-see-you-there/18:15
* popey hugs Myrtti 19:22
GirlyGirlHow much is a london olympic ticket going to be19:35
AlanBellall gone19:35
GirlyGirlAlanBell: Really, what was the pricing19:36
AlanBellhuge range, from £20 to £x00019:36
AlanBellwhere are you coming from?19:37
GirlyGirlI'm not interested in the Olympic ticket, was just curious19:37
AlanBellbecause the UK allocation was done in a lottery, other country allocations might have some left19:38
popeyiirc GirlyGirl is in Scotland19:40
popeySo probably more expensive to get to (that) London from there than from say Paris19:40
czajkowskilook at the logo here   http://www.aftemplates.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Free-Expense-Report-Template.png19:41
czajkowskicmes from there19:41
czajkowskinot sure who to report it to19:44
popeywhy report it?19:44
czajkowskiubuntu logo19:44
popeywhy report it?19:45
AlanBelllooks like a perfectly good use of it19:45
czajkowskifair enough19:45
popeyI'd rather they used the up to date one :D19:45
popeymaybe we should ask them to do that19:45
* czajkowski is tryng to find a template for expenses online 19:46
popeyI just use a spreadsheet19:46
AlanBellwith your nice new spreadsheet application19:46
MartijnVdSMicrosoft Excel? :)19:46
popeyI nearly typed "I just use an excel spreadsheet" :D19:47
MartijnVdSpopey: Office for Windows or for Mac?19:47
MartijnVdSso you need another copy for each of your macs ;)19:48
popeyooo pizza here19:48
popeygood timing dominos man!19:48
* mgdm shakes his fist at popey 19:54
mgdmNow I want Dominos19:54
* GirlyGirl asks opey for her share19:55
* StevenR has chicken, peppers and pasta :D19:58
* daubers has mended the clothes drawers, thus completing his manly duties for the day20:32
daubers*sigh* Why do people assume _everyone_ uses MS Outlook20:36
daubers"Please use the “vote” facility above to let us know by answering yes or no." arrived in my gmail20:37
mgdmThe real comedy ones are when they attempt to recall messages they shouldn't have sent20:38
daubersAlso, Apple inverting the scroll motion in Lion is blasted annoying20:40
daubersAlso! Might finally get to meet the people at Reading Hackspace tomorrow \o/20:41
* StevenR has painted part of a ceiling20:51
daubersStevenR: \o/20:51
StevenRdaubers: without a) getting paint in my hair b) destroying the ceiling c) falling off the ladder and d) smashing anything20:52
daubersStevenR: \o/ \o/20:52
StevenRa few more coats and it should blend in nicely20:53
MartijnVdSStevenR: but now the furniture is all covered in paint?20:53
daubersStevenR: I watched my dd and his friend plaster a roof once by using stilts, that was immensely impressive unti they tripped up :)20:53
StevenRMartijnVdS: nope (bathroom, so easy to wipe down the few splatters)20:53
StevenRdaubers: eep.20:53
daubersstupid osx21:25
HazRPGhey guys, having a weird trouble installing 11.04 on a core 2 duo... "boot error" from the BIOS22:18
HazRPGusing a USB flash drive22:18
HazRPG(no CD drive)22:18
HazRPGI know the USB flash drive works, because my laptop boots into it... I'm just baffled as to what's up22:18
HazRPGis there a BIOS thing I should be changing that could be locking it out?22:19
HazRPGaccording to this, it should be okay (however that does mention 8.04 though, not 11.04): http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/dg35ec/sb/CS-029515.htm22:22
AlanBellHazRPG: are you camping for oggcamp?22:26
HazRPGAlanBell: Hopefully yeah :)22:26
HazRPGAlanBell: If its still okay with you?22:27
AlanBellcan you send a mail to alanbell@ubuntu.com22:27
HazRPGwhat shall I put in said mail?22:28
AlanBellactually, never mind, you are on the list already22:28
HazRPGoh the oggcamp list?22:29
HazRPGyeah I have a ticket already :)22:29
AlanBellthe "people in my garden" list22:29
HazRPGoh ^_^22:29
HazRPGAlanBell: you got many staying at yours?22:30
HazRPGI know me and brobostigon are :)22:30
HazRPG(if I haven't already, again much thanks for offering to put me up in your garden :))22:31
AlanBellgosh, looks like 7 :-/22:32
AlanBellthink I am full22:32
dutchieAlanBell: you did take me off the list?22:32
HazRPGWow! Got enough space for all that?22:32
AlanBelldutchie: yes22:32
dutchiecool :)22:32
dutchiewell :( really22:32
AlanBellHazRPG: maybe22:32
AlanBell6 for saturday/sunday22:33
StevenRAlanBell: all sorted on the networking front? (I heard mention about worries about wireless for the conf?)22:33
AlanBellStevenR: that is popey's thing really22:33
AlanBellapart from the AV Lan22:33
StevenRI see22:34
HazRPGOoo, there's LAN?22:34
AlanBellone way or another there will be some wireless22:34
HazRPGShould I be bring my laptop with me?22:34
AlanBellHazRPG: just a gigabit switch possibly not connected to anything22:34
StevenRAlanBell: hehe. Wireless design is fun :)22:34
HazRPGheh, even if we just bridge a few android phones together, and use them as AP's ... there will be wireless!22:35
AlanBellreasonable mobile broadband there, we tested in the rooms22:35
AlanBelland kick ass wireless N broadband in my garden22:35
HazRPGmy laptop is so going to be made fun of so much this weekend :(22:35
AlanBell34MB down \o/22:36
StevenRAlanBell: FTTC or VM ?22:36
HazRPGwow score! \o/22:36
* StevenR has that too22:36
AlanBelland if it is totally dry, power to the tents :)22:36
HazRPGbetter down then me!22:36
HazRPG(I has 8Mb down)22:37
AlanBellotherwise charging stuff indoors22:37
HazRPGcool :)22:37
penguin42AlanBell: How many people are you getting in your garden?22:37
AlanBellgoing to need to dismantle a 14foot diameter trampoline on the friday and reassemble Sunday morning22:37
AlanBellpenguin42: 7!22:37
* penguin42 imagines something like out of a refugee camp22:38
AlanBelllittle bit concerned about space22:38
HazRPGDon't worry, I'm only little... so I won't be taking up much space :)22:38
penguin42AlanBell: If you give them strong enough coffee they won't need to sleep22:38
HazRPGif needs be, I'll be outside with an umbrella tied around my sleeping bag :P22:39
HazRPGcould bring my 4 man tent, which can easily house about 6 skinny people22:39

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