pace_t_zuluwho is that cosmicpizza guy?01:05
Unit193I'm personally not sure, but he is also in -oh and doesn't seem to know really what a LoCo is01:06
pace_t_zuluyea ... he's been in and out of the florida channel with the same frequency as this one01:10
cyberangerhey cosmicpizza02:52
cyberangerhey Juzzy02:52
wrsthey cyberanger :)03:19
cyberangerhey wrst how's your night03:34
wrstdoing well cyberanger just about to head off to bed03:36
cyberangergood to hear03:37
cyberangerI'll be doing so shortly03:37
wrstyou doing ok cyberanger?03:37
cyberangera little too much excitement in town, but yeah03:38
cyberangermovie theater a little crazy in the lot as I left03:38
wrstwell cyberanger i will catch you tomorrow think i'm going to doze on off good night03:40
cyberangerwrst: it is a good one now, for me03:41
cyberangerhope it's the same for you03:41
cyberangergonna finish this movie and do the same03:41
Unit193Good night wrst03:42
orangeninjanight wrst03:43
cosmicpizzahey cyberanger07:33
cosmicpizzamorning all07:33
cosmicpizzait' s 9 oclock in france and i get up07:33
cyberangercosmicpizza: that'd be 0300 for me14:14
wrstmorning vychune , cyberanger14:17
vychunehows everyone doing14:17
wrstgood vychune, you?14:18
vychunelearning WP14:18
cyberangermorning wrst14:20
cyberangerwrst: how goes the move?14:21
cyberangerstarsprout: my recommendtion on using codeen CDN, set his vhost with some URL Rewrite rules, redirect everyone to CoDeeN, but check user agents, CoDeeN uses a unique one, which must not be redirected14:27
wrstcyberanger: getting started...14:32
cyberangerwrst: nice14:32
wrstcyberanger: never knew i had so many cables ran in this place!15:29
wrstcyberanger: I am leaving my server hooked up but I am packing up my little used desktop15:35
wrstI will probably start from scratch on it15:35
cyberangermake backups though16:05
wrstof course :)16:49
cyberangerwrst: ^17:32
wrstcyberanger: on my desktop, ubuntu, arch, fedora, vista, xp and something else that's all bare metal then vm's of various others17:46
cyberangerwrst: why so much on one rig20:40
wrstjust playing cyberanger21:27
cyberangerHola Senor orangeninja22:02
cyberangernot much22:11
cyberangerand you?22:11
orangeninjaFrustrated I can not get recovery partion to boot on my HP latop22:11
orangeninjabut other than that, I am good22:11
cyberangerorangeninja: did that laptop have linux on it?22:31
cyberangerthe installer may have goofed, if so22:45
wrstcyberanger: btw that desktop is pretty large little machine that's another reason needed to make it earn its keep :)23:13
cyberangerah, that does help, doesn't it23:21
cyberangera big tower?23:21
wrstyes atx large one23:35
wrststill atx but pretty big tower23:37
cyberangermakes sense, I've kinda moved to laptops & netbooks myself23:39
cyberangernot overnight, but it happened23:39
cyberangervirtualbox made it too easy, in some respects23:39
cyberangertwo laptops & a netbook & switch, I've got enough computing power to run a medium office23:40
cyberangerto compare to a medium office at least23:40
cyberangerthe space of desktops is hard, nearly as hard as the portability23:41
cyberangeror lack of, in this case23:41
cyberanger(one habit that's taken alot of time to break, and in ways is still being broken, is this dormitory style pack & move, everything's light & ready to move)23:42
cyberanger(even worse, some days I try to live like that, then remember it's so far behind me, there's no point in going back to that lifestyle)23:43
wrstyeah cyberanger I don't think I will do much with a desktop anymore but for recording they are nice23:49
wrstand I use this for that, but it deosn't take a great desktop to do moderate audio work23:49
cyberangerDesktops are nice, but they kinda depend on the same desk day in day out23:56
cyberangermy mind never worked like that, had to be forced23:57
cyberangerand now the computing power is irrevalant23:57
cyberangerstorage is ahead in a way on desktops, they have room for bigger drives, new optical drives aren't built cheap & small23:58
cyberangerbut if you can wait a month or two, they show up23:58
cyberangerand if you catch something too new, you could run into issues a little too easy23:58
cyberangerI agree23:59

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