GridCubeblank lines?00:00
GridCube(gotta go to make some pizza dough, bbs)00:01
astraljavapizza dough, bulletin board system-style?00:28
astraljavaWell well, waddaya know. Encrypted /home, I made it in.00:39
Unit193You keep the same name every time?01:02
GridCubebbs => be back soon01:07
GridCubecharlie-tca, want to help me test something (on the form i say) i want to know how the timestamp work, if it takes my time or if it uses a UTC time01:20
charlie-tcalooks like local time01:41
charlie-tcaCan it be told not to use any time?01:42
charlie-tcajust put a date in?01:42
charlie-tcaGridCube: see line 4; I entered it manually. Can't it just use date?01:44
charlie-tcaOf course, looking at the full sheet lets you see what has been done already, and the results. If using the form means we lost bug numbers and such, it will be less useful.01:45
GridCubei can add a column for user added date and make it obligatory, then we just disregard the autofilled datestamp?01:47
charlie-tcaYou can't tell it to auto use just the date portion?01:50
GridCubeno, i cant controll that first column its made by the form01:51
GridCubeit uses google time, it should be saying 22:52 from my local01:53
GridCubebut it says 19:5201:53
charlie-tcaso, how is it getting the date/time block filled in? Is that 'Timestamp' making it fill in?01:57
charlie-tcahm, it used my local time zone, maybe because I am logged in to gmail, and it pulls the time zone from it01:58
charlie-tcagonna try something01:58
GridCubecharlie-tca, it adds the timestamp automagically when you hit "submit"02:00
charlie-tcaI will have to dig into it tomorrow. too tired today02:01
charlie-tcaThere has to be a way to force the formatting02:01
GridCubei don't know, from what i can gather, it adds data to the sheet for the colums that you want to be added  whit timestamps taken from the google servers adn thats it02:03
charlie-tcabut there is a difference in your time and my time02:13
charlie-tcaI should have looked first, huh?02:14
charlie-tcayou are correct, it is putting what it wants in 02:14
charlie-tcaBut I can format it to date only, after it is added02:15
GridCubeyes you can do that02:16
GridCubealso you can add stuff in after and add new lines02:17
GridCubeit will see only the "grey" lines02:17
charlie-tcaput an entry in using the form now02:18
charlie-tcaGridCube: got it02:21
GridCubethats nice02:21
GridCube:D how you did it?02:21
charlie-tcaformat -> number -> more formats -> top date02:22
charlie-tcabut you have to use the keyboard and arrow keys, could not make the mouse do that02:22
GridCubeoh SCIENCE!02:23
charlie-tcaI just highlight the first colum and format it02:23
charlie-tcaI will work the rest later. Going rest now02:23
GridCube:D 02:24
GridCubegood night02:24
charlie-tcaI like the easy entry, but it also means if all tests weren't done yet, you have to use more than one line per day02:24
charlie-tcaGoing now. Good night02:24
astraljavaUnit193: What did you mean by keeping the same name every time?09:15
Unit193astraljava: Same username13:17
astraljavaUnit193: Yeah okay, but where? Testing? Should it matter? Or wait, was that for GridCube?13:18
Unit193astraljava: No it doesn't really matter, but I change the username for each test so I can tell that it's not the same one13:19
astraljavaUnit193: Sure. Well, I don't really see the point, but if you have some procedure like that, who am I to argue. :)13:22
charlie-tcaGood morning15:38
madnickmorning :)15:39
GridCubei need the latest greybird19:57
GridCubewhat was the shimmer project page?19:57
GridCubelol google did it19:58
knomeGridCube, :P20:18
knomehey pleia2 21:02
pleia2hey knome 21:02
knomedid you check the improvements on our test wordpress installation?21:02
pleia2I did! it's looking great :)21:02
knomegood to hear you like it21:02
pleia2thanks for fixing the image placement, my netbook is happy now :)21:03
knomethat had to be done21:03
knomei'm actually thinking one improvement to the page that is dramaticish21:03
pleia2there was one weird thing I noticed, lemme see if I can remember...21:03
knomefirst, remove the rounded borders from the "content frame"21:04
pleia2oh yeah, in the blog part if you make the resolution too low the menu on the right disappears21:04
knomemake the area with the logo #fff bg21:04
knomeand the content area something a bit greyish21:04
knomeand replace the blue line with some kind of elegant shade21:04
knometoo low == about what?21:05
knomeand it shouldn't disappear really... i can't confirm that at least21:05
pleia2like 800x600 will do it21:05
knomefor me, it scales fine21:05
knomewhich browser?21:05
pleia2hm, only in chrome21:06
pleia2firefox seems ok21:06
pleia2but as I shrink my chrome window *pop* it disappears21:06
pleia2heyyy stop that chrome21:06
knomecan you scroll to the bottom of the page and see if it's under the content?21:06
knome(should be...)21:06
pleia2it's not21:06
pleia2I looked :\21:06
knomesudo apt-get install chromium-browser?21:07
pleia2I'm using google-chrome21:07
knomethere is no such package21:07
knomeis that from a PPA maybe?21:07
pleia2google has a repo, sec21:07
knomei'll try with chromium too21:08
knomethat's a weirdish bug21:08
pleia2deb http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/ stable main21:08
knomeah yeah...21:09
knomecrap :)21:09
knomei see...21:09
pleia2it resizes fine with the image, it just doesn't like the menu21:09
astraljavaHey! There's a lady in our presence. Stop swearing! :D21:10
knomewell yeah.21:10
knomei'm going to fix that right now.21:10
knome  |21:11
madnickwant to make legs but it cut off the / :P21:11
astraljavamadnick: It wouldn't have worked anyway, not enough whitespace at the beginning.21:11
knomethe only correct legs are /'\21:11
astraljavaknome: sexist much?21:12
pleia2no cookies for knome21:12
knomeit's not sexist21:12
knomepleia2, no cookies even if i'm fixing the website? bah ;)21:13
pleia2knome: get back to fixing the website! ;)21:13
madnickknome: did you reach any conclusions when talking to ochosi btw?21:13
pleia2my fiance got me an android cookie cutter, there will be android cookies at the linuxpicnic.org event this year :d21:13
knomemadnick, not yet :)21:14
knomepleia2, :P21:14
madnickokay :>21:14
astraljavapleia2: Unfair to hold it at this time of the year. We'd be freezing our a$$es off if we went to the park at that time. :)21:15
pleia2astraljava: when is it not freezing? :)21:15
pleia2it actually doesn't matter when we have it around here, we always have the same weather (always picnic perfect!)21:16
astraljavapleia2: Here in Oulu? Random days mostly between last days of June and last days of July.21:16
astraljavapleia2: Oh? And where is that?21:16
pleia2astraljava: san francisco bay area21:16
* astraljava turns green all over21:17
pleia2we pay for perfect weather in earthquakes21:17
astraljavaMaybe. But we've got polar bears to dodge.21:17
knomeseriously, chrome is not being very nice21:18
madnickastraljava: Svalbard? :o21:18
pleia2boo chrome21:18
pleia2oh, time to head out21:18
pleia2later all21:18
knomesee you21:18
astraljavamadnick: Well, not exactly, no. I might have cheated there, just a tad.21:19
astraljavaLater, pleia2 21:19
knomepleia2, the bug is fixed21:32

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