seidoswell, i've learned 2 things:  1.  that jogging is easier with small quick steps as opposed to long strides and 2. that trail mix is a favorite food of mine03:52
seidosnot just easier...but it appears to be quite efficient03:52
philipballewDarkwingDuck, what time to have a global jam would have the most people in your opinion?18:34
philipballewFyi, I think that posted in several channels. xchat is kinds screwing around.18:36
* philipballew should probably switch from xchat18:36
DarkwingDuckphilipballew: Oh I have no idea... 11-4 or something like that?18:47
DarkwingDuck1-5 or 1-6?18:47
philipballewsounds good. the afternoon probably better then the morning you think? I was think that as well to18:48
philipballew11 would be good. give people time to drive yet still have their saturday evening to do whatever18:49
* philipballew can get there early and reserver tables18:49
DarkwingDuckgetting me up and somewhere in the morning on a saturday morning... Not a simple task :P19:00
DarkwingDuckSo, Sept 3?19:00
philipballewhaha, me as well. and If people from closer up to La come, they wont wanna have to leave at dawn. Yeah, Saturday seems best to me. Just a thought though19:02
DarkwingDuckNo, Sat is good.19:02
DarkwingDuckBRB, shower time19:02
philipballewis the ubuntu circle of friends logo copyrighted?21:03
grantbowphilipballew there are permitted uses. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Brand  http://www.ubuntu.com/aboutus/trademarkpolicy21:26
philipballewalright, I was gonna write Ubuntu onto the logo and put it on a flayer for a Ubuntu event. should work then if i put a credit on the flayer21:28

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