nankurahey guys00:47
nankuradoes anyone know how to get alt-tab working?, it works with programs in windowed mode just fine. but when im in a full screen window, i cant alt tab out00:48
jrmyi actually noticed that myself00:58
jrmybut i dont know if it was like that before.. perhaps they missed that while coding00:59
nankuraim new to XFCE , ive started on 4.8, so i have no idea about previous versions00:59
jrmyits been too long since i used 4.601:05
nankurai wonder how compositing was in 4.601:11
nankuratheres a major issue right now with 4.8 , and not just XFCE, its in KWin, Compiz, Gnome, and some in LXDE, with nvidia and vsync causing screen tearing with compositing01:12
jrmythe driver for my video card doesnt work it just makes the monitor go into sleep mode01:20
jrmybut not the same subject just relevant01:21
jrmythe driver given by ubuntu01:21
jrmyi'd try and make it work but im sure its more difficult then its worth doing.. and theres no way im writing some code for something or whatever01:21
jrmyi dont recall if it works before Xorg initiates but uh.. yeah doesnt work01:23
jrmyso i havent used it.. but sucks i cant use the potential of my 512MB raedon 435001:23
jrmythough the card has been faulty before i believe and 'caused my computer to freeze.. so then again i dont know if i want to make the driver work01:24
jrmybtw how do i see how much memory is allocated for my gpu on my machine?01:25
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stevendoes anyone know about usb speakers on xubuntu.  It worked good on ubuntu but i just can't seem to get it to work on xubuntu03:32
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jrmyodd for some reason flash isnt working04:24
jrmyis there a way i can update my flash plugin or something?04:24
stevendoes anyone know about getting my external usb speaker to be recognized04:34
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well_laid_lawn!info pavucontrol | steven04:36
ubottusteven: pavucontrol (source: pavucontrol): PulseAudio Volume Control. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.9-1 (natty), package size 118 kB, installed size 948 kB04:37
steveni saw you flashing but cant hear u04:37
well_laid_lawnit's irc - you aren't meant to here me ...04:37
stevenit worked in ubuntu, but not in xubuntu04:37
well_laid_lawnthey have the same base04:38
well_laid_lawnso try pavucontrol04:38
stevenwhere is that04:38
well_laid_lawn!info pavucontrol | steven04:38
ubottusteven: pavucontrol (source: pavucontrol): PulseAudio Volume Control. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.9-1 (natty), package size 118 kB, installed size 948 kB04:38
well_laid_lawnin the universe repo04:38
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories04:38
stevenis that something i download?04:38
stevenis it in software center?04:39
well_laid_lawnshould be04:39
stevenbrb.. let me look04:39
stevenok. downloading it right now04:40
steveni don't see why i need this in xubuntu when ubuntu worked fine04:41
well_laid_lawndifferent sound stuff interface04:42
well_laid_lawnxubuntu uses lighter apps04:42
well_laid_lawnand less resources mostly04:43
stevenok. let me go back to  you tube and play something. .brb04:43
steventhanks...i got it04:46
stevenfooled around a bit04:46
stevenbut got it04:46
stevenubuntu is much easier to get it to work. u don't need to download anything extra.. just fool around with the preferences04:47
steveni think the designers should be aware that usb speakers are taking off.. and they should try and design it easier like ubuntu04:48
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well_laid_lawnsteven: then it would just be ubuntu - xubuntu requires a little effort05:03
well_laid_lawnonly a little05:03
stevenhi sorry i was trying this out.. it works good05:04
stevenonly thing i miss is my volume control on my keyboard don't work05:04
stevenit shows the volume moving up and down. but nothing happens05:04
stevenno change in volume at least on the keyboard05:05
stevenin ubuntu it was linked to the keyboard automatically05:05
well_laid_lawnin xubuntu you'll need to set up some keyboard shortcuts yourself05:05
well_laid_lawnespecially to alternate sound devices05:05
stevenoh i c.. cuz this keyboard has a few buttons built in for the sound05:06
stevenpictures of increase sound and decrease sound above the funtion keys..05:06
well_laid_lawnit is spelt cause05:06
well_laid_lawnor because05:06
stevenwhere do i go to set up these short cuts05:06
well_laid_lawnin the menu under system is lots of stuff you should check05:07
steventhanks. it is 1:09. .probably tomorrow i will do it05:09
steveni am using a relatively new computer.. but it is only an atom processor05:10
jrmywhich is better a p3 or an atom?05:11
well_laid_lawnshould be fine05:11
well_laid_lawndepends on what you do with it05:11
jrmyok which has a higher clock rate?05:11
well_laid_lawnatom processors are limited somewhat05:11
well_laid_lawnpentium 3's come in different clock rates and generally the atoms are 1.6 Ghz05:12
well_laid_lawnbut the atoms are like half a cpu05:12
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LarsTorbeni have a question09:57
LarsTorbenwhere is xubuntu 10.04.309:57
ionitehow do i install pulse audio? what's the command to type?10:18
knomeionite, pulseaudio is installed by default.10:18
knomeionite, if you have removed it 'sudo apt-get install pulseaudio'10:18
ioniteknome: i'm still having promblems with my audio10:22
ionitemy volume control applet is gone! how can i restore it back? the panel add items doesn't have any selections of it.10:46
TheSheepit's called 'mixer'10:49
TheSheepshould be there10:49
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nankurahey guys, im trying to install the new nouveau driver , i heard its got minimal 3D support and id love to give it a test run, so i go to the package manager and select the libgl-dri-expiremental and install the xorg nv driver but yet it doesnt show up in jockey. so im confused on what im doing wrong12:24
ionitehow can i detect my mp3 player plugged to USB?14:03
ChristopherNGHey folks guess who is now officially an xubuntu user?14:13
ChristopherNGI thought the GUI would be harder to adjust to from gnome than it actually was..14:13
ChristopherNGonly thing i spent a few seconds trying to find was the keyboard layouts14:13
ioniteChristopherNG: i am but XFCE not as pretty as gnome but faster14:14
ChristopherNGYeah its not as "pretty" to be honest the font is large and abit clumsy14:15
ChristopherNGive just changed it to a smaller size14:15
ChristopherNGalso i didnt touch xchat, went straight for irssi14:15
ChristopherNGeverything is fine, but just one thing, i cant find.... a shortcut to the home directory? ah waits its in the dock at the bottom14:17
madnickAlso on the desktop14:18
madnickAnd in assecories -> file manager14:18
ChristopherNGyeah madnick, its good and its fast, just that large driod font had to go....14:18
ChristopherNGalso its strange having terminals go upto the top bar when you minimize14:19
ChristopherNGsorry folks im like a kid in a candy store14:20
ChristopherNGok that screen saver got to go! lol!14:34
ChristopherNGWhen i booted up i didnt see the normal lines and lines of code, maybe i missed it or does xubuntu not show it?14:35
ChristopherNGalso for some reason when i did "sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree" to watch flash videos, it asks me if i really want to install 200mb, the plugin itself is normally only 200 kb!14:36
ChristopherNGanyone else get that?14:36
ChristopherNGIts strange because i believe xubuntu and ubuntu use the same repository but it looked like xubuntu wanted to install some extra stuff.14:37
ChristopherNGok i cant find a plugin for flash on the 64bit architecture14:41
ChristopherNGi even tried a .rpm and tried to make it into a .deb using alien14:42
beardygnomeChristopherNG: I don't think adobe produce a 64bit plugin....14:43
ChristopherNGanyone here using the 11.04 version of xubuntu with a 64bit processor and iso that has flash working?14:43
ChristopherNGbeardygnome: I wasnt sure either!14:43
ChristopherNGOh well i guess im going to have to go back to using a 32bit iso for a 64bit processor...14:44
ChristopherNGAdobe ****14:44
nankuraon 11.04?14:48
nankurayou should be able to just install 32bit libs with ubuntu-restricted-extras14:48
nankurawhich comes with the libs and flash14:48
ChristopherNGnankura: let me give it ago14:48
ChristopherNGomg! 400 mbs! thats more than half the size of the iso14:49
ChristopherNGi didnt make much space on this install, its a test/dry run before i do it properly, i was abit impatient and wanted to try xubuntu14:50
ChristopherNGwhat i should have done was tried it on the 32 bit iso14:51
ChristopherNGbut because i have a 64bit processor thought i would be really controversial and daring and go for the 64bit iso14:51
ChristopherNGwhat i really like is that option "open terminal here"14:52
nankurahm i find that very strange14:52
nankurai used 64bit Kubuntu ( tho im on 32bit xubuntu right now ) on 64bit kubuntu all i did was download a small ubuntu extra's and everything worked14:53
beardygnomeChristopherNG: you should try xubuntu-restricted-extras14:53
ChristopherNGwhats strange? adobe does not make a flashplugin for 64bit apparently..14:53
nankuratry the xubuntu-restricted-extras14:53
ChristopherNGyeah almost 400mbs14:53
nankurawell they dont need to, with 32bit libs programs are compatable/use-able the way they are14:54
madnickwhats wrong with sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree directly after an install?14:54
madnickIt works fine14:54
ChristopherNGits cool folks, when i go back to a 32bit iso this will all be fixed14:54
ChristopherNGmadnick: it doesnt work for 64bit isos and processors14:54
madnickyes it does14:54
ChristopherNGyou sure?14:54
nankurayea it does dude14:55
nankurai can vouch14:55
ChristopherNGhow big was the download?14:55
nankuraive used 64bit ubuntu/kubuntu/mint14:55
nankuraand usually thats all you need14:55
madnickI dont remember14:55
ChristopherNGok just incase im reading this wrong.....14:55
madnicknot 400mb...14:55
nankurayea 400MB is abit weird14:55
ChristopherNGlet me show you something14:55
ChristopherNGFor some reason its also getting everything else and the kitchen sink14:57
ChristopherNG213mbs for a flash plugin?14:57
madnickon disk yes..14:57
madnickbut only 65MB14:57
madnickTo download14:57
ChristopherNGThats still massive14:58
ChristopherNGfor a plugin14:58
ChristopherNGyou sure that "sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree" also works with the 64bit?14:58
ChristopherNGlet me try it, to hell with this..14:59
knomeChristopherNG, yes.14:59
nankuraare you sure you installed xubuntu?14:59
knome!language | ChristopherNG14:59
ubottuChristopherNG: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.14:59
nankuraor some sort of netinstall image i havnt heard of?14:59
madnicknankura: i gets libc for i38614:59
knomeapparently the flashplugin needs some 32-bit libs now.14:59
nankurai have never with any ubuntu install had to download 213MB for a flashplugin with 64 bit14:59
nankuranot once :314:59
ChristopherNGnankura: i havent installed im running it on a live usb14:59
nankurathat might be why15:00
nankurais the usb the full image?15:00
nankurabut i find it so odd the filesizes15:00
ChristopherNGim downloading the 60mbs15:00
nankuraive used every ubuntu derive 64bit and never once had to download a file that big for flash15:00
ChristopherNGok its done let me try it out15:01
ChristopherNGyeah it works now, im watching taylor swift15:02
ChristopherNGbut 60mbs is alot for a plugin?15:02
ChristopherNGmust be because of the 64 bit or something15:03
ChristopherNGcall me paranoid but is there any way someone could tamper with an iso and put it up with a key logger or something...15:04
ChristopherNGeven if i downloaded from one of the links from xubuntu itself?15:04
ChristopherNGi got this iso from place in russia15:05
xubuntu534good afternoon15:06
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ChristopherNGHey vincentvdbergh15:07
vincentvdberghI am installing Xubuntu 11.04 on the 10th computer at my place :P15:08
ChristopherNGok folks, im certain that the problem with the large plugins is down to the 64bit iso and processor...15:08
ChristopherNGthe 32 bit plugins are much much smaller15:08
ChristopherNGvincentvdbergh: are you installing the 64bit or 32bit iso?15:08
vincentvdbergh64 bit15:09
ChristopherNGare the flash plugins for the 64bit much larger than the 32bit or should they be the same size?15:09
vincentvdberghIt works like a charme on the first 9 computers i installed it on15:09
vincentvdberghthey should be about the same size15:09
ChristopherNGwell i got 60mb for a flash plugin15:10
vincentvdberghlast time i checked15:10
ChristopherNGit should be around 3mbs or something15:10
vincentvdberghI usually install flash via the FLASH-AID addon in firefox15:10
ChristopherNGyou mean that thing "install missing plugins?"15:11
vincentvdberghthe flash-aid addon is the fastest way to install flash on ubuntu and its derivatives.15:11
ChristopherNGyeah ive found it now15:11
vincentvdberghonly on debian it will not work since you need to be root to run it on debian15:12
ChristopherNGFlash-Aid has been successfully installed! However, flash plugin installation is not complete yet.15:13
ChristopherNGYou need to execute one of the installation methods from the extension menu, added to the navigation toolbar. Since this is the first time you run Flash-Aid, is recommended that you use the Wizard Mode.15:13
ChristopherNGand Taylor Swift is back!15:13
vincentvdberghgood to read15:15
vincentvdberghinstallation almost completed 80% already15:16
vincentvdberghI love 8 Gb RAM and a 64 Gb SSD drive15:16
ChristopherNGthis is my first time using xfce, why is this gui not as popular as kde, or gnome? I mean its what im looking for because i personally dont like kde and i didnt want to go to unity so came to xubuntu15:28
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Pres-GasHey, all.  I want to hide the buttons for shutdown and restart in the xfce4-session-logout.  I see docs on how to enable hibernate and suspend (http://wiki.xfce.org/settings4.6#session), but how can I hide shutdown and restart?16:19
Pres-GasI am not even sure the session manager settings are the way to go for Xubu.  Any advice?16:20
SysiPres-Gas: I guess that happens in a same place as enabling suspend/hibernate but I'm not sure if those options have been removed when moving out of HAL18:58
Pres-GasSysi, I thought so too, but am not seeing a proper property name documented anyware.  Wondering if resorting to "strings" would help or what.19:56
Sysiwhy are you willing to remove those options anyway?19:58
Pres-GasTo prevent accidental shuttiing down.  I can always sudo shutdown, etc.20:05
Pres-GasFamily computer...20:05
ChristopherNGhey folks20:53
ChristopherNGhas there ever been a case of someone messing with the xubuntu isos?20:54
pleia2"messing with"?20:55
pleia2they're generated with and hosted with all the ubuntu isos, there certainly have been mistakes by developers (just like every project) but never anything malicious20:55
ChristopherNGyeah im actually using xubuntu now20:55
ChristopherNGi was worried because i downloaded the iso from a server in russia some russian tampered with the iso and included like a key logger or something.20:56
ChristopherNGI think im just paranoide, i used the links from the official xubuntu site.20:56
pleia2you probably want to use approved mirrors20:56
ChristopherNGyaeh well this mirror was from the xubuntu site20:56
pleia2and there was a keylogger?20:57
ChristopherNGno i think im just paranoid20:57
pleia2oh :)20:57
pleia2well you can always grab the official md5 from ubuntu.com and compare it against whatever iso you download20:57
pleia2(you should do that anyway)20:57
ChristopherNGpleia2: i noticed when i booted xubuntu up that there is not the customary lines and lines of code you normally get during start up does xubuntu hide it?20:58
pleia2you should get a xubuntu splash screen20:58
ChristopherNGpleia2: you mean get the md5 and do diff between that and the xubuntu iso?20:58
ChristopherNGpleia2: yeah it looks like a bios "try xubuntu without installing, install etc..."?20:58
ChristopherNGlanguage select20:59
pleia2it's not a diff, you do: md5sum xubuntu-blahversion.iso21:00
pleia2and then compare that to the number in http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/natty/release/MD5SUMS21:00
pleia2elizabeth@r2d2:/data/software/ubuntu$ md5sum xubuntu-11.04-desktop-amd64.iso21:00
pleia2f1b224166bea923042e53b0e9d5ff63f  xubuntu-11.04-desktop-amd64.iso21:00
pleia2yay that matches: f1b224166bea923042e53b0e9d5ff63f *xubuntu-11.04-desktop-amd64.iso21:01
pleia2in http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/natty/release/MD5SUMS21:01
ChristopherNGpleia2: that is the best way to check if an iso has been corrupted right?21:01
pleia2you should always do it on isos you download21:01
ChristopherNGpleia2: thats very handy thanks21:01
pleia2even if the server isn't tampered with, sometimes there are hiccups in downloads that cause corruption, etc21:01
ChristopherNGthis is just a test boot before i install properly..21:02
ChristopherNGi was really impatient and wanted to get into xubuntu straight away..21:02
ChristopherNGi was saying earlier, first thing i did was installed irssi, i didnt touch xchat..21:03
ChristopherNGalso the found was made smaller, it was way too big21:03
pleia2yeah, I have young eyes, all my fonts are crazy small too ;)21:04
ChristopherNGi actually installed the 64bit iso because i have a 64bit processor, ive found that packages tend to be larger for the  64 bit ie flashplugin was 60mbs..21:04
ChristopherNGso you noticed that aswell? because i was going crazy, previously i was actually just using a 32bit iso on a 64bit processor..21:05
ChristopherNGactually my eyes are not young i wear glasses but the size of the font that came as started was for like someone who is blind.21:05
ChristopherNGalso i think ive found everything, the settings manager, synpatic (multiverse and universe) were switched on as standard, all the software from the repositories was available, i couldnt find the home folder from the gui until i noticed its in that nice dock at the bottom.21:07
ChristopherNGIts very, very similar to GNOME and yes its faster so thats good.21:07
lightahey how can I exclude something ? I want to do a recursive search : find ./src/ -print | xargs egrep --color "INVALID_TIMER"21:19
jrmyok so any of you know why flash might not be working?21:28
Sysiyou haven't installed flashplugin?21:28
Sysihow it isn't working?21:30
Sysisites say you should get flash, red screen on youtube, grey boxes?21:31
jrmyyour sentence structure confused me.. but yeah i dont know why its not working21:31
jrmyi get black screens21:31
Sysicheck that you don't have gnash or swfdec installed21:32
jrmyhmm i guess its just that link i tried21:32
jrmyi think i might have both21:32
jrmyi have 32 bit21:32
jrmydo i want them uninstalled?21:33
Sysiyes, open flash-alternatives are messing with adobe plugin21:34
jrmyok i think i removed the open flash stuff21:35
jrmywhere would i find swfdec?21:36
jrmyif it was installed21:36
Sysifirefox plugin list21:37
jrmyok looks like its working now21:39
ChristopherNGXfce wont have a "unity" equivalent right?21:56
Sysiwouldn't really be xfce after that21:56
ChristopherNGI came to xbuntu specifically to avoid unity and i got bored of the lts version and given the next release from ubuntu wont have the classic gnome option.21:57
ChristopherNGSysi: Yeah well thats what i was hoping.21:57
ChristopherNGim trying to see when the next xfce release is coming out21:58
ChristopherNGapparently 4.8 been around for 6 months21:58
Sysisometime next year afaik22:00
ChristopherNGsome was saying earlier get the ubuntu-restricted-extras, then someone says get the xubuntu-restricted-extras, either should work fine though right?22:00
ChristopherNGsince they are both the same OS with different GUIs22:00
SysiI'm not sure what they're containing, but mostly either one works22:00
knomewith xubuntu, you should use the xubuntu-* package22:01
ChristopherNGi cant get compiz working with xubuntu, anyone else had a problem with compiz?22:04
ubottuemerald is an obsolete window decorator for compiz. It's unsupported and unmaintained, making issues with it very hard to diagnose and fix. There are no known, supported alternatives.22:04
Sysigtk-window-decorator might work, or there's some fix at the ubuntuforums22:05
ChristopherNGbut compiz for xubuntu just wont work for anyone?22:05
ChristopherNGhmm kk, its not a biggie22:05
Sysiotherly, compiz should work when you get window borders to be drawn22:06
ChristopherNGgtk-window-dec never heard of that thing22:06
ChristopherNGi wanted to try xubuntu with the compiz cube option22:07
ChristopherNGdang! pleia2 you still there?22:14
knomeleft an hour ago22:15
ChristopherNGcan you give me the command m5cat or whatever its called to check isos...22:15
ChristopherNGknome: k thanks22:15
ChristopherNGjrmy: i got this iso from a server in russia just want to double check its not been tampered with lol22:16
jrmyshould remember that theres certain things you can do to test files and programs in linux22:17
ChristopherNGjrmy: yeah i never had to use it before tbh22:17
jrmybtw whats the command to check my systems hardware?22:17
knomejrmy, lshw22:17
jrmyoh yeah22:17
knome"LiSt HardWare"22:18
jrmyyeah, just forgot seeing as its been a year since ive used a linux OS22:18
ChristopherNGwhat i really, really, really, hate and dislike and find tricky is compiling from source in .tar.gz file.22:19
knomemm-hmm, but remembering the "dissembled" format helps remembering the command too :)22:19
ChristopherNGsometimes you have to because its not in the repositories or whatever.22:19
knomeChristopherNG, there are also PPA's22:20
ChristopherNGknome: oh yeah ppas are nice and easy22:20
jrmyknome: hopefully i can remember this time.. would be about time i start remembering commands22:20
knomejrmy, mmh, there are some cheatsheets too22:20
ChristopherNGknome: you think that .tar.gz files are getting less and less popular now?22:20
Sysino, just less needed22:20
knomeChristopherNG, not really.22:20
ChristopherNG.tar = tape archive file, even the name extension sounds archaic22:20
Sysitar xzvf app.tar.gz ; cd app/ ; make ; sudo make install22:21
ChristopherNGSysi: its not always that simple22:21
knometar xzibit22:21
SysiChristopherNG: those cases really suck22:21
Sysisymlinking and stuff22:21
ChristopherNGSysi: yeah and you have to read a manual to get something installed..22:21
knomeChristopherNG, if it's not on the repo and not on any PPA, it's probably something you need a manual for anyway :P :P22:22
ChristopherNGknome: yeah thats true lol22:22
Sysior there's at least alternative more easily accessible22:22
ChristopherNGI was wanting to get teamspeak 3 but only ts 2 is in the repositories, now when you go to get it for linux from the teamspeak site its a .run file, which i think is some kind of binary installer..22:23
knomeChristopherNG, yup, sounds like it.22:23
Sysior just a script or self-extracting tarball/zip22:23
ChristopherNG.tar.gz, .rpm, .deb, .run, .dz2 etc etc22:24
knomesomething self-explosive anyway :P22:24
ChristopherNGalot of file extensions out there22:24
ChristopherNGfor installation22:24
Sysiteamspeak is not OSS, you's like mumble22:24
jrmyi dont know how to properly install things from tar or any of the others22:24
knomeit's important to remember that, even if it's in most cases true, the file extension doesn't always tell what the file actually is22:25
ChristopherNGjrmy: thankfully ubuntu has almost everything in the repositories and the .tar.gz cases are rare.22:25
ChristopherNGdependency hell!22:25
Sysiknome: you don't dare to run that .txt huh? definitely you don't dare to try running it as root22:26
ChristopherNGyeah thats one thing that worries me, anyone can get like a keylogger and use the mv keylogger textfile.txt and a newer user probably wont know...22:26
ChristopherNGok well my next project is getting better at the command line for networking.22:28
ChristopherNGive been avoiding that like the plague22:28
ChristopherNGifconfig, wlan0, mon0 et al22:28
knomeif it ain't broken, don't fix it22:29
Sysinetworking stuff is hard.. (IMHO)22:30
ChristopherNGits hard as it, on the command line will be harder i guess.22:30
Sysiit really gets hard after "sudo dhclient && sudo ifconfig eth0 up"22:32
ChristopherNGSysi: yeah tell me about it.22:34
ChristopherNGhey folks, how hard is it to setup a virtual box within xubuntu?23:02
ChristopherNGive not actually done that, i was going try and do a vm for xubuntu in ubuntu but went for a usb boot instead.23:02
ChristopherNGnot used virtual box before23:03
ChristopherNGoh nice it come ins a .deb23:04
Sysiin repositories too23:05
ChristopherNGyeah the only thing that is kind of preventing me from doing it atm is the file space needed..23:05
ChristopherNGi will need to wait until tomorrow when i can do everything properly.23:06
ChristopherNGi was just impatient and wanted to start playing around with xubuntu today and didnt bother with partitions etc23:06
ChristopherNGHard disk space. While VirtualBox itself is very lean (a typical installation will only need about 30 MB of hard disk space), the virtual machines will require fairly huge files on disk to represent their own hard disk storage. So, to install Windows XP, for example, you will need a file that will easily grow to several GB in size.23:06
ChristopherNGWill have to wait until tomorrow23:07
ChristopherNGim still like a kid in a candy store looking around xfce23:07
ChristopherNGanyone know if linux has an eqivalent of "net send"?23:24
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ChristopherNGok folks good night23:30
jrmyif i have a 64 bit cpu does that mean i can have a 64bit OS?23:43
jrmyany difference with xubuntu if i have 64bit?23:43
knomewhere possible, the OS will use the 64-bit advancements over 32-bit stuff23:44
jrmyso then perhaps faster in some areas?23:44
TheSheepand slower in others23:45
jrmyis there a way to upgrade to 64 bit if i have 32bit right now?23:45
knomeonly a clean install will do23:46
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