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Quintasanyofel: kde-workspace_4.7.0-0ubuntu3~natty1~ppa4 uploaded, that should probably fix the taskbar launcher stuff10:09
yofelanyone tried to package digikam 2.0 yet?10:25
debfxyofel: don't think so10:33
debfxyofel: do you have time to file MIRs for prison and qrencode before FF?10:39
yofeldebfx: I'm just trying to file the ITP for prison. The network is horrible here -.- but when I'm done with that I can do them.11:48
yofelI'll look at digikam later then11:48
skfinThank you canonical12:07
skfinWe run out of Kubuntu 11.04 cds at assembly computer festival12:07
skfin75 Ubuntu CDs left over...12:07
skfin"You cant adjust the default mix"12:07
skfinMany asked kubuntu cds after those run out12:10
skfinSadly we had to say that we dont have those anymore12:10
skfinActually there was more interest on Ubuntu 10.04 than 11.0412:10
skfinPeople have heard from unity12:10
skfinVery sad that LoCos cant adjust the default cd mix12:11
yofelat least you had some, here in berlin only the gnome and opensuse folks had cds to distribute12:14
skfinBut...Kubuntu was more popular than Ubuntu, enjoy your success!12:14
skfinYou really deserve it.12:15
skfinNow I have 75 Ubuntu CDs at home, what should I do with those ?12:15
tsimpsonshiny new coasters? ;)12:16
tsimpsonor frisbees12:16
tsimpsonor stick them together and make a disco-ball, lots of fun to have with unused CDs :)12:17
Tm_TrI haz no ibook anymoar12:30
Tm_Trskfin: alt12:30
Tm_Trso, from >7 computers in this apartment, only one and a half are usable anymore12:33
yofel"a half" o.O12:34
Tm_Tra half as in it has functioning parts, just aren't all installed12:36
Tm_Tand it's in overall half of a modern computer12:40
yofelbah, digikam 2 ships libkface internally that has a hard dependency on opencv which is in universe12:59
yofeldebfx: I never filed a mir so far, so does bug 822701 look right?13:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 822701 in qrencode (Ubuntu) "[MIR] qrencode" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82270113:44
ScottKyofel: We need to use the system libkface.13:45
yofelScottK: we have no system libkface13:45
ScottKIIRC Digikam embedded multiple KDE graphics libs and we need to teach it to use ours.13:45
ScottKyofel: OK.  Nevermind on that one then.13:45
yofelbut true of kexiv etc.13:46
ScottKyofel and debfx: Just accepted the prison binaries.13:59
debfxyofel: the MIR looks good14:32
KRFhey guys. installed the kde 4.7 ppa for 11.04 yesterday. my task panel is behaving weirdly, it blinks randomly even though the application did not fire an event. is that known? didnt find a bug report about that yet.14:37
yofelKRF: not really, but that sounds something for bugs.kde.org14:40
yofel*sounds like something14:40
ScottKCould be X/video driver related too.14:40
KRFouch, really?14:41
ScottKKRF: Does it still do it if display effects are disabled?14:41
yofelas I understood it only the app he's using flashes, not the whole panel14:41
ScottKThat can be X.14:41
ScottKIn Maverick only Chromium would flash/tear for me.  ~all other apps were fine.14:42
KRFScottK: yep, still blinks randomly14:42
ScottK(just as an example)14:42
KRFnot that random, but without obvious cause...14:42
ScottKKRF: OK.  I think bugs.kde.org is probably the best place then.14:42
KRFsure, just wondering why noone else reported a bug like this. if it's X related, that might be the cause.14:43
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KRFScottK: looks like you are really right, some guy (that experienced the same bug) just checked and downgraded his nvidia drivers. looks like the issue is solved when using the non-ppa nvidia drivers.15:25
KRFso, 280.x woes, 270.x seems to work.15:25
ScottKAh.  There you go.  It's hard to know what weirdness X can cause.15:25
ScottKGlad it worked out.15:26
KRFyep, never thought that would be the issue...15:26
apacheloggerScottK: oh, do we have a more recent youbuntoo setup on those yet?15:42
apacheloggerprolly won't get to fix the ices before next week though.15:43
ScottKapachelogger: No, but the oneiric chroot works on the old base system.15:43
ScottKHopefully icecc gets sync'ed and it's all good.15:43
ScottKIs there anyone around that can check if the torrents for the Kubuntu Alpha 3 images are still working?16:02
ScottKryanakca: The powerpc Kubuntu Desktop image has been added to the released images for Alpha 3.  I was wondering if you could add an update: at the bottom of the release announcement to mention this (be sure to point people to the tech overview for warnings about the limited amount of testing it got).16:27
ryanakcaScottK: Sure16:28
ScottKTm_T: ^^^16:28
Tm_TScottK: 1530.23 < Tm_Tr> I haz no ibook anymoar16:31
Tm_Tto be more precise, ibook has no power16:31
ScottKTm_T: Fixable or it's dead and gone forever?16:31
ScottKIn any case your testing let us release the image.16:31
Tm_TScottK: fixable if I find replacement part16:32
ScottKGood luck on that.16:32
Tm_Tor make my own16:32
Tm_Tpower plug has been barely functional for a year, now it stopped working entirely16:33
ScottKebay is often a good source for such things.16:33
Tm_Tpin in the center has just crumbled into pieces, so there's no contact left16:33
ScottKThat is going to make it tough.16:33
Tm_TI'm going to try to replace the plug, if that doesn't work then I need to find entire power supply16:34
ryanakcaScottK: D'you have a link to said tech overview?16:35
ScottKIsn't there one in the announcement already?16:35
ScottKryanakca: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/OneiricOcelot/Alpha3/Kubuntu16:35
ryanakcaScottK: Ah, yes, that one. I thought you meant there was a ppc-specific one out there16:36
ScottKAh.  No.  Just added a note to that one.16:36
ScottKYou might want to add an anchor to the PPC note and link directly to it if you are feeling like being fancy.16:36
ryanakcaScottK: Done16:39
ScottKryanakca: Thanks.16:39
QuintasanScottK: Are KDs eligible for DMB?16:50
ScottKQuintasan: Yes.16:50
ScottKAFAIK anyway.16:50
ScottKThe only Kubuntu person who's been on the DMB was also core-dev.16:50
ScottKNo, nixternal.16:51
QuintasanScottK: Oh, neat. Not that I'm applying though16:51
nigelbQuintasan: s/applying/applying yet/g 16:51
Quintasannigelb: :D16:51
QuintasanWell, core-dev would be next stop for me16:51
QuintasanHowever I might want to ask apachelogger what to do before applying16:52
QuintasanScottK: What KDE release will oneiric have?16:56
ScottK4.7.1 or 2.16:56
ScottKDepends on when 4.7.2 comes out.16:56
QuintasanI see. Well, I'll pay some attention to testing those since I was wondering how on Earth a bug that was reported in 4.5.90 didn't get fixed in 4.7 yet16:57
ScottKQuite easily.16:59
ScottKA friend of mine that has resisted all attempts to get him to move past KDE3 was suprised to find a bug that was file in 3.5.7 or so finally did get fixed in KDE 4.4.17:00
QuintasanAhh, KDE3 was a fine piece of software but IMO it was a good decision to ditch it and do something from scratch17:02
ScottKGenerally I agree.17:04
ScottKI'm not yet convinced Akonadi was a good idea.17:04
ScottKBetween that and Nepomuk it kills low RAM systems.17:05
QuintasanWell, I never understood what the hell did they want to achieve with Akonadi so I'm not voicing any opinion on that17:05
Quintasan+ I'm not using KMail17:06
ScottKKmail is one of the main things that got me using KDE.17:07
ScottKIt looks like, in round numbers, kmail + needed support RAM doubled KDE3 to KDE4 and then doubled again KDE4 to KDE4 + Akonadi.17:08
QuintasanI think this means that either the code is shit or you have too much mail ScottK :)17:11
Quintasanyofel: dh $@ --parallel --with kde --dbg-package=kde-config-telepathy-accounts-dbg17:11
ScottKI think efficiency wasn't a priority.17:11
Quintasanyofel: That apparently depracates override_dh_strip for most of our uses :P17:12
QuintasanScottK: Isn't that the "defective by design" type of software?17:13
Quintasanbambee: \o17:24
bambeeQuintasan: yo!17:24
bambeewhat are the news from DS ?17:24
* Quintasan shrugs17:25
QuintasanI have no idea. I'm swamped with work since I have family from France coming to visit me17:25
ScottKQuintasan: We'll see how it works out.17:25
QuintasanScottK: I hope it will work nicely at some point in time17:26
bambeeQuintasan: oh you've family in france? :)17:26
Quintasanbambee: Yes, IIRC they are from Carpentras17:26
bambeeQuintasan: I don't know Capentras, is there a known city near to capentras?17:28
Quintasanbambee: Orange?17:31
Quintasanor Marseille is ~1h from there IIRC17:31
bambeeomg... facebook is a nightmare for low connections :\17:41
Daskreechs/for low connections//18:18
cyphermoxScottK: I'm pinging you because you appear to be the last who touched ntrack. any issues with updating ntrack to 014, which would allow it to be built against libnl3?18:46
ScottKcyphermox: I'd ask asac.  I touched it to fix a specific bug.  I don't have a general interest in the package.18:47
cyphermoxScottK: ok.  he suggested the update I was just wondering if you had an idea how tightly integrated it is in kde. It appears to be a depends on kde-runtime, and I'd like to avoid breaking that :)18:48
ScottKJust a moment.18:48
cyphermoxit doesn't look too crazy18:51
ScottKcyphermox: Can you put it in a PPA so we can test it.19:03
cyphermoxScottK: sure19:04
ScottKcyphermox: Once you've got it built, then please rebuild kde-runtime against it.19:09
ScottKI'll be glad to test.19:09
cyphermoxsure, I'll put that in the PPA with it. will be a few minutes I'm fixing the snapshot19:14
ScottKJust uploaded oxygen-gtk to the archive.19:21
ScottKIt'll have to wait in line for AA review in New though.19:21
debfxI though we already have oxygen-gtk in the archive19:23
debfxas gtk2-engines-oxygen19:27
debfxScottK: ^19:27
ScottKI thought it was different.  I'll check.19:29
ScottKdebfx: You're right.  Thanks.19:29
ScottKRejected then.19:30
ScottKNew version available though ...19:30
sheytanno amarok  pkg for natty yet?19:42
blueyedWhy is it that starting amarok makes the sound stutter? Even from the last.fm app running in parallel (which works OK with amarok not running)? This is on a natty kubuntu.19:49
yofelsheytan: nobody got to do it, I'll look at it before going to bed20:11
sheytanyofel cool, thanks :)20:19
charlie-tcawhy are today's updates for Xubuntu installing new packages, looks like a lot of kubuntu?20:24
charlie-tcaIs there a reason I want all these kde packages? http://paste.ubuntu.com/661402/20:26
yofelneed to go, bb in ~30m20:27
micahgcharlie-tca: probably due to the apt changes, some packages probably need to be retried20:29
debfxlooks like apt figured out that kde supersedes xfce ;)20:33
charlie-tcaoh, thanks :)20:34
micahgdebfx: actually, more like kubuntu supersedes ubuntu 20:35
debfxeven better :P20:35
debfxcharlie-tca: running aptitude -D full-upgrade tells you why it wants to install new packages20:36
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seawolfafter the last upgrade of kde 4.7,on kubuntu 11.04,the networkmanager is broken http://imagebin.org/16700021:09
yofeldebfx: I'm not a d-bus expert, why isn't this installed in amarok? http://paste.kde.org/10755121:13
yofelseawolf: I'll fix it21:19
yofelQuintasan_: you can't do a staight backport of oneiric kde-workspace for natty. You need to install the NM solid libs again21:20
yofelI put a natty backport of amarok into ninjas. Can someone tell that so we can put that into backports? I've got no bandwidth here :/21:29
yofelseawolf: should be fixed22:06
* yofel goes to bed, good night22:07
seawolfok thank yofel good night :)22:07
rbelemapachelogger, ping22:22
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