bkerensahmm upgrading desktop from LTS to 10.10 to resolve a usb issue :)07:26
bkerensa:) Wifi USB Adapter is solid now08:56
shantorngood morning09:25
* bkerensa scratches head09:26
shantornwhat are you up to?09:26
bkerensaidk procrastinating going to bed since I need to be up early09:26
shantornah well i went to bed at 8, was so pooped from hte day now i am up at this ungodly hour09:26
bkerensaI figure I can stay up till 3am then grab some dutch bros in the morning :P09:26
bkerensaIm up till atleast 2am daily09:27
shantornyou still in your 20's09:27
bkerensaInsomnia though09:27
shantornwhen i hit around 24 it stopped working for me09:27
shantornsay have you done any playing with ubun 11.1009:28
bkerensadont like it09:29
shantornwhy for?09:29
bkerensaI run Natty Classic on my laptop and my desktop I'm running 10.1009:29
bkerensaI dont like Natty09:29
bkerensaI mean I dont like Unity09:31
shantornstructurally or the interface?09:31
shantornah ha09:31
bkerensaits to memory hoggish09:31
bkerensaand its uhh crayola crayon gui09:32
bkerensaI like simple and basic09:32
bkerensaRunning Xbuntu right now09:41
bkerensaI think I might totally switch09:41
shantornwhat makes it better?09:42
bkerensaIts lean (lightweight) uses far less cpu/memory but all the same functionality09:42
bkerensaIf I had as many apps running in Ubuntu that I have up in Xubuntu then I would freeze up09:43
shantornoh wow09:43
shantornbetter setup for mid resource machines?09:43
bkerensamy desktop has 500mb of ram09:43
shantornmakes sense09:44
shantornsay are you a student?09:44
shantorni am09:44
bkerensamy laptop has 4GB and Dual Core but I still might switch to Xbuntu on it just so I can put more resources to crunching09:44
bkerensaNot currently09:44
bkerensaI might go back to PCC in the Spring09:44
shantorni may have landed the ultimate job for me with the family i have, a park host 1 mile from my kids school and its has 4 playgrounds less than 1 minute walk from the house, lol and they pay me09:45
bkerensaWhere do you study?09:46
bkerensaPark Host isnt a bad gig at all I have a friend who did it in California and he loved it09:46
shantorninformation  systems, used to be compuer specialist. I have been doing computers since 92 but finaly figured out i need a degree to make any advancement09:46
bkerensanot true!09:47
shantornlower columbia college in longview09:47
bkerensaIf you got the knowledge and a few certifications09:47
bkerensaand go to a few cons you can land a job09:47
bkerensaI saw so many people get jobs on the spot at OSCOn09:47
bkerensano resume... nothing just talking09:47
shantorni also part owner in http://www.mpcu.com/09:48
shantornthis next quarter i should get prepped and tested for the network+ cert and have been studying for the linux+ cert09:49
shantorni just love computers and have since i was a kid when i got my vic 2009:50
shantorndid you keel over?09:56
shantornmorning pizza14:17
* bkerensa is going to be mobile must of the day... Gotta leave Portland for family stuff and head south :)16:43
shantornwhats going on fella's17:52

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