mhall119I'm sure everyone there had a VPN or SSH tunnel00:03
mhall119I mean, what kind of fool would connect to public wifi provided by a hacker's convention00:03
crashsystemsmhall119: plenty of kinds of fool would use public wifi00:18
pace_t_zului took y'alls topic "Please add agenda items"01:10
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maxolasersquad_hAnyone around to answer a quick networking question.18:19
Deamosseraphim slightly around..whats up?18:29
maxolasersquad_hThanks Deamosseraph.  I found my answer.18:39
maxolasersquad_hI'm wiring a cat5 jack in my house.  Couldn't remember if I should do A/B, A/A, or B/B.  I'm going with A/A.18:39
DeamosseraphI usually use 568/B on both18:40
Deamosseraphit doesnt really matter as long as you use the same on both sides18:41
maxolasersquad_hYeah, that's what I couldn't remember.  I'm pretty sure I did my other jacks A/A, so I'm going to continue with that.18:43
maxolasersquad_hThe jack is wired up and working properly.19:42
Deamosseraphrock on19:42
DeamosseraphI always hate having to RJ-45 up my cat 519:42
bluebomberA very late update on our launch event at USF: http://mnachtig.blog.usf.edu/?p=24621:21
bluebomberOur Natty launch event*21:21
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