* skellat looks around, runs away03:23
Cheri703hola folks03:46
Cheri703so I'm going to attempt to learn some infosec stuff :)03:47
Cheri703that's my new project03:47
Cheri703paultag: around?22:21
paultagCheri703: yeah22:24
Cheri703sooo....I'm hoping to start learning some infosec stuff...just finished a "basics of information security" and about to start "Hacking: the art of exploitation"22:24
Cheri703and hypatia is going to teach me some metasploitable stuff in a few weeks :)22:25
paultagCheri703: fun :)22:25
* Cheri703 will be teh haxorz22:25
Cheri703yeah, it seems like it will be interesting22:26

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