coz_Thaumx,  mm I am not familiar with this ,, hold on00:00
Thaumxthanks coz00:00
coz_Thaumx,  my search so far has many who apparenlty are having similar issues with this00:03
coz_Thaumx,   out of curiosity,,,  do   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade00:04
Thaumxthanks coz, I've been googling different variations for the last day, can't seem to find a fix.00:04
coz_Thaumx,  one thing you could do is disable that in  /etc/apt/sources.list00:04
cmannsimma try ppa-purge00:05
coz_Thaumx,  rather disable that PPA00:05
GTAXLThe page just shows up black. :/00:05
coz_Tharlinn,  some are reporting that the purchase has taken up to 7 hours  for some applications00:05
cmannswell i didnt enable it00:05
cmannsall i know is fresh installs giving me cannto load session ubuntu00:05
\u03b5hello, is there a more or less documented way to manually install ubuntu?00:05
Thaumxsorry, I'm very new to ubuntu, not familiar with PPA. I am running that command you sent now. it's stuck on the two purchased apps now til it times out and continues00:06
bazhang\u03b5, manually?00:06
\u03b5bazhang: partition manager is not letting us do what we want, it insists on formatting a partition we already formatted00:06
\u03b5and it fails upon doing so00:07
bazhang\u03b5, the alternate cd gives tons more control, if you are using the live cd method00:07
bazhang\u03b5, text based (ncurses) install only00:08
coz_Thaumx,  ok,,,  well if you opena terminal    sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list   and see if that PPA  is listed,, if so ,, in front of it  put   #  and save the file then rerun  the apt-get update00:08
coz_Thaumx,   be right back,,nature call00:08
jjb123Does anyone see anything wrong with this CRON tab? http://paste.ubuntu.com/659623/ I'd doesn't seem to be working and I don't know how to debug it.00:08
Thaumxcoz_ I'll try that command now, here's the output from the others http://paste.ubuntu.com/659622/00:09
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almoxarifewhat is the terminal command to see what open files a process has?00:13
Peloluis mendez00:13
almoxarifeluis seems like an odd command00:13
Thaumxok coz, I opened that file, but I'm not sure what PPA is to disable/etc. here's what it looks like http://paste.ubuntu.com/659624/00:14
OmegaForteGTAXL, What's up?00:18
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GTAXLI can't seem to get things involving flash or "swf files" to work on Ubuntu apache2.00:19
OmegaForteGTAXL, Well, apache 2 is how old now?00:19
bazhangGTAXL, to do what?00:19
GTAXLSuch things like jwplayer, speedtest mini, and lightIRC aren't appearing in my Google Chrome.00:19
GTAXLI just see a blank page. :/00:19
OmegaForteGTAXL, Then it may not be apache.00:19
GTAXLFlash works just fine in my Chrome tho.00:20
GTAXLApache version 2.2.1700:20
OmegaForteGTAXL, Apache is an HTTP server. Not a web browser.00:20
GTAXLI know.00:20
bazhangGTAXL, why mention it then00:20
GTAXLBut flash doesn't seem to work. :/00:20
cmannsah got ubuntu going slowly but steady00:21
OmegaForteGTAXL, And, if you want a whole page to load an SWF, check the code for the page, and make sure it's referencing the right information. And, This is Ubuntu supprt, not Apache.00:21
cmannsOnly issue now is whenever I click certain progs in xfce it brings up a dialog for pass and its not my user/sudo pass :|00:21
GTAXLIt deals with ubuntu. :p00:21
OmegaForteGTAXL, No, it deals with apache. Because I bet you fifty dollars that it's apache/your page and not Ubuntu.00:22
cmannshave you clared chromes cache00:22
GTAXLI'm going to try on my Firefox right now. :p00:22
GTAXLIt happend to me on my vps too. :/00:23
OmegaForteGTAXL, /j #httpd00:23
Thaumxcoz_, I can't seem to find anything in the sources.list related to the purchased software. nothing using https, either00:23
coz_Thaumx,   ok then I am puzzled,,, as I said I have not attempted to purchase anything so far,, it  may be a bug,,,  I would go ahead and try to report this on launchpad  for ubuntu 11.0400:24
Thaumxcoz_, yeah, that seems to be the only thing to do. I have no idea what could be causing the issue :(00:25
coz_Thaumx,   understood,,, I cant think of a solution at all,, unless someone here is more familiar with it than I am00:26
Ainsleehi, i'm trying to get kvm going by using the ubuntu wiki, it's telling me in networking to edit the compatability.conf file, but the line that it says to edit, isn't in the file, do i just insert it? (new to ubuntu etc)00:26
Thaumxcoz_, did you look at the file yourself? I'm really new, so I may be missing something. http://paste.ubuntu.com/659624/00:26
clausenwhen I boot the Live CD in rescue mode, the "Resume Normal Boot" option doesn00:27
clausendoesn't work00:27
coz_Tharlinn,   it may be lines  52 and 53 on the list you showed me00:27
coz_Tharlinn, sorry00:28
coz_Thaumx,   lines  52 and 5300:28
clausenany suggestions on how to debug this?00:28
coz_Thaumx,   I believe it may be the  natty partner repos but not sure00:28
coz_Thaumx,   oh wait,, perhaps the last two on that page00:29
coz_Thaumx,   lines  57 and 5800:29
Thaumxcoz_, ok, I'll try 57 and 58.00:29
coz_Thaumx,  yeah,, just put  #  in front ,,save file,,, then do update00:29
Thaumxcoz_, doing it, brb00:30
coz_Thaumx,  you can always reneable them later00:30
Thaumxcoz_, well this time it paused at 93% instead of 94, while trying to connect. didn't work though.00:33
lolwutWhen using "apt-get install" what does the up carrot after a package indicate? ex: sudo apt-get install lamp-server&^   I understand that is installing the the required packages for a lamp server but haven't found documentation on how that works00:33
coz_Thaumx,   then try the other 2 lines for the partner repos00:33
lolwutlamp-server^ **00:34
Thaumxcoz_, trying now00:34
boywonderhi i was here earlier i know this is a bit off topic, i have a mounted network drive but it points to a folder in the drive,is this usual or can i point it to the drive where there is 7 shares?00:37
Thaumxcoz_, seems to have the same problem. I wonder if I'm missing something in there?00:37
clausendoes anyone know which component of Ubuntu parses the LiveCD boot command "netcfg/disable_dhcp=true"?00:37
coz_Thaumx,   mm I dont think that is the issue,, somehow it is trying to find the  link for that particular piece of software,, could be that PPA is down00:38
coz_Thaumx,   try a reboot,, and then try the update,,  see if it gets rid of wanting to attempt to download that software,, or find the main site for that software and contact the developer about it00:38
cmannsSo I got the nvidia drivers installed, blank screen after boots. How can I single user?00:39
Thaumxcoz_, I tried that, they contacted the software people, and said the server is up. it's just not authenticating or something00:39
coz_Thaumx,  ooooo thats not good news00:39
coz_Thaumx,   then I am completely stuck,, create the bug report,, see what solutions they come up with00:40
alexThunderThaumx: what's your problem?00:40
ThaumxI can't connect to the PPA that serves out purchased software00:40
Thaumxwhat's funny about it, is that it doesn't work on either of my computers. both had ubuntu installed only last week00:41
Thaumxcoz_, thanks for your help. I'll try a bug report :)00:42
szalThaumx: afaics, the PPA is empty00:42
coz_Thaumx,  sorry I couldnt solve this one for you00:42
Thaumxszal, the ppa is empty?00:43
Thaumxszal, https://private-ppa.launchpad.net/commercial-ppa-uploaders/bcs/ubuntu/dists/natty/main/binary-amd64/Packages   https://private-ppa.launchpad.net/commercial-ppa-uploaders/beep/ubuntu/dists/natty/main/binary-amd64/Packages00:44
szalThaumx: ok, those both require credentials00:46
Thaumxszal, yeah... I don't know what the issue is. I bought the software from the software center... but it won't let me download it (software center or via apt-get)00:46
Thaumxszal, they say the server is up and working... so it seems to be something on my end... but I have no idea what it could be00:47
serpen64erf :S! ca fonctionne toujours pas. :(00:49
serpen64sorry wrong channel xD00:49
FloodBot1serpen64: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:49
Thaumxszal, both the items show up as purchased in the software center... they just never "update cache" when installing there00:50
szalThaumx: my guess (I never bought something there) is that you need a way to enter the credentials they provided for you; so either they have sent you instructions on how to do that, or you should ask00:52
alexThunderno that's not necessary00:52
alexThunderThaumx: what does apt-get update say?00:53
lapagaThaumx: wonder if the word uploaders means anything?00:53
Thaumxhere's the apt-get update   http://paste.ubuntu.com/659642/00:54
Thaumxbrb, call of nature00:54
lapagacommercial-ppa-uploaders  almost sounds like a place for companies or people to upload their software00:57
Thaumxlapaga, I'm not sure. none of that information is visible from the software center, only apt-get update. I've tried two purchases, so it seems unlikely that it's a problem with  a single item01:00
qinCan someone tell me how it not restart after upgrade?01:01
coz_Thaumx,   go purchase world of goo   ,, cool game about $10,,, worth the money,, but purchase it on their site  :)01:01
Thaumxplus john at canonical says the server is working and he was able to DL fine.01:01
alexThunderwhen did u purchase it?01:02
coz_Thaumx,  see thats the puzzled isnt it?01:02
Thaumxcoz, I had world of goo for windows, loved it!01:02
coz_Thaumx,   :)01:02
ThaumxalexThunder, I purchased it wednesday01:02
Thaumxalexthunder, I purchased beep today as a test01:02
coz_night all01:03
alexThunderthe purchase from wednesday didn't work as well?01:03
alexThundermh, i heard, that some purchases need some time, but that should be too long01:03
Imsoniacnerdhi there, i am having a funny issue with my ubuntu 10.4 server. i have sugarcrm running on apache and after the update when i go to the web address from my browser on a windows ssystem it just asks me to save or open application/x-httpd-php. i have also had this same issue withe rother php sites on ym server after update. any way to fix it?01:04
Thaumxyeah, I heard that too... so I figured it should work by now. it always gets stuck on this "Updating Cache" item in ubuntu software center. eventually  i get "Failed to download repository information" and "check your internet connection"01:05
Imsoniacnerdsorry meant to mention i did a system update lastnight on ubunutu and updated all packages01:06
Imsoniacnerdwords of wisdome appreciated01:06
newbie_needhelphmm, where should i look for help when my ubuntu partition is toast?  i can still read files off it using testdisk but it doesn't mount01:06
cmannswhat should I do about nvidia drivers01:07
cmannsSo far I pout nvidia to nv in the config and it just stopped at the boot text no error01:08
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osmosiswhats the command to run to retreive the encrypted home key ?01:09
Thaumxmaybe it is this bug? Bug #647212    https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-center/+bug/64721201:10
ubottuUbuntu bug 647212 in software-center (Ubuntu Maverick) "purchased software download fails with and breaks apt proxy" [High,Fix committed]01:10
TonyFisherI am trying to copy all of my .jpeg pictures into a directory called jpegs on linux01:10
infobitTonyFisher, hello01:10
RenatoSilvaif I'm using alsa why do pulse crap keeps popping up in /tmp and ~?01:10
TonyFisherHere is the code I am trying to use to do this:01:10
TonyFishercp *.jpeg >> jpegs01:10
th0rRenatoSilva: a leak in the raw sewer line?01:10
TonyFisherI am trying to make a copy of all the jpegs in the directory and move htem into the sub directory jpegs01:11
TonyFisherany ideas on how I can fix this code?01:11
RenatoSilvath0r: raw sewer line??????01:11
infobitTonyFisher, specify propery dir structure01:11
th0rRenatoSilva: crap?01:11
RenatoSilvath0r: you mean ubuntu?01:11
KE1HAyou want cp ./*.jpeg /jpegs  what your doing is trying to append all the .jpg files to one file calle jpegs by using >>01:11
bastidrazorTonyFisher: cp *.jpeg jpegs will do the trick..01:12
RenatoSilvath0r: or rather, non-LTSes?01:12
taintedwhat's the best way to connect to an ubuntu desktop session in progress?01:12
KM0201tainted: depends, do you just want shell access, or do you want to "see" the desktop?01:12
th0rKE1HA: I think it should be cp ./*.jpeg ./jpegs you missed a dot01:12
taintedKM0201 see01:12
KM0201tainted: it depends on how secure you need the connection01:13
KM0201!vnc > tainted01:13
ubottutainted, please see my private message01:13
KE1HAtrue, assuming /jpegs is in the resident directory01:13
TonyFisherbastidrazor, is there an equivilant of the or operator in bash script so I can specify more than one extension01:13
TonyFisherlike cp *.jpeg | pngs  jpegs01:14
bastidrazorTonyFisher: just add it to the line.. cp *.jpg *.pngs morefilesnames jpegs01:14
cmannsAfter putting propritary nvidia driver and removing nvidia to nv and such, it stops after checking battery state [ok]01:15
qin!info ksplice01:16
ubottuksplice (source: ksplice): Patching live kernel without having to reboot. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.9-4 (natty), package size 1244 kB, installed size 3084 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 arm armel armhf)01:16
cmannsSo I have an old GForce2 or gforce 4 not sure atm it's one of the two, what nvidia drivers shall I try01:20
cmannstried nvidia-9601:20
starkittnsorry I've been lurking!01:21
starkittndidn't realize it logged me in!01:21
starkittnhave had wireless issues today01:21
edbianstarkittn: lurking is ok01:21
cmannsIt's a GEforce 4 420 GO01:23
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cmannsis nvidia-96 legacy?01:25
OmegaFortecmanns, Very.01:26
cmannsShould I try newer with gf4 go?01:26
OmegaFortecmanns, I don't know if your device is recieving support still. But yeah, latest is 240.41?01:26
OmegaFortecmanns, Actually it's 270.41.0601:27
cmannsShould I try nvidia-current, 185 gkx or 17301:27
galamarHello I am having a horrible time getting tvtime running on ubuntu 10.04 with a hauppauge pvr-150. terminal returns:"videoinput: Card failed to allocate capture buffers: Invalid argument Segmentation fault" does anyone know a solution to this problem? I have looked online, all I can find is people talking about the same issue, but no solution is available that resolves this error on my box............. Also I have had No luck finding an IR01:29
galamarC room directly for tvtime (with live users). So I was just hoping that someone here could help me.01:29
ironmhi galamar .. do you really waste a lot of your time watching TV?01:31
induzon Ubuntu i use ThunderBird as email client...its crashing after opening it up...how can i correct the problem01:32
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ironminduz, check if you have the last version of the software01:33
induzhow can i do that ironm01:33
Andy80induz: dpkg -l thunderbird01:35
ironminduz, apt-get update; apt-cache policy thunderbird01:35
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induzthunderbird    5.0+build1+nob Email,01:36
ironminduz, apt-get update; apt-cache policy thunderbird01:36
w30induz, a good tip is to open a terminal and run the executable in the terminal and watch the terminal for error output01:36
induzironm, it says;ould not open lock file /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (13: Permission denied)01:37
induzE: Unable to lock the list directory01:37
cmannstrying nvidia-185-glx01:37
Andy80induz: 5.0 ?! I've 3.x available... on Natty01:37
starkittnthanks edbian01:37
spencerbookhello i need some help with xinput01:37
induzI have 10,401:37
spencerbooki have an i8042 synaptics trackpad01:37
* starkittn is hoping for lurker osmosis to occur01:37
wide_awakehello.  can anyone tell me how to connect to an IRC server that's not in the list using XChat?01:37
spencerbookand it stopped working after suspend01:38
osmosisstamina, hi01:38
spencerbooki need to get it back01:38
spencerbookyour help is appreciated01:38
starkittnosmosis: oops didn't mean you01:38
ironminduz, you have to be root .. or just use "sudo ... "01:38
propman_induz:   if you have package or software manager open, close it before running the terminal commands01:38
spencerbookcan anybody provide tech support?01:38
starkittnthis place is crazy... no offense meant01:39
edbianstarkittn: CrAzY!?!01:39
starkittnI think I need to go somewhere where there aren't so many join/quits01:39
ironmspencerbook, sure . the question of the salary ;)01:39
wide_awakestarkittn, hide 'em01:39
starkittnmight pop back here later01:39
TonyFisherIn my filesystem I have several directories that have spaces in them01:39
TonyFisherlike Azureus Downloads and Ubuntu One for example01:39
starkittnhave a good night!01:39
spencerbookumm i have a minecraft gift code01:39
propman_wide_awake: XChat .> network list and then add01:39
spencerbookas a salary01:39
TonyFisherThe problem is because they have spaces in them I cant cd them from command line and I cant delete them01:40
TonyFisherHow can I delete /access directories with spaces in their name01:40
spencerbookironm i have a minecraft giftcode as a salary01:40
wide_awakepropman_, thanks01:40
induzOk now its updated thanks...but let me check is it still crashes01:40
spencerbookTonyFisher, you mean in the command line?01:40
spencerbookironm can you help me please?01:40
TonyFisherspencerbook, yes.01:40
propman_spencerbook:   please stop spamming.  read the rules for this channel01:40
ironmspencerbook, I don't know what "minecraft giftcode" is ..01:41
ironmwhat is your question spencerbook ?01:41
spencerbookpropman_ sorry, where are the rules?01:41
spencerbookironm well i need to know how to get my trackpad working. it stopped working after a suspend01:41
ironmspencerbook, you have to ask01:41
osmosishow can I get Intel HD GT2 graphics working on ubuntu 10.04 LTS.  Right now it just looks like vesa.01:41
spencerbookTonyFisher try %20 it works in urls01:41
spencerbookironm what do you mean, i have to ask?01:42
spencerbookosmosis, try getting a driver01:42
spencerbookosmosis, go to additional drivers01:42
w30TonyFisher, on the command line Trash Folder would be Trash\ Folder. the backword slash means treat the space as a text space and not a separater between commands.01:42
osmosisspencerbook, where is that?01:42
chili555TonyFisher, try cd Azeurus\ Downloads01:42
ironmspencerbook, not spaming the channel but just asking your questions01:42
spencerbookironm, do you have aim where you could help me so i don't annoy this channel?01:43
osmosishas 11.04 stablized enough yet? maybe I should just install that to get my drivers.01:43
ironmspencerbook, I don't have any experience with trackpad *sorry*01:44
w30Tony tab will also complete the name also01:44
osmosisnah...ill stay with 10.04 LTS...so i dont have to constantly install updates01:44
TonyFisherThanks w30 and chili555 :)01:44
spencerbookironm, that's okay thanks anyways01:44
spencerbookcan someone tell me where im able to read the rules? im new to irc and ubuntu01:45
ironmspencerbook, you are welcome ;)01:45
spencerbookironm :)01:45
spencerbookwhere is rms01:46
TonyFisherspencerbook, are you using an IRC client or are you logging in via the web01:46
spencerbookim on webchat.freenode.net so inbrowser client. couldnt get empathy to work so i guess via the web01:46
potatoeI am using encrypted home folder as was offered by the ubuntu installer, what encryption scheme is being used on my home folder ?01:46
spencerbookoops forgot to tag you, TonyFisher. look for my above post01:47
ironmspencerbook, I would recommend you to use icedove01:47
TonyFisherspencerbook, from your hostmask it shows you are logging in via web. I would suggest you get an IRC client since you are new to IRC.01:47
spencerbookokay thanks ironm and TonyFisher. irc is not why im here though. i need help with xinput/trackpad01:47
rypervenchespencerbook: xchat is a good IRC client.01:47
jwigginsXChat is fairly easy to use and is available through the "Software Center"01:47
jwigginsthat response just happened to come right after rypervenche... I'm not a bot :)01:48
ironmI use xchat too .. one of best IRC-clients I have ever used01:48
TonyFisherSorry spencerbook  :/ my bad01:49
jwigginsUse to use bitchx but xchat has that bitchx + mIRC feel :)01:49
potatoeaes 128 ?01:49
spencerbookTonyFisher, or anyone, where do i go for support/help?01:49
TonyFisherspencerbook, if Ubuntu is your OS you're in the right place, but you might also like to try #linux01:50
spencerbookokay well i need tech support, so what should i do?01:51
=== suriv_ is now known as Guest21301
italoxpspencerbook, ask somebody01:52
akavirtype away, we are listening01:52
obertgrrr my clock is still bad.01:52
osmosisi need a doc for install Intel HD GT2  graphics card drivers on ubuntu 10.04 LTS.01:52
italoxposmosis, tried opening Additional Drivers?01:53
osmosisitaloxp, where?01:53
galamarironm, no but the card has multiple other features that I want to use.01:53
italoxpAre you on Unity?01:53
osmosisitaloxp, you mean "Hardware Drivers" ?01:53
spencerbookosmosis on unity just search it01:53
osmosisitaloxp, ubuntu 10.04 LTS01:53
italoxpMaybe, I dunno whats there01:53
obertand i got UTC=no in /etc/default/rcS01:53
spencerbookosmosis on gnome go to system > administration > additional drivers01:53
italoxposmosis, should be this one01:54
ironminteresting galamar  .. what features e.g. ?01:54
osmosisthere is nothing called  additional drivers there01:54
italoxposmosis, go on Hardware drivers01:54
osmosisitaloxp, okay...went there. Got my wifi drivers. No video though.01:54
italoxpSo, no idea.01:54
spencerbookreinstall / update fglrx01:54
italoxpHe's using Intel!01:55
italoxpfglrx is ATI01:55
alexThunderamd :D01:55
spencerbookitaloxp nvm then01:55
italoxpATI, AMD, you got it01:55
spencerbookanybody know anything about synaptics pointing devices?01:55
RenaKunisakiis there something I need to do to make changes in hosts.allow take effect?01:56
italoxpWell, they are nice. I use one. Use drivers on xf86-input-synpatics package.01:56
galamarironm, like hooking up my ps2 or other things and using the capture options. or record other things that I can input through it. like an old vhs my sister has of my dad so I can make a dvd of it.01:56
italoxpRenaKunisaki, restart, maybe?01:56
RenaKunisakibesides rebooting? >.>01:56
italoxpReally don't know.01:56
italoxpWhat's wrong with rebooting?01:57
jenkinSearRenaKunisaki: What service are you allowing? Ssh?01:57
rypervencheitaloxp: Linux users don't understand what it means, lol.01:57
RenaKunisakiprefer not to have to interrupt everything else01:57
osmosismay ill just install 11.0401:58
spencerbookthis is not helpful01:59
galamarironm, also the card has a fm tuner I would like to use, and eventually maybe the remote features.01:59
jenkinSearRenaKunisaki: I'd do something like sudo /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server restart02:00
ironmgalamar, it sounds good02:00
italoxprypervenche, depending of what you're talking about, it's the easiest solution. Or the fastest.02:01
galamarironm, any help or just curiosities?02:01
RenaKunisakinope still not working02:01
RenaKunisakiI have in hosts.allow: nfsd:rei, yuki02:02
RenaKunisakibut yuki is being denied access02:02
RenaKunisakitried without the comma too02:02
jenkinSearMaybe check /var/log/secure , see what's complaining?02:02
spencerbookhelp plox with trackpad. it stopped working after a suspend on acer aspire one.02:03
RenaKunisakino such file, nothing in auth.log02:03
ironmgalamar, sorry .. I don't know this software02:03
galamarironm, what is the error mean by "Card failed to allocate capture buffers: Invalid argument - Segmentation fault"?02:05
buttonsdoes anyone know what compression level tar -zcvf uses? I looked in the man page and nothing was said about it02:05
escottbuttons, whatever the default for gzip would be. if you want to control it gzip it after tarring02:05
WinCamXPi just watched some Windows 8 preview thing....IT LOOKS LIKE CRAP02:06
WinCamXPif they actually do that, I'm getting a network card that supports Ubuntu and using that, which is really what I should do now02:06
rypervencheitaloxp: It was a joke :P02:07
ironmgalamar, you should check if there is a newer version of the software02:07
ironmgalamar, sudo apt-get update; apt-cache policy name_of_the_package02:08
WinCamXPhas anybody ever gotten Steam working on Linux? Ever?02:08
WinCamXPthrough Wine, of course02:08
WinCamXPhmmm, just found an interesting vid..........hmmmmm02:09
escottWinCamXP, not likely to get steam working under wine (but feel free to check winehq) there are occasional (usually unfounded) rumors of steam for linux. please try to keep your comments/questions to one line02:10
WinCamXPhmmm, there seems to be some h4x bash scripts and stuff that get it working, but those probably break with updates02:11
akavirSteam works ok for me in mint 1102:11
WinCamXPusing wine?02:11
akavirDownloaded Fallout:NV through it02:11
akaviryes with wine02:11
almoxarifeI am assuming I don't need steam?02:11
RenaKunisakiahh, I needed to update /etc/exports as well02:12
aeon-ltdeven under wine, if you afford to have a powerful enough machine to compensate for the performance drop you could at least spend the time to either dualboot or buy windows02:12
aeon-ltd*if you could afford02:12
WinCamXPahahah yeah02:12
almoxarifecan someone tell me where xbmc stores video files while they run?02:12
WinCamXPjust a couple days ago i wubi'd Ubuntu onto two laptops, both of the users prefer it over windows greatly02:13
almoxarifenot as sexy as getting steam to work but it would make me happy\02:13
galamarWinCamXP, try crossover it is better than wine for me. it still uses some wine code I think.02:13
akavirI do have a duel boot with windows on my gaming computer, but it's interesting to see how well a game designed for windows works on linux02:13
WinCamXPfrom what I know that's the kinda more polished version of Wine02:13
akavirit's also commercial02:13
almoxarifesteam=virtualbox+winxp/win7  <-- see, never left ubuntu, just sexed it up a bit02:14
WinCamXPlol virtualbox FTW02:14
DulakCedega works really really well for gaming.  Crossover is ok but aimed more at office type apps than games.02:14
Dulakwine 1.3 works pretty good for me though.02:14
dinesh_i am zorin os 502:14
akavirI've had more success with wine than with vb running windows02:14
WinCamXPwhy would you need support for office apps with Open/LibreOffice?02:15
ironmgood luck galamar02:15
ironmI have to leave02:15
WinCamXPworst case scenario it can't render a .docx properly, and it's not hard to convert it to old-skool .doc02:15
galamarok thanks02:15
escottWinCamXP, lots of corporate vba code02:16
DulakWinCamXP: vba02:16
szaldinesh_: doesn't matter what OS you use unless you have a support question, then it needs to be Ubuntu or a _supported_ derivative02:16
dinesh_sorry my question is. how to make alt+tab into more graphical like cover switch02:17
szaldinesh_: I don't think that Zorin OS qualifies as a supported *buntu derivative02:20
akavirIf you buy a paid versoin of Zorin they will support you!02:21
szalakavir: atm, their website isn't even available ;)02:22
=== Granis` is now known as Granis
ZombieRomei'm having a problem with my microphone in ubuntu 11.0402:22
mcurrani just was too02:22
ZombieRomeoutput is really crackly, but it wasn't in 10.1002:22
mcurrando you have a front mic ?02:22
ZombieRomeit's on a headset and it's plugged into the front port02:23
szaltried another port?02:23
ZombieRomeit comes up as "Front Microphone" in Sound Preferences02:23
mcurranI couldn't get mine to work, so I tried the front instead of the back and now it's working in the front, but still not the back.  Don't know about quality though02:23
ZombieRomeproblem with the back port is that sound from that port had less volume in 10.1002:23
ZombieRomei'll try now, though02:24
mcurrandid you try to adjust alsamixer02:24
mcurranpulseaudio sucks, but I'm trying to keep it right now02:24
taintedmy ubuntu machine keeps locking up02:24
taintedhow do i figure out what happened?02:24
mcurranI'm using brasero and burning a disc has almost completely disabled this machine.  Ridiculous resource hog02:24
akavirszal:There website works http://zorin-os.com/02:24
mcurranps x and check the process values02:24
szalmcurran, ZombieRome: no real need to tinker w/ alsamixer here, just fire up pavucontrol & adjust hardware volume if necessary02:25
ZombieRomewhoa! microphone sounds better when i turned down Front Mi in alsamixer02:25
mcurrani had python-imaging and a couple other python packages totally drowning out my machine last week.  A simple reinstall fixed it.02:25
akavirszal:They've gone through like 4 websites, the one that google brings back isn't even their new main site.  It's a pretty "special" distro02:25
Dulaktainted: have a look at the logs in /var/log02:26
escott!sysrq | tainted ... then check the logs02:26
ubottutainted ... then check the logs: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key02:26
mcurranyeah, good to hear ZombieRome.  Pavucontrol works pretty good too for pulse, but basically the same settings as the default sound preferences app.02:26
mcurranyeah, or use xkill, works pissa02:26
nand`How good is 10-bit support in Ubuntu?02:26
nand`Are there any display drivers which support it?02:26
mcurrankill or xkill if kill won't work, or it's a gui process02:26
mcurranmaybe an emulator?  have no idea02:27
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=== Guest22945 is now known as phlux
szalnand`: define '10-bit'02:29
nand`szal: 10 bit color02:30
szalnot sure why anyone would want that..  colour is usually 24 or 32 bit02:31
nand`10 bit per channel02:31
nand`30 bit overall02:31
nand`it's usually padded with an extra 2 bits of alpha02:31
Nubi1KenobiAnyone alaive?02:33
OmegaForteNubi1Kenobi, Nope. We're all dead.02:34
escott!ask | Nubi1Kenobi02:34
ubottuNubi1Kenobi: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:34
Dulaknope, everybody died last night02:34
Nubi1Kenobiwell the beginers chanell was fn dead02:34
escottNubi1Kenobi, you didn't ask anything02:34
Nubi1Kenobiubottu: You know, you could be a little nicer about it02:34
ubottuNubi1Kenobi: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:34
akavirYeah I though we were here to have fun?02:35
Nubi1Kenobiand I am not going to waste my typing if no one is avail...just the way I look at it02:35
nand`>waste my typing02:35
DulakThen do without help.  If it's not worth typing, it's not worth fixing, imo.02:35
nand`buy a mechanical keyboard02:35
Nubi1KenobiI tried talking for 5 minutes to dead unresponsive peeps in the beginer chanel02:35
nand`no typing will ever be wasted or difficult02:35
FloodBot1nand`: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:35
Nubi1KenobiDulak: Dont be a tard man......02:35
Nubi1KenobiI was just saying...seems like yer in a bad mood02:36
Dulak"Hey, i need help, but I'm not gonna ask a question, it's not worth me typing.  So help.  I demand it!"02:37
DulakBut yeah, it's ME.02:37
Nubi1KenobiBasically....got a few issues...anyone familiar with ahk in windows? I am looking for something similar that is good in linux02:37
Nubi1KenobiDulak:  LOL02:37
OmegaForteNubi1Kenobi, Yeah, it's called autohotkey.02:38
Nubi1Kenobicool bean...was sure they had one for linux02:38
OmegaForteNubi1Kenobi, It works fine in Wine, and works pretty good at it's stuff02:39
Nubi1KenobiI am new in the linux world.....jjust into it for a couple days now02:39
DulakNubi1Kenobi: Depending on what you want to do you can just hotkey a script without any sort of extra application.02:39
Nubi1KenobiSecond issue.....I *think I am using grub - for the dual boot riht? I want to change the default OS that is loaded and I am not sure how02:40
OmegaForteNubi1Kenobi, Like what, Ubuntu or Windows, or what?02:40
Nubi1KenobiDulak: How do I do that?02:40
DulakNubi1Kenobi: what version of ubuntu?02:40
Nubi1KenobiWell need Win7 defaulted for Wifey instead of Linux02:40
=== emma is now known as em
DulakNubi1Kenobi: System->Preferences->Keyboard Shortcuts02:40
=== mick is now known as Guest40217
DulakNubi1Kenobi: you need to edit /etc/default/grub to change the default OS it boots.  'sudo gedit /etc/default/grub'  then after you save it run 'sudo update-grub2' to make it live02:42
ubottusnapperss: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:42
ubottusnapperss: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:42
ubottusnapperss: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:42
akavirok then...02:43
sunzaruJha ash02:43
hikenbootanyone in here use open exchange and evolution and ubuntu as their email solution02:43
sunzaruFunny you say that, is open exch hard to set up?  Relitivly speaking anyway.02:45
hikenbootI only know what it is but havent used it...so I was hoping for some input here02:45
sunzaruOh, hehehe.02:45
cmannsNvidia drivers suck on ubuntu like ati on BSD distro's.02:45
Dulakcmanns: I think that is true only if you have a really new card in my experience02:47
cmannsI dunno this card from 03/04 has yet to work on a fresh install.02:47
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Seanmc98|mobileIs there a way to remove grub, remove ubuntu 11.04, and keep windows vista without having to have a windows install disk?02:53
escottSeanmc98|mobile, you would need to restore the windows boot loader. not sure if that can be done within linux or not02:54
Seanmc98|mobileI can boot into windows02:54
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)02:55
escottSeanmc98|mobile, i think its something like fixmbr or some such02:56
Seanmc98|mobileescott: is that for windows or ubuntu02:56
escottSeanmc98|mobile, you can then boot the install media/livecd and grow the ntfs partition out02:56
szalescott: in XP, yes, in Vista/Win7, it's reportedly a bit different, but in any case it needs a Windows boot medium02:56
szalgetting rid of any non-Windows OS is the easy part: just format the partition(s)02:57
Seanmc98|mobileI just screwed up vista by installing kaspersky antivirus and my system is super super lagging and grub wont allow me to restore windows through acerbic e recovery manager02:58
mcurran"grub wont allow me to restore windows through acerbic e recovery manager"  what?02:58
Seanmc98|mobileSorry. Auto correct02:59
mcurrandownload a windows vista iso and use the recovery console02:59
sunzaruWhy not just uninstall?02:59
mcurranor you might be able to use ms-sys02:59
Seanmc98|mobileIt wont. No matter what it wind uninstall02:59
mcurranit's called formatting :)03:00
escottSeanmc98|mobile, the windows restore functionality (which is probably what acer's recovery is based on) will want to replace the mbr03:00
Seanmc98|mobileI tried normal uninstall CMD uninstall and nothing03:00
[deXter]Hi all, anyone here have any experience with Logitech ClearChat Pro USB Headset?03:00
mcurranyes, put grub on the linux partition and then restore the mbr, and then go back and make the linux partition the active/boot parition, simple03:00
hikenbootnoone in here has used open xchange?03:01
mcurranso many people have this problem, it's ridiculous, someday they might change the default install behavior for grub.03:01
Seanmc98|mobileSo escott what do u suggest I do?03:01
sunzaruHiken, not me but...I'll be trying it in a few days.03:01
szalmcurran: what problem?03:01
mcurranoverwriting the windows mbr when the os is detected, instead of just installing grub to the linux parition and marking it active03:02
mcurranthen chainloading windows03:02
Seanmc98|mobileNo clue what u just said. Lol03:02
mcurranthen we wouldn't have every new user here panicking thinking they just bricked their windows install03:03
sunzaru...its making windows sys restore harder than it should be.03:03
Seanmc98|mobileI know I didn't brick it. Its just a pin there are certain things I use windows for.03:03
hikenbootsunzaru: can you send me a paragraph on how good you think it is after a week of use? I have a client looking for an alternative to exchange? I will try ad stay connected for the next week...03:03
mcurranI totally agree.  I wouldn't use windows, if games were up to par03:04
escottSeanmc98|mobile, i'm afraid i don't have a good suggestion. after this pain you may want to use a real backup tool like dd or ghostimage03:04
mcurranomg haha03:04
Nubi1KenobiWhat the heck is the difference between Google Chrome and Chromium. ended up downloading and installing both03:04
mcurranyeah, keep believing that propaganda escott03:04
szalNubi1Kenobi: Chrome has proprietary components, Chromium is entirely open-source03:05
Nubi1KenobiThat is what I thought03:05
cmannsok so i gotg03:05
Nubi1KenobiI think Chromium was working better...03:05
cmannsHow come I can m-a the kernel modules?03:05
jeffrashchrome is google's branded version of Chromium03:05
szalcmanns: you can what?03:05
Nubi1KenobiAnother question...03:05
Nubi1KenobiI downloaded xchat.....03:06
cmannsSorry arthritis is kicking in03:06
DuckfdSeanmc98|mobile, what is your issue?03:06
szalNubi1Kenobi: define 'downloaded'03:06
Nubi1Kenobicant figure out how to install it....one of the files said something about compiling??03:06
mcurrancmanns, no, use nvidia's drivers and compile the modules yourself, much better.03:06
mcurranwhat do you use a geforce 403:06
cmannsEven for legacy gpus?03:06
cmannsmcurran, yep03:06
[deXter]Nubi1Kenobi: There's no need to do that03:06
Nubi1KenobiI was a Windows only user until the other day...trying to figure this out03:06
Nubi1Kenobi[deXter]: ok03:06
[deXter]Nubi1Kenobi: yum install xchat03:07
Nubi1Kenobi[deXter]: xplain....I hate free noding03:07
[deXter]And you're all set :)03:07
szalNubi1Kenobi: rule #1: you don't need to download anything from websites, look in your favourite software management application first03:07
mcurranyeah, just download that version of the drive and install it the way it tells u on the nvidia site03:07
DuckfdSeanmc98|mobile, and next time use my nick in your reply, then I can see you03:07
mcurranor use something like the restricted driver tool (jockey)03:07
[deXter]Nubi1Kenobi: Read this please: http://www.fedorafaq.org/#installsoftware03:07
Seanmc98|mobileDuckfd: I screwed up windows. Grub 1.99 wont allow me to use acers e recovery management tool to restore windows so I want to remove grub and ubuntu to restore windows.03:08
mcurranenvy-ng used to work for me too when I used my geforce 4/nforce 2 board03:08
szal[deXter]: this is #ubuntu, not #fedora03:08
cmannsmcurran, sure I should do from source install03:08
cmannsDoes envy-ng work with 11.x?03:08
Nubi1Kenobi[deXter]: fEDORA??03:08
=== root is now known as Guest29749
sublim21can someone help understand the terminal?03:09
szalcmanns: what is your problem anyway?03:09
szal!terminal | sublim2103:09
Guest29749Hi I am installing ubuntu on my laptop but have run into some problems03:09
ubottusublim21: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal03:09
mcurranbasically download the linux driver 96.whatever and then startup in command line, or do Ctrl+Alt+F2/kill gdm/windowmanger, and then run the .sh03:09
sublim21much obliged03:09
DuckfdSeanmc98|mobile, you screwed up grub?03:10
Guest29749It seems to install fine and boots into the gdm gui at start but if I restart it it gets stuck and does not boot into gui03:10
mcurranyou'll need to install linux-headers, fakeroot, configure-debian as well03:10
cmannsszal, on first propritary video driver install it failed03:10
szalcmanns: what failed?03:10
cmannsso i did a few other things and i noticed theres never an nvidia.ko and what not so its not installing right03:10
cmannsno idea apt-get never spits out an error03:10
cmannsSo I try to manually make the modules with m-a auto install n such but it looks for wrong kernel source packages n such03:10
szalcmanns: 'sudo apt-get install nvidia-96 && sudo nvidia-xconfig', then reboot03:10
szalcmanns: and make sure dkms is also installed03:11
cmannsyeah but I have no ko03:11
mcurrannvidia.ko is just a module and if you've already tried a bunch; you should uninstall whatever you've already installed and try again.  My advice just use jockey if you don't know what your doing, works great03:11
Seanmc98|mobileDuckfd: no grub works03:11
DuckfdSeanmc98|mobile,   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2411303:11
cmannsHow do I use jockey03:11
mcurranyou'll need to add afew lines to xorg.conf as well<  option "AddARGBVisuals" "true" and option "AddARGBLXVisuals" "true" if you want' compiz to work on the geforce 4 without blakc boxes for windows03:12
DuckfdSeanmc98|mobile, your not the first...03:12
Seanmc98|mobileNot the first what03:12
mcurranjust install it and then look for the restricted drivers manager in the menu03:12
[deXter]Nubi1Kenobi: Whoops, sorry, wrong channel :P03:13
cmannsmcurran, so how do I get nvidia.ko?03:13
DuckfdSeanmc98|mobile, not the first to mess up grub,..03:13
Guest29749with a geforce 550 do I need to install the restricted drivers?03:13
[deXter]Nubi1Kenobi: for ubuntu it's sudo apt-get install xchat03:13
leftisthttp://pastebin.com/VBg427gs can someone please help me with this please.03:13
Nubi1Kenobiszal: Thanks man, exactly what I was looking for!03:13
leftistwe dont have access to any windows machines at this time03:13
leftistwe cant mount the drive and it is critical we do03:13
Seanmc98|mobileDuckfd: grub is NOT messed up. I want to REMOVE it and ubuntu to restore windows03:14
Seanmc98|mobileI have this.....http://db.tt/R1l7ouX03:14
mcurrannvidia.ko will be installed by any of the ways you install the driver.  or nv.ko03:14
sunzaruSean: as in... done with ubuntu??03:15
mcurrandon't worry about nvidia.ko03:15
escottleftist, you could try using the ntfs-3g which is a fuse driver03:15
mcurranthat's beyond the scope of your issue03:15
Seanmc98|mobilesunzaru: for now yes03:15
escottleftist, but you really need to do what it says and run windows check disk03:15
mcurranSeanmc98, if you insist on restoring windows with linux, use ms-sys03:15
cmannsI got nvidia-96.ko in /lib/modules/3.0.0-7-generic/updates/dkms/ <<03:15
mcurransimple command-line tool built for that purpose03:15
leftistwe cant we dont have any windows laptops with us. only unix03:16
cmannsSo is that what I need?03:16
DuckfdSeanmc98|mobile, you want to install windoes after linux? **Then to hell wit you. Ehat is wrong with you?03:16
leftistwe tried vm xp but that wont work03:16
szalcmanns: 'lsb_release -a' please03:16
Nubi1Kenobithis is cool03:16
Guest29749anyone experienced with laptop installations of ubuntu?03:16
leftistany other ideas? anyone?03:16
craigsaboeSeanmc98|mobile: do you have a windows disk?03:16
Nubi1Kenobiin  xchat....how to you see the list of peeps sitting in the room like freenode?03:17
briscoejesseGood evening, I'm a newbie so bear with me. I'm trying to find  an inexpensive PCI SATA controller that will be compatible with Ubuntu. The goal is to create a storage server. I plan to have three 1TB drives connected to the card, I would then like to use mdadm to create a RAID for the server. My problem is that most of the SATA controllers seem to also be Fake-RAID cards too and that seems to cause a compatibility issue. This server is03:17
Seanmc98|mobileDuckfd: no I want to remove grub and ubuntu to boot into acer e recovery manager to restore windows and then dualboot with ubuntu again03:17
cmannsI got it szal, thank you03:17
cmannsI had to modprobe -i nvidia-9603:17
escottbriscoejesse, fakeraid won't cause problems, just don't use it03:18
KE1HASeanmc98|mobile: All you should ahve to so is use your recovery CD, as the partition is still there. Once the WinDoze boot loader is working again, it's a repartition exercise then.03:18
szalcmanns: still, 'lsb_release -a' please03:18
nicolasis there a channel 4 discussing computer parts?03:18
Nubi1Kenobi /join Xchat03:18
mcurranSeanmc98, i already told you how to do that03:18
szalnicolas: -> ##hardware03:18
Seanmc98|mobileI don't have a CD I bought the laptop from a friend03:18
cmannsok hold on03:19
DuckfdSeanmc98|mobile, first please get a new nick ...then I'll help fo sure03:19
KE1HASeanmc98|mobile: Any recovery CD form your vintange, Win7, Vista etc etc. Without it, your kinda stuck.03:19
craigsaboeSeanmc98|mobile:  One way to get rid of grub is to boot to a windows install disk, and go to the Recovery Console.  Running "fixboot" and "fixmbr" will fix it up.03:19
leftistthis is ubsurd. not a single suggestion other then the obvious which cant be done.03:20
briscoejesseescott, thanks for the reply. I'm a little gunshy as I just had a bad experience with a sabrent card that was based on a silicon image chip. It wouldn't boot past detecting the drives. Is there a chip maker or brand that has proven reliable?03:20
Seanmc98|mobileWhy Duckfd03:20
mcurranKE1HA, I have plenty of Windows ISO's if you want me to host one.03:20
mcurrana simple search could get u the same as well03:20
seanmc98Duckfd, better?03:20
leftisti am not going to get billigerant bu i should feel it..03:20
=== OY1R is now known as Dreamglider
KE1HAHe;s just needs the recovery ISO portion, then boot from that, rpair the NTFS MBR and it's sorted.03:21
leftisti just need a logical procedure03:21
Dulakbriscoejesse: if it has to work in anything, 3ware is the way to go03:21
justdaveis there a way to hard-code the monitor settings in X11 on Lucid?03:21
justdaveit appears to want to autoconfigure everything, but I'm using a composite output for the monitor03:22
leftistseveas are you around?03:22
escottbriscoejesse, check what chipsets are supported in the kernel03:22
Dulakjustdave: yes create  /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:22
justdaveand the video card can't detect if there's anything connected to it or not03:22
craigsaboeseanmc98: do the proposed fixes make sense to you? Don't worry about the other guy.03:22
mcurranjustdave, use the screen section03:22
KE1HAmcurran: Im not 100% on this but I think any recovery CD from the same Distro win7-32 or 64 whatever he has should work, so anybody with the same distro could make the recovery CD03:22
Dulakbriscoejesse: never go cheap on I/O cards.  Skip the BS and buy a 3ware and never worry about it.03:22
Duckfdseanmc98, not much but lets go.....03:22
mcurranyeah, maybe03:22
briscoejesseDulak, if it were my choice I would but I don't sign the check03:23
seanmc98craigsaboe, what do you meAN?03:23
seanmc98Duckfd, go where?03:23
leftistdon't any of you supposed ubuntu guru's have a solution beside what was already suggested?03:23
briscoejesseescott, I'll do that. Thanks for the idea03:23
Dulakbriscoejesse: you pay one way or the other, up front for a good brand, or on the backend with downtime and just plain crappiness.03:23
Duckfdseanmc98, your issues?03:23
oberti need to fix my own user permissions :(03:23
Omen_20Hey guys. Does anyone know if Intel has made any announcements on bringing WiDi 2.0 to non-Windows platforms?03:23
justdavemcurran: ok, and what do I put in it?  :)  I've screwed around with it before, on other machines, but always had something to start with.  Not having one there at all is new to me :)03:24
craigsaboeseanmc98: the answer I think is you probably need to get a windows install disk, to restore the MBR.03:24
obertshould i needed to use sudo too often,correct?03:24
leftisthttp://pastebin.com/VBg427gs i searched on google i tried the fedora trick it doesnt work. someone give me a ubuntu trick03:24
seanmc98ok Duckfd i have 3 partions. one is the acer Erecovvery  manager, winodows vista and one ubuntu03:24
KE1HAleftist: when did it start happeneing, what were you doing to the system when it happened? Was it just out of the blue ot when you were changing something?03:24
ariel` anbyb ody know the command to terminate an application03:25
seanmc98while grub is installed it wont allow me to use the acer e recovery manager to restore vista03:25
obertariel`: kill?03:25
szalleftist: you won't get anywhere by being annoying..  take that HDD, find a Windows machine to connect it to & run 'chkdsk /f'.  Period.03:25
seanmc98i need to remove grub, remove ubuntu and the i have it from there03:25
Duckfdseanmc98, so, what do you  want done?03:25
obertariel`: pidof appname - to find the id, then kill thatnumber03:25
Logan_ariel`: sudo pkill <package name>03:26
seanmc98Duckfd,  i need to remove grub, remove ubuntu and the i have it from there but i dont have a windows CD03:26
leftistke1ha we were using it as a shared drive. it did this before but we used a windows machine and it did whatever it did and then it worked. problem is it is loaded with a ton of code we need right now but we cant get to it and we dont have a windows machine around and there are no stores open here in atlanta to get one....so we despirately need to access this damn drive.03:26
leftistyou know what..03:27
leftistfuck it03:27
craigsaboeseanmc98: HERE.... http://tinyurl.com/2fk9do03:27
justdaveI seem to recall there being something I could invoke via dpkg-reconfigure that would walk through the options to set up a default xorg.conf file03:27
Duckfdseanmc98, nah, don't remove anything, make the other partitions ext4 and yout good...03:27
justdaveis that still in there?03:28
KE1HAleftist: Well, the only time I can recall hearing of this error was in one of two conditions, either a fundemental HW issue or the machine lost power in the middle of a read/write cycle, with the latter being corrected by doing a chkdsk -f03:28
seanmc98Duckfd, how do i do that without formatting???/03:28
seanmc98craigsaboe, i dont have a CD03:28
craigsaboeseanmc98: create a windows boot disk, boot to it, and run fixmbr03:28
escottjustdave, these days xorg.conf can usually be removed. nvidia drivers are the only main reason to have one03:29
Duckfdseanmc98, why do you want to format?03:29
seanmc98i dont03:29
mcurranno, i think you need xorg.conf for the geforce 4, since it's not suppored anymore03:29
justdaveescott: that's what I just explained: I don't have one and it doesn't work.  I'm using a composite output, and it can't detect that apparently03:29
ariel`obert bow do you open the foce quit dialog03:29
mcurranat least if you want compiz to work on it03:29
justdaveit worked fine until I upgraded and it removed the xorg.conf file03:29
Duckfdseanmc98, then dont...03:29
seanmc98Duckfd, i just prefer to do it that way03:29
obertariel`: ?03:29
ZombieRomei'm having with compiz scale addons03:29
seanmc98i just want to reset everything from scratch03:30
justdavecomposite output on an Intel graphics card03:30
ZombieRomeit's not drawing window titles when i hover over windows in scale03:30
justdaveand it's a shared port with the DVI output on the card, so you can use one or the other but not both03:30
justdaveso the card always sees the DVI and then says nothing's connected to it03:30
mcurransean, just try adding those two lines I mentioned under the device section for the nvidia card in xorg.conf03:30
Duckfdseanmc98,  Don't, linux can read anything...03:30
justdaveI had to manually override something to tell it to use the composite before03:30
craigsaboeseanmc98: please ignore duckfd, at this point he's just screwing with you..03:31
obertariel`: just follow Logan_'s tip03:31
ariel`oberand wheres that03:31
Duckfdseanmc98, I'm me don'y listen to the asshole03:32
Logan_ariel`: You can also just type sudo xkill in a terminal, and you'll be able to click the program that you want to quit.03:32
obertariel`: sudo pkill <package name>03:32
Logan_!language Duckfd03:32
seanmc98Duckfd, PM?03:32
Logan_!language | Duckfd03:32
ubottuDuckfd: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:32
Guest29749how do I safely close and restart the desktop gui?03:32
obertariel`: those commands are to be written in the terminal, naturally03:33
craigsaboeseanmc98: ok, I'm trying to help you and he's telling you to reformat to ext4.03:33
szalGuest29749: log out, log in03:33
seanmc98how do i gain root in terminal?03:33
ZombieRomecompiz isn't showing window titles in scale addons even though i have its settings set to do so03:34
szal!root | seanmc9803:34
ubottuseanmc98: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo03:34
KE1HAor suro -s to remain sudo until exit03:34
Dulakseanmc98: 'sudo -i' for a root shell03:34
KE1HAwhoo sri sudo -s .. ..03:34
=== bryan is now known as Guest94121
Guest94121this is retarded03:34
ghassanhow can I edit the path for all users on my system?03:35
ghassanthe path variable03:35
vuthhi guys i need a recommendation for a better torrent program..transmission speed keeps going on and off03:35
ghassanPATH=$PATH:/path/to/where  works but seems like only for the user I am logged in as03:35
KE1HAGuest94121: hold on one Im finding a real eaay way for ya, just using the KB03:36
ZombieRomei'm having a problem with compiz not showing window titles in scale addons03:36
Dulakghassan: add a file like 'newpath.sh' to /etc/profile.d and have it set the path.  That will affect all users03:37
tensorpuddingghassan: it's not guaranteed to work, but you can add that line to /etc/profile03:37
tensorpuddingghassan: ultimately users can reset $PATH to whatever they want03:37
KE1HAGuest94121: System >> KB Prefrences >> Options >. Key Sequence to Kill Xserver .. Enable that, then it's Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to quit and reenable.03:37
tensorpuddingghassan: and /etc/profile is only read by a couple shells, though it covers the usual ones03:38
Guest29749thanks KE1HA03:38
=== ZombieRome is now known as ZombieRamen
ghassanthanks. I will try that. I am trying to add php to my path and its like I have to redo it every time I restart03:38
justdaveso for anyone following along with my problem, here's how to fix it: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=9431354&postcount=803:40
ZombieRamencan anyone help me with my compiz problem? scale addons isn't drawing the window title03:40
justdavethat generates an xorg.conf with the stuff that it autodetects and then you can edit it to fix the mis-detection03:40
=== TonyFisher is now known as SOULJABOY
endipHi all, quick question. There's a known long term issue with Realtek NIC RTL8111/8168B. The problem is that Ubuntu loads the RTL8169 Drivers at book and doesn't recognize the NIC. I read somewhere that by blacklisting the RTL8169 Drivers ubuntu will load the RTL8111 drivers. So, my question is how can I blacklist the RTL8169 drivers? 'Cause I don't know how.03:42
=== SOULJABOY is now known as CitizenKang
escottendip, there is an /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist, not sure exactly how it works03:43
endipescott, funny that file doesn't exist in 11.0403:45
escottendip, blacklist.conf03:46
endipescott, doh! I'm a retard.03:47
endipwrong dir03:47
endipescott, Interesting, there's a file called blacklist-rare-network.conf  --- I wonder what that's for.03:48
KE1HAIf you remove all other drivers, you probably dont need to usr blacklist as there aren't any conflicting drvs.03:48
KE1HAThe purpose of blacklisting is to prevent other modules from being loaded that could render something inoperable.03:49
cmannsI got Wifi0 and Wlan003:49
KE1HAmost of use do :-)03:50
KE1HAI think only one actually works or domes anything, ones a control and I cant rememebr what the other one is for, but it was kinda silly when I read about it.03:50
=== Logan_ is now known as sleeping
TBotNikvsync: Hey tried even deleting the .profile, but still can not log in.  Any ideas, no errors without the .profile but also empty desktop.03:51
TBotNikvsync: Actually does log in wo the file, but then no apps etc. since coming from that file.03:52
jtannenbaumcan someone explain the pattern behind folders called bin? If I created a ~/bin folder, what would be sensible to have there?03:54
jtannenbaumI know an example is shell scripts that are executed often03:55
KE1HAUsually, in the unix world, its where your executable silfe / programs reside.03:55
escottjtannenbaum, ~/bin is in your path, so anything you want to execute03:55
TBotNikAll: need help getting login set backup for XWin.  Box logs fine to tty, but was erroring reading the ~/myuser/.profile so deleted it, but now login, but no apps.  On liveCD now, can I fix it from here?03:55
KE1HA .. executable files .. .. .03:55
jtannenbaumcool thanks03:55
KE1HAjtannenbaum: here's a better explanation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filesystem_Hierarchy_Standard03:56
=== sleeping is now known as Sleeping
TBotNikAll: Actually did 1. backup to .profile_old, then 2. mv .profile .profile_bup, so can recover, but something wrong with it and will not read correctly03:58
escottTBotNik, your ~/.profile shouldn't affect your desktop, but you could copy it back out of /etc/skel03:58
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
rcmaehlis it possible to get something like this: http://www.tim.id.au/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/networkmap.jpg for ubuntu?04:00
=== Evixion` is now known as Evixion
nankura hello guys, im on xubuntu 11.04 and id like to install gnome 3 to try it out, but i noticed in the package manager theres 2 options of a package called "gnome" and one called "gnome-session" gnome seems to be a package that includes alot of software and tools. but im wondering if i install that, will it take over my XFCE installation, or can i choose either from gdm04:01
escott!gnome3 | nankura04:01
ubottunankura: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.04:01
TBotNikescott: But If I just restore it then back to square one, with it erroring.  Do you know that the ownership and permissions are supposed to be on this file?  When trouble start two things changed, 1. file somehow was chmod 775, 2. added "%myuser ALL=(ALL) ALL" to /etc/sudoers.04:02
endipDoes anyone know how to blacklist a RLTR8169 driver so that it doesn't load? I know you have to add a line to blacklist.conf, but I don't know how.04:02
klossorhmm ubuntu is outputting to 2 monitors (mirrored image) at the moment, though when I try to extend them I get an error stating the configuration request (3800 x 1920) cant be output... any idea's folks?04:02
TBotNikescott: Going to undo the sudoers now, but still do not understand the issue with the .profile file?04:02
escottTBotNik, permissions on your .profile shouldn't matter that much but 644 is sufficient04:04
escottTBotNik, mainly it shouldn be writable by other users since it gets executed all the time04:05
TBotNikescott: Set at 755 right now04:06
Generic_DumbassWhere does Ktorrent put your downloads by default?04:08
TBotNikescott: Thinking the entry is sudoers, was changing the uid level from 1000 to something else and therefore making it not readable, as seeing it no longer belonging to the user.04:08
TBotNikescott: Think I'm right?04:09
Generic_DumbassDisregard my question, Ktorrent became unreadable under High Contrast theme and it took a while04:10
TBotNikK BRB rebooting04:10
escottTBotNik, doubt it, making your user capably of sudo-ing doesn't mean that applications will automatically sudo04:10
TBotNikMaybe will see on reboot!04:11
mcurranhow about changing your userid to 0 and editing sudoers file to make u equal to root.  That's what I do.04:11
nankurahey guys, ok i downloaded a phew games with the package manager and bits of software and im wondering, when u download a package or game, or program. with software center, or package manager, does it store the packages anywhere on the pc? so u can back it up and not have to redownload it04:11
mcurranBecause I know what I'm doing.  :)04:11
escottnankura, /var/cache/apt04:12
no-name-hmm, i unchecked "show controls" in totem media player... does anybody know how to get them back ?04:12
no-name-oh, nvm ... ctrl + h04:13
Caradoc /ignore * JOINS04:13
rcmaehlIs there a graphical representation of the ARP tables kinda like the windows graphical network map I can get anywhere?04:15
mcurranIs there a way to force a package install with either synaptic/apt or dpkg?  Ignoring dependencies?  For instance I already install nmap via source, and now want to install pbnj, but it won't let me, even though nmap is installed...04:15
escottmcurran, see dpkg04:15
OmegaFortemcurran, Yeah, it's in the apt-cache. I believe it's in /etc/apt?04:16
OmegaFortemcurran, Disreguard that.04:16
OmegaFortenankura,  Yeah, it's in the apt-cache. I believe it's in /etc/apt?04:16
escottmcurran, man dpkg | grep force04:16
mcurranno, those solutions don't work04:17
mcurranthey just wanna make me install the repo's version of the dependency04:17
escottrcmaehl, if you can extract the arp table I would just send it through graphviz04:18
nankurai found it in /var/cache/apt/archives04:18
nankuratotal of 2.1GB XD04:18
escottmcurran, you may want to force the entry for the dependency04:19
Guest29749for Nvidia graphics cards how to ensure the drivers are correctly installed?04:19
nankurago to your main menu > settings > NVIDIA the settings panel should be there04:19
Khisanth--ignore-depends=nmap seems less drastic :)04:19
nankuraor additional drivers/jockey04:19
Guest29749it doesnt appear to be04:21
Guest29749also I am using the new ubuntu layout04:21
Guest29749it is confusing04:21
ubottuThe default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".04:21
faint545quick question, how often does the /temp/ folder get cleared out? or if and when does the contents of /temp/ gets deleted?04:25
theadminfaint545: /tmp, you mean?04:25
theadminfaint545: On reboot.04:25
faint545theadmin, er, yeah..04:25
theadminfaint545: And some programs clear it themselves, too.04:25
escottfaint545, /tmp usually on reboot04:25
faint545gotcha, thx04:25
theadminfaint545: If you want, you can add something like "@hourly rm -r /tmp/*" to crontab to clean it hourly, however it can break things04:26
escottfaint545, you may have a tmpfs (ram disk) on /tmp04:26
endipHey all, which question: I'm trying to compile a driver from source. I'm using command: sudo ./autorun.sh and I'm getting "sudo: ./autorun.sh: command not found" - who can tell me why I might be getting this error?04:33
bazhangendip, what driver, and for what04:33
escottendip, do you need to be root to compile it? you probably need to give the full path04:34
endipbazhang, the realtek nic RTL8111 driver called R816804:36
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
endipescott, I don't know if I need to be root. I'm in the directory that the file is in, but I don't know if I need to give the full path. I thought maybe gcc doesn't come with Ubuntu 11.04 install, but I appear to have it installed so that's not it.04:37
bazhanghttp://wookie.co.nz/wordpress/rebuild-realtek-r8168-module-for-ubuntu/  endip this one?04:37
endipbazhang, Yeah, that's the driver.04:38
kiaasTrying to figure out how to disable PowerMizer in the nvidia binary drivers, google isn't linking me to anything up to date.04:38
endipbazhang, Those instructions say that after i unzip it (which I've already done) i should  "make clean modules" and "make install". Are those commands?04:40
efsanecabadakselam am var mý ya04:41
endipbazhang, I was following instructions from another post online. Someone who fixed the same problem I'm having by blacklisting a driver and installing another. I'm stuck at the compiling part.04:42
bazhanghttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/208012 endip this may help a bit04:42
ubottuUbuntu bug 208012 in linux (Ubuntu) "Realtek RTL8168C/8111C ethernet compatibility (dup-of: 252307)" [Undecided,Confirmed]04:42
ubottuUbuntu bug 252307 in linux (Ubuntu) "Realtek 8168 installs as an 8169 and the Laptop has no network connection" [Undecided,Fix released]04:42
endipbazhang, Yeah, I think that will help. Let me try those commands.04:43
nhochthow could install wireless for ubuntu11.0404:44
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:44
TBotNikGuys: Reading the HOWTOs supposed to be able to hit "ESC" @ grub prompt or "SHIFT" during boot progress screen and get to boot option screen where "e" to edit can be executed.  Problem is I don't get a GRUB prompt and the "SHIFT" during load progress does not work.  Since I can not login to my box, how do I get around this?04:46
bazhangnhocht, what chipset, pci or usb04:46
TBotNikAll: Maybe I should ask, How do I get the GRUB prompt back?04:46
rwwTBotNik: when your BIOS screen pops up after you press the power button, hold down shift. continue holding down shift. GRUB should pop up.04:47
rwwIf you get to the plymouth boot splash thing, you did it wrong.04:47
TBotNikrww: Think I already stated "that doesn't work", but if not here it is again.04:47
rwwTBotNik: I read what you said. You're doing it at the wrong time if it's not working :P04:48
TBotNikrww: Anyway I want it to alway show, not have to worry about holding a key "at the right time" since that does not work at all on this box.  Tried it at least 20 times now and nothing.04:49
ejvhello, usb keyboard doesn't work at grub bootloader, how do I correct this?04:50
TBotNikrww: I know there is a setting for how many seconds it will show.  Do you know the setting?04:50
endipbazhang, Those instructions aren't working.  (I wish knew the ins-and-outs of compiling.) I don't know how to frickin' compile these drivers and none of the instructions I've found inline is working.04:50
rwwTBotNik: I forget, but if you're using GRUB 2, it's in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub204:50
TBotNikrww: Someone has this box set to "0" seconds show time, that is why does not show and pressing ESC or SHIFT not working.04:51
bazhangendip, whats the error or errors you are getting04:51
LachlanHWhat's the easiest way to allow me to exceed the virtual screen size when using dual monitors?04:52
TBotNikrww: On liveCD but just installed grub, and have it up.04:52
Clowerwebanyone else having a problem booting into 3.0 kernel?04:53
rwwClowerweb: No released versions of Ubuntu use Linux 3.0, so it isn't supported here.04:53
endipbazhang, I can't cut and paste them for you because I can't connect to the internet on the PC that's having problems. But I can tell you that when I type this command: sudo make clean modules, I get a long list of make [1], make[2[], and some say No such file or directory, ando ther say, No rule to make taget '/src/makefile', and "error 2", etc.04:53
ejvanyone know how to get the bootloader to recognize my usb keyboard... this is somewhat critical... lol04:54
ejvcan't really choose what to boot into without this functionality...04:54
endipbazhang, So, I'm getting three different errors when attempting to run "make clean modules"04:54
Dulakejv: switch legacy usb in the bios from OS to BIOS, save, reboot04:54
ejvwt... there's a bios option?04:55
theadminejv: Yeah04:55
* ejv sighs04:55
theadminejv: Most of the time. Too easy?04:55
ejvok thank you gentlemen, i shall return04:55
Dulakejv: yes, you have it set to OS instead of BIOS04:55
ejvroger that04:55
corinthChanging the touchpad sensitivity in the mouse settings doesn't seem to affect my touchpad speed. Any suggestions?04:55
* ejv salutes04:55
endipbazhang, There's a dir with "Makefile" in it....is that something that will help me compile the driver?04:56
nhochti am not install wireless card for 11.04?04:58
bazhangnhocht, what chipset pci or usb04:58
bazhang!compile | endip please have a read04:58
ejvsuccessful, thanks again fellas, usb stuff was disabled in the BIOS04:58
ubottuendip please have a read: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)04:58
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
ejvtoo easy indeed04:58
nhocht Subsystem: Intel Corporation WiFi Link 5100 AGN04:58
nhocht<nhocht>  Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 4804:58
nhocht<nhocht>  Memory at f4700000 (64-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=8K]04:58
nhocht<nhocht>  Capabilities: <access denied>04:58
nhocht<nhocht>  Kernel driver in use: iwlagn04:58
nhocht<nhocht>  Kernel modules: iwlagn04:58
FloodBot1nhocht: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:58
theadminejv: Heh04:59
ejvnot that I don't love ubuntu as the default option... but cmon, once and a while I need to game on the windows partition04:59
TBotNikrww: Do you have a HOWTO for grub vs grub2?04:59
ejvubuntu probably set the bios option quietly, as part of it's overlord master control subroutines for world domination05:00
rwwTBotNik: I have our documentation on GRUB and on GRUB2. That's about it. GRUB2's, you have. GRUB's is https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:00
theadminejv: Well, that makes sense xD If you want to change the default option by the way there's a few tools for that, or you can just edit grub.cfg05:00
Dulakejv: no it's off by default like that in most bioses, since they expect you are on windows05:00
ejvi kid i kid ;)05:01
endipbazhang, Thanks, I'll read through that when I get a chance05:01
bazhangtheadmin, you dont edit that directly05:01
nhocht 8086:423705:01
theadminbazhang: I'm not really familiar with GRUB2...05:01
ejvreal men edit configs directly! with vi! one handed!05:01
ejvas root even!05:01
bazhangtheadmin, best to read the factoid then before suggesting that05:01
wols_nhocht: it helps if you actually state a problem and ask a question05:01
theadminejv: I use vim rather than vi, but yah05:01
theadminbazhang: idk, I think Ubuntu is the only distro with GRUB2 by default *eyeroll*05:01
wols_theadmin: no. all of the newer ones changed afaik05:02
theadminwols_: Arch still hasn't :) And I think that's the right choice. Even tho they already have got Gnome3 etc05:02
bazhangtheadmin, you're in #ubuntu , please check the factoid before dispensing advice on it05:02
=== Kasjopaja23111 is now known as Kasjopaja
theadminbazhang: Okay, okay, but I remember editing grub.cfg myself and not causing any harm05:03
ejvserious question guys, I had a server malfunction this week, my AMD motherboard and AMD cpu are probably toast, I ordered a replacement, all AMD parts, can I expect to just plug in the drives and go go go...?05:03
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest78705
theadminejv: Likely05:03
theadminejv: Windows can break tho05:03
ejvthis is a seperate server, completely ubuntu05:03
theadminejv: Ah, okay05:03
theadminejv: Then no worries needed I guess05:03
Seanmc98|mobileDoes anyone in here use heimdall for the SGS phone?05:03
ejvok cool05:04
ejvi hope my data survived05:04
asdjaputraSeanmc98|mobile, not the right place05:04
theadminejv: Except Linux and AMD aren't really friendly... At least when it comes to videocards05:04
wols_theadmin: you will cause harm as soon as any new kernel update is installed05:04
ejvit's a server, so i couldn't care less :)05:04
OY1Rwhy is it that i only get connected with DHCP and not static IP ? (I disconnected again)05:04
wols_theadmin: another thing you got wrong05:04
Seanmc98|mobileI was asking because id they did I was going to ask them to help me to install it asdjaputra05:04
theadminwols_: It'll overwrite grub.cfg, yes, so what? It's not harm...05:05
bazhangSeanmc98|mobile, what does it have to with ubuntu05:05
Seanmc98|mobileBecause heimdall was made for ubuntu that's why05:05
dsnydersejv, Unless they are the same motherboards, you might have difficulties with networking, video, and sound.05:05
magn3tsDAE have major A/V sync problems with VLC that they didn't have (a while ago)05:05
theadminasdjaputra: /join #android05:05
asdjaputratheadmin, k05:06
asdjaputraSeanmc98|mobile, SGS=Samsung Galaxy S?05:06
Dulakejv: if you are using a default kernel image you should have no issues moving drives to the new hardware05:06
rwwSeanmc98|mobile: Hi. Can you join #ubuntu-ops, please?05:06
theadminasdjaputra, Seanmc98|mobile move to #android please05:06
theadminrww: And what's that for? o_O05:07
ejvdulak, thx for the reassurance :)05:07
Dulakejv: if you custom compiled your kernel and only included drivers for the existing hardware, that would be a different story05:07
asdjaputratheadmin, sorry he was asking and i said this is not the right place05:07
=== Rider is now known as Guest15839
javierhelp...i have been trying, all day, on getting 11.04 on my htpc with windows 705:10
OY1Rcan someone send me a file here in irc just for a test.05:11
kevin_i need some LTSP help...can someone PM me if they are willing to help?05:11
centHOGGjavier: tried xbmc yet05:11
javierI had it on windows 705:11
javiernow I can't get 11.07 installed and its been 11 hours05:12
endipIs anyone here familiar with installing LAN drivers?05:13
centHOGGyeah i think so05:13
kevin_anyone here familiar with using LTSP?05:13
Seanmc98|mobileIs there a way to speed up the boot time on 11.04 im counting 35+ seconds on boot. I have heard of one member having. A 16 second boot time05:13
javiercan anyone help me05:15
ejv!ask | javier05:15
theadminjavier: Probably, you have to ask your question05:15
ubottujavier: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:15
DerpadongSo, whats everyone using for an IRC client?05:17
kevin_ok, Im trying to setup a LTSP server. I followed the instructions on the help.ubuntu.com website. After setting up everything i went to test it and my client never got the DHCP request. Can anyone help me on this issue?05:17
OY1RDerpadong, xchat here05:18
rww!poll | Derpadong05:18
ubottuDerpadong: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.05:18
javierI have had zero ability in getting natty installed through wubi for 64 bit. Can I get some guidance? I keep getting an error that says error line 46 cannot find sda/dev005:18
dsnydersjavier, Are you sure your machine is a 64bit machine?05:19
ugly_ducki would like to get the sound working on railway tycoon 2, anyone played it before?05:19
oscalationif i want to dual boot between ubuntu and another linux distro, i currently have only ubuntu installed on a portion of my hdd, how difficult will it be to install and set up the other boot options ?05:20
javieryes. I built it. gigabyte 880G mobo, phenom II 560 amd processor05:20
javiercurrently running windows ulitmate 6405:20
wols_oscalation: not difficult. to make it easier I suggest installing one of the grub loaders to a partition instead of the MBR and chainloading it from the main grub installation05:20
oscalationwols_, i dont follow05:21
wols_ugly_duck: does sound work in normal wine or is it a linux game?05:21
dsnydersjavier, you could try a USB booted linux.   www.pendrivelinux.com05:21
javierI don't have a usb stick05:21
javierI have followed all the youtube videos, and I can't get it to work05:21
endipHow can I check to see if I have Make installed?05:22
javierI have a C drive (1 sata) and a D drive (1 other sata)05:22
Seanmc98|mobileIs there a way to make the boot time faster on 11.04?05:22
luckysmackendip, which make05:22
endipluckman212_, I don't know, any one.05:22
Seanmc98|mobileDuckfd: are you in?05:22
luckysmackendip, i mean run that command. 'which make'05:22
wols_Seanmc98|mobile: make it load less stuff on bootup05:22
endipluckman212_, oh.05:22
javierI have partitioned via windows, tried to use wubi to install on one of the partitions, and continuously get the error05:22
wols_endip: install build-essential05:23
endipluckysmack, Ok, I guess I have it installed05:23
kevin_ok, Im trying to setup a LTSP server. I followed the instructions on the help.ubuntu.com website. After setting up everything i went to test it and my client never got the DHCP request. Can anyone help me on this issue?05:23
corinthChanging the touchpad sensitivity in the mouse settings doesn't seem to affect my touchpad speed. Any suggestions?05:23
javierI went through the cd, and created the root space, swap space, and got through the install, and then my boot got screwed05:23
oscalationwols_, care to walk me through that ?05:23
luckysmackendip, you can do that for any command to find that info on it. same thing for 'where make' to show where the binary is05:23
endipwols: "Missing destination file operand after 'build-essential'05:23
javierso I recovered my boot with the windows cd05:23
javierand am back to windows05:24
luckysmackendip, 'sudo apt-get install build-essential'05:24
dsnydersjavier, any reason you're going with wubi rather than the standard CD install?05:24
ugly_duckwols_: its complaining about dsp or something, but the sound modules have change to alsa now or somnething right05:25
javierdual boot inside windows05:25
endipluckysmack, I can't connect to the internet. I'm trying to install a RealTek driver so I can get connected.05:25
endipluckysmack, I'm having a hell of a time installing this driver. So far every set of instructions I've followed hasn't worked on my system.05:25
luckysmackah then yea youll need to connect before you can do that. but if you have make you may already have build essential.05:25
endipluckysmack, Does Ubuntu come with kernal sources?05:26
wols_endip: do you know how to install things in ubuntu?05:26
dsnydersjavier, Perhaps a virtual machine?05:26
luckysmackim not too familiar with installing those. havent had my nic not be supported05:26
endipwols: Yeah. But you can't install this realtek nic driver through the repos. You hav e to download and compile it.05:27
wols_endip: then install build-essential. if you still get an error, paste your command and its output in a pastebin05:28
wols_and I doubt you need a special driver for realtek ethernet. for wlan fine, for ethernet, no05:28
dsnydersHi all!  How do you enable write capabilities on tftpd-hda?05:28
wols_dsnyders: why would you need that?05:28
piratasomebody know some channel to chat in spanish, please05:29
wols_!es | pirata05:29
ubottupirata: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.05:29
dsnyderswols_, so that I can copy cisco router configurations from one router to another.05:29
endipwols: Dude, I can't connect to the internet on my PC that I'm trying to build the drivers on, so I can't paste to pastebin.05:29
wols_endip: if you are too lazy to type ~2 lines, then I am too lazy to help you. I call it "fair play"05:30
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
endipluckysmack,  Do you know if Ubuntu 11.04 comes with the kernal sources?05:30
endipwols: I didn't realize it was only two lines. figured it would be more than that.05:31
luckysmackno im not sure.05:31
ejvdoes netflix work under ubuntu?05:31
osmosistrying to install ubuntu 11.04 on my samsung series 9.  Freezes halfway throught the install.  Tried 3 times. Any suggestions?05:32
endipwols: I'll have to download build-essentials on a USB drive and then transfer the file over and install it on my PC. It will take a few minutes. k05:32
rwwendip: No, they don't come with the kernel sources. Nowhere near enough space on the CD.05:32
luckysmackon the web? i dont think so. license issues05:32
corinthejv, Not yet. It will "soon," though. Through Chromium.05:32
endiprww: thanks05:32
wols_endip: build-essential consists of 10-20 packages05:32
javiercan someone help me get through an install from the live cd? I am supposed to get an option where I can install alongside windows, and I don't get that option. I get erase or do somethin else05:32
wols_endip: you either have it on your ubuntu cd itself or you will be in trouble05:32
luckysmackejv, chromium is going to support the streaming?05:33
ejvno idea05:33
corinthjavier, Run the CD in Windows. Then it will give you that option.05:33
javierI am redownloading the 64bit ISO to burn, again05:33
ejvi asked lol05:33
luckysmackoops i meant corinth ^^05:33
rwwejv: I'm skeptical of this whole "it will work soon" thing, btw. Netflix says 12 months from now. I say "lol ok".05:33
wols_endip: well you can use apt-zip or such. but: I seriously doubt you can only go online with a specially compiled driver. just because you read that somehwere on the internet, doesn't make it true. but your choice what work you want to do05:33
endipwols: if it's on my ubuntu cd would it have been installed?05:34
corinthluckysmack, Yep, it was announced in May. Netflix is working on an html5 stream through Chrome, and it'll work in Chromium in Linux.05:34
endipwols: What do you mean?05:34
javierI have tried before, and I get options to run demo or full install, which requires a reboot with the live cd, and I got hosed becuase my boot got got messed up and just got windows back  using windows repair05:34
endipwols: Is there another way?05:34
wols_endip: since you don't tell us about the problem in a meaningful way, no one can tell05:34
luckysmackcorinth, oh ok. how will they secure it with html5 i wonder? i thought they said they would never support it since you can just download it. interesting05:34
javieri am still wondering why I can't get the wubi  method to work05:35
corinthjavier, Try downloading the Wubi tool from http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/windows-installer05:35
javieryeah, wubi isn't working for me either05:35
corinthluckysmack, probably the same way that Hulu secured its streams in html5.05:35
corinthI don't know how it's done, just that it can be done.05:35
luckysmackoh, i thought they used flash. i hadnt noticed. i dont actually use it much05:36
javierwubi gets me to this error (error line 46: cannot find sda/dev0)05:36
pp7 corinth: erm netflix works on ubuntu?05:36
endipwols: this is a known issue going back 4 years. Realtek RTL8111 NIC cards don't work. Everywhere online says to install the unix/linux drivers from RealTek, except there are several different ways to install it based on the veersion of the driver. I'm trying to follow some instructions I found online that look like they will work for me.05:36
corinthjavier, Does it give you the option to Ignore/Continue?05:36
corinthpp7, Not yet, but soon. Netflix is working on streaming in html5 through Chrome.05:36
javierno. it says boot back into windows. run chkdsk /r and then continue05:36
pp7ah nice05:37
pp7i'll forget buying that roku box then :)05:37
endipwols: http://goo.gl/EvaOh here's a link to the instructions I'm following.05:37
corinthjavier, Run Wubi from within Windows.05:37
wols_endip: there is no realtek 8111 card. identify your chip better05:37
javierOk, i will do it again. and I will write the error I get05:37
wols_endip: Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.05:38
endipwols: http://forums.hardwaresecrets.com/installing-realtek-rtl8111/3906?s=803715001fc9158faa843b501a784b5f&amp;05:38
javierOk. I have wubi open. I am going to install on C:05:38
endipwols: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/816805:39
wols_endip: this is for a kernel 2.6.18. that is 4 years ago. this thing is rubbish05:39
corinthSounds good, javier. Just go through the instructions, and you should be fine.05:39
javierwe will see. This is my tenth time doing the same thing05:39
endipwols: Ok, do you have any other suggestions?05:40
wols_endip: what is your actual hardware. there is no rtl8111 directly05:40
endipwols: is there a command I can type in that will tell me exactly what it is?05:41
wols_lspci -nn  rather05:41
oscalationwols_, do i just start the installation from the new linux distro and create a new partion ?05:42
wols_oscalation: you install by putting in a CD and boot from it most time. but it depends on the distro you install what to do. how is this all relevant to ubuntu?05:42
endipwols: here's the output 02:00.0 Ethernet Controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 03)05:43
wols_oscalation: just have a boot media for each distro you want to install. that way if anything goes wrong you still have a way fix things05:43
wols_endip: use the 2nd command I gave you. the numbers at the end are important05:43
endipwols: it says the same thing for the ethernet controller05:44
wols_endip: no it does not05:46
endipwols: hold on, let me give you a screen shot.05:46
wols_endip: 0:00.0 Ethernet controller [0200]: Device [1a55:0005]   see these numbers at the end. if you don't see them you use the command wrong05:46
bloopletechI've just upgraded to natty, and now if I run 'gnome-open xxx.html' in the terminal, nautilus tries to open it as a folder instead of opening it in chrome or firefox05:48
bloopletechIs there a way I can edit the file handlers to fix this?05:48
grybloopletech: What does it do if you click the file?05:49
endipwols: http://img64.imageshack.us/content_round.php?page=done&l=img64/1023/screenshotcli.png05:49
bloopletechgry double-clicking correctly opens it in chrome05:49
bloopletecha similar thing also happens with deb files05:49
endipwols: that's a screenshot from my current terminal. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?05:49
m4khi I'm not able to connect to the wifi network in my ubuntu 11.0405:50
=== co-co-drill is now known as ra-b-bit
Lasersbloopletech: xdg-open XXX.html -- Try that05:50
wols_bloopletech: 10ec:8168  which your writing did not contain. so when you boot normally, lsmod |grep 81   does it show a r816* module? and when you run ifconfig -a   does it show a ethX somewhere?05:50
bloopletechwols_: wut05:50
endipwols: Did I miss that [10ec:8168] ??05:51
endipwols: is that the important part?05:51
grybloopletech: Well.  It works for me. What do you see when you type ``gnome-open --version''?05:51
wols_endip: do what I told you05:51
javierso there was an installation there before, and now wubi is stuck at and wont remove due to an error that says stdout can not be foudn05:51
wols_bloopletech: sorry, mistyped05:51
bloopletechLasers: I get the same error dialog box05:51
grym4k: What do you try?  What do you get?05:52
bloopletechgry: I get 'GNOME gnome-url-show 2.32.1'05:52
Guest29749So I have downloaded and installed the Nvidia drivers for my laptop and restarted my laptop now the laptop is not booting.05:52
grybloopletech: Do you have this issue for a freshly creater new user on the system?05:52
wols_Guest29749: from nvidia.com?05:52
Guest29749gets to skipping profile in /etc/apparmor.d/disable: usr.bin.firefox05:52
endipwols: What? The command? lspci -nn ?05:53
m4k@gry I see the ssid in my manager but when i click it doesnt connect after sometime it stops05:53
bloopletechgry: I suppose I can have a look and see05:53
Guest29749from the drivers tool in ubuntu05:53
wols_endip:  so when you boot normally, lsmod |grep 81   does it show a r816* module? and when you run ifconfig -a   does it show a ethX somewhere?05:53
endipwols: I did that command05:53
grybloopletech: ok05:53
m4kgrr: same laptop with windows 7 it works05:53
endipwols: When I run ifconfig -a it shows a eth1, yes.05:53
endipwols: let me check the other.05:54
m4kgry: same laptop with windows 7 it works05:54
Guest29749how do I troubleshoot startup issues? is there a way to get verbose output?05:54
Lasersbloopletech: I'm booting up. I think you want to look at the file in ~/.config/somewhere/somewhere -- I don't know where. :O05:54
Guest29749where is the old xterm config located?05:54
wols_endip: then your driver is already working (which is normal for realtek ethernet)05:54
endipwols: lsmod | grep 81 gives me r816905:55
gry!wifi | m4k, please look at troubleshooting guides here, I think they might be useful:05:55
ubottum4k, please look at troubleshooting guides here, I think they might be useful:: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:55
kevin_can anyone help me with setting up my dhcp server05:55
Lasersbloopletech: Look and (remove?) $HOME/.local/share/applications05:55
grykevin_: What did you try so far?05:56
wols_kevin_: as your real question. never ask if anyone can help05:56
endipwols: Ok, well that's good to know. Thank you!05:56
m4kgry: thanks looking at it05:57
kevin_im trying to setup a dhcp server to create a Terminal Server and im having trouble starting it05:57
endipWols, the problem that I'm having then, must be something else. 'Cause the "Wired Network" option in the upper right corner in Ubuntu is greyed out. And It tries to connect for a while and then stops and says I'm disconnected.05:57
bloopletechgry: It prompted me to select my preferred file manager, and after that had the same issue as before05:57
grym4k: ok05:57
wols_endip: unplug your cable then plug it back in. then run "dmesg" and check the last few lines and what it says05:58
endipwols: k05:58
grybloopletech: Interesting.  Does the file have a proper icon?05:58
kevin_the dhcp server should be distributing out on the "eth0" interface05:58
kevin_how would i go about doing that?05:59
bloopletechgry: I just made an empty file called temp.html05:59
grybloopletech: Right click the file, click |Open with -> Other application....|, select Firefox and tick the "remember" box at the dialog bottom.  Then try to run the gnome-open command for that file again.05:59
wols_kevin_: set up a static ip on eth. install dnsmasq and edit /etc/dnsmasq.conf to enable the dhcp server. done05:59
wols_*static ip on eth006:00
bloopletechgry: already did, I'm going to try removing some of these ones Lasers suggested06:00
endipwols: r8169 0000:02:00.0 eth1: link down   [line break]  r8169 0000:02:00.0: eth1: link up06:00
grybloopletech: Good luck - I would be surprised that a new user on the system does not fix the issue then, but it might be worth a try.06:00
Lasersgry: That's a hack.06:01
javierwubi says ubuntu installed. I dont get an option to boot to ubuntu06:01
gryLasers: Whatever default settings it would start using and not apply them to a new user, is odd.06:01
wols_endip: so you have a connection just fine. hardware works totally. I dunno why nm doesn't connect. my thinking is cause nm is a POS software which I don't like or suppport it06:02
wols_endip: for a quick+dirty test, sudo dhclient eth1 should give you an IP06:02
javieranyone? I can;t select ubuntu when system restarts06:03
Lasersjavier: When you boot, what do you get?06:03
javierstarting windows06:04
endipwols: sudo dhclient eth1  is just hanging.  The terminal went to a new line and there was no output.06:04
magn3tsyeah, every video I play back has unsynced audio06:04
endipwols: ok. Now a I have a prompt again. No output from sudo dhclient eth106:04
Boomboyjavier: Are you sure bios is looking for ubuntu cd?06:04
kevin_wols_, Thank you very much06:04
kevin_it worked06:04
Lasersjavier: Dualboot? Wubi? Did you install or you're about to?06:04
javierI am in windows. should I uninstall via wubi and restart06:05
javiertrying to dual boot windows 7 and natty06:05
wols_endip: check "ifconfig" again, your eth1 might have a IP now06:05
javierso should I uninstall reboot and retry06:06
javiernevermind, I can't unistall. I get an error that a file can't be found06:07
javierso what should I do?06:07
Lasersjavier: The safe route to try out Ubuntu would be to install VirtualBox on Windows and go from there.06:08
Lasersjavier: or a LiveCD -- where you can experiment with things.06:08
endipwols: When I did ifconfig I got an eth1 with nothing that resembles an IP, and an eth1:avahi with an inet addr that looks like a regular IP. Should I have both an eth1 and an eth1:avahi ?06:09
javieri have ubuntu on my laptop which is why I have been trying so desperately today06:09
javierand I am getting to the point where I want to throw up06:09
Lasersjavier: I'm not a fan of Wubi. If you insist on having Ubuntu + Windows, try uninstalling & reinstalling Wubi.  Dualboot is an another option.06:10
javierso how do I uninstall ubuntu when file for deletion can be found06:10
hamneggajavier, trying so desperately to do what?06:11
javierdual boot06:11
javiergoing on 13 hours06:11
hamneggaanything less is a disgrace to your hardware06:12
wols_endip: at this to your /etc/network/interfaces: http://paste.debian.net/125245/06:12
endipwols: k06:12
wols_endip: then run "sudo ifup eth1". this configures your eth1 to be managed via /etc/network/interfaces and not network manager and it tells it to get an IP via DHCP06:12
mystiquebaI can't use the Ubuntu Software Center it says "Items cannot be installed or removed until the package catalog is repaired.  Do you want to repair it now?" But then when I click on repair, I get "Package operation failed"06:13
javierso, i am now rebooting. I will start from scratch, and yu can all see my pain06:13
javierwubi downloaded. being run as an administrator,and currently installing06:15
wols_mystiqueba: run sudo  apt-get upgrade06:15
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mystiquebawols, I'm getting some errors from libreoffice b'cos I previously removed it and tried reinstalling06:17
endipwols: sudo ifup eth1 returned grep: /etc/resolv.conf: No Such file or directory -- What did I do wrong?06:17
wolterhow do I check the sanity of a package?06:18
mystiquebawols_, here's the exact errors message I get: http://paste.ubuntu.com/659756/06:18
grywolter: Is it one you packaged?06:19
woltergry, no, its zenity06:19
woltergry, I was missing zenity.ui file06:19
wols_endip: that's your DNS resolver. not much. doesn't matter right now can be fixed later if it's a problem. do you know have an ip for eth1?06:19
woltergry, reinstalling worked, but I would like to know how to06:19
wolteroops haha06:20
wols_mystiqueba: sudo apt-get install -f06:20
m4kgry: I wasn't able to solve the issue here is my sudo lshw -C network output http://paste2.org/p/156700306:21
wols_*do you now06:21
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:21
javierinstalled, rebooted,chose ubuntu, splash screen06:22
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mystiquebawols_, I'm still getting an error with libreoffice.  how do I totally purge that program?06:23
javierthis is the 10th time i get this error06:23
wols_!errors | mystiqueba06:24
ubottumystiqueba: If you have problems or errors, you will need to describe/paste them. Please use the !pastebin for errors that cannot be quoted in a single IRC message06:24
javiercould not find the iso06:24
endipwols: it's the same as before. When I type ifconfig I get info for eth1, eth1:avahi and lo. eth1 has a line that says inet6 addr: fe80::d227:88ff:fe63:3d96/64 -- not a regular ip address. eth1:avahi says inet addr:
grym4k: It seems to recognise the hardware O.K. What is "ifconfig" output? (Also, please ask the channel, don't address me in particular. I would be more happy to have everybody help you than just me - I'm quite new here.)06:24
javieri thought the whole point of wubi was to download the iso06:25
mystiquebawols_, here's the error I'm getting http://paste.ubuntu.com/659758/06:25
wols_endip: both mean "couldn't get an IP frm dhcp server". you do have a router which hands out IP addresses, right?06:25
wols_mystiqueba: there was more than that06:25
endipwols: Yes, I have 3 other computers on it right now. They all have IP address and are connected normally.06:25
hareshhello how can i upgrade to the latest 11.04\06:26
javierany ideas06:26
Lasers!upgrade | haresh06:26
ubottuharesh: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade06:26
theadminharesh: Just saying, an upgrade is a very bad idea in Ubuntu. Best option is a reinstall.06:26
theadminharesh: However, if you do wish to upgrade, read the instructions given.06:26
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grytheadmin: Is this true for upgrade from any version, or just from a very old version to the latest one?06:27
Lasersjavier: The best course to have Ubuntu and preserve Windows 100%?  Get another hard drive. Install Ubuntu on that one. Keep things simple and separate (from each others).06:27
wols_endip: "link up" in dmesg clearly shows it has a physical connection to the router. I dunno why avahi has a different interface tho06:27
mystiquebawols_, you're right, here's the entire msg I get: http://paste.ubuntu.com/659759/06:27
javieri have another hard drive06:27
wols_endip: and the chip itself works fine out of the box. I have the same on my mobo. bascially most/all mobos have this ethernet chip06:27
Lasersgry: Any upgrade. Even there are reports of issues from Snow Leopard (to Lion).06:27
grye01: Hello there.06:27
javierhow do i set up ubuntu to be on that drive and not screw up my boot again06:27
e01is there way to restore deleted files from ext3 partition, but with folder structure06:28
endipwols: ok. does it matter that I'm running ubuntu from a USB flash drive? (I don't know why it would, but that's the only thing I'm doing differently.)06:28
m4khi I'm not able to connect to the wifi here is my output of "sudo lshw -C network", "lspci -nn" and "ifconfig" http://paste2.org/p/156701606:28
wols_!info openoffice.org-debian-menus06:28
ubottuPackage openoffice.org-debian-menus does not exist in natty06:28
endipwols: Should I reinstall Ubuntu?06:28
wols_mystiqueba: what ubuntu are you running exactly? and where did you install this openoffice-debian-menus from?06:29
hareshi cant connect to my wired network06:29
micahplease someone I need help with chromium06:30
csdserverharesh, can you ping your router?06:30
Lasersjavier: With GUI installer, it will tell you hard drives (name and size?). Pick Ubuntu on that new/empty hard drive. It'll also ask you about grub. You decide. Or you can do physical cable switch (Lulz?)06:30
Blue1!microsoft net frame06:30
ubottuBlue1: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:30
wols_mystiqueba: dpkg -r <each libreoffice package>06:30
micahcan anyone help with chromium?06:31
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x_join/ irc.spotchat.org06:31
Boomboymicah: Please ask your question. Someone might06:31
Lasersx_: Please don't do that here.06:31
endipwols: does it matter that my ethernet controller is a RTL8111/8168B and the driver that's loading is a R8169? 'Cause there are a bunch of forums that indicate this is a problem.  http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1661489.html  -- I don't know, I'm just pitchin' ideas at this point.06:31
wols_endip: I wouldn't. but it's kinda hard to debug the issue over the internet06:31
endipwols: I understand.06:31
micahwhen I try to play runescape it says missing plugins06:31
x_do what lasers06:31
wols_endip: has your wired network ever worked there? and if it has, what did you change that it doesn't work anymore?06:31
endipwols: you wouldn't reinstall ubuntu?? Is that what you're sayin?06:31
x_server/ irc.spotchat.org06:32
Lasersx_: Advertising. Spam.06:32
wols_endip: no. there are various ethernet controllers with slightly different names like that06:32
x_im trying to join the channel06:32
wols_yes I wouldn't reinstall it06:32
Lasersx_: /server irc.spotchat.org06:32
micahI need help chromium says missing plugins when i try to play an online game06:32
wols_x_: /server irc.spotchat.org06:32
wols_x_: and then /join #linuxmint   or whatever06:33
wols_!errors | micah06:33
ubottumicah: If you have problems or errors, you will need to describe/paste them. Please use the !pastebin for errors that cannot be quoted in a single IRC message06:33
HackNewtonhi guys can anyone tell me where can i find BGI file for C program in ubuntu06:33
micahI did explain my problem06:33
endipwols: My wired network works. In fact, if I unplug the desktop I'm having trouble with, and plug the same cable into my laptop it works fine on my laptop. But I just put up this new box today, and as soon as I plugged in the cable I noticed it wouldn't connect and the gui indicators in ubuntu act like I don't have a wired connection at all.06:33
Lasersmicah: Flash installed?06:33
micahsays plash and java is enabled06:34
micahIt runs off java06:34
wols_HackNewton: nowhere. BGI is for Borland compilers under DOS. doesn't exist for linux06:34
HackNewtonoh any alternative ?06:35
wols_endip: dhclient eth106:35
wols_HackNewton: SDL. but for it to work you need to rewrite your C program06:35
mystiquebawols_, I'm using Ubuntu 11.04 and I had to manually install the "real" OpenOffice from their website.  That's why I got rid of libreoffice.  Btw, what exactly do I use for "<each libreoffice package>."  I'm a total newbie06:35
micahlibreoffice sucks06:36
csdserverharesh, do you have access to your router configuration from another device on the network?06:36
endipwols: k06:36
micahi switched back to 10.04 cause it has open office06:36
wols_mystiqueba: now you see why installing stuff frm 3rd parties and PPAs is a bad idea06:36
HackNewtonok thanks wols_06:36
wols_mystiqueba: dpkg -l |grep libreoffice   all of those packages. alternatively  dpkg -l |grep openoffice   all of them06:36
mystiquebawols_, yeah.  But Openoffice had always been the standard so I don't see why it's such a big deal06:36
wols_micromatikal: libreoffice is the same as openoffice06:36
wols_mystiqueba: cause their packages are broken. and openoffice is not the standard anymore. and I wouldn't want to run any software owned by oracle if I can help it. and with libreoffice I have a hoice. Unlike Virtualbox or Java06:37
javierok. i am buring a livecd image. last time i did this i got a grub rescue prompt. what is the best way to install on a seperate (empty) drive for dual boot capability06:38
endipwols: sudo dhclient eth1 didn't return anything. Was it supposed to?06:38
mystiquebawols, that makes sense.  By the way, is there no easier way to do this?06:38
wols_endip: if a command doesn't print anything, it means it has succeded. which is a good thing06:39
endipwols: k, good06:39
wols_endip: same ff80 IP address?06:39
wols_fe80 rather06:39
endipwols: eth1:avahi is gone now.06:40
wols_endip: good riddance. avahi sucks. rarely if ever needed (it's zeroconf)06:40
endipwols, eth1 still gives me that inet6 addr: fe80:: ... etc.06:41
wols_endip: so what IP does eth1 have06:41
wols_hmm.. question is, why is it eth1 when you have no eth006:41
javiercan anyone help me set up natty via the gui on a separate drive from windows06:41
wols_javier: ubuntu will show you two disks when you install, install on the 2nd one. done06:41
endipwols, I'm fairly certain I edited that interfaces file correctly.06:42
ekshibarovHi all. I run Ubuntu liveCD at Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.1 and Ubuntu request auth. Is this bug or it's normal? What's username and password i must enter?06:42
wols_endip: ifup eth1 would have complained if you didn't :)06:42
endipwols: ok06:42
endipwols: yeah, I checked it again, and it's correct.06:42
Polahekshibarov: username is ubuntu, password is blank06:42
seclm193hey everyone06:43
DKSAINIhow i can install koha server06:43
wols_endip: if it is a new installatin, maybe do reinstall. check dmesg then for "link up" messages and hope it's eth0 this time. this could be the problem why nm doesn't use it06:43
ekshibarovPolah: I try and it' not work. Auth. failure06:44
wols_udev only changes to eth1 if there is a eth0 already or if the MAC of the ethernet changed06:44
endipOk. I'll do that.06:44
Polahekshibarov: By blank I mean just hit enter without typing anything, don't actually put in "blank"06:44
wols_endip: if it doesn't work, you know where to find us :)06:44
wols_endip: but just install and hope it works, if it doesn't, don't do anything and come here directly. no blacklisting or such06:45
ekshibarovPolah: Yes, i'm not enter a password, but it's not work06:45
javierquestion: if my mobo is set up as ide, why do i see a raid in the installer in the erase option?06:45
Polahekshibarov: Hmm, I don't know then. I thought the logon was ubuntu with no password.06:45
endipwols: LOL, ok. Thanks a lot, you really know your stuff. I appreciate it!! A ton.06:46
mystiquebawols_, I keep on getting the following error:  "bash: syntax error near unexpected token 'newline'06:46
javieralso, what is pdc_eaafjfaidc1 and c206:46
wols_mystiqueba: for what command?06:46
DKSAINIhow i can install koha server06:46
DKSAINIhow i can install koha server06:46
ekshibarovPolah: Is this problem in Ubuntu or it's problem with VirtualBox? I use latest LTS release 10.04.3. If is problem with ubuntu i'l create a ticket with bug.06:47
mystiquebawols_, dpkg -r <libreoffice-writer>06:47
wols_javier: more context. pdc looks like a promise controller06:47
gryDKSAINI: Hello. Please stand by.06:47
javieri have, in order /dev/mapper/pdc_eaajfaidc,06:47
wols_mystiqueba: no <> and ALL the libreoffice packages at once06:47
Polahekshibarov: Could be something to do with VirtualBox, I'm fairly sure of the login unless it was something different for 10.04. SOmeone else might know though06:47
PolahDKSAINI, try here peraps: http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Koha_on_Ubuntu06:48
wols_javier: you have a promise IDE chip which you use for your harddisks?06:48
javierthen /dev/mapper/pdc_eaajfaidc1 ntfs06:48
wols_javier: what motherboard do you have?06:48
gryDKSAINI: Please look at this tutorial: http://www.blazingmoon.org/news/2008/12/installing-koha-3-on-ubuntu-810-a-tutorial/06:48
javieri have the 880g06:48
wols_javier: that is no motherboard. exact type please06:48
wols_javier: and I think when you assembled your PC, you did it wrong06:49
seclm193what's the best media manager in ubuntu?06:49
Polah!best | seclm19306:49
ubottuseclm193: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.06:49
javierand I have a GA-880GM-06:50
wols_javier: you don't use RAID for your windows installation right?06:50
javieri installed in a raid configuration, using sata 0 and 106:50
javieri had windows in raid until today06:50
javierso i could split the drives for windows and ubuntu06:51
wols_javier: that's why. have you reinstalled your windows to remove the RAID?06:51
javieryes. In the bios, i am ide, and in windows i two separate drives06:51
wols_you should use "SATA" or "AHCI" normally. not IDE06:51
javierbut I am at the gui from the live cd for natty06:51
wols_and it's some artifact from your raid installation I'd say06:52
ekshibarovPolah: I am using all default settings in VirtualBox, only slightly increased the amount of RAM. Most likely this is a problem in VirtualBox, at later I'll try another virtual machine. Thank's06:52
javierhow do i get rid of it so this can work06:52
wols_which is a very likely reason why wubi hasn't worked either. you can't just remove the RAID under windows just like that06:52
wols_reinstall your windows I'd say. but for help with windows: ##windows06:52
=== Guest29749 is now known as smokeycastle
wols_javier: was it RAID0 or RAID1?06:53
javierraid 006:53
javierso i have to reinstall windows for ubuntu to work?06:53
javierwhen I installed windows, i didn't install any raid drivers06:53
smokeycastleCan someone please help: I recently installed ubuntu however I am having an issue where when I restart it does not load to the GUI, it gets stuck. can someone please advise me what steps I need to take to be able to troubleshoot this?06:54
OmegaFortejavier, No, you just need to install the drivers for your kernel, or build the raid in the controller firmware during boot.06:54
deemhi. i want to load the german keyboard layout with "loadkeys de" but if i type this in terminal it says: "KDSKBENT: Operation not permitted. loadkeys: could not deallocate keymap 128"06:54
m4khi I'm using ubuntu and I'm not able to connect to the wifi here is my output of "sudo lshw -C network", "lspci -nn" and "ifconfig" http://paste2.org/p/156701606:55
mystiquebawols_, here's the error msg that I'm now getting:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/659771/06:55
javieromegaforte, i am or was trying to get out of raid06:55
wols_mystiqueba: warnings are not errors06:56
bkerensaUbuntu hates usb wifi adapters06:56
OmegaFortejavier, Okay, you don't need to install a different operating system to configure your current one. Just go into the raid's firmware during boot and trash the array.06:56
javiersounds like i have to open the case, move sata connections out of a raid configuration, change the bios to ahci, and see what happens06:56
OmegaFortejavier, No, I just told you what to do.06:56
wols_javier: if you can get a /dev/sdb somewhere in the installer, you're good. if it continues to only show /dev/mapper you have a problem06:57
mystiquebawols_, ok.  should I use purge then 'cos I'm still getting the same error message when trying to install from Ubuntu Software Center06:57
wols_javier: sata connections have no "raid configuration"06:57
bkerensadeem: What release of Ubuntu are you using?06:57
deembkerensa: 11.0406:57
javierso boot into bios, change from ide back to raid, get rid of the allocations (which will blow away windows), then go to ahci?06:57
DKSAINIhow i can install koha server06:58
javierand my mobo docs state that sata 0 and 1 have to be used for raid06:58
deembkerensa: i found an old thread from about 2005. it says chmodding /dev/console to 0644 solve the problem, but it doesn't06:58
OmegaFortejavier, No, dammit. CTRL-I or CTRL-H, depending on the controller, DESTROY THE ARRAY, And leave it be.06:58
bkerensadeem: You could try System -> Preferences -> Keyboard06:58
smokeycastleCan someone please help: I recently installed ubuntu however I am having an issue where when I restart it does not load to the GUI, it gets stuck. can someone please advise me what steps I need to take to be able to troubleshoot this?06:58
PolahDKSAINI, two people already provided links to guides explaining how to do that.06:58
wols_javier: but they aren't just for raid either. you can still use them with separate disks06:59
deembkerensa: im not using gnome or unity06:59
Polahsmokeycastle: Could you provide any error logs or suchlike06:59
bkerensadeem: Ok then in this case... sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup06:59
javierok. will try now06:59
deembkerensa: but. i chmoded it again and now it works. but is it a good idea to have /dev/console with 0644 permissions?06:59
deemok. it loads the given keymap, but my layout is still en07:00
wols_deem: in an xterm?07:01
deemwols_: yes. xterm07:01
bkerensadeem: I guess it depends on who you ask :) some run root for everything which many frown upon07:01
wols_deem: xterm doesn't use the keymap07:01
mystiquebawols_, do you think I should "purge" openoffice from my system?07:02
=== TheDreamer is now known as Youri
deemwols_: so what is xterm using? with 10.04 it worked07:02
javierok. raid deleted.07:02
wols_mystiqueba: if you want. i'd purge both, openoffice and libreoffce, then reinstall libreoffice frm ubuntu repos07:02
wols_deem: X keyboard config07:02
mystiquebawols_, ok, I'll do just that07:03
=== pyro__ is now known as Guest97462
mystiquebawols_, what command do I use to purge?07:06
grymystiqueba: aptitude remove --purge packagename07:06
Polahmystiqueba: or sudo apt-get purge <package> if you feel more comfortable with apt07:07
* gry isn't sure if apt is included into a default natty install07:07
Polahgry: I believe it is.07:08
kruxwithout it aptitude wont work07:09
marwi'm using ubuntu 11.04. hibernation works to some extent: after waking the laptop up, all applications are closed. any ideas what might be wrong?07:09
rwwaptitude isn't included. apt-get is.07:09
rwwalso, aptitude purge packagename :P07:10
gryrww: Wasn't it the other way round for ...maverik? Or I have a really very bad memory.07:10
rwwgry: no07:11
Polahgry: Yeah, just looked up that aptitude is a front end for apt07:11
kruxthere you go :)07:11
DKSAINIhi friends : i can listen sound or music only by headphone not normally ,their are no starting sound in ubuntu10.0407:15
gry What are your hardware details?07:15
DKSAINIi have Hp laptop g42 series07:16
mystiquebagry, and Polah, thanks!07:16
gryPlease stand by.07:17
deemwols_: thx. now it works =)07:17
ericthehaxYo. This is gonna sound stupid. I was kinda in a do-something-stupid mood and some sound issues motivated me even more... I tried to fix my quiet mic by installing the Realtek HD audio driver from Realtek's site (again, felt like doing something stupid) and now I don't know how to get my audio back. Plz halp07:17
mystiquebawols_, thanks for your help.07:19
DragonCoreI know Ubuntu 10.04 doesn't get unity but does it get the same security updates and kernel updates that 11.04 gets? Are they just different mainly in new features?07:19
ubottuStable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates07:20
ericthehaxo... kay then, imma just do what i do best...07:20
* ericthehax disappears07:21
DragonCoreThanks rww07:22
DKSAINIhi friends : i can listen sound or music only by headphone not normally ,their are no starting sound in ubuntu10.0407:33
ericthehaxOkay, real talk, I need help badly. I was a dumbass and installed the HD Audio driver from Realtek's site and broke my audio. Is there a way to undo this?07:34
speedyhello guys07:38
=== Unidentified6302 is now known as TheNull
Dexohey, im trying to use this cmd line: java -Xmx1024M -Xms512M -cp Minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame to run Minecraft on ubuntu but i keep getting errors08:01
rwwDexo: change Minecraft.jar to minecraft.jar08:01
Dexooh. i will try08:02
Dexothis is the error i get btw: http://paste.ubuntu.com/659794/08:03
rwwDexo: Yes, I know :P08:04
chenthuhow to know the gtk and ubuntu version?08:04
chenthuare there terminal commands for that?08:04
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »08:04
Dexook rww, its working good not08:04
Dexoits funny that i get better help here than i did in the Minecraft irc :P08:05
chenthurww: thank you08:05
chenthurww: but when i give "apt-cache policy gtk" it says "unable to locate package"08:07
rwwchenthu: try libgtk2.0-0 and libgtk-3-008:08
chenthurww:  thank you....08:08
rww(you'll probably have gtk2 or both, depending on Ubuntu version)08:08
wols_chenthu: or dpkg -l |grep libgtk  (or any other part of the package name you actually know for whatever you want to know)08:09
Dexorww, it keeps everythig from laggng but i still get 1fps. but that could be my computer, 512mb ram ubuntu 10.04 celeron M08:09
chenthurww: thanks it worked ...i have bboth08:10
chenthuwols_: this worked as well thank you08:10
do0skype is not in Ubuntu anymore?08:10
lonejackhi, I'm using an epson printer(EPL-5800) that, when linux prints images(photo), need one or two geological08:11
lonejackera to complete the job...08:11
milamber!skype | do008:13
ubottudo0: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga08:13
TBotNikhey quick Q: Trying to restore pkgs on machine with "dpkg --set-selections < "/home/ndavis/myfiles/Scripts/Package Installs/ins_packages_delta.txt" & dselect install" and getting error "E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?" and this just after a fresh reboot.  Anyone know what might be causing this?08:15
=== matt_ is now known as Guest13826
samy3hello guys08:15
samy3i want to knw how can i install virtual box on my linux machine?08:16
TBotNiksamy3: Installing the VBox is easy, but what are you installing under it?08:17
samy3yeh botnik how can i install VBox on linux?08:17
TBotNiksamy3: Using synaptic or cmd line?08:18
chenthuif i have both gtk version....what does it mean?....why is there two versions and if i am installing a theme pack which one should i install?08:18
samy3hmm how to install via the cmd ?08:18
TBotNikAh samy3 left was gonna give him HOWTO08:21
TBotNikRepeating: hey all quick Q: Trying to restore pkgs on machine with "dpkg --set-selections < "/home/ndavis/myfiles/Scripts/Package Installs/ins_packages_delta.txt" & dselect install" and getting error "E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?" and this just after a fresh reboot.  Anyone know what might be causing this?08:21
IdleOneTBotNik: you using sudo?08:23
IdleOneTBotNik: also make sure you don't have Software center or Synaptic running when you run the command08:23
chenthuTBotNik: i think restarting would help... some times if an update or othe software installation is going on or if u are doenloading software to install then it would lock down the folders... so u better wait for it to get over or if there is nothing then just restart08:25
Dexorage quit08:25
IdleOnechenthu: no need for a restart in this case08:25
IdleOnethis is not windows08:25
chenthuIdleOne: caue that worked for me08:25
IdleOnechenthu: yeah, it works but is not necessary08:25
chenthuIdleOne: yeah this is not widows but that worked for me08:26
chenthuIdleOne: yeah not necessory but when someone has no clue what goes on its better to restart... thats in my opinion08:26
samy3how can i install VBox via the terminal command?08:26
neofuturhi all, I need to update an old jaunty  but i cant find a jaunty mirror08:27
neofuturis it still possible to find one ?08:27
wols_!eol | neofutur08:27
ubottuneofutur: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades08:27
IdleOnechenthu: you have a right to your opinion. Still does not make it valid. in this case it is a simple case of killing whatever app is using the lock file (Software Center or Synaptic)08:27
neofuturubottu: i cant upgrade, just need to update and install packages08:28
ubottuneofutur: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:28
chenthu!vbox | samy308:28
ubottusamy3: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox08:28
wols_neofutur: you can't upgrade why?08:28
neofutureol means no more mirrors provided online ?08:28
IdleOneEnd Of Life08:29
wols_neofutur: no mirrors, no support. nothing.08:29
neofuturuosiu: because everytime i tried to upgrade an ubuntu it ended all broken and needed to reinstall08:29
oCeanthe mirrors are moved to old-releases.ubuntu.com I thought?08:29
neofuturoCean: thanks ;)08:30
IdleOneoCean: for posterity but not maintained08:30
IdleOneno security or app updates08:30
TBotNiksamy3: Your back here is your HOWTO on VBox: http://www.howtoforge.com/virtualbox_ubuntu08:30
oCeanIdleOne: sure, true. But neofutur is looking for a way to upgrade. The EOLupgrades wikipages describes how to use the old-releases.ubuntu.com08:31
IdleOneoCean: <neofutur> ubottu: i cant upgrade, just need to update and install packages08:31
chenthuIdleOne: he is new to this its wrong to make fun...08:32
IdleOnechenthu: I am not making fun08:32
rwwchenthu: oCean isn't new to this :P08:32
samy3thanks botnik08:32
IdleOnechenthu: oCean is far from new08:32
rwwIdleOne's messages aren't new either, he steals them from me ;(08:33
chenthuIdleOne: i meant neofutur08:33
IdleOnechenthu: I wasn't making fun of him either08:33
chenthuIdleOne: no offence just siad it....08:33
neofuturnp thanks to answer anyway08:33
chenthuIdleOne: ok if not thats good...08:33
neofuturso there is just nothing i can put in the sources.list ?08:33
wols_neofutur: why didn't you read the pointers you were given?08:33
chenthuneofutur: can u pastebin ur sources.list?08:34
chenthuif i have both gtk version....what does it mean?....why is there two versions and if i am installing a theme pack which one should i install?08:34
=== denny- is now known as denny
neofuturchenthu: just all the jaunty sources that were working 2 years ago08:35
IdleOneneofutur: I recommend you upgrade but it is up to you.08:35
wols_chenthu: different programs depend on different gtk versions08:35
chenthuneofutur: yeah but it would help if u pastebin.....and check what wols said ...read the pointers given to him08:36
chenthuwols_: if suppose i have to instal a theme pack which gtk version shoud i choose?08:36
neofuturchenthu: http://pastebay.com/13462908:36
neofuturchenthu: yup reading the links now08:37
TBotNiksamy3: Did the HOWTO help you?08:37
osmosisSo i install ubuntu and all goes well. Then as soon as im up and running, it says it wants to install system updates. I think it tried to install some EFI bootloader update...then my machine freezes, and is borked. Reinstall and repeat. Any suggestions?08:37
TBotNiksamy3: Sorry can't personally help you. Just up here debugging a major restore problem and now running so computer will be busy for 4 hours and I got to run.  If you have Qs about the HOWTO some of the other quys here will be able to help!  Cheers!08:39
samy3how to didn't help me08:40
DASDASHi, i need help08:40
IdleOneDASDAS: with?08:40
seemawni have found crtiical behavior: when the screen is locked (actual stable ubuntu release), I can still open the start-menu by hitting the meta-key.08:40
=== DASDAS is now known as LarsT
seemawnimho this shall not be. Is this a bug, and if yes, already reported?08:41
LarsTorbenIdleOne: With Ubuntu.08:41
IdleOneLarsTorben: I assumed as much. Could you be more specific?08:41
LarsTorbenYes, I think to tell you a good explanation08:42
samy3please help me08:43
LarsTorbenWell, I think I asked the problem before. But no good help.08:43
LarsTorben!help | samy308:43
ubottusamy3: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:43
LarsTorbenI am usinh WIndows 7 by now, because Ubuntu 11.04 did not work good for me. I have a problem with window maximzing. SInce 11.04 Ubuntu uses Compiz because Unity08:44
IdleOne!classic | LarsTorben08:45
ubottuLarsTorben: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".08:45
stein-onLarsTorben, try kde08:45
LarsTorbenIdleOne: Yes, its possible. But it is not an alternative to 11.1008:45
chenthuneofutur: sry i dint read the word jaunty... i thought u were asking abt natty.... jaunty's support is long gone...08:45
chenthuneofutur: but i am looking for the links... will try...08:45
samy3how to install the VirtulBox with the help of terminal command?08:46
LarsTorbenI will first try to explain the problem08:46
rwwLarsTorben: In oneiric, you can use GNOME 3 in Shell or Fallback mode. But oneiric is offtopic for here, as you know ;)08:46
IdleOneLarsTorben: 11.10 is not released yet and not supported in this channel. if you want help with 11.04 this is the correct channel. I gave you an option to be able to run 11.04.08:46
LarsTorbenOK, thanks.08:46
LarsTorbenWell, my problem with Unity is, Unity uses 2 workspaces vertical, 2 desktops horizontal08:47
oCeanLarsTorben: it is really not necessary to explain the problem. You have done so before. The bugs logged against this problem have not been solved08:47
LarsTorbenAnd if there is a window a bit more on desktop2, it maximises there, but i want to stay on 108:47
LarsTorbenbug 77643508:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 776435 in compiz (Ubuntu) "Window maximizes on the wrong workspace" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/77643508:47
oCeanLarsTorben: so this channel cannot provide a solution for you at this point08:48
LarsTorbenOcean: do you think it will be fixed?08:48
IdleOnehopefully soon08:48
LarsTorbenOcean: all tell me it is not a bug its a feature08:48
oCeanLarsTorben: I think they are working on it. Yours is marked as "duplicate" so there are others.08:48
samy3please help me guys with the virtual box installation on my linux machine08:48
LarsTorbenOcean: all tell me it is not a bug its a featur08:48
LarsTorbeni meant: Ocean: so i thought by now it would not be fixed08:49
oCeanLarsTorben: unfortunately in your bug, the duplicates are (incorrectly) not mentioned. I'll do a little search at Launchpad08:49
chenthuneofutur: http://mreschke.com/topic/254/Ubuntu+End+of+Life+and+Upgrades08:49
oCeanLarsTorben: ok, if it is *never* going to be fixed, then we still cannot provide the solution. For now, let me have a look at LP (other related bugs)08:49
LarsTorbenocean: wait wait i  cangive you08:50
LarsTorbenOCean: there are all listed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/77498608:50
ubottuUbuntu bug 774986 in compiz (Ubuntu) "compiz "smart placement" creates windows overlapping two desktops" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:50
LarsTorbenbut i think only a few belong to my mproblem08:50
oCeanLarsTorben: ok, let me see08:51
samy3ubottu help me out08:51
ubottusamy3: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:51
pp7anyone here use umplayer? my youtube suddenly stopped working in it08:51
goddard_whats a good webcam that gets atleast 60 frames per second at 1080p that works with ubuntu of course08:51
neofuturchenthu: thanks for trying ;)08:52
chenthuneofutur: your welcome.... i wish i could help...08:52
samy3ubottu how to install Virtual Box on my Linux?08:52
ubottusamy3: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:52
goddard_so poliet08:53
LarsTorbensamy3: apt-get install virtualbox-ose08:53
goddard_good robot08:53
IdleOne!virtualbox | samy308:53
ubottusamy3: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox08:53
samy3let me try larstorben08:53
samy3LarsTorben: apt:invalid flag: -get08:55
LarsTorbensamy3: apt-get one word08:56
neofuturchenthu: yeah, thanks, ill try to switch to old-releases08:56
samy3ok LarsTorben but this error come08:57
samy3Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code08:57
goddard_whats a good webcam that gets atleast 60 frames per second at 1080p that works with ubuntu of course08:57
wols_samy3: there is more than that. give us the _first_ error08:57
oCeanLarsTorben: ok, I did not exactly read that "it is a feature" but there are hints that indicate that. I don't fully understand, since I use KDE, but with this many users affected I would expect some solutions. In https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/776435 a workaround is mentioned for unity-2d (final post)08:58
ubottuUbuntu bug 776435 in compiz (Ubuntu) "Window maximizes on the wrong workspace" [Medium,Confirmed]08:58
samy3wols_ Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 2.6.38 (x86_64)08:58
wols_!hcl | goddard_08:58
ubottugoddard_: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection08:58
wols_samy3: since you don't know what an error is, paste the full output08:59
LarsTorbenOcean: another workround is to change the workspaces from 4 to 108:59
wols_samy3: pastebin tho08:59
samy3hmm here or on the private?08:59
goddard_wols_: do you have a webcam?08:59
samy3ok wols08:59
LarsTorbenOcean:what should i do08:59
IdleOnewait for it to be fixed08:59
IdleOnethat is all you can do08:59
IdleOneNow PLEASE stop asking for help with something that we cannot help fix.09:00
oCeanLarsTorben: unfortunately, as IdleOne states, you have to wait. We (this channel) channot help you with a solution09:00
LarsTorbenIdleOne: okay, but there are to workarounds (exept using classic)09:00
goddard_damn most webcams suck09:00
LarsTorbenBut i know to workarounds: changing the workspaces from 4 to 1 or using unity 2d09:00
IdleOneso use the work arounds09:00
oCeanLarsTorben: exactly.09:01
goddard_100 dollars for this beauty ha http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-960-000111-QuickCam-Orbit/dp/tech-data/B000UY1OMY/ref=de_a_smtd09:01
makarawhat program comes with natty that I can use to transfer files with a crossover cable? i don't have internet on that machine09:01
LarsTorbenyes IdleOne: but what is the best workaround ?09:01
samy3wols: http://pastebin.com/WbvZSCF709:01
samy3please look at here09:01
IdleOneLarsTorben: the one that works for you09:01
wols_goddard_: keep your non ubuntu related things out of the channel please09:01
oCeanLarsTorben: it's your choice. Can you live with one workspace?09:01
wols_samy3: line 28 and 29 tell you what to do09:01
LarsTorbenOcean: yes, and i think unity 3d is better than unity 2d because its more stable and so on09:02
LarsTorbenso ill wiull take that09:02
oCeanLarsTorben: ok, that's the way to go then for now!09:02
samy3wols: i don't know what to do with line 28 and 29 :(09:02
LarsTorbenyes thank you idleone and ocean for your help and rww for removing my ban i will never ask this again thank you09:02
oCeanLarsTorben: thank you too09:03
wols_samy3: it tells you in what logfile to look explicitly09:03
LarsTorbenocean: np09:03
wols_!pm | samy309:03
ubottusamy3: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.09:04
samy3ok i don't know this09:04
chenthucan i use a software meant for ubuntu 10.04?09:04
tanaththis is weird. i'm transferring files over the network and sending comp says it's sending at ~5mb/s and receiving comp says it's receiving at ~2mb/s09:04
wols_chenthu: you can try. it might work or might not work. it is unsupported to mix ubuntu versions09:05
chenthuwols_: ok....thanks for the info....i am gonna try it09:05
oratedIs it so that if I use Ubuntu DVD for installation, I'll not have to update for basic packages like sound plugics, codecs or for videos etc?09:05
wols_orated: ubuntu is not windows09:06
chenthuwols_: ubuntu and debian use the same .deb package....so can i install a software thats for debian on ubuntu?09:07
oratedwols_: Yes, Ubuntu is not Windows.09:07
wols_orated: then don't treat it as such09:07
wols_chenthu: no09:07
chenthuwols_: ok..... :-P09:08
wols_chenthu: again: you can try. but as with the scenario above, no support anywhere. and the likelyhood of problems is a lot bigger09:08
=== optimus_ is now known as m1h0
oratedwols_: What is the DVD for?09:10
chenthuwols_: oh ok... and can i install a i386 debian on a amd64 machine , if i have installed ia32 libs...09:11
IdleOneorated: it has extra packages and language packs, you can use it to install those packages from the DVD instead of downloading09:11
chenthuorated: the DVD is for including other non essential softwares.....09:11
neofuturchenthu: seems to work, you probably saed my life ;) got a bitcoin tip jar to thank you ?09:11
epifaniohi all09:12
epifaniohaving  problems with unity on 11.10 on a mac book pro 2.2 using the mac iso image ... i fixed the battery check problem with your help, thanks!09:12
epifanionow when i log in i have nautilus on top of unity that is not running, while if i log in in the recovery mode and then i log in as user and run : startx .. all works fine09:12
oratedIdleOne: What are those extra packages? Could you link me to the list, please09:12
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+109:12
rwwepifanio: #ubuntu+1 for oneiric discussion and support, please09:12
wols_chenthu: restate the question and explain better what you want to do. makes no sense as it is09:12
epifanioahh .. right!09:12
epifanioi logged in ubuntu-one .. instead of +109:13
epifanioi was wrong and they pointed me to here .. my fault again :-)09:13
chenthuneofutur: oh really did it work?... good.... your welcome...09:13
chenthuneofutur: oh really did it work?... good.... your welcome... ?.... i read abt bitcoins but never used it....what does it mean by the things u said09:14
neofuturyup seems ok ;) , hum if you had a btc adress I could send you 0.1 btc as a tip09:14
oratedIdleOne: ?09:15
neofuturits one of the useful uses of bitcoin,fast and easy tip on irc ;)09:15
IdleOneorated: looking for a list..09:15
neofutur( and anonymous ;)09:15
chenthuwols_: i have a i386 .deb file to install a UI for my 3G data card, and i am running a amd64 system...so if i install the 32bil libs like ia-32 libs , will i be able to install and work with the i386 file on a amd64 system?09:16
wols_chenthu: if you have installed all the necessary libs, yes09:16
neofuturchenthu: feel free to query me for more questions, i dont want to go too much offtopic on #ubuntu09:16
=== zz_ng_ is now known as ng_
chenthuneofutur: oh ok...haha... thats very nice of you but, no and thank you... i am actually planning to go into bit coins.... but these help i provide is just for the spirit of the open community, and i dont like to be physically rewarded for that09:17
IdleOneorated: unfortunately I am not finding such a list but according to http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download#dvd "the main benefit of the DVD downloads is to get access to all of the available language packs."09:17
wols_chenthu: supposedly 11.04 can do multiarch. how well this works I dunno however09:17
oratedIdleOne: Ah-ok. So its relevant for language packs. Thank you for your time :)09:18
neofuturchenthu: np, so no tip, but I bless you ;) and if you ever have questions about bitcoin, just query me ;)09:18
chenthuwols_: oh ok... is ia-32 lib the only batch of 32bit lib or you would suggest more 32bit libs that i can install on my amd64?09:19
wols_chenthu: I don't suggest anything09:19
chenthuwols_: ok ...thanks o the help...09:20
chenthuok going out for sometime now09:20
smokeycastleI am running ubuntu 11.04(64 bit) and am running into some trouble. When I restart my machine it fails to boot up into the gui, I can alt f1 and login to bash but I dont know how to cancel the init that has stalled and re perform the init any ideas?09:21
wols_smokeycastle: don't let it run your display manager09:22
=== Refael is now known as FernandoTertiary
wols_ie when you do your console boot, disable the loading of the displaymanager and reboot09:23
smokeycastlehow do i do that?09:23
smokeycastleadditionally when I do startx it comes back fatal error no screens found09:26
smokeycastlealso the live cd wont boot anymore for some reason?09:26
FernandoTertiaryhola, am attempting to create a network for a few machines using Ubuntu 11.04. Can anybody assist por favor?09:30
avernosanyone knows a good application for raw sound processing for ubuntu ?09:31
deostrollhi. what is the shell way of determining comupter RAM size?09:32
lotuspsychjeavernos: maybe something here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Linux_audio_software09:32
oCeandeostroll: command 'free' or, more detailed  cat /proc/meminfo09:32
avernosthanks lotuspsychje09:33
deostrolloCean, what is the swap in the ram info provided.09:34
gnumdkdoes someone know how to call "session indicator" shutdown dialog from commande line ?09:34
deostrolloCean, check the paste http://pastebin.com/Vbj9m5Wy09:35
oCeandeostroll: swapspace is diskspace which can temporarily hold memory pages09:35
tfdevanyone help me install a second bootable OS? currently running ubuntu 11.04 and want to install an image file to a 20 gig partition09:35
deostrolloCean, nothing to do w/ the RAM stick, right?09:36
oCeandeostroll: not directly. If you want details on your hardware config, you can run   sudo lshw -C memory09:37
lotuspsychjeanyone knows a GUI snort intrusion alerter?09:43
tfdev /j #linux09:43
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=== Mud is now known as Guest51195
abbiyahey all09:50
abbiyai got a problem while connecting to the AES and WPA2 enterprise enabled wifi n/w09:51
abbiyai connects well to my win7 system. i have username and password for the n/w09:51
lotuspsychjeabbiya: what wifi card driver you have?09:51
abbiya@lotus:  its a acer aspire system09:52
lotuspsychjeabbiya: i've readed about a natty bug not being able to connect to AES and TKIP, did you try WEP?09:52
lotuspsychjeabbiya: did you clean install or update natty?09:53
abbiya@lotus:  yeah i updated the ubuntu via another wifi n/w09:54
lotuspsychjeabbiya: you installed latest broadcom card drivers?09:54
lotuspsychjeabbiya: you might check syslog at /var/log for wifi errors maybe?09:55
abbiya@lotus: any simple solution09:55
lotuspsychjeabbiya: your problem depends on whats happening, first we need to findout before a simple solution right09:56
lotuspsychjeabbiya: a good start would be pastebin your logs for networkmanager problems09:57
abbiyaokay lotus.. its a dualboot system.i cant get the log rightnow09:58
X3Danyone here interested in comp security?10:14
chenthuX3D: why?10:16
lotuspsychjeX3D: security is always interesting :p10:16
X3Dbecause i am just wondering ")10:20
X3Di too enjoy it10:20
jojo_hi all10:22
jojo_my brightness control does not work on my acer timeline X... any suggestions for drivers/apps i could use. I could make the sound work with pulse audio volume control10:24
ionitecan anyone help me with my audio? it's digital output audio. but it keeps stuttering10:26
chewybazhang, still there?10:27
Sidewinder1X3D, You may wish to have a look here: http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=338  If you have not, already. :-)10:28
chewybazhang, i m fighting with handbrake. it doesn t give easy way to rip many subtitles and a couple of audio tracks. i am installing ogmrip. :)10:28
roothi frnds10:28
=== root is now known as Guest16261
bonhofferi am trying to pull out all lines in a file that match: foo "this is my text" -- sed, awk or grep?10:29
bonhofferi'm new to linux10:29
wols_bonhoffer: grep10:29
bonhofferthe regex i want would be /^foo\s"(.*)"/ ,but i just want $1 !10:29
lotuspsychjeSidewinder1: tnx for the snort thread on that link10:30
bonhofferi just want the match inside, i think grep will give me the whole line10:30
bonhofferi am sure ubuntu has a tool that can pull out a regex match10:30
wols_bonhoffer: egrep?10:31
lotuspsychjeSidewinder1: you would know howot tail -f snort logs only?10:31
bonhofferwols_: thanks, will look into that10:31
Blade20for the ATI card what is the lspci grep terminal code to get the temps10:33
Sidewinder1lotuspsychje, I've no clue, sorry.10:33
ionitehow can install back the volume contronl on my panel?10:33
Blade20ionite, right click, add to panel, volume control10:34
KM0201ionite: how did you uninstall it?10:34
ioniteKM0201: i got10:35
KM0201Blade20: ionite im pretty sure the volume applet, is actually controlled by indicator applet10:35
ioniteBlade20: it does not have the volume control selection10:35
ioniteKM0201: can i select the volume control on my panel as audacious or VLC instead of gmusic browser?10:35
Blade20KM0201, ionite ok i was thinking of the old way10:36
=== X3D is now known as X3D[AFK]
ioniteBlade20: so how do i reinstall the volume control bar?10:36
ioniteBlade20: but i want to use audacious instead of the default gmusic browser10:36
KM0201ionite: look in synaptic, and see if you have "indicator-sound" installed10:37
X3D[AFK]thanx sidewinder :)10:37
KM0201ionite: which volume applet is in the panel, has nothing to do with what app you use as your default music player.10:37
Blade20ionite, i use pulse audio for my volume control... so i am not sure10:37
ioniteBlade20: i'm also using pulse audio but the indicator is gone!10:38
=== wildbat is now known as semi-afk
X3D[AFK]what would you reccomend for creating a VPS node?10:38
X3D[AFK]i want to make one10:38
Blade20ionite, are you just looking for the volume control on the menu bar?10:38
KM0201ionite: look in synaptic, and see if you have "indicator-sound" installed  <-- AGAIN10:39
KM0201Blade20: i suspect he installed indicator-sound.. which is the volume indicator on the indicator applet.10:39
Blade20ionite, KM0201 knows more about this than i10:39
ioniteKM0201: it shows that it's installed?10:39
X3D[AFK]and also, how much bandwidth would be used, if i had 10 people using the server10:39
KM0201sorry, suspect he "removed".. indicator-sound10:39
X3D[AFK]but had a bandwidth splitter in place10:40
KM0201ionite: right click your panel, add to panel, and choose "indicator applet"  see if that brings your volume back.10:40
Blade20KM0201, i think you may be right... i just drag my pulse audio icon to my menu bar and use it that way.... but then i set things up a bit different than most lol10:40
KM0201Blade20: that would probably work as well (i just use pavu from the menu.. :))10:40
remi_Hello everybody!10:41
Blade20KM0201, it has been a very long time for me with linux... so i am re learning and learning the new stuff all at the same time lol10:41
remi_somebody knows how to copy and paste on Pitivi? because ctrl+c-ctrl-v, doesn't work! :)10:41
KM0201Blade20: understood :)10:41
KM0201remi_: pitivi is a video editor isn't it?... why wouold you copy/paste text into it.10:42
ioniteKM0201: it doesn't have indicator applet.10:42
Blade20KM0201, that is why i try to help when i can... but when i see that someone (you in this case) knows a better way i defer :)10:42
KM0201ionite: do you see "indicator" anything?10:42
X3D[AFK]anyone good with networking and server here?10:42
makarahi. can someone explain something to me please. why when i plug in an ethernet wire from one ubuntu pc to another, does the network try to autoconnect. what is it trying to autoconnect and why does it always fail?10:42
remi_yo KM0201, yeah, i want to copy and paste portions edited videos! :)10:42
ioniteKM0201: it have indicationr plugin i tried but it still doesn't have any volume control10:42
KM0201remi_: good luck w/ that.10:43
remi_KM0201, you know what i mean?10:43
szal!afk | X3D[AFK]10:43
ubottuX3D[AFK]: Please do not use noisy away messages and nicks in Ubuntu channels. It is annoying and unnecessary. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently. See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»10:43
KM0201remi_: yes, but i don't have a solution to that, sorry10:43
szalX3D[AFK]: and please ask a meaningful question10:43
Sidewinder1X3D[AFK], You might look in #ubuntu-server10:43
remi_KM0201, oh, i see! thanks! i want thinking that it was a crazy thing to do lol :D10:43
dnivramakara: I'm guessing that your network connection is set to "Auto DHCP" but it's not able to find a DHCP server, hence not get an IP address and fails to connect.10:44
=== X3D[AFK] is now known as X3D
semi-afkmakara: A) you may need a crossover cable B) you don't have DHCP server up and running in either of the PC10:44
tomek_czy mam pisac po polsku czy po angielsku?10:44
KM0201ionite: dunno, i'm not at my ubuntu pc at the moment to try and duplicator your prob.10:44
KM0201but.. there's gotta be a logical reason for it.10:45
X3DI would like to know how much bandwidth 10 users would use up, of my VPS?10:45
tomek_ok, i have problem with google-chrome-stable package10:45
szal!pl | tomek_10:45
ubottutomek_: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.10:45
Blade20remi_, take a look at pitivi video editor10:46
remi_Blade20, yo! yeah? where? :)10:46
Blade20remi_, package manager10:46
Sidewinder1X3D, It would depend on what they were doing; if they were all streaming video, alot...etc.10:47
jetscreamerdamn that's a non-extensive db on the bot10:47
X3Dthey would be using my VPS for hosting websites10:47
X3Dand would a bandwidth spiltter help?10:47
makaradnivra: its set to 'Auto eth0'. thank you, i see an option on the ipv4 settings tab which says 'require ipv4 addressing for this connection to complete'10:47
Blade20need to find the "grep" command for a video card in "lspci"10:47
ioniteKM0201: does XFCE use gnome?10:48
dnivramakara: you're safer creating a new connection that statically configures IP addresses.10:48
KM0201ionite: it uses a lot of gnome libraries, yes10:48
remi_Blade20, i typed "pitivi" on synaptic but there is only one package, the installation one :(10:48
dnivramakara: best not to meddle with "Auto eth0"10:48
=== lars_ is now known as XamDM
ioniteKM0201:  maybe it's gnome-volume-control-applet ?10:48
karniHi guys. I'm having issues booting 10.04.3 from USB key. It tells me "Unknown keyword in configuration file: gfxboot"10:48
dnivramakara: this might help a bit perhaps. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDays/01292011/Networking%20and%20sharing%20files%20in%20Ubuntu. It covers setting up a static IP.10:48
KM0201ionite: could be.10:48
karniI've booted it from USB key.10:49
KM0201ionite: but i don't think thats it.10:49
Blade20remi_, then i think i missed what you are looking for... you need a video editor to cut parts of videos yes?10:49
karniI have also tried re-burning the iso onto the USB, still same issue.10:49
karniI also can't find other 10.04 version than 10.04.310:49
jetscreameravidemux works10:49
karniAny hints how can I boot the 10.04.3 installer?10:49
lotuspsychjeX3D: you could etherape or wireshark network bandwith flows10:49
Blade20karni, be sure to check the md5sum10:49
karniBlade20: I'll do that, thank you10:50
KM0201karni: also, how are yo uputting it on USB?.10:50
karniKM0201: Startup Disk Creator (Ubuntu default tool)10:50
Sidewinder1karni, Did you check the iso with Md5sum, prior to burning?10:50
KM0201hmm, i've had problems w/ that one in the past.10:50
GirlyGirlkarni: try unetbootin10:50
KM0201bu tit should work.10:50
remi_Blade20, i am using Pitivi and in the timeline where i have portions of videos, i want to know how to copy and paste these portions i resized and all, copy c/v doesn't work :(10:50
KM0201try unetbootin10:50
X3Dso what would be the typical usage lotuspsychje?10:50
Blade20karni, it is always better/easer to burn Linux distro ISO in Linux10:50
karniSidewinder1: No, but that's what Blade20 suggested, and I'm doing right now.10:51
karniBlade20: I did that..10:51
karniCome on guys :) Startup Disk Creator10:51
karniI've installed it onto usb from my 11.0410:51
X3Dbecause i only have 60gb on peek, and 60 gb off peek for a month10:51
* karni looks up md5sum on the webpage10:51
X3Dof internet usage10:51
Blade20remi_, you may need to look into other video editing programs to find what you are looking for then.10:52
remi_Blade20, thank you for your answer10:52
lotuspsychjeX3D: bandwith usage? depends on what Sidewinder1 said earlier, how many users and what kind of stuff they do...10:52
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
karniBlade20: md5sum is correct :<10:53
Blade20karni, are you burning slow....10:53
GirlyGirlkarni: Try using unetbootin10:53
karniGirlyGirl: I'll try that (does it run on Ubuntu?)10:53
Sidewinder1!unetbootin | karni10:53
ubottukarni: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent10:53
karniBlade20: What do you mean :)?10:53
GirlyGirlkarni: yes10:53
karniSidewinder1: Thank you, I know what unetbootin is :)10:53
Blade20karni, are you using a Linux distro to burn it?10:54
natrixnatrix89Why does ubuntu have empathy installed by default, although it crashes all the time and pidgin is much much better?10:54
karniSidewinder1: I'm sorry, I meant, I've seen it yesterday, but indeed I asked if it run on Ubuntu ;) So thank you!10:54
X3Dlotuspsychje would you say 60gb peek, 60 gb peek per month would be enough?10:54
karniBlade20: Ok, let's start from scratch. I'm running 11.04 - I used "Startup Disk Creator" (from *UBuntu*) to burn 10.04.3 iso onto my USB. I use ubuntu for 12+ years now :)10:55
lotuspsychjeX3D: whats the purpose of 10 users gonna be?10:55
Sidewinder1X3D, With respect, as you've been told it would all depend on what the useers were doing.10:55
Blade20karni,  if you are using a linux distro get K3B10:55
karniBlade20: I've used this tool to 'burn' tens of ubuntu isos on usb sticks10:55
X3Dfor website hosting10:55
karniBlade20: I'm not burning a CD..10:55
Blade20karni, ok then you will want unetbootin10:55
oCeanX3D: your issue has nothing to do with ubuntu10:55
X3Dit does10:55
karniBlade20: that's a KDE tool isn't it, Brasero runs under gnome (just by the way :) )10:55
X3Dim using an ubuntu machine10:55
X3Dto do this10:56
karniBlade20: kk thx!10:56
karniGirlyGirl: Sidewinder1 Blade20 Thanks guys, I'll give unetbootin a try10:56
X3Dor proxmox10:56
Blade20karni, yes it is a kde tool but will run under gnome and xfce10:56
karniIf I fail, I'll try an alternate 'CD'10:56
szal!enter | X3D10:56
ubottuX3D: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!10:56
karniBlade20: with 300MB+ of KDE dependencies ;D10:56
GirlyGirlkarni: alternate cd does not work on usb10:56
karniGirlyGirl: ouch :/10:56
X3Djeez, so many rules?10:56
GirlyGirlkarni: It will tell you please insert disk (stupid I know)10:57
karniGirlyGirl: How do you know? I thought iso is just an iso :<10:57
Sidewinder1karni, If burning CDs, burn at the slowest speed.10:57
karnioh crap10:57
Blade20karni, i have both kde and gnome so i already have them :)10:57
karniSidewinder1: GirlyGirl: thank you!10:57
karniBlade20: hah ;) good for you :)!10:57
GirlyGirlkarni: You're welcome10:57
lotuspsychjeX3D: i would focus on network bandwith monitorring tools to see what kind of traffic will be needed10:57
X3Dthrottling etc. i know10:58
Blade20karni, hope it works out... :) ... i understand why.... i made the move back from 11.4 myself10:58
X3Dbut, i also dont want to slow my net speed.....10:58
karniBlade20: I'm quite happy with 11.04, I need 10.04 LTS for my aunts shop :)10:58
karniBlade20:  I do get occasional X crashes, though.10:58
Blade20karni, i just could not get used to Unity10:59
karniBlade20: I'm running UBuntu Classic on 11.04 (you knew you could do that, right?)10:59
X3Dand , also another question, am i able to connect my server to another VPS(my friends) and use both as one?10:59
Blade20karni, waiting to see how Gnome 3 looks once stable10:59
Linux4UnMehowdy peoples10:59
karniBlade20: yeah, that might be interesting10:59
wols_X3D: define "use both at one" better10:59
Blade20karni, yes but studio had a ton of problems with 11.410:59
ThePubkarni: I've just reinstalled ubuntu and am happy to see the classic option.11:00
X3Dfirst correct your grammar?11:00
karniBlade20: ah, that I didn't know11:00
tomek_i have a problem with google-chrome-stable package. there is  an information, that google-chrom-stable package cant be removed, because there isnt archives11:00
gryX3D: On IRC, it doesn't matter11:00
wols_X3D: good luck getting help. good day11:00
KM0201ThePub: enjoy while you can, it'll be gone in 11.1011:00
X3Dnp mate!11:00
karniThePub: yup, I didn't get used to Unity yet, so I'm running plain old classic gnome desktop11:00
KM0201karni: only thing that sucks, is when 11.10 hits.11:01
KM0201that wont be an option11:01
ThePubUnity sucks arse, someday they'll realize it :)11:01
X3Dwell thenif it doesnt matter, neither does making silly statements....11:01
Blade20karni, over 90% of what i do is media on here... and with the move to windows 7 (fail!) i decided to come back to linux... :) so i love studio for the media11:01
oCeanX3D: move on please11:01
lotuspsychjethe unity thread comming up11:01
X3Dwhy dont you define your life?11:01
X3Ddefine this, define that......smh11:01
karniBlade20: ah! great to hear :) I now use Windows 7 like.. twice a year ;)11:02
KM0201ThePub: even if they realize unity sucks.. Gnome 3, sucks just as bad.. my point?  Embrace the horror.. you're gonna have to learn a new GUI>>> :) (i recommend LXDE)11:02
makaradnivra: thanks for the link. The problem for me is that all of these require ubuntu to be connected to the Internet in the first place to download the special program that will allow network access - in this case Samba. I don't understand how Ubuntu can ship without these seemingly critical applications. If I rely on a mobile broadband connection for instance and I can't get that working, then it means I have to connect to another computer, but now I always ha11:02
makarave to have a special, which I can't get because I don't have Internet. Isn't this shortsighted of Canonical to not include these in the distro? What network apps are there I can use out of the box? Is there a list?11:02
ThePubKM0201: nah, KDE will be a better choice.11:02
Blade20karni, i built this computer for windows 7 lol... 7 just is not stable enough for me11:03
dnivramakara: that link talks about both "networking" and "sharing". you need samba for "sharing".11:03
KM0201ThePub: i'd rather have my eyes gouged out than use KDE... honestly, if my choice was unity, gnome 3, KDE... i'd use Windows... i hate those 3 that much (and i loved gnome 2.x)11:03
karniBlade20: :D11:03
Blade20years ago... i used Ubuntu... had my computer on for over 6 months without a restart lol11:04
lotuspsychjeThePub: i would rather prefered if they kept the option open to install gnome classic or run unity(not as login choice)11:04
oCeanBlade20: please stay on topic, welcome to take chat to #ubuntu-offtopic11:04
makarai'm with you KM0201. Gnome2 is fine the way it is. Messing around with the interface is messing around with people. Its why I left Windows11:05
ThePubKM0201: can you give me one truely honest reason why KDE4 is worse than Gnome?  I dislike KDE myself, but really Gnome is doing the same thing but with less configuration options.  Except now you're forced to use a "shell" for gnome.11:05
oCeanThePub: this is not a discussion channel11:05
lotuspsychjelets move the untiy topic to #ubuntu-offtopic11:05
Blade20sorry ocean i kinda got all that started11:05
KM0201ThePub: honestly, i hate gnome(again, 3.. not 2.x).. but myu biggest problem w/ KDE, is it's overall interface, and the fact it is SLOW.11:05
oCeanlotuspsychje: thanks11:06
karniAll right, let's see what unetbootin has to say.11:06
lotuspsychjeAnyone knows if bugs get fixxed in ubuntu default updates? or is it kept seperated?11:06
KM0201lotuspsychje: depends on the bug fix i guess11:08
karnilotuspsychje: If you've installed from sources, no. If you installed from UBuntu Software Center or PPA, yes.11:09
astraljavalotuspsychje: Bugs get fixed in all supported software. Security-related fixes are distributed in security-repo, others in -updates.11:09
karnilotuspsychje: Also, depends on what kind of updates you have 'checked' in Update Manager11:09
lotuspsychjeeven when a bug needs manual config?11:10
X3Dmy act is clean?11:10
karniBlade20: GirlyGirl: Sidewinder1: Hah! For the first time 'Startup Disk Creator' failed to do the job. unetbootin did the trick, sweet!11:10
GirlyGirlkarni: Glad it worked out karni!11:11
Blade20karni, glad it worked out )11:11
karniThanks guys :)11:11
* karni partitions the disk11:12
Blade20karni, any time :)11:12
GirlyGirlkarni: but I'm not a guy!11:12
karniLove this channel! I rarely hang out here, but I'm glad there are still helpful people here :)11:12
karniGirlyGirl: No! Can't be! Seriously ;)! <311:12
Blade20lol would have guessed that from the name GirlyGirl :)11:12
oCeanlet's move on11:13
karniBlade20: ;)11:13
karniGirlyGirl: 'guys' term is a unisex thing :)11:13
GirlyGirlas oCean said lets move on its a heavy channel, we can always have #ubuntu-offtopic11:13
lotuspsychjeWould this bug fix itself in ubuntu updates? or does one need to wait until official fix before they pick it up in updates? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/71318611:13
ubottuUbuntu bug 713186 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "theme resets to default grey theme on boot. have to logout and back to get my theme again (dup-of: 639913)" [Low,Incomplete]11:14
ubottuUbuntu bug 639913 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "gnome-settings-daemon random crash at session start (xorg badmatch error)" [Low,Confirmed]11:14
karniGirlyGirl: You really think he meant that? #ubuntuone is much more heavy than this channel at this time of day :) I don't think it's a problem.11:14
karniGirlyGirl: But I'm happy to hear about ubuntu-offtopic11:14
Blade20lspci ... need the grep command ... for my video card info...11:14
karniBlade20:try $ lspci|grep -i -C 10 video11:15
ThePubLet's all just have an orgy of words, preferably in English.11:15
karniThePub: Interesting11:15
oCeanThePub: karni, please drop it, move back on topic11:15
wishieim having trouble trying to get bluetooth to turn on.. when i click "Turn on bluetooth" the button just goes grey, and nothing happens11:16
Blade20karni, nope not it11:16
wishieim using Ubuntu 11.0411:16
karnioCean: I'm done with my topic. If you really think that channel has so heavy traffic, I'll shut up.11:16
Blade20karni, what i'm looking for is temps on my video card... with the grep commands i should be able to put that into my conky...11:18
karniBlade20: ah! sweet. let me install lscpi11:18
Blade20karni, thank you11:18
=== bonhoffer is now known as josh_g
karniBlade20: What info do you want to extract exactly?11:20
karniBlade20: oh, temperatures?11:20
auronandacewishie: sudo /etc/init.d/bluetooth restart11:20
Blade20karni, the main thing i would like to get is the temp...11:21
karniBlade20: All right, I don't think it's in lspci. lemme see..11:21
Blade20karni, i have all my temps other than the video11:21
auronandacekarni: you thinking of lm_sensors?11:21
mutanteBlade20: i think this could http://www.lm-sensors.org/11:21
karniauronandace: exactly11:21
wishieauronandace: that worked. why didnt it work at boot time?11:22
Blade20karni, lspci will show my radeon 5670 and i can get the temp with aticonfig --adapter=0 --od-gettemperature11:22
auronandacewishie: not sure sorry11:22
karniBlade20: oh, you can? so.. what are we looking for exactly then :)? that's on another computer? (nvidia / ati ?)11:23
auronandacewishie: it used to happen to me on xubuntu (but went away after some updates)11:23
karniBlade20: Is your graphic card Nvidia or ATI? (If ATI, I believe you already have a solution?)11:24
wishieauronandace: yeah, this is a *fresh* ubuntu install11:24
Blade20karni, it is ati... i can see my temps in terminal... but if i can find the grep command i can use that to write to conky11:24
karniBlade20: oh! paste that output of that command to paste.ubuntu.com , I'll help you.11:24
milad_hi every body ,it's my first time in IRC and i don't have the slightest clue what's happening here , is there a main discussion topic  here? can any body be so nice  to explain it to me!11:24
karnimilad_: Welcome to IRC!11:24
karnimilad_: If you have questions, just ask. Somebody might be able to help.11:24
milad_thank you11:25
karnimilad_: Sometimes, if you talk longer, you can start a private conversation. Usually IRC has multiple channels, some of them are 'private' chats (you and somebody else).11:25
milad_as i understand , there is no main topic , just questions and answer, am i right?11:25
karnimilad_: If you have more questions, you can join #ubuntu-irc channel.11:25
ThePubdoes "Document Viewer" have a reading mode with both sides of the book next to each other?11:26
Sidewinder1!topic | milad_11:26
ubottumilad_: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic11:26
ThePuboh, lol.. "dual"11:26
karnimilad_: There are many channels. This is general Ubuntu channel. If you have UBuntu related question, just ask politely and somebody might help :)11:26
milad_thanks a lot11:26
milad_i don't have any questions right now11:27
karnimilad_: You are most welcome.11:27
ZenMasterAnyone awake? :D11:28
Blade20karni, are you teasing me?11:28
karniBlade20: Come on, I want some grep fun :) Gimme that command output :)11:28
karniBlade20: No, not really. I guess I'm trying to understand your question.11:28
Sidewinder1milad_, First Welcome! If you have no ubuntu questions and just want to chat, please check out #ubuntu-offtopic11:28
ZenMasterAnyone have any expierence running Ubuntu 11.04 on a HP D530?11:28
karniBlade20: If the output of aticonfig --adapter=0 --od-gettemperature is the temperature, what do you need to grep?11:28
Sidewinder1Ooops, he's gone :-(11:28
karniBlade20: grep finds info. If you have the temperature, there's nothing to find. Does that command return the temperature? Sorry, I don't use conky, so I'm not sure why you need grep (which is a 'find' tool)11:29
ZenMasterIntegrated intel graphics. No matter what I choose, Unity being the worst all my menus are all messed up. Briefly appearing and dis appearing as the mouse goes over the,11:29
Blade20karni, in conky i can not use the aticonfig.... but if i can get the same info with grep i can use that in conky11:29
ThePubis there a good pdf viewer on Linux that will do annotation/highlighting?11:29
karniBlade20: do you need administrator privileges to run aticonfig?11:30
Blade20karni, no11:30
Blade20karni, the command i need to use in conky will look something like this ..... Cpu Temp ${alignr}${execi 5 sensors | grep "temp2" | cut -d "+" -f2 | cut -c1-2}C11:30
karniBlade20: Since aticonfig is just any command like grep, why can't you use aticonfig in conky :<? /me is completely lost11:30
karniBlade20: right11:30
Blade20karni, well i guess if i could figure out the way to lay out the aticonfig command to get conky to read it right i could but i dont... i know the grep...11:31
auronandace!pdf | ThePub not sure what the features are of each but here are a few pdf readers:11:31
ubottuThePub not sure what the features are of each but here are a few pdf readers:: The Portable Document Format is created by Adobe; PDF files are viewable in Ubuntu with Xpdf, Okular, Evince and also Adobe Reader (free download, but closed source)11:31
karniHow about Cpu Temp ${alignr}${execi 5 <the ati command here>}C ?11:31
karniBlade20: I'm guessing that execi executres the following command every 5 seconds11:32
Blade20karni, i'll give it a try :)11:32
karniBlade20: if so, replace sensors | grep "temp2" | cut -d "+" -f2 | cut -c1-2 with your ati command11:32
ThePubauronandace: readers are just that, readers.  they don't offer any sort of annotation.11:32
Blade20karni, yes11:32
karniBlade20: :)11:32
Blade20karni, thank you11:32
karniBlade20: you're welcome. lemme know if it worked :)11:33
ThePubauronandace: ever use full acrobat on Windows or Mac that has annotation support?  It's pretty nifty, lets you markup a PDF with notes, etc then print those off.11:33
karniThePub: We definitely need such software on linux. (Even a paid option.)11:34
auronandaceThePub: sorry, never needed them and i can't stand adobe software (you could try using it in wine or a windows vm)11:34
Creator25hi any one can help?11:36
lotuspsychje!ask | Creator2511:37
ubottuCreator25: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:37
karnilotuspsychje: ;D11:37
auronandaceCreator25: not really, you haven't told us the problem11:37
Creator25mount -o rw,remount rootfs /11:37
Blade20karni, nope... every thing looks right but no numbers ... so i will keep messing with the code and see what i can come up with... thank you for getting me on the right path11:37
=== stein-on is now known as stein-afk
Creator25why after a reboot every change that i make it dissapear11:38
* karni looks at conky documentation for Blade20 11:38
Blade20Creator25, are you running on a live cd or live usb?11:39
astraljavaCreator25: You need to put it into /etc/fstab so that it's permanent11:39
Blade20karni thank you :)11:39
Creator25but it doesnt let me cuz is android11:40
bazhangCreator25, what does that have to do with ubuntu11:40
astraljavaCreator25: ?! This is a #ubuntu support channel.11:40
bazhang#android Creator2511:40
Creator25yeah thanks i know11:40
bazhangCreator25, so why ask here11:41
Creator25cuz you are the real supporters :)11:41
karniI think that ↑ was quite a compliment for people hanging out here. Coming with an ubuntu-unrealted question, because people are so helpful :)11:42
Blade20karni, your encouraging bad behavior lol11:43
karniBlade20: I only said it was compliment ;) I didn't say it was good behaviour ^_^11:44
hoopjumpingHi, how can I let banshee auto mount my other hard drive where my music and videos reside, so that when I click on a song, it'll load it up?11:45
astraljavaYeah it's cool that the people that do great work in here get recognition, but not every ubuntu-related question gets answered, even, so why introduce others that will further reduce the ratio? So please, stick to the topic.11:45
Blade20karni, lol11:45
astraljavahoopjumping: Is that other drive auto-mounted by the system?11:45
Blade20karni, got it... ${color}GPU Temp:${color} ${execi 60 aticonfig --adapter=0 --od-gettemperature}°C11:45
karniBlade20: hah! so it was it :) awesome11:46
karniBlade20: I've installed ubuntu, and.. well, the graphics are totally broken meh. I'll start googling.11:47
* karni sees scrambled resolution11:47
ZypehREGISTER Zypeh ciboy2008@gmail.com11:47
Blade20karni, what gpu11:48
karniBlade20: I've no idea. It's ASUS K52J, lemme check.11:48
karniBlade20: NVIDIA GeForce 310M (1GB)11:48
wols_karni: install the nvidia restricted drivers? or do you have hybrid graphics?11:49
Blade20karni, wols_ is the nvidia man... :)11:49
karniBlade20: got it ;)11:50
karniwols_: lemme check the specs, it's not my laptop (my aunts)11:50
karniAlso, Ctrl+Alt+F1 tty does not work..11:50
* karni tries another boot option11:52
kiloblasterhi everyone!11:52
kiloblasteris there someone that has a minute for me pls ?11:53
wols_kiloblaster: ask your real question and skip the fluff in the future11:53
kiloblasteri got an asus 1015pn and i want to install ubuntu 11.04 on it without removing windows11:54
jribkiloblaster: put ubuntu disk in, follow on-screen directions11:55
Sidewinder1kiloblaster, This site should answer all of your questions: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/index.php11:55
vishwai installed natty on my pc and facing problem with suspend and hibernate. is there any solution for this ?11:57
kiloblasterif i install it in windows or using wubi it will go slower right?11:57
irk3zkiloblaster maybey :D11:58
jribkiloblaster: I'd recommend installing ubuntu to its own partition (just boot the cd)11:58
kiloblasterwill it give me the dual boot?11:58
wols_kiloblaster: if you install it to a separate partition, yes it will11:59
Sidewinder1kiloblaster, With all due respect to the developers, avoid WUBI, like the plague. :-)11:59
jribkiloblaster: if you choose that option, sure11:59
wols_it will with wubi too.11:59
karniwols_: heh.. good knews is that the broken resolution was a one time thing (first run after installation). Next two boots work fine. I really hope it was a one time thing, but I don't believe in miracles. Rather a bug. Anyhow, thanks for reaching out a helpful hand.11:59
wols_but I agree with Sidewinder1, don't use wubi if you can avoid it11:59
Sidewinder1wols_, :D11:59
kiloblasterithink i will avoid that... so now i will 1. use gparted to give ubuntu some free space...2. install into that... and when i will boot i will have the option to chose winzozz or ubuntu right?12:00
Sidewinder1vishwa, Did you partition a "swap" partition?12:01
karnikiloblaster: Right, it will give you choice.12:01
astraljavaSidewinder1: From what I hear, wubi's great if you want to see how ubuntu looks like, and works. It's not a long-term solution, that's true.12:01
vishwaSidewinder1: yes12:01
karnikiloblaster: Keep in mind - if you install windows *after* you install ubuntu, it will not give you the option - Windows will overwrite grub, and you'd have to fix it then.12:01
Sidewinder1kiloblaster, Make CERTAIN you defrag your NTFS partition prior to shrinking it!12:02
kiloblasterok... imma trying it :)12:02
karnikiloblaster: You could resize it on Windows as well.12:02
Sidewinder1astraljava, Totally agree.12:02
karnikiloblaster: defrag + resize on windows (for playing with windows partition) is IMHO the safest option. it will reboot, and resize it for you. you then have space for ubuntu installation.12:03
vishwaSidewinder1: i have a swap partition12:04
Sidewinder1kiloblaster, That's why I gave you the psychocats link; it explains everything in a "how-to" format; just about anything you wanna' know.12:04
Stavacan i temporarily hide the gnome panel(s) and then get them back again after a while?12:04
karniStava: Right click -> Properties -> Autohide?12:04
kiloblasterok so i do it from windows... now i have to restart in windows back again...see ya all12:05
karniStava: you could probably use a custom command with Compiz magic to hide them temporarily, but that's a little playing.12:05
Stavakarni, alright, thanks12:05
karniSidewinder1: shrink windows partition12:05
karniSidewinder1: OIC?12:06
Sidewinder1Oh I See.12:06
karniSidewinder1: OIC :D12:06
Sidewinder1karni, Hope he defrags, first...:-(12:06
terrymakara: Hello.12:07
bernhard1when i boot the server cd 11.4 in rescue mode to be able to make an image with DD the prompt has only a few commands: i need to be able to see the harddrives first to see which to clone to which drive.12:07
Blade20karni, you said that was a dual boot you are working on right?12:07
Sidewinder1karni, If not, we'll be sending him to #windows...12:07
karniSidewinder1: even if he doesn't, windows wouldn't break itself, no worries. I mean, if you shrink it using My Computer -> Manage -> Storage sth sth -> shrinnk partition, that's rather safe.12:07
karniSidewinder1: no worries. it's safer than shrinking it with gparted. I've done partition magic many times in my life (and went through many failures as well), he'll be fine :)12:08
karniBlade20: which do you mean? I've installed 10.04.3 on the second laptop. I have 11.04 + win7 on this laptop.12:08
Sidewinder1karni, Personally I wouldn't risk it (not defragging).12:08
karniBlade20: I work on Ubuntu 100%12:08
karniSidewinder1: I wouldn't call risking it, but this is why I wrote defrag + resize on windows12:09
Blade20karni, just a heads up on win 7 sp1 is 900mb and will not install if you have linux dual boot12:09
karniBlade20: I don't know what to say.. I think it makes me laugh. Thank you :) (I use win7 for two things = college stuff and GTAIV maybe one a year, nothing else ;))12:10
karniBlade20: That's really sad..12:11
terrykarni: I have resized MS Windows partitions with all those methods as well, never lost anything yet.  (But I do defrag first, or at least check to see if a defrag has been done recently.)12:12
Blade20karni, just thought i would give you a heads up... when you try to install the sp1 update it will tell you that an unrecognized partition is on the disk and you need to remove it before sp1 can install12:13
karniterry: I did really weird things in my life. I recall resizing Vista partition manually, because windows wouldn't let it. I used fdisk from live USB to get sectors count, drop the partition, shrink ntfs system, and set up the partition manually. That was pretty hardcore, I recall :)12:13
* Sidewinder1 Is not surprised at all.12:14
karniBlade20: Ehhh... :<12:14
karniBlade20: It just makes me sad in general, the windows-only policy etc. I simply won't update, but it's certainly an issue for people who dual boot on regular basis.12:14
Blade20and that is why i run only linux in my box :)12:15
terrykarni: If you resize it with fdisk, I don't think you'll save any data.  fdisk is not a non-destructive partitioning tool.12:15
xgt001hey folks... i installed kubuntu-desktop on natty... everything runs fine but fonts look really ugly... any fix?12:15
terrykarni: But if you have free space, fdisk is fine to use to create NEW partitions.12:15
Blade20xgt001, update video drivers?12:15
karniterry: I didn't *resize* it ;) (It might have been something else, but it was a _low_ level terminal tool.). I droppped the partition boundaries manually from the partition table, resized ntfs (probably shrunk it after defrag to were the last data was), and set up the partition up again. It was the weirdest thing I ever did related to partitioning.12:16
xgt001Blade20: yes its the latest12:16
terrykarni: I usually use fdisk for partitioning.  It's simpliest most straight forward partitioning tool - quick and easy.12:18
Blade20xgt001, are you using unity or gnome clasic12:18
petsoundsxgt001: have u try setting font hinting and dpi from system settings?12:18
terrykarni: And use fdisk to read partition tables. i.e.    sudo fdisk -l12:18
xgt001petsounds: i dono how to config?12:19
karniterry: I use either fdisk or gparted. Right, same here :)12:19
chenthuhow to add to sources.list using terminal?12:20
grychenthu: sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list12:20
chenthugry: thank you12:21
petsoundsxgt001: click kickoff menu, go to system settings, font and you can configure it from there.12:21
industrialWith Ubuntu 11.04, How do I change Workspace Switcher settings? I want 9 workspaces and I want SUPER_L+1~9 to switch there (and with SHIFT for moving a window).12:21
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)12:22
terryindustrial: 9 workspaces?  Why so many?12:22
Sidewinder1gry, I wasn't sure if nano was graphical, never used it. :-)12:22
industrialBecause I always have that.12:22
industrialterry: I always have media on 5, IRC on 8, social on 7 etc.12:23
terryindustrial: I set it to 2, but rarely use the second one.12:23
industrialwell I do12:23
industrialso how do I do it?12:23
industrialis the question12:23
industrialI also like SUPER_L + HJKL to move through them12:24
terryindustrial: I use workspace 1 and tty6  and only once in a while worksapce 212:24
xgt001petsounds: i remember changing somethings long back in .fonts or something like tat... any idea?12:24
grySidewinder1: No worries. I would have suggested gksu gedit but some things are faster "in terminal". :-)12:24
terrymakara: Hello?12:24
industrialterry: yeas so how do I increase the number of workspaces?12:24
Sidewinder1gry, Understood :D12:24
hoopjumpingastraljava: Sorry for the delay. In regards to the drive, no. It's not auto mounted. I don't want it to automount on startup, because I enjoy how this is a a silent system, and the hard drive does have a slight sound.12:25
petsoundsxgt001: like dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig config ?12:25
industrialterry: ?12:25
bazhang!hu | bb_12:26
ubottubb_: Magyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál12:26
nankurahey guys, im trying to install the new nouveau driver , i heard its got minimal 3D support and id love to give it a test run, so i go to the package manager and select the libgl-dri-expiremental and install the xorg nv driver but yet it doesnt show up in jockey. so im confused on what im doing wrong12:26
petsoundsxgt001: sorry it's dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config12:26
xgt001petsounds: will try and rreport back12:27
Sidewinder1nankura, Did you reboot?12:27
terryindustrial: I don't know.12:27
bazhangbb_, ubuntu support question?12:27
nankurauhm nope. ill try again haha,12:27
industrialyou said you did it12:27
nankurabut just to clarify, am i picking the right packages?12:27
nankurafor the latest nv driver12:27
industrialCHRIST what a channel ill fucking firuge it out myself >:(12:27
nankurai just wanna make sure im getting the right stuff12:27
nankurawhat main packages are needed12:27
karniindustrial: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard shortcuts "Switch to workspace X" - just set it to whatever you need12:27
karniineiros: I have 8 workspaces set up, but use 5 at most.12:28
Sidewinder1nankura, I don't know anything about nouveau; just know you need a reboot after installing video drivers.12:28
Kiff__is there any way to extend the range of the brightness of the backlight. my new laptop is way too bright on the lowest setting12:29
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nankuraanyone know about the right packages for the newest 3D supported Nouveau driver?12:29
Sidewinder1nankura, If I remember correctly, it should prompt you for a reboot after installing, no?12:29
nankurai dont get a prompt12:30
nankurawhich makes me think im not selecting a package or missing something12:30
Sidewinder1nankura, Perhaps.12:30
daleharveyI need to install sun-java5-sdk on ubuntu 10.10, I used to use sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu dapper-updates main multiverse" for that, but thats not available anymore12:30
daleharveyanyone know the correct location is these days?12:31
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=== iulius is now known as iulius83
bernhard1booted with knoppix and through fdisk -l i see my two disks. i want to clone the installed disk to the other disk with dd. But how do i know which is the empty disk ?12:33
bernhard1<bernhard1> On disk /dev/sda it says.. doesnt contain a valid partition table..12:33
Sidewinder1!nickspam | iulius8312:33
ubottuiulius83: You should avoid changing your nick in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Please set your preferred nick in your client's settings instead. See also « /msg ubottu Guidelines »12:33
* slim_gaza come to swim with the penguins12:34
astraljavadaleharvey: python-software-properties12:35
astraljavadaleharvey: Oh, 10.10 you say? Let me double-check that.12:36
slim_gazaHey guys anyone got a Thinkpad x121e, does it play nice with ubuntu, heard some wifi issues12:36
karniineiros: tab fail, sorry. that was to industrial (who left right before I answered)12:36
eliaspgot a strange DNS issue on a Kubuntu 11.04 here... "nslookup foo.company.local" works, "ssh root@foo.company.local" doesn't work, only "ssh root@foo" does... my /etc/resolv.conf looks exactly the same as on my other hosts running Gentoo + Debian 5, where everything works as expected (FQDN + Hostname only)12:38
eliaspare there some DNS related special patches applied to glibc or openssh on *buntu?12:38
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astraljavadaleharvey: Should be that on maverick as well.12:40
petsoundsslim_gaza: according to http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/make/Lenovo/laptops that model should play nicely with ubuntu12:41
daleharveyastraljava: "python-software-properties" ? I dont quite get what you mean12:41
slim_gazaThis is why i love the penguin, thanks petsounds12:42
nankuraok, i installed xserver-xorg-video-nouveau , and libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental from the package manager which as i understood is supposed to give u the latest Nouveau driver + 3D support, and rebooted, and its not showing up in jockey as a driver12:42
daleharveyoh wait12:43
daleharveythe apt-add-resitory exists fine, its just that the repository doesnt exists12:43
astraljavadaleharvey: Sorry, `sudo apt-get install python-software-properties`, thought you knew when you asked the location of apt-add-repository in the first place. :) Sorry, my bad.12:44
daleharveyor any other repository that contains sun-java5-jdk, that I can find12:44
astraljavadaleharvey: Ahh..! Sorry again. Wait up a sec.12:44
astraljavadaleharvey: sun-java* can be found in the partner repos. archive.canonical.com partner12:46
daleharveyI am trying to get http://source.android.com/source/initializing.html working, which it has done before12:46
astraljavadaleharvey: deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu maverick partner12:46
daleharveyyup but on maverick its sun-java6, I need sun-java512:47
daleharveyandroid is picky about these things :(12:47
astraljavadaleharvey: Oh really? Wow. Again, a sec.12:47
daleharveylol sorry bout this, yeh its a bit of a nightmare12:48
astraljavadaleharvey: That was in dapper. :-/ Not sure you can get it real easy from anywhere.12:48
astraljavadaleharvey: I'll see if I can locate it.12:48
daleharveyyeh im sure there must be one available somewhere, since this is what you have to use to compile android, I guess I should ask those guys12:50
astraljavadaleharvey: Where are you located at? US, Europe, Asia?12:50
astraljavadaleharvey: Try this? http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/multiverse/s/sun-java5/sun-java5-jre_1.5.0-22-0ubuntu0.8.04_all.deb12:52
astraljavadaleharvey: That's out of support, you do know that, right?12:52
the_owlwho use armitage?12:53
astraljavadaleharvey: Crap, you needed the jdk, hang on.12:53
daleharveyastraljava: well I wouldnt mind someone telling android :P12:53
astraljavadaleharvey: http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/multiverse/s/sun-java5/sun-java5-jdk_1.5.0-22-0ubuntu0.8.04_i386.deb12:53
astraljavadaleharvey: Yeah, I don't know about Java 5, but those packages won't get updated anymore.12:54
dr_willisamazing how after all these years of java being out.. and beaten to near death.. android brings it back :)12:55
acidrainthough im running 20 different servers that took weeks to setup and have running properly. i have been so discouraged that my box will not stay connected to a wired connection though a bridge to a router.12:55
slim_gazadr_willis, and google hires the java creator12:55
acidrainand there seems to be no way to make it try to automatically connect even if the router isnt "there"12:55
daleharveycan I add that as a repository so itll do the deps automatically? sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ ubuntu multiverse"12:56
daleharveydoing it manually is fine though, thanks for all the help12:56
astraljavadaleharvey: I wouldn't suggest adding an older repo, apt's db might get really confused. :)12:57
astraljavadr_willis: I hear ya...12:57
vishwasuspend/hibernate hangs the pc in natty. have tried the solution form http://thecodecentral.com/2011/01/18/fix-ubuntu-10-10-suspendhibernate-not-working-bug12:58
vishwabut no luck12:58
vishwaany help on this issue12:58
dr_willisI wonder if anyone else gets so used to their android phone they try to drag the top panel down to see if theres any status messages ... on their pc... :)12:58
daleharveyheh ok well I have a problem they seem to have a cyclic dependancy, sun-java5-demo needs sun-java5-jdk, and sun-java5-demo needs sun-java5-sdk13:00
acidraindr_willis, take it to #android plz13:00
Kiff__dr_willis: apparently iphone 5 has drag down status messages13:02
dr_willisKiff__,  yea it seems the best way to handle all these constant messages   programs seem they must toss at us on a daily basis.13:03
dr_willisPerhaps it will get added to gnome3 someday.13:04
Kiff__bit hard to swipe a non touchscreen though13:04
dr_willisKiff__,  i do a similer motion all the time with the mouse.. but thats to get my gnome-terminal showing.13:05
Kiff__i guess you can hover13:05
dr_willishover would work even better.  most of the time you just glance at the history of messages anyway.13:05
dr_willisIs there a 'history' of notifications for the osd-notify system ubuntu uses? ive never noticed one.13:06
astraljavadaleharvey: Check this out: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sun-java5/+question/108411  Specifically comment #913:06
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SinghamHii..Is there any software like SHAZAM (Iphone) for ubuntu ??13:09
dr_willisSingham,  and it does what?13:09
* daleharvey cries13:10
daleharveyoracle have screwed around with where to get java, and W: Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jaunty-updates/multiverse/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404  Not Found [IP: 80]13:10
daleharveyill be able to fix it from here, thanks for all the help astraljava13:10
astraljavadaleharvey: Good to hear, no prob.13:11
Singhamdr_willis : it detects the artist/album/title of a song it hears with the iphones mic onthe web13:11
astraljavadaleharvey: Oh, and one more thing, if you can't get the source package from jaunty's repos, try hardy's, those packages I linked to are there.13:11
ubuntuwhat's up13:17
terryWell, hello ubuntu, was wondering if you would ever show up on this channel.13:18
ubuntui search a software like winsetupfromusb that works on linux13:18
ubuntuplz answer me13:18
edbianubuntu: please ask a question13:18
terryubuntu: What exactly are you trying to do?13:19
ubuntui wanna to create an usb windows bootable13:20
terryubuntu: try #windows13:20
ubuntucommon terry13:20
FaTHeRBaDTouCHAnybody use Funambol before?13:21
ubuntupendrive work on windows terry13:21
ubuntui work on ubuntu not linux13:22
terryWorks on all computers.13:22
edbianubuntu: ubuntu is linux13:22
ubuntuno i mean the operating system13:22
FaTHeRBaDTouCHI'm having problems getting mine running....I think...13:22
dnivra!ubuntu | ubuntu13:22
ubottuubuntu: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com13:22
terryWorks on all PCs13:22
dnivrais it just me or did that factoid look weird :D?13:22
ubuntuyeah but i realy nead that program now13:23
ubuntuif any body know plz13:23
Singhamubuntu : If you want to boot windows xp visit http://komku.blogspot.com/2008/11/install-windows-xp-using-usb-flash-disk.html13:23
ubuntuguys do u know WINSETUPFROMUSB13:24
wols_ !u13:24
ubottuU is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' nor 'Ur' are words in the English language. Neither are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' nor 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.13:24
dr_willisubuntu,   never heard of it..13:24
dr_willispeople in #windows would know more about making a bootable flash drive to install windows from, then we would.13:25
ubuntuDR WILLIS13:25
ericthehaxHey, anyone good with sound and/or huge screwups?13:25
dnivra!caps | ubuntu13:25
ubottuubuntu: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.13:25
dr_willisericthehax,   state the actual problem. :)13:25
ubottuU is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' nor 'Ur' are words in the English language. Neither are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' nor 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.13:26
ubuntuwho is interested in ulitimate edition ?13:26
kekse@ubuntu, you need a tool to create a bootable usb stick because you want to install windows from it?13:26
dr_willisubuntu,  we dont support all the ubuntu 'variants' here.13:26
ubuntuyeah something like that13:26
wols_dr_willis: it's more likely he means another "ultimate"13:26
ubuntuactionlly not for me13:26
ubottu!Kubuntu and !Xubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with KDE and Xfce (respectively) installed as default, instead of GNOME. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu13:26
dr_williswols_,  yep. but i pretty sure its not  on topic for here. :) but guess we will find out.13:27
kekse@ubuntu, okay so that's more windows-related than GNU/Linux-related so probably you'll try another channel?13:27
ericthehaxI installed the realtek hd audio driver from the site cause I felt like doing something stupid I guess... Well, it broke my audio. How do I fix that? Is there a way to undo it?13:27
=== Guest21375 is now known as SoGood
wols_ericthehax: what driver binary was installed?13:28
dr_willisericthehax,  you found actual linux drivers for somthing at a company web site?13:28
SoGoodwher can i find the temporary internet files?13:28
dnivraSoGood: /tmp usually13:28
=== tayfun is now known as tayfun90
ericthehaxYes, Dr. Willis. I did.13:28
dr_willisericthehax,  was it c code?  so you did a ./configure, make, make install  routine?13:28
wols_SoGood: on windows. in ubuntu it's a directory under ~ which holds your cached browser files. depends on browser where13:29
wols_dr_willis: there are tons of those drivers. often only work on specific linux kernels. but most time don't work at all13:29
SoGoodthnks let me try13:29
=== bluezone_ is now known as bluezone
tayfun90hi, anyone here?13:29
wols_SoGood: ls -al ~/.* |less for a start13:30
ericthehaxOh, good point. I forgot to read the install script ^^13:30
fosburg_How do I set the 'desktop' to show application icons?13:31
SoGoodwols_ : it's in the /home/user thnks13:31
wols_ericthehax: most likey you simply reinstall your kernel .deb13:32
edbianfosburg_: 11.04 unity?  Just drag some onto it :)13:32
ericthehaxSo.... It's really as easy as reinstalling a package? Wow, if that's true... *goes to try it*13:33
shaneoanyone know a good site for recent tcl scripts13:33
chenthutar.gz is only a compresed file or can it be used to install?13:33
wols_chenthu: only a compressed file13:34
tensorpuddingchenthu: it's an archive that is compressed, it could contain anything13:34
edbianchenthu: .tar.gz is a compression file. The contents can be anything.  It is possible that what's inside can be 'installed'13:34
edbianchenthu: like .zip13:34
fosburg_edbain--there was a time they came up automatically .  I do have another reason for asking.13:34
coz_chenthu,  generally it is a package you would have to manually install  aka  compile13:34
chenthu i wanna install bitcoins i downloaded it in tar.gz form what command should i use in terminal?13:35
tensorpuddingchenthu: it can contain software that has been compiled already, or it could contain source code, or it could contain just regular text files13:35
tensorpuddingchenthu: you should be reading the instructions13:35
leighmanhow can I set the PKG_CONFIG_PATH or ZLIB_CFLAGS and ZLIB_LIBS so it's found by configure on 10.04?13:35
coz_chenthu,   right click the file and extract it13:35
chenthuwols_ , tensorpudding edbian coz_ : thank you13:35
tensorpuddingchenthu: if you want to run bitcoin there might be a better way13:36
edbianchenthu: sure13:36
jnsl_hmm when i do sshfs@myserver.com13:36
jnsl_hmm when i do sshfs@myserver.com:somedir somedir it works but when i try to fstab it says connection reset by peer13:36
coz_chenthu,   after extracting that file,, take a look inside ,, if there is a .deb  package it can be installed if not,, look for the README and INSTALL  text files13:36
EduardHello everyone13:37
edbianEduard: hi13:37
tensorpuddingchenthu: there is probably a PPA for bitcoin13:37
coz_Eduard,  hey guy13:37
fosburg_I installed 'DraftSight'  and for some reason it works when app icons are shown and if it is a pulldown menu--app won't work13:37
EduardDoes anybody know how you can add new keys in gconf-editor? Mine doesn't seem to allow me it.13:37
coz_fosburg_,  do you have link so I can take a look at that ..where to download13:37
ericthehaxso... Reinstalled linux-generic. And after a reboot everything should work again?13:38
fosburg_cos--not sure of 'link' or how it works.  there is alot about computers I don't know.13:39
fosburg_I'm mostly an application user13:40
coz_fosburg_,  what I meant was,,, where did you get the package for it?13:40
edbianfosburg_: He means a link to the website where you got that program (he assumes for some reason it did not come from the ubuntu software center)13:40
mr202hi all13:40
Eduardor, i can put my question the other way, how do u add programs to unity 2d launcher?13:40
mr202I'm having difficulties installing 11.04 LTS 32-bit on my desktop13:41
dr_willisEduard,  lauch the app, then right click on the icon and it has a keep in launcher item.. normally13:41
mr202is there anyone around who can help me?13:41
uncle_f3dormr202, what difficulties?13:41
mr202well, I can get it to boot the live-cd13:41
edbianmr202: What is the issue?13:41
mr202I then choose the installation option13:42
fosburg_It did not come from the 'Ubuntu soft ware center'  but the center did the install13:42
edbianmr202: All on one line please.  and get to the point :)13:42
mr202and after I can choose to include third-party software and download updates13:42
mr202it just seems to freeze13:42
Eduarddr_willis: omg! u saved my day!13:42
mr202i click next, and nothing happens :(13:42
dr_willisEduard,  may be time to read up on a few unity user guides  that are on the web. :)13:42
edbianmr202: I've heard about that before.  Is this machine online when the ubuntu installer is running?  (is this a liveCd or liveUSB?)13:42
marriedman624I have Karmic installed on my computer with an AR5001 wireless card, I can connect to unsecured network just fine, but cannot connect to secured networks.........any know what I can do to fix this?13:42
coz_fosburg_,  right but where did you get it from,,13:43
coz_fosburg_,  if the software center installed it it means it was a .deb package  but you have to have clicked to download that from somewhere...yes?13:43
leighmanhow can I set the PKG_CONFIG_PATH or ZLIB_CFLAGS and ZLIB_LIBS so it's found by a configure file on 10.04?13:44
mr202so, I'm wondering what install option I might try to make it work... acpi=off / noapic / nolapic / ...13:44
coz_fosburg_,   open a terminal and type     draftsight13:44
fosburg_I need to quit for now--be back later,  thank you for the help13:44
mr202edbian, this machine is online13:45
mr202I'm running the install now without the quiet-option13:45
ericthehax... And sadly, that didn't work.13:45
edbianmr202: Can you take a screenshot of the installer in it's frozen state? and paste it on imageshack.us13:45
edbianmr202: ok13:45
uncle_f3dormr202: my two cents: i would try not installling third party software at installation time and install then after the system is bootable. Install just the basic stuff.13:46
mr202I think it's some hardware issue (although Win7 is working perfectly on the same box, but that doesn't mean anything)13:46
coz_marriedman624,   if no one here  has a solution , at this time,, you can also try the ##linux channel ,,,who is here depends a great deal on timezones  :)13:46
mr202okay, so it's now creating debconf-communicate fifo mechanism13:46
mr202after showing a lot of Buffer I/O errors13:46
marriedman624coz_: Thanks, didn't know about that channel, i'll try there13:46
mr202device sr0, best to check out what device it is before going on with the installation13:47
edbianmr202: device sr0 is the CD13:47
edbianmr202: Many many i/o errors are very common on liveCDs13:47
mr202but I checked the media using the menu option13:47
samtukeanyone know where bluetooth pairing data is store? not in hcid.conf, not in main.conf, not in gconf registry, so where??13:47
mr202and no problem there...13:47
uncle_f3dormarriedman624: by protected do you mean wep, or wpa?13:47
mr202oh, by the way, had the same issue on a LiveUSB of the same .iso13:48
mr202that's why I reverted back to CD's as installation media13:48
edbianmr202: the freeze or the i/o errors?13:48
mr202the freeze13:49
mr202so, I'm now finally in the graphical menu where I choose my preferred language13:49
ericthehaxGuise, I'm scared... I just got this thing the way i wanted it and all I was trying to do was figure out why my mic was incurably quiet... Would a pastebin help any? http://pastebin.com/9FCjysPQ13:49
edbianmr202: I don't remember the installer well enough to follow.  Is it now unfrozen?13:49
ericthehax*why my mic was incurably quiet, and then I broke my sound installing that13:50
mr202well, edbian , it now asks for the third-party option or the download-option...13:50
ericthehax(I'm not even awake, failtyping. sorry...)13:50
mr202so I left both unchecked and clicked 'forward'13:50
mr202and this is usually where it freezes13:50
edbianmr202: Just finish the install without doing anyting extra13:50
edbianmr202: Does it freeze regardless of the check boxes?13:50
sunzaruIs there a way to remote control my ubuntu machine, via windows...not a shell?13:50
edbiansunzaru: remote desktop :)13:51
mr202edbian, I'll now find out... I have tried all options except for checking NONE of the boxes13:51
dr_willissunzaru,  vnc  is one way.13:51
mr202that's what I did now13:51
coz_ericthehax,  according to that pastebin,, unless I am reading it incorrectly,, at the bottom on line 45   rm -rf alsa-driver-1.0.24 > /dev/null  << means the also driver was removed  so "no sound"13:51
mr202but it seems like the usual thing is happening... rotating cursor, no more...13:51
sunzaruKk tnx!13:51
kruxredownload the iso13:51
edbianmr202: haha ok :)13:51
dr_willissunzaru,  teamviewer, vnc, but ssh is worth learning to use.13:51
edbianmr202: does the rest of the liveCD work?13:52
mr202i'll try to boot it without installing13:52
mr202just running the liveCD13:52
mr202one sec13:52
max_hi, I'm missing the memtest option when booting from the ubuntu 11.04 x64 livecd. what has to be done to launch memtest - I can only access a grub console13:52
ubuntuguys give me some softwares like winsetupfromusb that work on my ubuntu plz13:52
edbianmr202: I mean right now.  Is the whole thing frozen or just the installer13:52
mr202well, i can still see the sound and the network dialogs13:53
mr202and interact with them13:53
mr202so it doesn't freeze13:53
ericthehaxcoz: I'm not awake, my brain's not working. Logic and reason tells me I should reinstall the alsa driver, but I'm not quite sure anymore13:53
mr202the installer just keeps "working" on nothing13:53
ericthehaxWhat do, bro?13:53
ubuntuguys give me some softwares like winsetupfromusb that work on my ubuntu plz13:53
dr_willisubuntu,  you could try using wine to run  winsetupfromusb13:53
ubuntuwine is really bad joke in ubuntu13:54
dr_willisubuntu,  You may have to do some googling for that, or ask in #windows for similer tools .13:54
ubuntuit doesn't work13:54
medhunterany experience with netbook Dell inspiron mini 101813:54
dr_willisubuntu,  wine works well for me for the apps i need..13:54
mr202edbian, I'm booting into live now... see if everything works there...13:54
spexiwine works nicely for me too13:54
mr202without installing13:54
ericthehaxubuntu: I dunno, I can play Touhou in wine just fine.13:54
dr_willismost of my popcap games work. :)13:54
ericthehaxI know a lot of Mac users who can't >:313:55
mr202meanwhile I'm downloading another ISO on my laptop13:55
edbianmr202: k13:55
ubuntuit keeps tell me that the file is not an uxecutable fil13:55
mr202are there any reasons NOT to try and install the 64-bit version?13:55
edbianmr202: good idea, burn slow (or use liveUSB, I recommend liveUSB if possible)13:55
edbianmr202: 64bit is fine13:55
dr_willisubuntu,  so thats your logic for it being a joke? RUn it from the command line then.. wine /path/to/whatever.exe13:55
mr202yeah, but edbian , how do I create the liveUSB from within Fedora ?13:56
dr_willisthe 'file needs to be an executable' as a security measure is a bit of a joke..13:56
mr202this laptop is running Fedora13:56
sunzaruIt would rock if steam was for ubuntu also.  There use to be something like is.  Anyone remember that?13:56
dr_willismr202,  the pendrivelinux site has a lot of  tools for that task13:56
dr_willissunzaru,  steam does work in wine. and theres some GPL variant thats steam line i recall.. i forget its name..13:56
dr_willissteam like... :)13:57
edbianmr202: there are many ways: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USB%20Installation%20Media13:57
dr_willisI must have it tagged at my delicious.com/dr_willis links somewhere...13:57
ubuntuok guys an other questions13:57
ericthehaxOh yes. Steam for Linux? First I hear of this, GOOD-BYE WINDOWS FOREVER!13:57
sunzaruMmm hahahaha13:57
ubuntuwhat's the better virtual machine for ubuntu ???13:57
ericthehaxinb4 virtualbox13:57
edbianmr202: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick#Creating%20a%20bootable%20Ubuntu%20USB%20flash%20drive13:58
dr_willisericthehax,  steam works in wine on linux.13:58
ericthehaxOkay, trying another reboot. if this works, I would do anything in excitement. Even hug a creeper.13:58
dr_willisericthehax,  thats not to say that ALL the games work..13:58
ericthehaxdr_willis: I meant liek, if they started adding native linux support13:59
samtukedoes dbus have persistent storage, like a db that it uses? if so, how do you access it? is this where bluetooth pairing data is stored?13:59
makaraanyone know how to connect two ubuntu pcs with an ethernet cable?13:59
dr_willisericthehax,  theres supposed to be a native client 'in the works' but ive not seen it mentioned in ages13:59
chrometigeron 11.04 classic "no effects"   how can I disable  recent documents ?13:59
edbianmakara: You can't unless you have a crossover cable or you use a switch13:59
mr202I've installed unetbootin13:59
dr_willismakara,  depends on the nics used. You may need a cross over cable.   then plug them in. set up static ip's and ping each other.. done..14:00
ericthehaxYeah, and they NEVER mentioned the mac client and then "oh look a mac client"14:00
makaraebdian: i have a crossover cable14:00
kekse@ubuntu: 1st, microsoft has a philosophy of not publishing their standards so it's pretty hard to code things like ntfs or an install-install-from-usb tool. 2nd why should anybody invest their time to create a tool that helps Microsoft rather than the open source community? doesn't make sense14:00
mr202thought it was only a Windows-app14:00
dr_willismakara,  if you have gb/1000 speed nic's then you dont need a crossoiver cable i belive.14:00
mr202btw, edbian, the LiveCD seems to be working if I don't choose the install option14:00
mr202have a working desktop now14:00
dr_willismakara,  plug in, set static ip,  or install a dhcp server on one.14:00
edbianmakara: as dr_willis said, set static IPs ping each other (then probably scp is easiest to pass files)14:00
kekse@ubuntu write an apeal to microsoft, say you need such a tool for GNU/Linux14:00
edbianmr202: Great :/14:00
makaradr_willis: i got as far as pinging. now i want to share the internet connection of the one with the other14:00
makarahow do i install a dhcp server?14:01
dr_willismakara,  then you need to do a bit more work.. ive not done 'ics' in years.14:01
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing14:01
ericthehaxbrb rebooting and praying to Raptor Jesus that this works14:01
edbianmr202: I suggest just downloading the ISO again (check the md5 sum) and make a liveUSB instead of liveCD. If the problem persists I can suggest some more things14:01
dr_willisyou as basically building your own router. :)14:01
mr202I'll try that14:01
=== Mud is now known as Guest24862
mr202thank god for my high speed internet connection14:01
chrometigeron 11.04 classic "no effects"   how can I disable  recent documents ?14:02
makaradr_willis, edbian, doesn't ubuntu have something for this?14:02
makarain the network connections dialog there is a checkbox which says something about sharing internet connection14:02
edbianmakara: Check that box :P14:02
dr_willismakara,  Ive never used the feature. not needed to since i gave up Dialup. :)14:03
dr_willismakara,  you may need to set the dns servers, and default gateway on the remote box to be the ip# of the main box.14:04
mr202I just feel like such a noob14:04
mr202although I have been using linux for over two years14:04
mr202never encountered these issues14:04
edbianmr202: the installer is picky lately IMO14:05
ericthehax;_; Okay, I give up on trying. What package do I reinstall?14:05
jnsl_in my fstab im mounting my server with sshfs, but all files are mounted with permission "drwxrwxrwx" how can i keep files existing permissions ?14:06
ericthehaxI have about an hour before I leave. Please help. What package do I reinstall?14:07
dr_willisFor those interested in a 'steam like interface' for GPL/Linux type games  theres this -> http://en.djl-linux.org/   I forget who was asking about it... its a bit out of date it seems. but it does have some neat games on it.14:07
=== ng_ is now known as zz_ng_
dr_willisjnsl_,  is it a user mounting it? or root?14:07
jnsl_dr_willis user is mounting14:07
chrometigeron 11.04 classic "no effects"   how can I disable  recent documents ?14:08
ionitehow can i detect my mp3 player plugged to USB?14:08
mr202well... edbian14:08
DeamosseraphTop o the morning folks14:08
dr_willisjnsl_,  and if the user uses the sshfs command to mouint it - it also has the same permissions?14:08
mr202I'm using unetbootin to build a liveUSB disk14:08
edbianmr202: yay :)14:08
mr202and even this seems to have its difficulties on the amd64 image14:08
makara_anyone to explain sharing an internet connection?14:08
mr202seems to be hanging on the casper/filesystem.squashfs14:09
edbianionite: did you plug it in already?14:09
edbianmr202: give it some time14:09
mr202oh, indeed... damn... progress bars that don't show progress, oh, the logic...14:10
mr202it's finished14:10
dr_willismakara_,  years ago there was a 'ics' guide out that went into details.   but what part of it are you needing explained?14:10
edbianmr202: :) great, boot that (you made a USB drive right?)14:10
mr202I'll plug it in the dekstop's USB port14:10
mr202yeah, I made a USB drive ;)14:10
sniyaCan I ask for help here?14:10
edbiansniya: yes14:11
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:11
jnsl_<dr_willis> if i mount with commandline permissions are as they should14:11
makara_dr_willis: i don't know how to build my own router14:11
jnsl_but not with fstab14:11
CatFishhi all sotty fot last night realy sorry . ik ben er niet meer ............................................................ sorry no skittel on fok irc14:12
makara_dr_willis: I thought I should start with logging in remotely using the program ssh14:12
CatFishill like fok that14:12
makara_can you help me with that?14:12
sniyaI've been trying to solve my wifi issues following this guide " https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#b43 - No Internet access " but I don't seem to have the PATCH that they mention on my install media. Where can I get it?14:12
coz_sniya,   what is the question?14:12
dr_willismakara_,  by setting up ics  you are basically doing just that... installing the services and tools a router normally would use...14:12
dr_willismakara_,  you read up at --> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing    yet?14:13
edbianmr202: yep14:13
kruxi was just gonna post that14:13
mr202I get an immediate error booting from USB14:13
mr202error: no such device: ...14:13
kruxhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing <<< read on that..14:13
GTAXLAnybody know what file rotation means?14:13
acidrainGTAXL, its kinda like crop rotation14:14
mr202i'm trying again as we speak...14:14
makara_dr_willis: let me have a look at this document and then I'll get back if I'm still stuck. thank you14:14
acidrainkeeps the files fresh14:14
dr_willisjnsl_,  thats weird.   as a dirty work around you could mount the sshfs from rc.local via a command   that runs as the user. (su username -c command) *i think*   but14:14
edbianmr202: k14:14
acidrainlol. i was jk14:14
WojoHello there.14:14
dr_willisjnsl_,  i cant think of why the fstab entry would be altering the permissions unles sits somehow getting ran as root.14:14
coz_GTAXL,  mm  I have seen archive rotation ,, log rotation,, not sure about "file rotation"14:15
dr_willismakara_,  let me just add that a $30 router is a handy tool to have. :)14:15
GTAXLok. What would log rotation mean coz_?14:15
WojoI would like to ask about one thing, I've noticed that on my old Toshiba L10-192 instalation disks of Ubuntu works untill 10.04 was arrived, the isolinux shows fine and then the instalator is loading and eventaully I got black screen, no response to any comnbination14:15
dr_willislog.old --> log.1  and older logs get moved to older names...14:15
sniyaWhere can I get the b43-fwcutter patch?14:15
coz_GTAXL,    https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxLogFiles14:16
jnsl_dr_willis ok, thanks, ill go through the fstab line one more time to see if theres something14:16
ericthehaxOkay, now I'm real confused. I got the HD Audio driver from here http://www.realtek.com/downloads/ and it broke my sound.  Basically, I shouldn't have done that and I've met with a terrible fate. If anyone knows how to undo this, please, PLEASE help. I'm completely lost.14:16
WojoIf I remove splash and quiet from booting kernel line, there is no issues untill that "switch" to the black screen14:16
edbianWojo: have you tried adding nomodeset14:16
dr_willisjnsl_,  you may want to check the sshfs homepage/faq - there may be some option thats being overlooked.14:16
Wojoedbian: I will try, thanks14:16
mr202edbian, got into the graphical installer again14:16
edbiansniya: patch?14:16
mr202clicked "forward" without checking the 3rdparty or download options14:16
dr_willisericthehax,  tried a 'sudo make uninstall' in the source directory for the drivers?14:16
mr202still waiting ...14:17
CatFishkock koch i am so not here cool song best = laats min from the song14:17
edbianericthehax: can you link to what you've done?14:17
edbianmr202: k14:17
sniyaThe guide I'm using says there shold be a patch also with my install media but it isn't there.14:17
edbiansniya: not sure what you mean. What card do you have?  I can probably get it working14:17
sniyaThis is the guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#b43 - No Internet access14:17
edbiansniya: a-ha no internet access huh :(14:18
oCeanCatFish: stop that14:18
sniyaOne second and I'll check the card14:18
edbiansniya: This is a good guide.  I'm very familiar14:19
CatFishoeps sorry o cean sorry14:19
=== Guest4124 is now known as squid22
mr202edbian, still nothing14:20
edbianmr202: frozen ?14:21
sniyaBroadcom model number BCM431114:21
mr202well, rotating cursor14:21
edbiansniya: You're following the correct guide14:21
edbianmr202: open gparted14:21
mr202I can still check the top bar, network- and sound settings14:21
mr202well, I have no terminal14:21
ericthehaxhttp://pastebin.com/1Je1Gk2u Okay...14:21
edbiansniya: you have a /pool/main/b/b43-fwcutter   ?14:21
edbianmr202: open gparted14:22
edbiansniya: then run the command14:22
edbiansniya: BTW, this is MUCH easier if you can get the machine online via a wire for about 10 minutes14:22
SoGoodis ther eany way on how to mod the BIOS of my AAO110?14:22
mr202edbian: "Failed to run /user/sbin/gparted as user root"14:22
ericthehaxI am sure that isn't gonna restore it... I gotta reinstall packages now, I'm guessing?14:22
sniyamy ethernet won't work either anymore14:23
Wojoedbian: Unfortunately, the same thing happens with "nomodeset"14:23
mr202"Unable to copy the user's Xauthorization file"14:23
edbianmr202: run it via the gui14:23
WojoI just got nice splash, it's loading and then it's all gone, black screen, no hope.14:23
edbianWojo: then I'm not sure :(14:23
mr202edbian, I did, just double-clicked it...14:23
Wojoedbian: Thakns for your effords.14:23
edbianWojo: Sorry! :/14:23
edbianmr202: sudo gparted in a term    ?14:24
sniyaThe first two commands of step 3 work fine but I get "cannot open input file broadcom-w1..." for the third part14:24
mr202I have no terminal access14:24
mr202it's the installer environment14:24
dr_willisericthehax,  as a test. did you try booting to an older kenel if one exists?14:24
mr202only system settings menu is available14:24
edbianmr202: the liveCD is a full OS.  What are you talking about?14:24
SubjectOnei'll be back14:24
mr202oh, my bad... I chose the install-option again... one second14:25
mr202restarting right now14:25
ericthehaxOlder kernel? I newly installed Ubuntu on here a few days ago after Windows broke.14:25
mr202I'll choose the Live option14:25
edbianmr202: choose 'try ubuntu' you can install either way (it's a stupid choice)14:25
Wojoedbian: I meant it, no worries :-)14:26
NikyoHello.. Is there a way to compile a .EXE file in Linux using gcc that will run in Windows 64 or 32 OS ? Either xp or 7 ?14:26
edbianWojo: :)14:26
Wojoedbian: I will just try 11.04 or something14:26
edbianNikyo: That's called cross compiling14:26
Wojomaybe alternative cd14:26
edbianNikyo: It is possilbe yes14:26
mr202okay, I'll boot it Live...14:26
edbianWojo: ok :)14:26
Wojothere is no graphic gui there, am I right?14:26
edbianWojo: in the alternate installer, that's right14:27
sunzaruAnyone using 11.4 out there? I tend to not upgrade asap.14:27
edbiansunzaru: I am14:27
sniyaAlternatively, I might have better luck solving my Wifi problem if Ubuntu recognised my ethernet connection. Anywhere I can try for that?14:27
Nikyoedbian: Thanks, I guess I'll start searching on cross compiling then :)14:27
wols_sniya: what ethernet chip?14:27
edbiansniya: If you plug the wire in do the lights come on?14:28
edbianNikyo: sure, some package called ming or something lets you do it14:28
sniyaOne sec14:28
edbiansniya: ok14:28
sniyano lights14:29
sunzaru3dbian: woth upgraging from 10.4?14:29
edbiansniya: Something is wrong physically14:29
Nikyoedbian: mingw32... I tried that.. did not seem to do that well.. I'll read up more on that one. Thanks.. have a great weekend :)14:29
edbiansunzaru: IDK, that's opinion14:29
edbianNikyo: that's it!14:29
edbianNikyo: you too :)14:29
mr202okay, edbian14:29
sniyaI'll go looking for a new lead - this one is quite old14:29
mr202I'm in gparted now14:30
edbiansniya: what shows up in the output of sudo lspci | grep Network14:30
edbianmr202: Do any of the partitions have any errors? red !'s or orange triangles or similar?14:30
=== Deamos is now known as Deamosseraph
mr202they do14:30
edbianmr202: I thought so.  Are they NTFS partitions?14:30
mr202well... one of them is14:30
mr202the 500 GB one that I'm trying to install to14:30
mr202it's a 420GB Win7 NTFS partition and a 80GB unallocated one14:31
mr202that's what it shows in Win714:31
mr202but here it shows 498GB unallocated :/14:31
edbianmr202: Use windows to check all your partitions.  Something is wrong with them and it is causing hte installer to crash14:31
mr202gparted is stating the same thing14:31
mr202"try making a fresh GPT table and using parted's rescue feature"14:32
edbianmr202: yay14:32
sniya<edbian> Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN (rev01)14:32
mr202you, my man, have solved the biggest question mark of the whole week...14:32
edbianmr202: I don't really know the details of fixing it other than making a new partition table (GPT) may delete everything14:32
mr202now I know where to look...14:32
mr202I'll try first from Win714:32
mr202and make a backup ;)14:32
mr202if I lose my windows, well so be it14:32
edbiansniya: Yeah I know that.  Did you double click the package b43-fwcutter in /main/b/b43-fwcutter/   ?14:33
edbianmr202: :D14:33
edbiansniya: Don't worry about the patch.  If there isn't one I believe we won't need it.14:33
sniyai moved it to home and then double clicked on it14:33
edbiansniya: did it install?14:33
mr202uh oh, BOOTMGR is missing14:34
mr202man, I love windoze ;)14:34
edbianmr202: hahah :(14:34
edbiansniya: alright, do step two.  Download those things14:34
mr202well, the whole reason of installing Ubuntu is that I'm an ICT student14:35
edbianmr202: ict ?14:35
mr202trying to work on his C programming assignment14:35
sunzaruBbl, thanks all!14:35
mr202Informatics & Communication Technologies14:35
mr202and Visual Studio is just crap, so I wanted to work in Vim/gcc14:36
Tech-1info gathering ?14:36
mr202so why would I need windows after all ?14:36
coz_mr202,  they are requireing ubuntu for this?14:36
mr202they give us the choice14:36
sniyaOK done14:36
coz_interesting   and pretty cool,,,14:36
mr202windows or ubuntu, as long as you can get your projects done14:36
coz_mr202,  excellent news :)14:36
edbiansniya: step 314:36
Sidewinder1mr202, Totally OT, I know but, is BOOTMGR in vista/7 the equivalent of ntldr in the previous? Prooves how long I've been off Win. :-)14:36
Tech-1don't use windoze, i wouldnt give them the credit14:37
edbiansniya: what questions do you have?14:37
mr202Sidewinder1, it is14:37
mr202okay, so in windows - as expected - the disk shows fine14:37
Menno“Airplane passengers and crews traveling through just one thunderstorm of lightening-emitted X-rays, gamma rays and high-energy electrons could be exposed to radiation amounts equal to 400 chest X-rays.”14:37
MennoDoes the ubuntu gang believe this?14:38
mr202100 MB system reserved, 407 GB NTFS, 60GB unallocated14:38
Sidewinder1!ot | Menno14:38
ubottuMenno: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:38
sniyaThe third14:38
sniyastep gave me an error14:38
edbianmr202: check the anyway14:38
edbiansniya: what does it say?14:38
pfaulyhi all - need some noob help. my 64 bit notebook crushed yesterday (probably the graphics chipset) and right now i just have an old i686 notebook14:39
sniyaCannot open input file broadcom-w1-4.150.5/driver/w1_apsta_mimo.o14:39
pfaulyso cld sb pls help me out with the new installation of the 32 bit kernel?14:39
pfaulyright now im working with a live-usb stick14:40
adam_do you speak polish ? ;/14:40
mr202well, edbian , in the good old days I would've used fdisk /fixmbr to resolve the issue14:40
mr202but as this is Win7, no option to do that as well...14:40
askreetCan't seem to find KTechLab in any repos, but it's on Launchpad... anyone using this?14:40
edbiansniya: ummm, I'm not sure exactly what each command does but they depend on each other.  Run them all again in order and watch more carefully for errors.  They are in /home/you/  right?14:40
edbianmr202: :)14:41
edbianmr202: They took fixmbr out?!14:41
mr202they took fdisk out14:41
adam_i don't understand14:41
sniyaYes. OK. I'll do that and come back to you14:41
edbianmr202: ?14:41
edbianmr202: fdisk is still in ubuntu14:41
mr202only way to do it is by using a boot from dvd and then running bootsect.exe in repair mode14:41
mr202well yeah14:41
mr202but not in Win714:41
mr202I'll just go for the clean install14:42
mr202let gparted fix the disk14:42
mr202and problem solved :)14:42
adam_There is someone in Polish14:42
jadams|homeanyone have any experience running ubuntu on a macbook air or a similar laptop?14:42
ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.14:42
edbianmr202: gparted is not good at fixing ntfs partitions.  I strongly recommend you use windows to fix it14:42
pfaulycan i just install the new 11.04 32 bit on the old x64 partitions (boot, root, usr,opt,var)? what happens to the programm data of the x64 programs?14:43
mr202oh, edbian , thx for the tip14:44
mr202I'll look for something then...14:44
mr202something other than downloading Windows 7 from MSDNAA because I don't have the DVD here :)14:44
nankuraHey guys, im looking to install gnome 3. and yes im aware its unstable and may break things, thats why im on my second hard drive to play with it. but im not sure which package to download, one is just called "gnome" which has alot of features etc. and is a 500MB download. the other is gnome3-session14:45
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/14:48
mr202nankura, if you're doing this on a separate harddrive...14:48
mr202why not use a distro that has Gnome3 onboard ?14:48
nankurayea im using my "safely destroy data hard drive"14:49
nankurato test stuff  :D14:49
nankurawell i tried fedora14:49
mr202as did I14:49
OY1Ra few weeks ago wmv  video files lost audio, help?14:49
nankurabut it keeps getting some unexpected error14:49
mr202I'm using it as we speak :)14:49
nankuraduring  the formatting14:49
nankuraidk why14:49
FloodBot1nankura: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:49
nankurawhich package did you install mr202?14:49
mr202ow... well... then it might indeed be easier to install Gnome3 in Ubuntu, check www.gnome3.org for more info14:49
mr202I did not14:49
HelloWorld321I'm installing phpMyAdmin, and it fails in the configuration step because "Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)"  .... well of course root access fails with no password!  How do I get the Ubuntu Software Center to configure phpMyAdmin with a password (or username/password pair)?14:50
mr202I am using Fedora with Gnome 3, as I said before. I'm on here because Ubuntu is what I use on my main desktop (or at least, that's what I'm trying to use)14:50
DeamosseraphHelloWorld321, if I remember correctly..thats a problem of phpMyAdmin not being able to connect to MySQL14:51
Deamosseraphthere should be a config file in the phpmyadmin directory...I dont remember where it is though :( Been awhile since ive used phpMyAdmin14:52
Guest36916Hi,   :D14:52
marymi upgraded to 11.04, how to I enable the non-free stuff14:53
marymlike nvidia driver would be one14:54
szal!nvidia | marym14:54
ubottumarym: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto14:54
szal!restricted | marym14:54
ubottumarym: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats14:54
Guest36916Hi, Dose any one know how I can play windows games on Ubuntu 10.10? I have a dual boot, but I really hate windows.14:57
pfaulyany possibility to keep a the user profiles(/home and/or /usr) when downgrading from 11.04 64 bit to 32 bit?14:57
coz_Guest36916,   you would have to use  wine to in stall them however not all windows games will work14:57
pfaulyGuest36916:  wine shd work14:57
marymahh.. it's ati not nvidia14:58
coz_Guest36916,   after   sudo apt-get install wine is completed  you might also wnat to go to the #winehq   channel ,, they can lead you to a link where reviews of windows games  are listed  according to how well they work via wine14:59
mobidycquand je démarre, je reste bloqué à l'écran violet, je pense que c'est à cause du raid5 mais je n'ai aucun moyen de switch sur un terminal pour voir ce qu'il se passe.14:59
szalanyhoo, same instruction page14:59
mobidycmiss sorry14:59
szal!fr | mobidyc14:59
ubottumobidyc: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.14:59
FBTAre there ANY users with experience with Funambol?14:59
coz_FBT,   I dont have any experience with it ,,,sorry14:59
Guest36916coz_, pfauly, Ya I have wine installed, but like you said, not all games work. I have tryed wine before and it made my Ubuntu go all funny. Any other suggestions?15:00
FBTcoz_, thanks for noting your helplessness15:00
pfaulyyeah,use windows for gaming :>15:00
EgyParadoxmarym: System->Administration->Synaptic->Settings->Repositories->check restricted & multiverse ->reload15:00
pfaulysry :/15:00
EgyParadoxmaryam:check  additional drivers15:00
coz_Guest36916,  well  the first thing I would do is go to the #winehq  channel and discuss it with them ,, they have  the resources to perhaps get things running if possible15:01
EgyParadoxmarym:check  additional drivers15:01
coz_FBT,  your welcome :)15:01
FBTcoz_, actually because of you I found #funambol  ty15:01
Guest36916coz_ , Ok cool, thanks for the assistance. . . .  :D15:02
coz_Guest36916,  no problem15:02
makaradr_willis: Its taken me 3 or 4 days of battling to get this thing working. For the record, it couldn't have been simpler. There is a special setting in 10.04 at least and above that allows one pc to share internet with another via a crossover cable. Thank you for your help.15:03
Guest36916coz_ , Hey Sorry How do I change my nick name again?15:03
farchordHey guys, I got a good question for you. Anyone that is relatively versed in linux can tell me a way to.... 'awesomize' my linux desktop? I got 12gb of ram, and a quad core phenom II cpu, I got enough room for my awesomization project.15:03
szalGuest36916: /nick newnick15:03
coz_Guest36916,   where you t ype here  type   /nick  andyournewtnick15:03
farchordBy awesomize, I mean, cool gadgets, interesting nic-nacs, and so on15:03
SoGoodsomeone with a SSD netbook?15:03
jetscreameryeah me send it over i'll do good things with it15:04
=== Guest36916 is now known as BlueWolf
tensorpuddingfarchord: that's not really on-topic15:04
tensorpuddingfarchord: this channel is for support15:04
coz_BlueWolf,  there you go15:04
BlueWolfcoz_ , Thanks once again. . . .15:04
coz_no problem15:04
farchordtensorpudding, oh, sorry15:04
tensorpuddingfarchord: maybe ask in #ubuntu-offtopic15:05
FBTHow does everyone here sync thier iphone contacts/ calendar to ubuntu?15:06
dr_willismakara,  compared to the good old days. :)  it would have taken 3-4 days to do what that single click did.. just took you 3 days to find where to click. heh.15:07
coz_FBT,   likely via ubuntuone    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/PhoneSync/15:08
FBTcoz_, before I read that you have to pay for it don't you?15:08
coz_FBT,  no   ubuntuone is free I believe15:09
xangua5gb for free15:09
coz_FBT,    but again,, I dont have much experience with it.. so read up15:09
coz_FBT,  there you go  5 gigs free15:09
xanguaif you want more, you pay FBT ;)15:09
makaradr_willis: yeah. lets hope they don't change things now15:09
BlueWolfcoz_ , What do you know about upgrading? I want to upgrade my Ubuntu 10.10 to 11.04. Is it best to reinstall my machine completely ( Using a CD with the new Ubuntu ) or Upgrade it ?15:13
Juowhere is the best place to store programs, I'm sick of them all being in my root directory15:13
coz_BlueWolf,   well... I always suggest a clean install once you have backed up,, however,, but you can upgrade  hold on there should be a link15:14
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade15:14
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coz_!upgrade | BlueWolf15:14
ubottuBlueWolf: please see above15:14
aromanHey, what would be the command to restore a directory to normal file permissions?15:15
OY1Ris there a fix for wmv files with no audio ?15:15
auronandaceJuo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filesystem_Hierarchy_Standard15:17
Juoah thanks15:17
Juonow ill finally have a clue what goes where, heh15:18
shishirdwivedi20i have ubuntu 11.04 but today i installed window 7, after installation when i  booted my PC then window automatically booted without showing ubuntu operating system ,when i checked properties of window it show only single  i.e window 7 OS available in my PC how can i get my thats screen which show all operating system name through which i can boot any OS?15:20
lion42shishirdwivedi20, did you by chance accidentally over-write the entire disc15:20
auronandace!grub | shishirdwivedi2015:20
ubottushishirdwivedi20: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)15:20
lion42and not just a partition for windows?15:20
BlueWolfcoz_ , So your opinion is a clean install? Because my cousin has Ubuntu and he said he had problems with the upgrade. And he certainly knows more than me.15:20
coz_BlueWolf,  almost always,, the reason being,, with a clean install,, if anything goes wrong,, at the least you know it is not because of the upgrade15:21
coz_BlueWolf,  and issues with upgrades are painful to track down15:21
shishirdwivedi20lion42 no  ubuntu partition is safe i checked by using ubuntu cd15:21
overrider_Hossa - where does grub2 store its splash screen? i chose one of the images in /usr/share/images/grub/ as my splashscreen, which works fine. Then i edited chosen image, saved it. Reboot - and grub still shows same old image, as if it is caching it somewhere. update-grub same result. Any clues?15:22
jnsl_Is it possible to get a progress bar when using cp? like when you use scp ?15:22
auronandaceshishirdwivedi20: Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub15:22
lion42shishirdwivedi20, then follow auronandace's recommendations to restore grub15:22
lion42Or that. :P15:22
shishirdwivedi20lion45  ok15:22
BlueWolfcoz_ , Ok, Then I will do a clean Install. What Ubuntu do you have?15:23
coz_BlueWolf,  at the moment  11.0415:23
coz_BlueWolf,  just be sure you have backed up any important files,,15:24
BlueWolfcoz_ , Yes will do, I have wiped out a hard disk before, Learnt my lesson.:D15:25
coz_BlueWolf,  cool :)15:25
BlueWolfcoz_ , Are you using Firefox to browse the Internet? If you are dose it slow your machine down?15:26
XLVshishirdwivedi20, easy way through windows.. install easybcd, add a grub2 entry to windows bootloader ( bcd ) for linux15:26
coz_BlueWolf,  I am and no it doesnt,, something on your end most likely15:26
coz_BlueWolf,  do the clean install ,, if you like you can use the mini cd  which is a net in stall15:27
coz_!mini | BlueWolf15:27
ubottuBlueWolf: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD15:27
coz_BlueWolf,  the only thing to keep in mind with the mini is at some point a list of what to install will appear,,, arrows to scroll the list and the Space bar to tick a box  NOT  enter15:28
prashanthello all15:28
prashantcan anyone tell me how to install from .tar.gz15:29
dr_willisprashant:  totally depends on whats in it.. that is just an 'archive'15:29
prashantdr_willis, sir i m trying to install utorrent15:30
Abhijit!compile | prashant15:30
ubottuprashant: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)15:30
auronandace!info utorrent15:30
ubottuPackage utorrent does not exist in natty15:30
Atamiskroughly how difficult is it to use a touch screen in ubuntu nowadays?15:31
BluesKajutorrent will run in wine auronandace , but there's no reson to use it on linux15:31
irahello. sorry my bad english. I have a problem. I had installed Ubuntu 10.04 and add 2 users. When I open audio\video file in one user and switch to another user, then in second user there is no sound.15:32
ubottuTorrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus/Vuse (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P15:32
_ListerWorkhi, how can i install apxs?15:32
maahesauronandace~> utorrent is not free software, nor is it linux software: try transmission, rtorrent, ctorrent, deluge, bittornado or running utorrent in wine. Deluge is very similar to utorrent15:33
auronandaceBluesKaj: i like using transmission (better to recommend native apps)15:33
ciezrcan't remember the reason, but I settled with deluge FYI15:34
auronandacemaahes: i was looking for prashant15:34
Clowerwebutorrent installs toolbars even when you tell it not to -.- so lame15:34
BluesKajauronandace, ktorrent is my fav, I'm on kde15:34
BlueWolfcoz_, Well when I did the Ubuntu 10.10 clean install this problem followed, my machine slowed down every now and then ( When it felt like it ) It took about a minute to move to the next desktop the one time, It can't be my machine. I have tryed checking the Processor and Memory usage and I can't find out what is doing it. The problem seems to be with all the Ubuntu's I have had, I'm not entirely sure if there is something wrong with the way I am running Ubunt15:34
BlueWolfor something I'm not doing. Any ideas or suggestions?15:34
maahesmy personal favorite is rtorrent15:34
coz_BlueWolf,  well use the mini cd  for installation and see what happens15:35
xanguamaahes: There is already utorrent for windows for you to know ;)15:35
BluesKajmaahes,  if you like shell apps15:35
xanguathe web client at least15:35
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Clowerwebanyone know if there's a way to access my linux localhost server from my windows 7 vm (vmware)?15:35
irahello. sorry my bad english. I have a problem. I had installed Ubuntu 10.04 and add 2 users. When I open audio\video file in one user and switch to another user, then in second user there is no sound.15:35
xanguai mean for linux* maahes15:35
maahesxangua~> the web client is not the same thing :P And it's not "For linux"15:35
minaaai am having issues using usb_modswitch with my modem. what device id should i give? please help me15:36
Bovolaciao a tutti15:36
BlueWolfcoz_ , Well I'm actually tyring to avoid using the Mini CD. I'm just wondering if you know of such problems?15:37
xanguamaahes: well it is the utorrent server + web client ;)15:37
minaaai have a 3g modem with brandname visiontek. btw what params should i give in usb_modeswitch to make it work in linux?15:37
WizardDioany1 whit LenovoS10-3t here?15:37
xanguawell the one that wanted utorrent leave, so no sense talking about it now :S15:37
coz_BlueWolf,  no  not that I can recall,, there is always the chance that yourhardware has some issues   but  i would still go ahead and clean install and lets go from there15:38
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CozeyHello. I have a fresh install of Natty, apt-get updated. I want to install jde, but it's deps are missing. What am I doing wrong? I have added multiverse and canonical repositories. This site: http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/jde says 'not available' for those dependencies (like cedet-contrib)15:39
WizardDiohas any 1 have to command for touchscreen on Lenovo S10-3t15:40
wols_Cozey: apt-get install <package you want>  and them show us the output what it misses to work15:40
BlueWolfcoz_ , Ok, I will start downloading it, but I can't reinstall until I get a Big backup disk. Have there been any problems with the Ubuntu 11.04? And do I reinstall Windows 7 as well?15:41
Cozeyone second..15:41
coz_BlueWolf,  I have heard a few issues with windows 7,, there are several tutorials on line for dual booting with 11.04  ,, I dont think you will have to reinstall windows however15:42
minaaahello can anyone help me with usb_modeswitch?15:42
ZeikIs EXA or XAA still available in 11.04?15:42
Cozeywols_: https://gist.github.com/112944215:42
coz_BlueWolf, after downloading dont forget to check the  md5sum on that iso image15:42
coz_BlueWolf,  make sure t he iso has not been corrupted before buring15:42
minaaaBlueWolf: you can install it on windows with WUBI. it'll work without problems15:42
wols_!info https://gist.github.com/112944215:43
ubottuPackage httpsgist.github.com1129442 does not exist in natty15:43
wols_!Info cedet-contrib15:43
BlueWolfcoz_ , Ok will do, Thanks for putting up with my Irritating problems. :D  :D  :D15:43
coz_BlueWolf,  not at all ,, that;s why we are all here :)15:44
BlueWolfcoz_ , :D15:44
WizardDiohas any 1  know how to enable the touch screen on Lenovo s10-3t under ubuntu 10.0415:44
oCeanwols_: Cozey apparently cedet has been orphaned since it's in emacs23.2 - http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=61726715:45
ubottuDebian bug 617267 in ftp.debian.org "RM: cedet/unstable -- obsoleted by Emacs 23.2" [Normal,Open]15:45
ZeikIs there anyway possible to get support and updates for Intrepid?15:45
xanguaZeik:  no15:45
minaaai am still here without receiving any help. let me repeat for the last time? CAN ANYONE HELP ME CONFIGURE MY 3G MODEM WITH USB_MODESWITCH?15:45
coz_minaaa,   I dont have experience with that in particular,, also understand that people who may  have knowledge about it may not be online at this time,, all depends on timezones15:46
Zeikminaaa: Right click on the usb_modeswitch file and go into it's properties. Checkmark it to be an executable program. Close that window and then double click on it.15:46
Sidewinder1Zeik, You might have a look here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades#Why%20choosing%20a%20fresh%20install15:46
ksx4systemminaaa: i remember that on Debian usb_modeswitch was NOT needed on newer (afair 2.6.32+) kernels15:46
ksx4systemminaa: so, what kernel do you run? (uname -a to check) which version of Ubuntu (number please)?15:47
minaaazeik: i used chmod +x on it but it asks me for product id or device id for the 3g modem to be entered as parameter which i do not know15:47
Sidewinder1Zeik, ^ My last was in regards to your Intrepid question. ^15:47
minaaaksx4system: i am using ubuntu 10.1015:47
CozeyoCean: so jde must me updated and have deps fixed? or can i force it to install15:47
ZeikSidewinder: Thank you. But i am actually wanting Intrepid due to it being able to use EXA. I can't stand using this UXA accelleration method.15:48
Zeikminaaa: Hmm. What kind of 3G device are you using? Is it CricKet EVO 3G?15:48
minaaawhen i insert the 3g modem it shows up as cd drive on windows but it doesnt get detected as a cd drive either in ubuntu15:49
rickardHi, how do I "drag" windows to another worksspace?15:49
ksx4systemminaaa: afaics you run 2.6.35 kernel. most popular in Europe 3G modems should run perfectly even with bare bones wvdial15:49
minaaazeik: it is a hsdpa modem named visiontek15:49
Myrttiminaaa: should it?15:49
coz_rickard,   are you running compiz?15:49
rickardcompiz is installed15:49
rickardbut I cant find it when search for it15:49
coz_rickard,  is it running?15:49
coz_rickard,  this is 11.0415:50
minaaalet me give u all a picture of the 3g modem15:50
Zeikminaaa: That is called "Zero CD". It runs one time in windows to install it's drivers and then hides it's self afterwards.15:50
rickardcoz_: correct15:50
coz_rickard,  and are you using the Unity interface or classic mode?15:50
ksx4systemminaaa: cool, i can't even check what chipset it has... manufacturer's website is down15:50
rickardcoz_: I believe I use the unity.. how do i determine?15:50
Zeikminaaa: Those drivers are useless for a Linux installation. Let me look up how to run a flipswitch. I haven't done it in over 3 years. So i am lacking on memory at this point.15:51
minaaaits named visiontek15:51
coz_rickard,   Unity will have the large launcher  on the left side of the screen15:51
oCeanCozey: I think it means that, once emacs23 is installed, the dependency for cedet is already solved. That means you would have to force an install without checking for dependencies - but I'm not sure how to do that and whether you will have all dependencies solved15:51
minaaathe modem has a picture here http://images02.olx.in/ui/10/93/38/1293439681_151038538_1-Visiontek-3G-Modem-new-ones-for-sale-with-1Year-warranty-Vizianagaram.jpg15:51
rickardcoz_, ok, I run unity15:51
Cozey!info cogre15:51
ubottuPackage cogre does not exist in natty15:51
CozeyoCean: how to check what happend to other deps?15:52
alan_good night15:52
WizardDioany1 here whit touch screen  expiriance15:52
minaaatried usb_modeswitch with several params but it isnt a sierra or huawei. the modeswitch software is probably made for those modems15:52
coz_rickard,  well on that launcher is the  expo   button which will show all workspaces,, you can drag that way ,, also I believe if you  have a focused window,, shift+ctrl+alt+arrows should also move it to another workspace15:52
coz_rickard,  let me know if either of them work for you15:52
minaaaksx4system: their crappy website is here http://www.visiontek.co.in/3g-2g-wireless-products/82gh.html15:53
minaaazeik: cant it work in linux?15:53
Zeikminaaa: Ok, supposedly by default the new Ubuntu has the drivers built into it for activation of broadband 3G cards.15:54
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rickardcoz, it works :)   I am used to do it like in osx.. drag with mouse and use cmd+arrow15:54
minaaazeik: i am on ubuntu 10.1015:54
ksx4systemminaaa: unreachable for me and/or down :( i'll check out picture you've linked to15:54
coz_rickard,  there are also other options under ccsm,,, if you have compizconfig-settings-manager installed15:54
coz_rickard,   hit alt+F2  type   ccsm15:54
Zeikminaaa: Plug it in and reboot your system. When it is back up. Check out your internet connection icon at the top of the screen. There should be an extra connection in it called "Mobile Device". Click on that to connect.15:54
minaaaksx4system: probably the indian company is geoblocking users. what a bad policy15:55
Zeikminaaa: I hate the new Ubuntu setups... I loved 8.10 and now i am stuck with 11.04. : /15:55
oCeanCozey: searching for those dependencies, results in just more posts from others having similar issues with JDE on 11.04. Unfortunately I don't see how it's solved15:55
minaaazeik: i have 7.10 fiesty running on my router15:55
minaaazeik: let me try your method. and i shall come back here to tell you the results15:56
CozeyoCean: that's what i've seen too. thanks !15:56
Zeikminaaa: You probably have it full updated too though. I can't get updates for 8.10 due to it being outdated.15:56
minaaazeik: no on 7.10 apt-get doesnt fetch anything ;)15:56
avernosi've installed audacity and several other audio tools and banshee isnt working anymore, it just doesnt start playing music15:56
oCeanCozey: have you emacs23 installed?15:56
minaaazeik: but its faster on the old pc15:56
Zeikminaaa: Ouch. Yeah, i can't be having that.15:56
coz_ok I have to break here,, be back later15:56
minaaazeik: the newer one is so slow on the old celeron ;)15:57
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minaaazeik: gonna reboot to linux and try brb15:57
Zeikminaaa: Ok, and good luck.15:57
abhijainhow to install font in ubuntu15:57
CozeyoCean: yes15:57
phaidrosanyone here running icecast2 on maverick? if so, does <on-connect> work for you? icecast2 in maverick is not triggering scripts, same config on debian works :/15:57
CozeyoCean: maybe i can install jde to $HOME from source.15:57
Zeikabhijain: You should be able to download the preferred font that you want. Open it's containing folder. Then you double click on the font and it will add itself to your system fonts list.15:58
BluesKajavernos, try vlc15:58
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oCeanCozey: when using apt-get install, you can add  --ignore-missing  but this would only help if all dependencies are solved by emacs2315:59
abhijainZeik: i have downloaded this unable to install16:00
Cozeyi tried that but it seems to ignore the option16:00
abhijainZeik: https://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&ik=eb8d3d3d53&view=att&th=1319d7537cf3e5cd&attid=0.1&disp=safe&realattid=f_gr0x46nx1&zw16:00
Cozeyand still produces the same message16:00
Benkinoobyavernos, try a different player... if this one is not working either, then the audio editing stuff might have hanged your system output... try a rebbot, and/or check your system sound settings for the output devices16:00
oCeanCozey: then I'm out of options :(16:00
aatishhello. how do i disable screen saver when playing a movie in gnome mplayer. thanks in advance16:00
Zeikabhijain: I am unsure what link you sent me. I would have to log in to google to view the page you are recieving your file from.16:01
firmevatoby default mplayer in gnome won't turn the screensaver on until the media is done playing on my system. however ymmv16:01
CozeyoCean: ok thanks anyway. i will just try to install it to $HOME. i was making my own packages back in slackware time. i didn't use debian/ubuntu much, what's why i'm asking - i don't want to mess the dep in the system.16:02
rickardHow do I add additional workspaces?16:02
aatishfirmevato: i compiled gnome mplayer. i didnt installed it by ubuntu software manager16:02
marymis there an alternative to screenlets, running gnome16:04
HelloWorld321I uninstalled phpMyAdmin from Ubuntu Software Center, and installed it afresh from Synaptic Package Manager (a trcik I picked up from watching edbian in this channel), and it asked me for my credentials and was able to configure phpMyAdmin automatically for me16:05
rickardis it a limit of 4 workspaces in natty?16:10
tensorpuddingyou can have more than 416:11
rickardtensorpudding, I downloaded compiz-config-manager.. why isnt there default?16:12
Benkinoobyrickard, that does not depend on natty (=ubuntu version) but in your graphical user interface, wich is in your case, unity, i guess. either way, nearly all interface that support multiple workspaces, support far more than 4 workspaces16:12
tensorpuddingrickard: i'm not sure16:12
Bill_MIHey folks.  Anyone else on 10.04-LTS getting the old shutdown problem with fstab/cifs?  The runlevel trick stopped working!16:14
Bill_MILooking for some way to tell what is or isn't happening.16:15
rickb|serveranyone tried macbuntu on 11.04?16:15
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min|dvir|usHi. "** (gnome-shell:6045): CRITICAL **: dbus_g_proxy_new_for_name: assertion `connection != NULL' failed"16:27
min|dvir|usWhat does that mean?16:27
min|dvir|usAlso "** (gnome-shell:6045): CRITICAL **: dbus_g_proxy_call: assertion `DBUS_IS_G_PROXY (proxy)' failed"16:27
min|dvir|usThen a segfault.16:27
netkingwhy do people keep calling it 'ubanto'16:27
netkingis it a term of affection?16:27
rickb|serveri work at a managed services company and some people call it some pretty terrible things.16:28
ITsee if this helps16:28
min|dvir|usThat is what my boss calls it.16:28
ITwell, i heard some funny hebrew names for ubuntu, one which there is no 'u' in :S16:29
netkingreally? Did you tell him he's wrong16:29
k3v1nDoes anybody have experience with IOMMU and KVM?16:29
Bill_MIHey folks.  Anyone else on 10.04-LTS getting the old shutdown problem with fstab/cifs?  The runlevel trick stopped working on me!16:30
ITbut, as long as people are using Linux - it's ok16:30
ravenffmpeg: some problems with encoding of edited (projectx) ts (tv) files. "broken headers" - anything i can do?16:32
zteam_I'm trying to point a game Installed (inside a wineprefix) with playonlinux, but for some reason playonlinux always change that16:38
zteam_I'm trying to point it to use a iso-file16:38
Neo31hello, how can I change all variables showed by the command local please16:38
zteam_byt playonlinux always reset that changes16:38
Neo31I had to edit /etc/sysconfig/i18n on fedora, what is the equivalent on ubuntu?16:39
dbsantoshello, I want a bootable pendrive that runs on a linux filesystem (not NTFS, FAT or FAT32)... somebody knows how to do it? I want to boot HIREN's on it16:39
bernhard1How to fix this ? happend after cloning a disk with DD.16:39
bernhard1mountall: fsck /boot [344] terminated with status 116:39
zteam_dbsantos, why would u not want FAT on that thing?16:40
Neo31dbsantos look for a package like liveusb-creator16:40
F-B-T141 million per millilitre16:40
Neo31or somethign like that16:40
punterHow do I add a menu item on an icon in the launcher I created, when I right-click on it?16:41
dbsantosI want be free of virus, because I will use this pendrive in my job... do you know?16:41
dbsantosevery tutorials that I saw, talk about FAT, NTFS, FAT32...16:42
dbsantosI will use it to fix problems, and I want to be sure that the pendrive "is clean"16:43
bernhard1How to fix this ? happend after cloning a disk with DD.16:44
bernhard1while booting: mountall: fsck /boot [344] terminated with status 116:44
bernhard1Could not write bytes: broken pipe16:44
bernhard1After that i get the login prompt.16:44
FloodBot1bernhard1: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:44
k3v1ndbsantos, AVG has a good liveCD that can be installed onto a pendrive. I use it for virus removal. It's linux based.16:44
escottdbsantos, it may depend on the bios. to make it bootable with certain bioses you may need to have fat or eltorrito.16:44
escottbernhard1, have you tried running fsck manually16:44
zteam_dbsantos, if your job uses Windows you won't be to ready a usb stick with anything else than FAT or NTFS (unless you are installing some third-party driver)16:44
ciezrdbsantos: a neat trick, create a folder named "autorun.inf" on the fat32 pendrive16:45
zteam_dbsantos, and if you are booting from that live-usb it can't get a virus anyway...16:45
The_Pugilistusing ubuntu 11.04 can i encrypt a users home directory after the account has been created or does it have to be done when the user is created?16:46
The_Pugilistty lion4216:47
lion42If you just installed, though, I would recommend reinstalling and doing a proper encrypted disk setup. Faster/easier.16:47
dbsantosso... what's the better filesystem to put on pendrive? FAT, FAT32 or NTFS?16:47
Abhijiti think youtube have changed something. youtube-dl and minitube are not working to download videos. help please. how to download?16:48
dbsantosto use as bootable tool16:48
lion42Abhijit, not an ubuntu issue.16:48
zteam_dbsantos,  well you could just that make it so any changes you made on the stick will be resetted once you reboot16:48
The_Pugilistwell the thing is lion42, i am setting up an ftp server where each users' home directory needs to be encrypted16:49
zteam_dbsantos, that way any virus you will get can't survive once you restarted it16:49
Abhijitlion42, ok.16:49
lion42The_Pugilist, sorry, no idea about that.16:49
The_Pugilistno worries16:49
dr_willisThe_Pugilist:  you are worried about security enough to encrypt the dirs.. but using ftp? wouldent ssh be a better idea from a security point of view?16:49
OmegaForteMornin'. Any standing issues?16:49
Deamosseraphyeah..SSH would be better if security was a problem16:49
dbsantosok... about the health of filesystem on a pendrive, what's the better (FAT, FAT32 or NTFS)?16:50
Deamosseraphand for the encryption, I would have done it at install TBH16:50
The_Pugilistwell yes, dr_willis, but i am looking to implement a remote backup service, and this requires me to use ftp/sftp16:50
zteam_dbsantos, but there possible are ways to format with another filesystem too, but I'm not sure if you will be able too boot from a stick with ext2 for example16:50
DeamosseraphFAT32 is normal on a pendrive16:50
AbhijitDeamosseraph, ntfs or fat3216:50
AbhijitDeamosseraph, not for health but for compatibility16:50
DeamosseraphUse SFTP, Puglist16:50
zteam_dbsantos, FAT32 is what I recommend16:50
dr_willissftp is ssh isent it...16:50
faint545how do u check the version of a package by using "apt-cache search" ?16:51
dbsantosthankyou everybody16:51
dr_willisdbsantos:  its more of a matter of whats being done to the filesystems.. how many writes mainly.. then the actual fs used.16:51
AbhijitDeamosseraph, wrong person16:51
Abhijitdbsantos, those msgs were for you16:51
DeamosseraphI dont only know the ins and outs of FAT/FAT3216:51
Deamosserapherr..I know only even16:51
DeamosseraphDamn forensics class made us tear apart FAT32 :P16:52
dbsantosI will make a new pendrive now... thanks a lot16:52
=== czarnyszatan is now known as DaZ
kevin_i got this error when i tried moving the files using the terminal16:56
kevin_cp: cannot stat `/mnt/sda5/MUSIK/western_classical/Antonio Vivaldi - 12 Concerti for Oboe and Violin op. 7/CD2/Concerto N\3709 en si b\202mol majeur, RV 373 - 08 - II. Grave.mp3': Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character16:56
kevin_Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character16:57
Deamosseraphjesus thats a long path/filename16:57
escottkevin_, can you try and copy the file using a wildcard character16:57
th0rkevin_: I think the commas might be causing a problem16:57
dr_williseither somthing got pasted wrong or you got ` and ' characters being used as quotes...16:57
punter_Hi all16:58
opt1musAye, rename it.16:58
=== punter_ is now known as punter2
=== punter2 is now known as punter_
dr_williskevin_:  you dident use a ` as a quote when you ment '  did you?16:58
kevin_no i did not use `16:59
kevin_see this snapshot16:59
dr_willisodd that paste had a ` there.16:59
=== punter_ is now known as punter
kevin_cp: cannot stat `/mnt/sda5/MUSIK/western_classical/Antonio Vivaldi - 12 Concerti for Oboe and Violin op. 7/CD2/Concerto N\3709 en si b\202mol majeur, RV 373 - 08 - II. Grave.mp3': Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character17:00
dr_willisHmm. funny characters in the names.. diamonds and numbers.17:00
tensorpuddingkevin_: it looks like you have a filename encoding issue17:00
dr_willisit may be a good idea to rename those files and get rid of those exttra characters.  I never use languages with those sortof characters.17:00
tensorpuddingyou should rename the file with unicode17:00
kevin_this error was shown by the terminal when i tired copying the entire directory17:01
dr_willis!info unicode17:01
ubottuunicode (source: unicode): display unicode character properties. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.5 (natty), package size 14 kB, installed size 96 kB17:01
tensorpuddingunicode isn't a program, it's a mapping of characters17:02
tensorpuddingi meant utf-8, which is a character encoding for unicode17:02
rumpe1kevin_, if it's ntfs/fat maybe try a mount-option for the correct encoding17:02
saulotoledoHello! I can't add/share printers um my lan with Cups. At Linux clients I can deetect the printer, but when trying print I receive "Can't connect to printer, trying again in 30 sec..."17:02
tensorpuddingutf-8 is the default character encoding17:02
kevin_why mount-option?17:04
escottkevin_, if its ntfs or fat and using something other than utf-8 then you need to verify that the kernel knows to translate the encoding in that fs into utf-817:06
rumpe1kevin_, try mounting with "nls=utf8" option17:06
kevin_but my partitions are premounted17:07
rumpe1kevin_, what's "premounted"?17:07
kevin_i mean auto mounted during the start up17:08
kevin_i do not want to mess up again with the fstab file17:08
escottkevin_, thats ok. we just want to look at your fstab. can you !paste it to us17:09
=== juo100 is now known as Juo
kevin_here is the fstab file content17:11
chamunksI am trying to RSYNC a massive directory 450 gigs of tens of thousands of files I want to make this go as smoothly as possible is there a way to log the process for resuming incase of failure and such?17:12
chamunksOr even a way to make rsync break up the job for me into smaller parts.17:12
escottchamunks, thats the point of rsync is that it is easy to resume, just keep running it until it says its done17:12
dr_willis450gb is massive? :) thats my wallpaper collection...17:12
Dulakchamunks: rsync will automatically resume17:12
dr_willisrsync is sort of amazin in how usefull  and thought out it is.17:13
Dulakchamunks: it uses a pretty nifty comparison algo to only transfer the differences, so it doesn't have to restart from scratch17:13
OmegaFortechamunks, I think rsync has super powers.17:13
chamunksescott, Dulak, even after a system reboot or something?  where is it logging this information to? can i force it to log everything to a file somewhere other than the source / dest?17:13
dr_willisYou could look into fsarchiver if  you are  more into  making an 'archival' backup. vs a 'clone'17:13
rumpe1kevin_, the default for mount is to not convert the filename-encodings. That's the problem i guess.17:13
escottchamunks, you could send its output to a file, but there is no point. rsync is designed to handle resumes. it will compare the contents of the remote and local copies and send the differences17:14
Dulakchamunks: it doesn't log anything, it compares things on both sides of the connection and only transfers what is different, so it can resume anytime, anywhere.17:14
stowodahow to find out wether my linux is 64 or 32 bit?17:15
tensorpuddingstowoda: open System Monitor, look at the information tab17:15
stowodaok thx17:15
chamunksescott, I cant recall how to pipe the output for some reason.  I figure run it all inside of a screen session with fancy output something like this "ionice -c3 rsync -v --progress --human-readable --compress-level=2 -r -c -t -m"17:16
tensorpuddingstowoda: wait, that doesn't show it anymore, hmm17:16
rumpe1kevin_, try "sudo umount <partition> && sudo mount -t ntfs -o nls=utf8,umask=007 /dev/sdX /mnt/... " and try again17:16
stowodayeah, I see17:16
escottstowoda, uname -i. to see if your processor is capable cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep flags and look for "lm"17:16
stowodait is capable escott17:16
chamunksescott, being my command so far. I would like a record of the xfers details just because I'm the kind of guy who downloads full 100% flac files with rip logs hehe.17:17
stowodalm is set17:17
escottchamunks, command 1&>logfile.txt17:18
chamunksescott, will that just dump  everything to the log without also outputting to the command line?17:18
chamunksescott, or will the &sign do both17:18
kevin_rumpe1 again the problem comes17:19
stowodaLinux luk 2.6.35-28-generic #50-Ubuntu SMP Fri Mar 18 19:00:26 UTC 2011 i686 GNU/Linux17:19
escottchamunks, sorry should be &> logfile.txt. that will send both stdout and stderr to the log file17:19
kevin_even if it is get copied to the source dirctory will the music players play them17:20
escottkevin_, bad unicode encoding on the filenames will cause all sorts of problems for you17:20
stowodai686 seems to bee 32bit17:20
escottstowoda, i686 is 32bit17:21
stowodaok thx17:21
kevin_escott. then how to rectify the bad ubicode17:21
chamunksescott, good to know.  but will it still output to the command line as well?  this xfer is going to take days so i wont be watching it.17:21
escottkevin_, if you can figure out what encoding the ntfs system has you can try different versions of the mount command until it works17:22
chamunksescott, but i will be checking up on it occasionally to make sure it hasn't broken.17:22
escottchamunks, if you want to see it at the same time you probably need to use tee17:22
escottkevin_, i don't know much about ntfs but it might require the specification of a codepage17:24
kevin_what is the codepackage name ?17:25
escottkevin_, that may depend on where you live17:25
chamunksescott, hmm well that changes the game again lol.17:26
kevin_don't joke please17:26
wols_stowoda: why do you want a 64bit install?17:26
chamunksescott, sorry for requesting the spoonfeeding I can see you're already engaged in other conv's17:26
escottkevin_, im serious. if you are in the US its likely your windows system would use a latin codepage. but if you were in europe you could be using a codepage specific to your native language17:27
kevin_i am in india and my system langauge in US english17:27
escottchamunks, see man tee. should be something like rsync &| tee logfile.txt17:28
escottchamunks, rather 2&>1 | tee logfile.txt17:29
stowodaaehm. do a cpu have a fpu? I mean in a personal computer..17:31
stowodaor are floating point operations emulated in software17:31
escottstowoda, yes ever since the 486dx17:31
stowoda:) ok17:31
cluefulis it hard to get a vpn set up in ubuntu?17:31
chamunksescott, its a shame that there isnt exactly a test command... pipe that with tee...17:31
eloystebamspeak spanish?17:32
tensorpudding!es | eloystebam17:32
ubottueloystebam: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.17:32
escottchamunks, just run any other command, but honestly there is very little point to making these logs. you will never need to look at them. just trust rsync to do its job17:33
eloystebamKM0201, thank17:33
KM0201eloystebam: wasn't me.. :)17:33
escott!vpn | clueful17:33
ubottuclueful: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN17:33
KM0201tensorpudding: beat me to it.17:33
chamunksescott, i'm just making a terrible joke  see command : test | tee17:33
infidare there any good tools for generating/encrypting/auto-filling passwords for ubuntu (like keepassx) but that make it easy to regenerate new passwords for all the passwords at once?17:34
cluefulescott: thanks but I am actually referring to setting up a server rather than connecting to one17:35
chamunksescott, I'm just anticipating that there will be read errors in this transfer and I basically want to know where my drive has cannibalized my data.17:35
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories17:36
linusAIs anyone using a PS3 sixaxis over bluetooth with natty?17:38
OmegaFortelinusA, I would, but my bluetooth adapter isn't compatible with anything.17:38
wols_!anyone | linusA17:38
ubottulinusA: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.17:38
chamunksescott, thanks for your time and attention i'm sure this will do the trick.17:38
=== root is now known as Guest36484
linusAI have gotten a connection with sixad but when I check the joystick with jstest-gtk all the levels are stuck and the button presses done show17:39
linusA@ubottu I know a lead in question is not standard protocol, but the the whole question  seemed to long and convoluted17:40
wols_linusA: ubottu is a bot and a lead in always wastest the time of the people in channel and yourself17:40
romeyroanyone know if bluray on ubuntu is compatible ?17:41
wols_romeyro: it's not. at least if you mean "can I watch movies on bluray under linux?"17:42
romeyrooh :S17:42
salvatorehi all17:43
romeyrowols_,  i hope we ll get a solution soon17:43
wols_romeyro: there won't be any17:44
romeyrowols_, even the next year ?17:45
romeyrowols_, i m pretty sure that someone will found something17:45
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".17:46
salvatoreI've a problem with fglrx (ati driver), maybe a simple problem.. I have ubuntu 11.04 with fglrx 11.5 installed and all works well. Today I tried to install the last version of ati driver (11.07), then I removed 11.05 (with apt-get --purge *fglrx*) and installed the last one.. after the install don't appear the command "aticonfig" hence I can't configure my xorg.. Where I'm wrong?17:46
ZAHHanyone know how to securely wipe an external HD17:46
OmegaForteZAHH, bleachbit17:46
ZAHHIm using shred /dev/sd[device] but its gonna take ages17:46
MyrttiZAHH: shred17:47
ZAHHI figured17:47
wols_ZAHH: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX17:47
OmegaFortewols_, Why not dev/urandom then!?17:47
wols_ZAHH: after a single write over, no one can ever retrieve your date. truly no one17:47
ZAHHI heard that single pass overwrite isnt enough17:47
wols_ZAHH: you are wrong17:47
wols_OmegaForte: it doesn't matter with what you overwrite17:48
OmegaFortewols_, I'm just making a joke.17:48
ZAHHwhat if the CIA busted down my door and handed my HD to super scientists?17:48
wols_ZAHH: not even then17:48
ZAHHhmm, 35 writes seemed like alot anyways17:48
wols_ZAHH: the only time they could do this is if your hdd were around 20-25 years old17:48
ZAHHya i heard this but i didnt understand why17:48
wols_cause the modern drive heads work differently. GMR and PMR heads write the data differently. they don't really read and write it anymore but mainly guess17:49
salvatoreI've a problem with fglrx (ati driver), maybe a simple problem.. I have ubuntu 11.04 with fglrx 11.5 installed and all works well. Today I tried to install the last version of ati driver (11.07), then I removed 11.05 (with apt-get --purge *fglrx*) and installed the last one.. after the install don't appear the command "aticonfig" hence I can't configure my xorg.. Where I'm wrong?17:51
Pisagorwhen i try to open some link in folder (for instance, when i click on browse c: drive on wine menu) it doesn't really open it in a file browser like pcman or nautilus. It does open it in web browser.17:55
dr_willisPisagor:  i noticed that also on one of my machines.. never did find a fix.. never really tried to fix it..17:56
dr_willisPisagor:  is it opening in google-chrome or chromium?17:56
Pisagorit does open it in its own web browser17:56
Pisagorthe default one coming with lubuntu17:56
Pisagorto uninstall it would offer a relief ?17:57
mongysalvatore, http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Natty_Installation_Guide#Aticonfig_not_found_after_installation_.26_.22module_does_not_exist.22_after_boot17:57
dr_willisinstalling/uyninstalling to fix things is windows mindset17:57
Pisagorand this mindset sometimes might be useful17:57
Pisagorcause i am really helpless17:58
dr_willisPisagor:  so what are you going to uninstall? :)  make a new user see if affects them the same way. if NOT then its a user setting issue.17:58
salvatoremongy: thank you, I not found it, now I read and try again :)17:58
dr_willisif it affects ALL users the same way. then its a system type setting issue.17:58
Pisagorwell i am gonna uninstall the default browser, then what may come next17:59
Pisagorwill it open the link "in terminal"17:59
dr_willisPisagor:  you would proberly have better luck  just deleting all your users settings.17:59
dr_willisif its a user setting issued.17:59
Pisagorand i will keep on uninstaling until it opens in a proper file browser - yes i am a narrow minded one -17:59
dr_willisgo ahead then.. have fun. i gave a  test to see if its a user or system issue...17:59
wols_Pisagor: I suspect you will uninstall a lot of dependencies, and you will break your installation even worse18:00
Pisagorwols_, do not scare me18:00
wols_Pisagor: the problem is not your browser...18:00
Pisagorwhat is it then18:00
dr_willisa 'user setting' issue........18:00
wols_it's the program that calls the browser18:00
Pisagorokay, knowing this makes me feel better...18:00
wols_Pisagor: a belief is not knowledge18:01
dr_willisthe default filetype for open folder may be set to  the browser. instead of  the 'open folder..' file manager app.,18:01
Pisagorokay and do you know where i can set these18:01
dr_willisNot sure about Lubuntum, but in Ubuntu, the 'ubuntu-tweak' app can reset the users settings back to defaults.18:01
dr_willisbut its a use at your own risk sort of thing.18:02
burguahey all! How to hide bluetooth icon in tray? uncheking in preferences doesn't work18:02
Pisagorand reseting all settings back is not a windows mindset solution ?18:02
auronandacePisagor: sounds like a wine issue18:02
dr_willisPisagor:  if you want to argue all day.. go ahead.. have a nice day.18:02
Pisagorwhere is the settings that i can edit which program opens which sort of files or links18:02
Pisagorauronandace, is it ?18:02
auronandacePisagor: you said "open some link in a folder", what link?18:03
Pisagorwhen i make a shortcut on desktop18:03
Pisagori usually make shortcuts on desktop to be able to open them in the file manager18:04
auronandacePisagor: what was it a shortcut to?18:04
Pisagora folder shortcut18:04
zroyschI need to shrink a 2TB mdadm raid-1 partition slightly to replace a failed hard drive with another model. There's nothing wrong with shrinking a partition with data on it right?18:05
Pisagoran internal folder in my very internal hdd18:05
auronandacePisagor: which folder?18:05
Pisagorok auronandace you got me - it was the shortcut of the folder of my porn archive in hdd18:05
Pisagorso is this why ?18:05
auronandacePisagor: how did you make the shortcut?18:06
Pisagorwith the help of nautilus18:06
Pisagori created the "short link" in the folder itself then i copied it to desktop18:06
Pisagorand it was working well for a while18:06
auronandacePisagor: until when?18:07
escottzroysch, it must be unmounted, but most fs can be resized easily. i would be more worried about resizing the partition itself18:07
Pisagoruntil the 13th of june, 13:1318:07
Pisagorif i could exactly remember "until when" - i would not need any help to fix it, i think auronandace18:07
Pisagori know the simple rules of logic.18:07
auronandacePisagor: if you want help you can leave your sarcasm behind18:08
Pisagori dont remember until when - until what i did to my pc18:08
Pisagori don't have a clue.18:08
Pisagoras a person who doesn't remember what caused it , do i still have a chance to fix ?18:09
linusAOk I found my solution, If anyone is having trouble getting ps3 sixaxis button presses to register with sixad. edit /etc/default/sixad and change legacy=0 to legacy=118:09
auronandacePisagor: hmm, i'm a little confused at why you provided the "browse c: drive in wine" as an example18:09
salvatoremongy: now it works, thanks :) :)18:09
Pisagorbecause "browse c: drive in wine" is a good example18:10
Pisagorit's a feature i often use18:10
auronandacePisagor: as a shortcut on your desktop?18:10
Pisagoryes, shortcuts have the same problem too18:11
Pisagor"browse c: in wine" has too18:11
Pisagorall links18:11
Pisagorall, i mean all...18:11
auronandaceit does sound like a default setting issue18:11
auronandacePisagor: can you right click and open as..18:12
HSLFinally upgrading my 8.04 LTS server,..18:12
HSLbut I have a question :)18:12
HSLduring the upgrade I get the question what I want to do with /boot/grub/menu.lst18:13
auronandacePisagor: or rather, open with..18:13
Pisagorno you can't do that for menu items or links18:13
HSLIf I install the package maintainers version i miss my console stuff, if I keep the local version I dont have the new kernel,..18:14
HSLwhat to do?18:14
a111copy the stuff you changed HSL ?18:14
a111or change yours to match the new kernel18:14
auronandacePisagor: try opening the shortcuts (the actual .desktop files) with a text editor and see what it says18:14
HSLa111: but can I change it before it reboots?18:15
a111Yeah i dont see why not18:15
philipballewis the ubuntu font going to be installed on ubuntu and therefor put into every applaction?18:15
a111copy your current one to a new directory first HSL18:15
a111then you have it safe18:15
=== spy-door-man is now known as phrakkt
oratedThere is an update which I don't want to install. How I can disabl notification for such updates?18:18
auronandaceorated: what update don't you want to install?18:19
HSLa111: thx!18:19
=== Mud is now known as Guest47710
auronandaceorated: ah, i can understand that; sorry, not sure how to set it to ignore that update18:22
drake01orated, You may try this: open synaptic manager->search for the software you want stop getting updates for->select it and from Package menu select LockVersion-> check for updates using update manager or command line!!18:22
conor_irelanddoes anyone know how to invoke the launchbar on a mac keyboard18:23
oratedauronandace: np. drake01 : I'll try that. Thanks18:23
tensorpuddingconor_ireland: it'll be whichever key is given Super18:24
tensorpuddingconor_ireland: i think that would be option, but i don't know18:24
conor_irelandtensorpudding: how do i set that?18:24
=== bLuCiFeR is now known as blu
orateddrake01: I guess there is a CLI method for the same...18:24
conor_irelandtensorpudding: thanks18:24
kermithow do i connect to a wireless WPA network, already configured in network manager, from the command line?18:25
tensorpuddingconor_ireland: check out your keyboard layout, and make sure it's mac18:25
BennitAny `phatch` users here?18:26
escottkermit, nmcli18:26
conor_irelandtensorpudding: cool ty18:26
drake01orated,  Obviously there is always a cli method, the gui only run this cli command. Search for the actual  command using google for locking the version. I don't remember the command!!18:26
zroyschescott: what do you mean18:26
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto18:27
escottzroysch, nmcli is network managers cli tool18:27
kermitor conversly, how can i just get network manager to keep trying to connect whenever it gets disconnected?18:28
a111What reigon does iw reg set BO set wifi regulations to?18:28
oratedThanks dr_willis  :-)18:28
maulanahttp://adf.ly/2IZRd << for track handphone number can i get some software like that on ubuntu ?18:29
conor_irelandmacbook/macbook pro or macbook/macbook pro intl?18:29
bastidrazorconor_ireland: nota18:31
=== cadieux is now known as cadooo
conor_irelandbastidrazor: nota?18:31
bastidrazorconor_ireland: none of the above18:32
conor_irelandwhat do i pick for a macbook pro on ubuntu then?18:32
elifoui need to setup an ftp server on my ubuntu server. does any one have any good ftp server suggestions?18:34
bastidrazorconor_ireland: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages18:34
conor_irelandbastidrazor: thanks18:34
Tetsuo55how can i make a unified diff patch for a source-tree compared to the svn server?18:34
Tetsuo55in windows its just rightclick -> create patch18:35
conor_irelandlooks like it might be a virtualbox issue - as the cmd/apple key is the super key but wont work18:43
HSLIs it normal that when upgrading from 8.04LTS to 10.04LTS it takes a long time when it's busy with: Setting up javascript-common (7) ...18:44
=== szadek is now known as Szadek
lassizcijust tried to install ubuntu netbook (10.04) to one of those first asus eee pcs but the installer seems to get stuck when I select the keyboard layout and click next18:46
lassizciliveUSB runs just fine on this one though18:46
lassizciwhat could be wrong?18:46
theadminlassizci: Is there enough diskspace?18:47
conor_irelanddoes anyone know how to change the superkey in 11.04?18:47
theadminconor_ireland: What do you mean, change it?18:47
lassizcitheadmin: at least I don't get sny warning18:48
conor_irelandtheadmin: in virtualbox for the mac the superkey wont work - i need to change it to a diff key18:48
Andy80if I remember well, the 10.04 installer was a bit slow on some eeepc... it took 15 minutes to load the installer.....18:48
Andy80lassizci: why don't you try with a more recent version? 11.04 I mean18:48
lassizciAndy80: there wasn't netbook version of the latest one18:49
conor_irelandtheadmin: assign a different key to be the superkey18:49
Andy80lassizci: because the Desktop version is perfect for netbook... try the new Unity interface :)18:50
=== ali__ is now known as mndt
bullgard4_The only 64-bit CD that I have, is a "ubuntu Server 11.04" CD. Can I use it to divide a partition into two? Or do I need another CD for this purpose?18:50
dr_willisa server cd wont have the gui gparted tool. but you could use fdisk. or parted bullgard4_  if you know how to use them.18:51
mina2i tried setting the required params for my 3g modem in usb_modeswitch. it is detected as USB MODEM MODEM in Mobile Broadband but after i select Connect Automatically it says gsm network disconnected what should i do18:51
escottbullgard4, 64 vs 32 bit doesnt matter for things like fsck and partitions18:51
dr_willisbullgard4_:  just to repartition disks. you dont need a 64bit cd either. a 32bit gparted live cd. would also work18:51
cadoooI like unity but is there another application launcher? I don't like how the default launcher hides applications18:52
poisonarmscan someone tell me which download to select from the software center for SFML for c++?18:52
spankbot*.flac: ERROR initializing decoder18:52
spankbot        init status = FLAC__STREAM_DECODER_INIT_STATUS_ERROR_OPENING_FILE18:52
poisonarmsi see python binding, c binding, but i dont see c++18:52
mina2i gave the correct APN and number *99***1#18:52
dr_williscadooo:  you can set the left side panel to not hide18:53
mina2i tried setting the required params for my 3g modem in usb_modeswitch. it is detected as USB MODEM MODEM in Mobile Broadband but after i select Connect Automatically it says gsm network disconnected what should i do?    i gave the correct APN and number *99***1#18:54
bullgard4_dr_willis, escott Thank you very much for your help. I will give it a try using a 32-bit live CD.18:54
theadminHuh, is this channel REALLY idle? Does that even happen?18:57
goddard_ubuntu people help with my video card issue http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=181649518:57
dr_willistheadmin:  at times.. :)18:57
theadmindr_willis: Funny.18:57
apapacan't get my headphone jack to work on ubuntu 11.0418:59
apapaany ideas?18:59
escottapapa, what kind of soundcard is it18:59
apapaAudio device: Intel Corporation 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset High Definition Audio (rev 06) 02:00.1 Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc RV710/73019:00
apapadoes that help?19:00
GasseusHow do I make a wallpaper that changes itself once in a while?19:01
escottapapa, so that is intel hda sound. its possible that the sound is being sent to the wrong physical port. you can use the hda_analyzer tool from alsa to debug the hda module19:02
escottapapa, http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CBoQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.alsa-project.org%2Fmain%2Findex.php%2FHelp_To_Debug_Intel_HDA&rct=j&q=alsa%20hda&ei=r489TqylEMrq0QGc8KXNAw&usg=AFQjCNHC7mW5BTaI-cR17G6NRXgoc64ahA&sig2=vB3TARr2nK-MvEpE84ML6g&cad=rja19:02
apapaok...let me check escott19:03
theadminGasseus: There's a tool called crebs in ppa:crebs/ppa19:03
escottGasseus, write a script that calls out to gconftool-2 --set /desktop/gnome/background/picture_filename --type string "filename_goes_here"19:03
theadminescott: or that... :D19:03
SpaceghostHi all, I would like to know how can I watch videos while they are being downloaded?19:04
theadminGasseus: Some instructions here: http://www.obfuscatepenguin.net/crebs/19:04
Spaceghostusing VLC, mplayer or any of the conventionals programs for do it.19:04
Gasseustheadmin mmk thanks19:04
dr_willisSpaceghost:  downloaded from where?19:05
Gasseusescott does unity still use gconftool-2? I thought it moved to something completely different...19:05
Spaceghostdr_willis: megaupload, hotfile and similars, supossing that I made all the necessary for start the download (captha and that thing)19:06
escottGasseus, unity in 11.04 is still based on gnome2 so yes. not sure what will happen with 11.10 it may have to be something gsettings related19:06
Spaceghostthere is another detail and it's that I would like use while I am watching it a subtitles downloaded separetely19:06
jribSpaceghost: just point your player to the file (for firefox this file ends in .part while it downloads)19:06
SpaceghostI don't know if it will become it more hard19:06
Gasseusescott Well, the current 11.10 repos have gnome3 rather then gnome 2.3019:06
Spaceghostto sincronize19:06
dr_willisSpaceghost:  not really noticed a way to do it.  there could be a lot of potential issues.   but i rarely get videos from such sources. I did see where Utorrent3 had a 'stream' option to watch as you download.19:07
theadmindr_willis: utorrent on Linux won't have that.19:07
theadmindr_willis: I mean, the only way to control it is via a web interface19:07
dr_willisany subtitle files would be very tiny size compared to a videos size19:07
Spaceghostjrib: really so easy?19:07
dr_willistheadmin:  yep.19:07
jribSpaceghost: yes.19:07
Gasseustheadmin: Wine maybe?19:07
dr_willisbut thats not utorrent 3 either theadmin ... I think. :)19:07
apapa<escott> I got a "Codec 0/0 unavailable - permissions... Codec 1/0 unavailable - permissions..."  error19:08
* theadmin likes qbittorrent19:08
escottapapa, must run as root19:08
apapawhen running the python19:08
ben22Why can I only play audio on TTY1 ?19:08
* Gasseus wonders why you care about products that are mostly used for unlawful stuff...19:08
theadminben22: Maybe a problem with pulseaudio19:08
Dulakall that stream thing does is download the first block, the last block, then sequential blocks starting at #2 for streamable files.  Not sure why that would be an issue in linux, it's quite simple.19:08
=== jeff___ is now known as x64
apapaok escott19:08
theadminGasseus: I am somewhat of a pirate, but that's none of your buisness :D19:08
ben22theadmin, tried start-pulseaudio-x11, no luck. any clues?19:08
theadminben22: No, I mean. Try using ALSA instead of Pulse.19:09
jribben22: how are you entering your xsession?19:09
Spaceghostjrib: and what about a way to aumatize Firefox to start the watching when I started the downloaded? or a bit later but while it's being downloaded and not when the download finished19:09
Gasseustheadmin: Aren't we all...19:09
ben22theadmin, jrib I did try uninstalling pulse, no luck. also, entering xsession through xinit19:09
theadminGasseus: Nah, I know a guy who would go crazy if I even mentioned piracy :D19:09
jribSpaceghost: I run: « mplayercorner -fs "$(ls -t ~/Desktop/*(.) | head -n 1)" » which will play the newest file in my desktop19:09
whitesquallwine is not the way. Linux must have native solution :)19:10
Spaceghostdr_willis: the videos that I will download are in .mp4 and x264 directily, I mean without any RAR or any another container or cut19:10
jribben22: why aren't you using startx?19:10
Gasseustheadmin: was he a musician?19:10
Spaceghostjrib: incluiding .part?19:10
jribSpaceghost: it's any file19:10
ben22jrib, I thought it made no difference.19:10
jribben22: check19:10
jribben22: if it still doesn't work, pastebin your .xinitrc19:11
ben22jrib, .xinitrc consists of one line: /usr/bin/ion319:11
jribben22: ok see if startx makes things work, if not change that line to start with "ck-launch-session"19:11
Spaceghostoh, to many join and quits in this channel, but if I deshabilite it in my IRC client it will be apply in each chat19:12
theadminGasseus: pm maybe?19:12
=== Administrator is now known as Guest83653
theadminSpaceghost: /ignore #ubuntu JOIN PART QUIT NICK -- works in irssi19:13
Guest83653i have forgot my password in ubuntu ... how do i recover it ?19:13
jrib!password | Guest8365319:13
ubottuGuest83653: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords19:13
apapa<escott> what am i looking for?19:13
ben22jrib, thank you. what does ck-launch-session do though?19:14
apapaI ran the HDA analyzer <escott>19:14
jribben22: creates a console kit session.  Console kit is the new-fangled thing that manages user logins and rights19:14
ben22jrib, well whatever it is it works now, thanks again19:15
jribben22: no problem19:15
=== cadieux is now known as cadooo
escottapapa, you have various nodes labeled AUD_OUT identified by hex addresses (0x10) and various pins which can have sources as those AUD_OUT nodes. look for one that advertises PIN Caps (capabilities) suggesting it is a headphone19:15
bullgard4_I am going to create 3 partitions on a hard disk in order to install a new Ubuntu system. 1 partition will be a swap partition. How should I split Ubuntu  between the other 2 partitions? Is it all right to put solely /home on the second partition?19:15
theadminbullgard4_: It's fine, yes19:16
cadooocrashed! can the application launcher in unity be changed out for a different one?19:16
zeec8 /msg nickserv register X11 zeec8@nycap.rr.com19:16
theadminbullgard4_: I also can suggest separate /usr or /boot, but that's up to you19:16
theadminzeec8: Woah now :P19:16
escottapapa, so you are looking for things like press detect, output (maybe headphone drive), something non-digital (unless you have spdif headphones) and toggle on the OUTPUT checkbox19:16
zeec8Damn space19:17
apapaok when i unplug the analog headphones..something logs19:17
apapaIOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/tmp/alsa-info.txt'19:18
theadminzeec8: Also X11 is a pretty insecure password.19:18
SpaceghostI don't have irssi, uhm19:18
bullgard4_theadmin: How much hard disk space should I allocate to /hme, and how much to the rest partition?19:18
apapaNode 0x10 [Pin Complex] wcaps 0x400183: Stereo Amp-In19:18
Dulakbullgard4_: my normal setup is swap 2x ram, / 25 gigs, rest to /home, for a workstation19:18
theadminbullgard4_: 20GB for / is enough.19:18
escottapapa, you can run hda tool in an analyze mode. usually when you plug/unplug the headphone there is supposed to be some process which sees that happen and toggles off the output flag on the speakers and on the flag on the headphone, but it may not be looking at the correct pin19:18
apapa<escott> I see...Node 0x10 [Pin Complex] wcaps 0x400183: Stereo Amp-In19:18
Spaceghostjrib: the .part thing is working great, thanks, now I will see a way to automatize the start, thank you.19:18
theadminbullgard4_: Rest for /home I guess19:18
=== zeec8 is now known as Neo_X11
bullgard4_Dulak, theadmin Thank you for advising.19:19
apapaok so how do i fix the pin issue?19:20
=== william is now known as Guest58669
conor_irelandwhy isnt there an easy way to re-assign the superkey - you have to download ccsm and edit the keys for the launcher19:20
Spaceghostjrib: what is mplayercorner?19:21
jribSpaceghost: ah my bad, that's my own script that starts mplayer in the corner of my screen19:21
jribSpaceghost: the contents are simply a shebang line followed by: mplayer -geometry 100%:100% "$@"19:22
apapa<escott> what do i need to do to solve this?19:22
escottapapa, its just try and see until you find the correct pin. if this is a laptop you might try to fix the issue by adjusting the model parameter in your alsa modprobe http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Help_To_Debug_Intel_HDA#.27model.27_parameter19:22
apapathanks escott...i'll try that...19:22
Spaceghostjrib: how can I do the same but with charging with the video the last *.srt downloaded?19:22
apapa<escott> this is a laptop19:24
apapawhat do i need to change my modprobe to?19:24
=== arfbtwn_ is now known as arfbtwn
jribSpaceghost: untested, but something like: « mplayercorner -sub "$(ls -t ~/Desktop/*.srt(.) | head -n 1)" -fs "$(ls -t ~/Desktop/*(.) | head -n 1)" »  By the way, I'm using some zshisms here so it may not work in bash19:24
corinthThe touchpad sensitivity settings don't seem to be doing anything for me....does anyone have any suggestions?19:25
jribSpaceghost: more specifically, when I do *(.) that means give me all files (not directories or other things)19:25
Spaceghostah, ok19:25
SpaceghostI will see it, thanks a lot for everything, jrib.19:26
s10loloi am looking for a way to see the cpu temp of my 2600k sandybridge cpu. is it possible?19:27
escottapapa, i can't tell you exactly what to do its specific to your hardware. but if your model is listed in alsa's list of known configurations take that model identifier string and add it to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf as options snd-hda-intel model=whatever and then sude alsa force-reload19:28
escotts10lolo, sensors19:30
billymazeI just got a new external hard drive and I want to use truecrypt to encrypt some data.  However, I'm not sure if I should use an encrypted container or make an encrypted partition.  Is one better than the other?19:30
billymazeIf so, why?19:30
apapaescott, it's not exactly the same model number as listed...19:32
lion42It'd probably be easier to just encrypt the whole drive, especially if you're going to use a significant portion of it for sensitive data19:32
lion42but I don't know the safety of encrypted containers.19:32
lion42(I use whole-device)19:32
corinthThe touchpad sensitivity in the mouse settings don't seem to be doing anything for me....does anyone have any suggestions?19:33
escottapapa, its worth a try if its similar. if it doesn't work you can just undo the change19:33
lion42corinth, have you tried searching "ubuntu yourmodelcomputer touchpad" on google or similar?19:33
Dulakbillymaze: It depends on usage, if you are going to have it mounted most of the time, the partition is probably best.  If it will only rarely be mounted, the container probably makes more sense19:33
jribcorinth: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Input19:33
corinthlion42, Yep.19:33
=== zeec8 is now known as Neo_X11
apapaok. how do i do the change escott?19:34
billymazeDulak:  I see.  Thanks for the tip!19:34
escottapapa, http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CBgQFjAA&url=https%3A%2F%2Fhelp.ubuntu.com%2Fcommunity%2FHdaIntelSoundHowto&rct=j&q=hda%20model%20ubuntu&ei=PZc9Toq-KYT30gGWnonmCQ&usg=AFQjCNHzrBecRSolnwCdA6EUFV1dBnKpvg&sig2=rs9E5m1SnzunQJw3a6fjQA&cad=rja19:34
escottapapa, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto19:35
tamarothSo, I've got a question about raid arrays, I have at the moment two stripe arrays in my PC, on one of them ubuntu is installed, and that raid array is healthy and functioning properlly, however my second array seems to not work. after I installed two drives i created the hw raid and then created partition in ubuntu (ext4) using disk utility, it worked fine until i had to restart my machine. after the restart the raid array wasn't mounted automatically and d19:35
DanaGSay, how do I make an upstart job pass a hostname to an exec command?19:35
DanaGer, "the" hostname.19:35
tamarothTL;DR: raid0 fucked, help!19:35
escotttamaroth, hw raid with dmraid or mdadm19:35
corinthDoes anyone know where xorg.conf is stored in a Wubi install?19:36
theadmincorinth: xorg.conf normally doesn't exist.19:36
theadmincorinth: If you need, you can create it.19:36
bullgard4_[Ubuntu 11.04, Gparted] I'd like to have 2 independent operating systems on one hard disk. Should I mark 2 partitions with Flags=boot, or is one marking Flags=boot enough?19:37
corinththeadmin, Good to know...I didn't know that. If I need it, do I need to add everything that an xorg.conf normally has, or just the section that I need?19:37
tamarothescott: hw raid with dmraid19:37
theadmincorinth: I think just the sections you need19:37
theadminbullgard4_: The partition which contains your bootloader has to be marked as boot.19:38
tamarothescott: in the link i provided you have output from dmraid -r19:38
escotttamaroth, don't know anything about dmraid sorry19:38
bullgard4_theadmin: Ok. Thank you.19:38
tamarothi had like 250gb of data there, don't want to lose it all :(19:38
tamarothevery time i reset my ubuntu that is ;\19:39
corinthWhat do I need to do to put changes into effect that I've just added to xorg.conf?19:39
wols_corinth: restart X19:40
corinthwols_, Is that a command, or do I just need to logout/login?19:40
=== root is now known as Guest33081
theadmincorinth: You can do "sudo service gdm restart"19:40
thom__Hi, having problems getting my mouse pointer speed to be as fast as I'd like19:43
thom__cranked everything up in Preferences -> Mouse but still pretty slow19:43
tamarothescott: any idea who might help me?19:44
s10lolois there a way i can check my sandybridge 2600k cpu temp in ubuntu?19:44
Guest33081Backtrack 5 Tutorial19:44
=== whitesquall1 is now known as Whitesquall
=== FiReSTaRT is now known as Guest43240
escotttamaroth, not really i think use of mdadm is more common. most likely you are just missing some kind of dmraid config file in /etc. not sure what that file would be though19:45
needhelp1looking for some help with rsync, user@user:~$ rsync -n /home/user/Downloads/ /media/External\ Seagate/19:45
needhelp1skipping directory .19:45
mASOUD_42s10lolo: http://sensors-applet.sourceforge.net/19:46
tamarothescott: gparted actually shows my raid there, but spits out a lot of errors too19:47
yeatsneedhelp1: try 'rsync -avn ...' (then remove the -n when you really do it)19:47
needhelp1yeats, by the three periods, do you mean there has to be three spaces19:48
megakacktuswhy isn't ubuntu using GNOME 3 ?19:48
MadRushto get NFS going on a Ubuntu client connecting to an Ubuntu server, do I need to open ports on BOTH machines UFW?19:48
yeatsneedhelp1: no - three periods was a "continue with the rest of the command" ;-)19:48
theadminmegakacktus: Because GNOME 3 sucks?19:48
needhelp1yeats, k thanks, trying now19:48
megakacktusbeg to differ, @theadmin19:49
lion42theadmin, and unity doesn't?!19:49
theadminlion42: Unity sucks a little less19:49
needhelp1megakacktus, ubuntu 11.10 will have gnome 3 i believe19:49
mASOUD_42unity sucks big time tho19:49
needhelp1mASOUD_42, if so, gnome shell sucks even worse IMO19:49
wols_the Unity developer(s) must pop SSRIs by the bucketload...19:49
megakacktusGNOME 3 isn't the greatest, but with a few tweaks, it kicks arse.19:50
* theadmin runs Xfce19:50
lion42I have xfce, but I've been having issues with it so I'm using old-gnome.19:50
mASOUD_42needhelp1 what wrong with gnome shell?19:50
ReaperI have to see what is so good about Xfce19:50
megakacktus10.04 ftw!19:50
hoopjumpingHi, can I get synaptic to install in a custom directory? I don't have much room in my 16gb partition, so I'd rather install to the other hard drive19:51
lion42Reaper, its faster if you have older hardware, or want to free up resources for other tasks.19:51
italoxpReaper, it's just so versatile that it can emulate GNOME classic. Tha's why people are starting to use it.19:51
lion42That's really the big benefit.19:51
Reaperahh I see19:51
needhelp1yeats, so that worked, but the log of all the files to be changed was to long, i cant scroll through them all, any ideas?19:51
xanguahoopjumping: make your partition bigger ;)19:51
italoxpReaper, it also uses the same themes as GNOME, so you can get the same desktop with less resources.19:51
Reapergot cha19:51
hoopjumpingxangua: Can't, that's the entireity of the 16gb hard drive.19:51
xanguahoopjumping: then delete files, uninstall stuf19:52
escotthoopjumping, you should mount that spare drive to some place like /usr/share/games which is non-critical but might take a lot of disk space19:52
yeatsneedhelp1: go to the /media/External\ Seagate/ directory and do 'ls -la' to make sure everything's there19:52
hoopjumpingEscott: Thanks, that's what I wanted to hear. How do I do that?19:52
yeatsneedhelp1: rsync will report any errors at the end19:52
BlueWolfHi, Could someone explain to me why a Core i3 - 2.93GHz, 2GB RAM DDR3 is running as slow as a Pentium 3? Is the any program in Ubuntu 10.10 that could slow it down? In my system monitor - it says my Ram is running at 60%, When the only programs running are Opera, System Monitor, Torrent Transmission, Two file systems and Empathy? Can Anyone help?19:53
Spaceghostsee you, guys.19:53
italoxpBlueWolf, check on top (terminal, run top) if there are other apps19:53
italoxpBlueWolf, look for processes that uses lots of cpu and ram19:54
escotthoopjumping, are you at all familiar with mountpoints and fstab19:54
italoxpBut Opera uses a lot of ram, depending of how many tabs you're using19:54
hoopjumpingescott: Not at all.19:54
yeats!fstab | hoopjumping19:54
ubottuhoopjumping: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions19:54
theadminitaloxp: I think you're confusing it with Firefox.19:54
escotthoopjumping, http://fosswire.com/post/2007/04/unix-fundamentals-mount-points/19:55
hoopjumpingI'll read the first link, thanks19:55
italoxptheadmin, every single browser works that way. More tabs, more memory.19:55
theadminitaloxp: Duh, but only Firefox consumes half of the RAM with just one tab open xD19:55
s10lolomASOUD_42 - i have already tried sensors-applet and it only shows my gpu, i cant find anything that will find the sensors on the sandybridge cpu19:56
MadRushcan anybody help me with NFS?19:56
apnMadRush, what help do you need?19:56
BlueWolfitaloxp, What can I type in the terminal to show what processes are taking place? I thought it was Firefox that was slowing my machine. . . . .  But it's starting to get slow again.19:56
MadRushapn: I'd like to know if its necessary to open UFW ports on both the client and server machines19:56
yeatsBlueWolf: 'top'19:57
ScuniziBlueWolf: top19:57
italoxpBlueWolf, like I said, run top on terminal19:57
escotts10lolo, it could be that sandybridge is a bit too new. should work with 11.1019:57
apnMadRush, on client machine only out, server both ways19:57
WhitesquallBlueWolf: top or you can use more useful htop19:57
italoxpI never knew the difference between them19:57
italoxpOnly the colors >.<19:57
BlueWolfThe thing thats bugging me is that everything looks normal! It's not as slow now, but every now and then it dose this.... :D19:58
yeatsBlueWolf: you can just keep the terminal with top running open in the background and check it when the problem recurs19:59
escottBlueWolf, it may not be cpu related it could be input/output related20:01
BlueWolfyeats, But I have tryed to track the problem, But just as the Terminal has shown me, everything looks normal. But its slow...20:01
BlueWolfescott, What do you mean Input/Output related?20:01
=== yCrazyEdd is now known as CrazyEddy
escottBlueWolf, i notice it mostly when firefox is loading. it tries to read/write (with syncs) lots of small files in the sqlite databases and the disk io queues get jammed up.20:02
foenixHello, the mail program nmh and install-mh do not seem to be installing on 10.0420:04
endipwols: Are you around? I re-installed ubuntu. This time I'm running it off a hdd. I was in here last night trying to figure out what's wrong with my wired network connection. So, I just booted into ubuntu, and my wired network still isn't working (I don't have wireless so I'm using my laptop for xchat right now).20:05
BlueWolfescott, I thought it was Firefox, so I uninstalled it and put Opera on instead. But it dose not look like its made a difference.20:05
MadRushapn: if my client is getting permission denied when trying to ls a mounted NFS directory, where should I look first to fix this?20:05
hoopjumpingI'm looking at my fstab file right now, and it only has one device listed in it (/dev/sda1). 1: How do I find out what the 16gb ssd is called, and the 1tb hdd is called. 2: Where do games what I have downloaded via synaptic go. 3: how can I, using fstab, say "go to the hard drive, not my teeny-tiny ssd"20:07
foenixsudo apt-get install nmh isn't installing nmh. is this a bug?20:07
maxoI need a cap locks indicator for unity. does one exist?20:07
endipDoes anyone know what command  I can run to find out if my network card is being recognized in ubuntu? (For some reason my "wired network" option in the network indicator in the panel is grayed out, like I don't have a NIC installed.)20:07
escottMadRush, NFS permissions are exactly the same as your local permissions. make sure that your uid on the server and client are in sync20:07
needhelp1yeats, i only did a test run with -n20:07
yeatsneedhelp1: still having trouble?20:08
=== whitesquall is now known as Whitesquall
needhelp1yeats, yeah, when it returns the list of files to be changed, the list is to long to view in terminal, it wont let me scroll the whole list20:08
MadRushescott: I feel like I should already know this but how do you check your UID20:09
yeatsneedhelp1: add '| less' to the end of the command20:09
needhelp1yeats, what does that do20:09
yeatsneedhelp1: it pipes the output into a paging program called "less"20:09
yeatsneedhelp1: then you can page through the output20:09
BlueWolfescott, It's saying in my system monitor that Opera is using 423.4 MB Ram, 0 CPU and Empathy is using 195.1MB Ram, 0 CPU. There is NO other usage, I don't get it? :D20:10
escotthoopjumping, suppose you have a large music library in /home/username/Music you can move those files to the 1TB disk and then mount /dev/sdX1 /home/username/Music and that folder will appear there20:10
endipCan someone help me get my realtek lan card working?20:10
rawfodogHi. Im using a dell inspirion 1420. I when I insert an SDCARD it mounts it as read only. It does this for multiple SDCARD's, I've checked the lock etc20:10
wrtiiiI have a fresh server install, I have configured SSH and Static IP. I want to set up a web server. I tired using  "aptitude install apache2 php5-mysql libapache2-mod-php5 mysql-server" and I get the following message back -- The following packages have unmet dependencies: apache2-mpm-worker: Conflicts: apache2-mpm which is a virtual package.  apache2-mpm-prefork: Conflicts: apache2-mpm which20:11
wrtiiiis a virtual package.     --  Am I mistaken with what packages I am trying to install?20:11
MadRushescott: i checked the uid ... both are 1000 (what I expected) will it work even if the user name is different?20:11
yeatsendip: you can see if the system sees the card by doing 'lspci' and looking for your card in the output20:11
escottMadRush, its uid only, username is irrelevant20:11
trismmaxo: yes, see: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/07/indicator-keylock-displays-keyboard.html20:12
endipyeats :: Cool, I did that, and the card is recognized. But in ifconfig the card isn't getting an IP address. and in the indicator in the panel the "wired network" option is grayed out.20:12
escottrawfodog, have you tried remounting mount -o remount,rw /media/SDCARD20:12
needhelp1yeats, is it possible to only copy folders20:13
rawfodogIll try that. I'm not familiar with that command20:13
yeatswrtiii: try doing 'tasksel' and select LAMP server20:13
endipyeats :: the card is a realtek lan RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Eathernet Controller (rev 03)20:13
hoopjumpingescoot: Ok, I think I'll try that, as I have all my music in the hard drive. How do I find out what it's called (or just guess it's sda2?). Ahh, I want a GUI! It'd be so much easier. I'm getting a headache.20:14
foenixcan someone please run "sudo apt-get install nmh" and tell me if the package is broken or if I'm just crazy?20:14
rawfodogyeah that doesnt work says it cant find the card or something20:14
MadRushescott: I actually get Permission Denied even when I try to access with root on my client machine20:14
sosaitedI have created a Ubuntu 10.04.3 usb with unetbootin but it gets stuck at the purple screen20:14
yeats!find nmh20:15
ubottuFound: nmh20:15
wrtiiiyeats: Everything I have read pretty much says not to use tasksel?  Is there a program similar to windows ghost that I could use to create a image of my server as it is now in the event that I end up with some ugly installs and want to start fresh again without completing a full install again?20:15
endipyeats :: I saw some forum posts, and bug reports on issues with Realtek Lan RTL8111/8168B online yesterday and I tried going through a few instructions that required blacklisting a module for the RTL8169 in a config file. But then wols told me not to do that, and to reinstall ubuntu and come back to this channel for help immediately. So I'm following what he suggested.20:16
auronandacewrtiii: dd20:16
yeatswrtiii: you might investigate clonezilla20:17
yeatswrtiii: don't know why it's not advisable to use tasksel - it's certainly easier than manual installation and is "tweakable" later20:17
yeatswrtiii: looks like one of the programs you're trying to install requires apache-mpm-worker and another needs apache-mpm-prefork and those can't *both* be installed20:18
endipyeats, I think that wols believed the problem was with network manager and not with the Realtek RTL8111/8168B drivers, or modules loaded during boot. Apparently he's not a big fan of the network manager. Anyway, I just bought a new barebones PC for a HTPC and I'm stuck without network connectivity. Would really appreciate some help.20:18
yeatsneedhelp1: I don't know - you might try looking at the rsync documentation for options for just folders20:19
ReaperI know this is a bit off topic. but is there a backtrack channel?20:19
=== simon_ is now known as Zorgs
yeatsendip: I'm not familiar with that card, so I'm probably not much help - perhaps someone else in the channel is?20:20
endipyeats, fair enough. Thanks.20:20
wrtiiiyeats: tasksel: aptitude failed (100)20:21
el_seanoReaper: there is a few #backtrack channels, but none of them are very populated20:21
ZorgsHi guys, how do I find out what filesystem I have? (64-bit or 32-bit)20:21
maxotrism: awesome, thanks! :-)20:21
foenixZorgs: "uname -a"20:22
foenixthen read the last numbers on x8620:22
yeatswrtiii: may be because you have some conflicting packages installed?20:22
foenixx86_64 = 64 bit20:22
astraljavaZorgs: You're not looking for a filesystem, but architecture. `uname -a` will tell you.20:22
needhelp1Reaper, have you tried #backtrack-linux20:22
wrtiiiyeats: I've only installed OpenSSH20:22
yeatswrtiii: hmm - can you pastebin the full output?20:23
wrtiiiyeats: That's all it says.20:23
ZorgsTried "uname -a" and got this response: "Linux simon-Extensa-5220 2.6.38-8-generic #42-Ubuntu SMP Mon Apr 11 03:31:50 UTC 2011 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux20:23
endipAnyone have any idea why my lan card is recognized correctly in Ubuntu, but I can't get wired networking to work?20:24
astraljavaZorgs: That's 32-bit, then.20:24
SeveasZorgs, 32bit (i686)20:24
SeveasZorgs, 'uname -m' gives you just the architecture20:24
Zorgsah, would it have said "x86_64" otherwise?20:24
herrgabrielI'm running Ubuntu 10.04 and want to install 11.04. Is it better to make a fresh and clean install or would it be ok to let the upgrade be made by synaptic?20:25
ZorgsThanks a bunch20:25
yeatswrtiii: try 'sudo dpkg --configure -a'20:25
Seveasherrgabriel, clean install would be quicker, if you haven't done a lot of customisation20:25
Seveasbut upgrade via 10.10 is fully supported20:25
astraljavaZorgs: You can check what the cpu is capable of, with: `lshw -c CPU | grep width`20:25
wrtiiiyeats: no output shown. immediatly next line was back to prompt20:25
yeatswrtiii: try tasksel again20:26
herrgabrielSeveas, I have customized quite a lot, but last time I upgraded from 8.04 to 9.04 some things got f***ed up and I ended up making a clean install20:26
escottastraljava, Zorgs cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep flags and look for "lm" may be faster20:26
Seveasherrgabriel, you should not skip a release when upgrading unless you know how to recover from deep trouble20:27
astraljavaescott: And what does lm mean, then?20:27
wrtiiiyeats: same error20:27
Seveasastraljava, "long math"20:27
herrgabrielSeveas, now I do how to handle things when the shit hit the fan. But since I have my files backed up with DeJa Dup I guess a clean install would be less troublesome20:27
yeatswrtiii: okay - try 'sudo apt-get update' and see if that works20:28
escottastraljava, long mode20:28
ZorgsI got a response that I can have 64-bit, how to reinstall with a 64-bit version? (did "autoinstall" from the CD and apparently got the 32-bit version)20:28
astraljavaSeveas: Okay, thanks. escott: Might be slightly faster, but my method is more convenient. :D20:28
CoJaBoHow do I get GIMP to do... anything at all but segfault? Running Kubuntu 11.04.20:28
wrtiiiyeats: nice.. uhh  -- W: Failed to fetch http://ca.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/natty-updates/universe/i18n/Translation-en  Cannot initiate the connection to ca.archive.ubuntu.com:80 ( - connect (101: Network is unreachable) [IP: 80]20:28
CoJaBoinstalling from apt-get install gimp20:28
Seveasastraljava, I think yours is clearer. Thanks for sharing it :)20:29
yeatswrtiii: well that would certainly cause aptitude to fail ;-)20:29
herrgabrielCoJaBo, try removing KDE and installing GDE... (scnr)20:29
SeveasCoJaBo, fix your memory20:29
astraljavaSeveas: Trademarked by Myrtti. :) Thank her. :)20:29
herrgabrielAh, but thanks Seveas. Will do a quickclean now :)20:29
escottastraljava, agreed. Zorgs you have do download a different iso image from ubuntu.com for 64bit20:29
CoJaBoherrgabriel:  yeh, I don't think its kde related :P20:29
wrtiiiyeats: Ok So why is the default installation trying to find something that does not exist?20:30
endipAnyone have any idea why my lan card is recognized correctly in Ubuntu, but I can't get wired networking to work?20:30
CoJaBoSeveas:  crashes immediately in startup, if it was that bad a mammary error, it'd effect other apps...20:30
Seveasendip, how far does it get? No link, no ip address, no interface?20:30
SeveasCoJaBo, one would think20:30
yeatswrtiii: eh?  I'm seeing "Network is unreachable" which you'd need to fix before aptitude will work20:31
SeveasCoJaBo, mv ~/.gimp-2.6 ~/.gimp-2.6-backup && sudo apt-get install --reinstall gimp20:31
Myrttiastraljava, Seveas :-D20:31
Seveassee if that fixes it20:31
StevenRendip: does ifconfig -a show eth0 ? if so, try sudo ethtool eth0 and see if a link is detected20:31
CoJaBoSeveas:  i.e., before gui even.. total exec time is 840 ms start to crash -_-'20:31
endipSeveas, No link (in other words, the "wired network" option in the indicator in the panel is grayed out?), no IP address, and I don't know about interface. Is there a command I can run for that?20:31
wrtiiiyeats: I'm seeing the file it's requesting on the far end not existing?20:31
endipStevenR, ifconfig - a shows eth0, yes.20:31
Seveasendip, the commands StevenR just gave20:32
StevenRendip: so what does sudo ethtool eth0 say?20:32
endipSeveas, thanks20:32
yeatswrtiii: ah - okay - that probably means the mirror is out of sync - try changing mirrors20:32
wrtiiiyeats: What is network unreachable supposed to mean then?20:32
endipStevenR, k, give me a second I'm chatting on a different computer.20:32
yeatscan you ping anything?20:32
yeatswrtiii: ^^20:32
Seveaswrtiii, that either the computer is not connected to the internet or the server on the other end is down20:32
wrtiiiyears: How do I change to a different mirror?20:33
Seveaswrtiii, gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list20:33
Seveaschange ca.archive to uk.archive20:33
Seveasthat one generally works20:34
CoJaBoSeveas: It doesn't get far enough to create the .gimp dir. Waiting on the reinstall now20:34
yeatswrtiii: or choose a mirror close to you from here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors20:34
endipStevenR, Here's the output from ifconfig lspci http://pastebin.com/r1FrAzND20:35
Seveasyeats, though that's generally a good idea, I always like to use the canonical archive when debugging. It's up most of the time.20:35
CoJaBoSeveas: Yeh, still segfaults after the reinstall :/20:35
endipStevenR, give me a sec to run sudo ethtool eth0, k20:35
yeatsSeveas: good thought20:36
SeveasCoJaBo, install the gimp-dbg package and run it with gdb. See where it crashes20:36
SeveasCoJaBo, also, pastebin the output of 'apt-cache policy gimp'20:36
endipStevenR, sudo ethtool eth0 returned that ethtool is not installed. (Command not found). I don't have an internet connection on that computer so give me a second while I install it manually.20:37
endipethtool that is20:37
Seveasethtool is not installed by default? Damn...20:37
astraljavaendip: You can also do `grep NetworkManager /var/log/syslog`, and see whether it even recognizes the interface.20:38