phaidrosanyone here running icecast2 on maverick? if so, does <on-connect> work for you? icecast2 in maverick is not triggering scripts, same config on debian works :/15:58
holsteinphaidros: i am not16:19
holsteinmaybe i could get a 10.10 install running and test16:20
phaidroswould be great, it seems the config is ok, and I get on-connect on 2 different maverick installs16:34
phaidrosproblem with on-connet I mena16:34
holsteini would literally copy the config file fromt he debian install and confirm that16:35
holsteinphaidros: it will be a while til i acutally get to test this :/16:35
phaidrosno wories, I just need to confirm it and then I'll file a bugreport against icecast2 in ubuntu 101016:37
holsteini run a 10.04 server with icecast16:44
holsteinif you want my creds to test, i can give you those16:45
phaidrosholstein: worth a try16:52
phaidrosholstein: I can confirm that on-connect does work only once on icecast server startup with 2.3.2-6ubuntu117:47
holsteinphaidros: is that a bug or a feature ;)17:52
holsteinim not clear what on-connnect is...17:52
phaidroson-connect is defined per mount pount to trigger a script every time a listener connects17:59
phaidroswhich is useful for stats or counting and other stuff, but in ubuntu works only on server startup and *not* on connect18:00

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