LINKSWORD2.... That sounds like something they should add, then.00:00
claydohyou can tweak Amarok's notification a little in its settings00:01
LINKSWORD2Yes, but I'd rather that it used the system notification.... KNotify.00:02
LINKSWORD2And be able to tweak that.00:02
claydohbut doing so for each application might mean each application adding in that functioanlity00:02
LINKSWORD2Any way to work around that, possibly?00:03
SharkMonkeyIs Kubuntu's KDE experience close to the standard KDE?00:15
WalzmynSharkMonkey: should be00:26
Walzmynanybody know why the sound in Linux is so much quiter than in Windows on my Laptop?00:36
SharkMonkeyWalzmyn, I'd use alsamixer or something to check if all the channel are set to as high as they ought to be00:42
SharkMonkeyThe master channel might be all the way up, but the speaker volume might be at 50%00:43
WalzmynSharkMonkey: everything that possibly can be is set at maximum00:44
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LINKSWORD2Well, I think I'm going to sign off...00:58
Roeyhttps://imgur.com/a/XulUq  <-- is this happening for anyone else?02:06
LINKSWORD2I'm not sure I understand...02:07
RoeyLINKSWORD2:  did you look at the image?02:07
LINKSWORD2Roey: Please explain what you're seeing in those images.02:07
Roeydid you see how the tasks look squished in taskmanager?02:07
RoeyI don't know why.;02:07
tonymci simply don't use multiple rows02:07
tonymcprefer windows 7-esque taskbar02:08
Roeyyeah but it worked until KDE 4.7...02:08
tonymcmaybe try different task manager?02:08
tonymclike smooth tasks02:08
tonymcon a side note, does anyone here know about debian packaging?02:08
Roeya different task manager.  I dunno.  I just want to know why this doesn't work as intended (I am following up on #kde)02:09
Roeyhey tonymc02:09
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JDCoolMan21Hello all :-)03:47
JDCoolMan21any one here?03:47
JDCoolMan21I have a technical problem03:48
JDCoolMan21I have somehow lost the bar at the top of every page/program/window I open, and so now I dont have the ability to close any windows, or minimize anything... :-(03:49
LINKSWORD2I'm having a very odd problem with visual themes or appearances.04:08
LINKSWORD2And I'm not sure what happened.04:08
jontecI have an issue with the 10.10 livecd for ppc. I have formatted a new drive with an hfs (for yaboot), ext3, and swap partition. The installer fails at "Scanning disks... 100%" after indicating which partititions to use for what.05:04
SharkMonkeyhow the heck are you supposed to see anything with krunner's transparency?05:31
SharkMonkeyhalf the time it's over a dark window and I can't read the output05:32
Shirakawasunado you have the blur effect turned on?  It can help text visibility on transparent windows05:40
ShirakawasunaI use a dark theme anyways (no transparency), which is also an option05:40
kde3ftwanyone have any experience with servicemenus?  I'm trying to make a right click open with console here for folders but when I use it, it always sends me to the ~ directory not the directory i right clicked on.  My servicemenu .desktop file is here: http://pastebin.com/Z75CeD2f .05:45
noaXessgood morning06:29
noaXesssince upgraded to kde 4.7 i get a empty space in task manager: http://i.imgur.com/4MJCX.png some of you also have this problem?06:31
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corinthIs there any option for exchange email in Kubuntu?06:54
alvincorinth: I have never tried it, but I think there's an Akonadi MAPI connector. Maybe it's still in development.07:05
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fayaz_hi, how do i change keyboard layout of the virtual terminal?07:48
=== Quintasan_ is now known as Quintasan
SmokingCoyoteHello I need some advice08:55
nuovodnahi, i have a little problem with kpackagekit. On the first boot i inserted the wrong password and now when i try to update my system i receive an authorization error. How can i reset the password for kpackagekit ?09:10
sebalecquelqu'un pourrait-il m'aider à résoudre un problème ?10:08
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systemclienthow can I rename my volume from "SEAGATE ST4651321A" to something different?10:43
James147systemclient: what filesystem dose it have?10:47
alboyOK. this is all very confusing and I haven't got a clue what I'm doing, just trying to follow the guides on Kubuntu. Can I find out here how to get the sound working on my PC?10:48
systemclientalboy: what kind of speakers do you have? Regular headphone jack, or USB?10:49
systemclientwith my regular headphone jacks, the volume was just turned down to zero!10:49
alboyheadphone jack10:49
alboyi've checked all the connections and volume and these are all turned up10:50
James147systemclient: then add a label to the device ^^ (see e2label)10:50
systemclientJames147: e2label is a tool?10:51
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kalibHi people. When I turn on my computer and kubuntu starts to boot, I can see a kind of blue screen with "Loading Linux 2.6.35-25... etc...11:14
kalibHos can I see a verbose mode of this boot?11:14
kalibI mean.. What's really goin on on this boot. Modules, etc.11:14
tonymcyou can remove the "splash" from your boot option11:17
tonymcor, if you want to see the raw guts of linux booting, you can remove the "quiet" option too11:17
kalibHi people. When I turn on my computer and kubuntu starts to boot, I can see a kind of blue screen with "Loading Linux 2.6.35-25... etc...11:19
kalibHow can I see a verbose mode of this boot?11:19
kalibI mean.. What's really goin on on this boot. Modules, etc.11:19
aLeSDhi all11:23
aLeSDhow to kill a process that doesn't respont on kill -9 pid ?11:24
James147aLeSD: ^^ reboot... -9 is the last ditch attempt to kill a process if it wont die with that it wont die11:33
aLeSDit died11:41
FlashDeluxehey! does anybody know a tool for linux that can reduce the size of a .swf file?11:43
=== laptop is now known as Guest39228
LogicallyDashingk3b keeps trying to preformat my DVD+RWs and failing. I'm pretty sure they're already preformatted, which might be why it's failing. How do I make it stop trying?11:58
_BS_Just brought home new system, asrock z68, i7-2600k, installed lts. Anything I should be doing to make best advantage of this hardware? e.g. running 2.6.32-33-generic. Should I be running i686 or something else?12:08
_BS_i.e. It's running that, should I be running something else.12:08
LogicallyDashingi7 you say? intel core 7?12:08
tsimpson_BS_: there is no i686 version any more, -generic detects your hardware and adjusts itself accordingly (Linux is smart :)12:09
_BS_tsimpson: Um. Not. (e.g. Never used to be in the way that you describe.) But getting smarter all the time? (Cool that it does as you describe - thanks for that.)12:10
LogicallyDashing_BS_ you *might* benefit from installing the x64 version of kubuntu12:10
LogicallyDashingmainly, if you try to install more than 4 gigs of RAM12:10
_BS_D'oh. Sorry, should have said lts 64-bit.12:10
_BS_8GB RAM installed and happy.12:10
tsimpsonsome things are more... annoying.. in 64bit still12:10
LogicallyDashingwell then you're not running i686 at all :p12:10
_BS_D'oh! Didn't say I was running i686, was asking. And I take your point ... d'oh. Will work on mental translations from 32 to 64. (First 64 system, for me.)12:11
LogicallyDashingok well. if it's multicore you could run the realtime kernel.12:12
tsimpsonyou don't need a real-time kernel for multi-core12:12
LogicallyDashingdidn't say so12:12
tsimpsonit's mostly useful for media servers12:12
_BS_Expect to be running multiple vm's, so knew 4GB wasn't going to do it, off the bat. Guess I forget to explain these minor, obviously trivial, details, when asking questions. (-:12:12
LogicallyDashingoh, well, in that case the *VMs* should probably use the RT kernel12:12
LogicallyDashinghmm you've got ia32 installed?12:13
_BS_Interesting. RT kernel designations are??? One machine will be personal workhorse, other one will be gateway / myth + 1080i TV.12:13
_BS_ia32 - doesn't look like it. I expect the system is so recently installed that such packages haven't been auto-installed for lack of need, yet.12:15
_BS_For example - monitor only doing 800x600. Then realized due to loading OS while on KVM. Boot with monitor direct attached, all is well. So, question: What do I need to do so when boot in KVM, it understands the monitor on the other side of the KVM. More ...12:17
LogicallyDashing_BS_ ia32 lets you run 32 bit apps natively12:17
_BS_Have monitor settings from old system in its xorg.conf. So, how to do new / current xrandr magic?12:17
LogicallyDashing_BS_ when you say you're booting in kvm does that mean you're running kvm on the command line? if so, you set the DISPLAY variable12:18
_BS_ia32, then, will presumably be pulled in auto-magically if/when I try to get a 32-bit app. [I take your point, I will want ia32 then. At some point.]12:18
LogicallyDashingyeah, assuming you get said app thru the repositories, which is unlikely12:19
_BS_Sorry ... I forget kvm is software as well. KVM here means my Keyboard/Video/Monitor hardware doohickey, connecting my old and new systems. From my reading, I'm guessing the monitor EBID (?) is not getting pass the KVM at boot to the kernel.12:20
LogicallyDashingthis is more for running closed-source things, or things you can't compile for whatever reason12:20
_BS_ia32 - gotcha. Note to self, when non-repository 32-bit app fails, go get ia32. Thanks.12:20
LogicallyDashinghmm, normally I'd set up medibuntu and getdeb on a new machine12:21
_BS_Yep, soon as you said it, I clued in. Many in the local lug have run into this / mentioned it.12:21
LogicallyDashingand if you're going to be using WINE I'd recommend the PPA for that as well12:22
LogicallyDashingotherwise... not thinking of anything12:22
_BS_Yeah, well, at the moment I'm just getting going on the 'basics'. When all is well / etc., I'll clone it off to the other machine, then work on the machine specific roles.12:23
LogicallyDashingPersonal Package Archive, the new-ish way of setting up a third-party repository12:24
_BS_Wish lm-sensors understood the hardware. Some day. It's a little sweet to see 8 cores going in ksysguard, though.12:24
_BS_BIOS auto-overclocking to 4.8 GHz, 1600 mem CL7. Some day an SSD even ... (-:12:25
LogicallyDashingfor instance, to add the WINE repo, you say 'sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa' and you're done12:26
_BS_So ... 'nother problem ... on board NIC no workie. lshw says Broadcom - NetLink BCM57781 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe? What to do?12:26
_BS_'ppa' gotcha.12:26
LogicallyDashingBroadcom is shit for Linux support12:27
_BS_If I have my druthers ... WINE will never be installed. If I have my druthers, windows software will never again hit any computer of mine. Sadly, I'm dreaming. My netbook usually runs Win 7, and I'll vm my old XP macine into it.12:28
_BS_Yeah, well - it be on the motherboard. At least I only have to go through the hassle once, then get on with my day for a few years.12:28
_BS_VM XP machine into new system, not netbook. ~-)12:29
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ronnocHello Kubuntu friends! I'm having an issue that I'm hoping you all can help out with: Running Kubuntu 10.10 with latest available kernel and updates. It seems that I have lost sound on my PC. In the terminal, alsamixer shows all is well and all volumes are up - appears to be a KDE issue as I no longer have a volume indicator at boot. It does show up eventually, but when it does clicking it does nothing. Ideas?13:35
LogicallyDashingIsn't 10.10 EOL?13:36
James147LogicallyDashing: not yet (April 2012)13:38
ronnocLogicallyDashing: No support is 18 months AFAIK13:38
sorush20help, my calendar in kontact is missing..13:38
sorush20where do I import it from ..13:38
BluesKajHiyas all13:51
ronnocHi BluesKaj13:52
MannyNzwhat did i do wrong when after the distri upgrade to 11.04 i have kde till the login and then am in genome. then i installed kubuntu-desktop and deinstalled ubuntu-desktop. didnt help. then i installed kde-full and now the partition is full and my window manager still doesn't work13:58
James147MannyNz: change the session type on teh login manager14:03
MannyNztried that didn't help either. but why did it come up with gnome at the first place, when i ever used kde 0o14:04
MannyNzat the moment the state ist, that i get thrown back to the konsole since neither window manager can start, since the partition got written full with kde-full14:04
James147MannyNz: your / drive is full? well thats probally the problem then#14:06
James147"sudo apt-get clean" should freeup some space14:06
MannyNzyeah, but it wasn't after the distri-upgrade, at the moment i try to get some more space ( anyone knows how to undo the kde-full installation so that all the stuff gets desinstalled except the kde-standard?)14:07
MannyNzwell theres about 150mb free now. lets see what works and what doesnt14:08
BluesKajhi ronnoc , James14714:11
MannyNznow lxde started 0o ... something really got messed up14:12
James147MannyNz: try "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a"14:13
MannyNzokay hold on a sec14:13
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MannyNzokay did that14:15
MannyNzstill starts with lxde .. somehow the kde isnt installed properly or something alike14:16
=== Guest68034 is now known as HAICK
MannyNzups sorry, did dpkg --configure -a14:18
MannyNzhmm still starts with lxde. whats the proper command to really get rid of any grafical interfaces but kde ?14:24
Linkmaster!pure-kde | MannyNz14:26
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information.14:27
LinkmasterI forgot the ubottu command for the purekde, let me find it online14:27
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »14:27
MannyNzill give it a try, hope that helps :)14:27
LinkmasterMannyNz: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde14:28
Linkmasterah, thanks BluesKaj :D14:29
_BS_Have new system. mb net not working - lshw says 'NetLink BCM57781 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe'. How to get going?14:37
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MannyNzis there also a page/ command to undo the effects of kde-full, since im quite happy with the normal kde and dont need all that stuff that got installed with kde-full14:40
sayakbhi, how do i play rmvb files on kubuntu? VLC doesn't seem to render them well enough14:40
BluesKaj_BS_, sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart , if that doesn't connect try , sudo dhclient eth014:41
_BS_BluesKaj - have 2nd nic in pci slot, it's working fine. 2nd eth port not even listed.14:42
sayakbseems like dragon player handles them quite fine14:42
=== sayakb is now known as sayakb_away
BluesKaj_BS_, well , seems you'll have to make one the default nic, unless you want some unusual set where you connect to the net with 2 nics, which I have no experience with14:44
_BS_BluesKaj - I'd be happy to make one a default nic, my issue is I don't even see the other one. Ultimate intent is one nic internal facing, other external facing. Thus far, this feels like a hardware detection / driver issue.14:46
_BS_Hmmm. So maybe start with logs? Since lshw shows nic, something in logs should say something about it. Which log might make such a reference, in /var/log?14:48
_BS_Hmmm. dpkg.log / jockey.log make references to bcmwl- (this is not a wi-fi nic). And I see 'status half-installed'14:49
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_BS_All reference to bcmwl-modaliases or modalias14:50
BluesKaj_BS_, why not let the router handle the lan and the internet14:52
BluesKaj!bcm | _BS_14:52
ubottu_BS_: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs14:52
_BS_BluesKaj - eventually this system will be the router.14:53
_BS_Oh, for pity's sake. I suspect the Netlink I'm seeing is the one that's working. How to connect lshw output to eth0 to prove they are one in the same? AND, how to wake up / get the one on the MB going. Question: If no cable connected to nic at boot, does nic disappear?14:55
_BS_BluesKaj - as I said, this is NOT a wi-fi nic.14:55
_BS_Never mind last comment on nic - looks like the PCI card is a 3com, so, of course, it would work out of the box. Back to the BCM problem then. lshw is detecting it, but not showing up on interface list. What do I need to do to make it happy?14:58
BluesKajyes _BS_ , isee that it's an ethernet nic , but I thought you wanted to run wifi as well , misunderstood . So you want to use the pc as the gateway interface15:00
_BS_Confirmed, daemon.log, syslog, indicate eth0 driver 3c59x, so mb bcm the problem.15:00
BluesKaj_BS_, find a driver for the BCM card ...and yes it should be connected , then the driver  will auto activate since it's an ethernet card15:01
_BS_BluesKaj - right now, I just want to see both nics showing up as interfaces.15:01
_BS_OK, how to 'find a driver'?15:01
BluesKaj_BS_, I'm not sure , but "bridge-utils"  might fit your needs15:04
BluesKaj_BS_, I think the driver is already in the kernel , no need to search15:04
_BS_BluesKaj - ok, I can see how that will ultimately be useful, but it can't work with nics not apparently present. Let me reboot and see if the nic comes up now (it shouldn't), but I may not have tried since LiveCD testing. Have installed and updated since.15:11
_BS_Nope. No nic. Sees the 3com (no address as cable on other nic). Suggestions / 'find a driver'?15:20
BluesKaj_BS_, sudo lshw -C network , pastebin the output , so we can check the hardware15:21
tonymci have updated from Kubuntu PPA15:35
tonymcand now my network manager plasmoid is not working15:36
tonymcthe connection itself is OK, but the plasmoid says it's unavailable15:36
=== claire_ is now known as Canardaw
BluesKajthere seem to be plasma panel problems , tonymc , but I guess we have to live with them ...mty clock display the 12 hr format even tho it's dialog shows the AMPM format correctly15:43
tonymcat least they fixed the grid desktop issue15:44
tonymci can haz my grid desktop back15:44
_BS_BluesKaj - being called, must step afk, bbl.15:49
sorush20hi, before I resote to google desktop how do access the indexed search data, it has finished indexing... now I need to access the interface and search for something..16:27
george_Hello. Earlier today, I've updated some kde components that prompted by KPK. Now, the applet for Network is displaying wrongly, it shows the icon for a wired connection (I'm connect through wi-fi) and I can't enable wi-fi when I click on it. When I pass the mouse over it, it says "wi-fi disable by hardware". Help, please?16:57
Linkmastergeorge_: have you wired the computer, and attempted to reinstall the wireless driver?16:58
george_Linkmaster:Not at all, I"ve just powered off after the upgrade. Now, I've powered on and it's like that.17:01
LinkmasterTry that, and see what happens. I had something similar happen[in my case, my computer wouldn't connect]. If reinstalling the driver doesn't work, then we can work from there - is your wireless card proprietary, or did it 'just work'?17:03
george_Linkmaster: Proprietary (additional driver). How do I reinstall it? And if I reinstall it, is there a chance that I lost the ability to coneect?17:04
Linkmastergeorge_: Connect your computer through an ethernet connection, then go to the kmenu, go to 'applications' go to 'system' then click on 'additional drivers'. If it says a wireless driver is active, deactivate it, then reactivate it. And to answer your question, reinstalling it will simply fix it17:06
george_Linkmaster:I have no ethernet connection...17:07
Linkmastergeorge_: how did you get your wireless to work the first time?17:07
george_I HAD a ethernet connection...17:07
george_Linkmaster:I HAD a ethernet connection17:08
LinkmasterOh. Whats your wireless card?17:08
george_Linkmaster:It says Broadcom STA17:09
Linkmastergo to a terminal, and type in 'lspci' and find the section that says what your wireless card is, and tell me what it is17:09
george_Linkmaster: Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4313 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN Controller (rev 01)17:11
LinkmasterI hate broadcom wireless cards[I have one myself]17:12
LinkmasterNow, lets see how to fix it..17:12
george_Linkmaster: Ok...17:15
Linkmastergeorge_: http://www.broadcom.com/support/802.11/linux_sta.php17:17
LinkmasterThat is the source code for the driver, if you disable the driver from jockey, then install that, it _should_ work17:17
george_Linkmaster: Oh, thank you... but it's a binary (tar.gz).  I wonder if all dependencies are ok...17:20
erinaceusEvening, does some here have experience with creating KDM Themes?17:21
BluesKajerinaceus, check out www.kde-look.org17:22
Linkmastergeorge_: they should be, and if they aren't, they'll mention so in the compiling process. Make sure to read the README.txt file, to understand exactly how it works17:22
george_Linkmaster: Ok, thank you17:23
erinaceusBluesKaj: I know that u can get themes there however i'm currently trying to write my own.17:24
BluesKajnot many here write their own ...you'll be waiting for longtime if you expect help with that , but one never knows , someone might have some knowledge17:25
BluesKajgeorge_, so the regular bcm on ubuntu tutorials don't work ?17:26
erinaceusDamn thanks anyway17:26
george_BluesKaj: What?17:27
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs17:27
BluesKajgeorge_, ^17:27
alex_____Cos'è sta cosa aiutatemi! >.<17:32
Pici!it | alex_____17:32
ubottualex_____: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)17:32
BluesKajgeorge_, ?17:41
Briareos1I used to get the contact fotos displayed in the email header in kde 3 - can I activate that in KDE4 too? (kmail 1.13.6 )17:47
jmcombattHello to all! Can anybody confirm WLAN not working anymore after todays round of updates?18:10
Daskreechjmcombatt: Hello! All isn't here can we take a message?18:11
Daskreech jmcombatt: seriously though I can't confirm that18:11
DaskreechBriareos1: What do you mean?18:12
sorush20could someone help me with my problem, I've posted it on kubuntu forum http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3117874.018:12
Daskreechsorush20: did you look at the config for the calendar?18:14
sorush20Daskreech: config in kontact?18:15
jmcombatt:) oh well, the risks of running with the "kubuntu proposed" ppa18:16
sorush20Daskreech: well the config in calendar doesn't show anything relevant... what should I be looking for?18:17
Daskreechsorush20: I meant the config files in ~/.kde18:17
Daskreechjmcombatt: :-) Indeed18:17
jmcombattDaskreech: ;) at least my wired conexion is still working...half cup full18:21
sorush20Daskreech: what should I be looking for exactly? stdrc?18:21
Daskreechjmcombatt: Did you update your kernel?18:22
Daskreechsorush20: korganizer I would expect18:22
jmcombattDaskreech: Nop, just kde and other things like libsolidcontrol4abi2 and libprocessui4a18:24
sorush20Daskreech: the korganizer config file for the calendar is ics and it is giving me this error Unable to create calendar '/media/060A8B433F2B0A36/sorush4/663681941.ics'18:24
Daskreechjmcombatt: Using NM ?18:24
sorush20when I try to import it18:24
Daskreechsorush20: maybe mount that drive?18:24
Daskreechor filesystem18:24
sorush20Daskreech: its already mounted..18:25
jmcombattDaskreech: yes, all from 4.7.0-0ubuntu3~natty1~ppa518:25
Daskreechsorush20: and the file exists?18:25
sorush20Daskreech: yes18:25
Daskreechjmcombatt: I updated the other day and kdenetwork had an issue with NM being too old. It might not be in that ppa18:26
Daskreechsorush20: what happens if you open the file directly?18:26
sorush20Daskreech: ownership is root.. shoudl I chenge it to my user name? but the permission is 77718:26
Daskreechsorush20: permissions should be ok18:27
sorush20Daskreech: it dosn't get addedd to the calendar list.. and its empty..18:27
jmcombattDaskreech:  thanks for the tip, will search if  a newer version is available18:28
Daskreechsorush20: how big is the file? If you open it in Kate does it have contents?18:28
sorush20Daskreech: could be the worg file.. I found it as recent files in the korganiser config file.. it only has birthdays not the to dos18:29
=== fishwithapipe is now known as f|shy
vertago1anyone here use ppa?18:32
sorush20Daskreech: there is another file in the kde share apps korganiser.. and that is the one that has my to dos in it when I look up the file in kate.. but when I click on it I can't open it in korganiser18:33
Daskreechvertago1: yes18:33
genii-aroundvertago1: Thats a fairly vague question. Are you asking if people here have their own ppa, or if they are using the kubuntu ppa, or ppa's in general?18:33
Daskreechsorush20: You get an error?18:33
Daskreechgenii-around: regardless I think the answer is yes :)18:33
vertago1kubuntu ppa18:33
genii-aroundDaskreech: Heh18:33
vertago1I just did an update and it broke plasma-widget-networkmanager18:34
vertago1atleast for my hardware18:34
sorush20Daskreech: yes Unable to create calendar '/home/sorush2/.kde/share/apps/korganizer/std.ics'.18:34
jmcombattvertago1: We are now 2. Daskreech's tip was "I updated the other day and kdenetwork had an issue with NM being too old. It might not be in that ppa"18:35
jmichaelxvertago1: KDE would actually be a nice DE, if it were not always SO laden with bugs18:35
Daskreechsorush20: haven't played with calendars in a while. Perhaps check in #kontact18:35
jmcombattvertago1: I am currently looking18:35
jmichaelxspeaking of calendars, what in the world did they do with the calendar that you see whan you click on the clock in the panel? they have completely trashed it18:36
jmichaelxvertago1: for me, while the network manager widget in the system tray appears to be broken, i have working wireless anyways18:38
vertago1I uninstalled the kde widget and am using nm-applet to get on right now18:39
Daskreechjmichaelx: what about it?18:40
jmichaelxi was hoping that today's upgrade would fix the problem i (and a number of others) have been having with task manager icons not going away when they should.... it didn't18:40
jmichaelxDaskreech: what about what?18:40
jmichaelxDaskreech: ahh18:41
vertago1well I could try adding ppa:network-manager/ppa18:41
jmichaelxDaskreech: the calendar is now smaller, more and half or more of the pop-up window that contains it is unnecessarily consumed by some sort of information dialoge18:42
jmichaelxmore than*18:42
Daskreechjmichaelx: Hm? Screenshot?18:43
vertago1brb testing new pages18:43
jmichaelxDaskreech: i can maybe get you a screenshot, but not immediately... i just wish they had left this calendar alone18:43
Daskreechjmichaelx: ok. I dont' know I'm seeing the same thing that you are18:44
jmichaelxi also wish i'd had the wisdom to stay away from 4.7.18:44
Daskreechjmichaelx: Go ultra conservative and upgrade to 4.8 when 4.9 comes out18:44
jmichaelxit seems the KDE devs are all about glitz, while allowing significant bugs to live on and on, iteration after iteration18:45
jmichaelxDaskreech: i am tempted to operate just as you described18:45
Daskreechjmichaelx: That would be perfectly fine :)18:45
jmichaelxthings have come a LONG way since the kde 4.0 fiasco (which nearly obliterated KDE's user base), but the devs still have not much more that a loose grasp of what differentiates alpha/beta/stable software18:47
jmichaelxi love KDE, but the quality control is poor18:48
Daskreechjmichaelx: It actually grew KDE's user base but ok :)18:49
Daskreechjmichaelx: You could help out with the bugsquad18:49
jmichaelxDaskreech: i am sorry, but kde4.0 did not grow the user base... good grief18:50
vertago1ok so what is crazy is when I remove the plasma widget my eternet starts working18:50
Daskreechvertago1: probably not using NM then?18:51
jmichaelxDaskreech: i can believe that by 4.3 or so, the user base was gaining again, but large numbers of people had no choice but to leave KDE after the 4.0 release (even if it was just for a time)18:51
DaskreechI suppose18:51
jmichaelxDaskreech: yes, i should look into the bugsquad18:52
vertago1Daskreech: I can see the NetworkManger process and when I removed the plasma widget I saw dhclient get called18:52
Daskreechjmichaelx: #kde-bugs18:52
jmichaelxDaskreech: ty18:52
Daskreechvertago1: That's what I meant. KDE would then use base linux networking18:53
macoud-nli`ve installed Kubuntu over wubi18:55
jmcombattvertago1: For me ethernet is working, only wireless is not worling after the update, with plasma widget showing a "Error: Invalid state" string18:56
BluesKajI haven't used network manager since 9.04 ... I was shown the the light and the advantages of using /etc/network/interfaces and other networking tricks , and never looked back18:57
jmichaelxBluesKaj: wise man18:58
BluesKajjmichaelx, well, it's easy with ethernet ...wifi is a different story18:58
jmichaelxjmcombatt: my plasma widget also says "error: invalid state", but the wireless is actually working18:59
* BluesKaj wonders what will happen once my laptop is returned , and has kubuntu installed18:59
jmichaelxBluesKaj: yes, for me /etc/network/interfaces is fine even for wireless for machines i just use on my home network. it is a different story for a mobile device that has to connect  to a variety of wireless networks19:00
jmichaelxBluesKaj: where did you buy it?19:00
BluesKajjmcombatt, there are some plasma widget problems that strictly graphical in nature and don't seem to affect the hardware settings19:01
BluesKajjmichaelx, my laptop is currently being used by my daughter in another city til she gets settled in her new place19:04
jmichaelxBluesKaj: ahh, ok19:04
BluesKajprobly another month or so til I get to try the wifi withj kubuntu19:05
ronnocRepost to follow - any help appreciated!19:05
ronnocHello Kubuntu friends! I'm having an issue that I'm hoping you all can help out with: Running Kubuntu 10.10 with latest available kernel and updates. It seems that I have lost sound on my PC. In the terminal, alsamixer shows all is well and all volumes are up - appears to be a KDE issue as I no longer have a volume indicator at boot. It does show up eventually, but when it does clicking it does nothing. Ideas?19:05
BluesKajare you using wpa_supplicant for your wifi , jmichaelx19:06
jmcombattBluesKaj: Well, hardware is ok, it was working before the update and is still blinking and would most likely work using /etc/network/interfaces. However, the plasma widget is just nice ;)19:06
jmichaelxBluesKaj: on this machine, i had just been using kde's network manager widget... and now, even though the widget seems to be broken, my wireless is still working19:07
BluesKajjmichaelx, thank goodness for small mercies :)19:07
jmichaelxjmcombatt: the plasma widget is actually necessary for most wireless users. some KDE devs need to be smacked for releasing crap like this without testing it well19:08
jmichaelxi simply cannot believe that in the FOSS world, there cannot be some kind of new model for quality control followed19:09
jmichaelxsome projects seem to still be somewhat unaware of how serious it is to break wireless for that project's users19:10
jmcombattjmichaelx: Well, its my fault really. Running on proposed ppa is a bumpy ride, but I'm happy to help a little ;)19:11
jmichaelxjmcombatt: my network plasma widget broke, and i am not using a proposed ppa19:12
BluesKajjmichaelx, I get the feeling that this unity and gnome3 problem is drawing resources and devs from working on fixing what are considered small potatoes like plasma widgets19:12
jmichaelxBluesKaj: is this plasma widget an ubuntu project? it appears to be the same widget i am using in fedora19:13
jmichaelxBluesKaj: my impression is that this widget is done by KDE, and implemented by kubuntu19:13
BluesKajjmichaelx, dunno for sure , but suddenly I see alot of little problems that weren't ocurring before ,,,coincidence ?19:14
MannyNzwhat can be the problem, when i boot login and then nothing happens. i just see the login background - Xorg.0.log has no errors19:15
jmichaelxBluesKaj: maybe coincidence, maybe not... all i know is that with KDE, external problems like Unity/Gnome3/etc are not needed for a bunch of buggy crap to be released. they do that fine on their own... regularly19:16
jmichaelxMannyNz: did you just upgrade to 4.7?19:16
DaskreechBluesKaj: more likely the underlying structure is done by people employed to work on GNOME and Core libs and the changes they make are only tested on latest GNOME builds and not really announced before hand to the rest of the world19:17
MannyNzi upgraded yesterday to 11.04 then the window managers gut messed up and today i desinstalled everything like gnome lxde,except kde19:17
DaskreechKernel stuff is normally talked about for ages before it's put in as default. userspace is a lot more lax19:17
MannyNzthen i did a nvidia-xconfig and rebooted19:18
jmichaelxMannyNz: you might want to make sure you have 'kubuntu-desktop' installed19:18
jmichaelxMannyNz: what nvidia video adapter are you using?19:18
MannyNzaptitude says so, it is19:18
jmichaelxMannyNz: ok19:19
MannyNznvidia current is installed19:19
jmichaelxMannyNz: what specific video adapter are you using?19:19
BluesKajDaskreech, you're not implying that kde devs are given time to work as an afterthought19:19
jmichaelxBluesKaj: Daskreech: i can easily believe that kubuntu devs are at a disadvantage... but come on, why can't things like this network manager widget be tested before being sent into the wold?19:21
MannyNznvidia-173-modaliases is installed ...19:21
MannyNzor do i get your question wrong, then tell me where i can look up which adapter is used :)19:21
DaskreechBluesKaj: that is a possible problem. Telepathy and a10n work pretty closely19:21
jmichaelxMannyNz: what is the output if you enter 'lscpi | grep -i vga'?19:22
DaskreechA lot of the other projects things are discovered when they are in the repo which already has a update in gtk libraries or so on19:22
MannyNznvidia Corporation G92 [ Geforce GTS 250] reva219:23
jmichaelxi wonder if it would make a difference whether or not nvidia-xconfig were run as root19:26
jmichaelxMannyNz: can you try 'sudo nvidia-xconfig'?19:26
MannyNzit was, otherwise it didnt had permition to write ( it said so )19:26
jmichaelxok, makes sense19:26
jmichaelxMannyNz: are you able to log into the other desktop environments?19:27
MannyNzi just have kde installed, since i had a meshup of gnome, kde and lxde, what i wanted to avoid19:28
BluesKajMannyNz,  kmenu apps settings , check to see if nivdia settings shows the driver settings19:28
MannyNzhow can i do that from the konsole?19:28
BluesKajMannyNz, sorry didn't read your post properly19:31
MannyNzno problem19:31
MannyNzits weird, because it gets to the point after login, but doesnt load/show the environment, just displays the login background19:32
jmichaelxMannyNz: what is the output you get for 'aptitude show nvidia-current | grep Version'19:32
MannyNzVersion: 270.41.06-0ubuntu119:33
jmichaelxMannyNz: i *think* that could be your problem19:35
MannyNzthe wrong version?19:36
jmichaelxi am still checking on that19:36
MannyNzokay thanks alot sticking with me... never thought that upgrading to 11.04 causes me that much trouble :/19:36
vertago1Daskreech: I tracked the packages down to kubuntu backports, how hard it is it to revert all the packages you get from a particular repo?19:37
jmichaelxMannyNz: unfortunately, it does appear you have the correct version19:37
Daskreechvertago1: Umm i'd just disable the repo remove them then reinstall kubuntu-desktop or the packages themselves19:37
MannyNzoh damnit that not so good then19:38
jmichaelxMannyNz: i will be leaving soon... could you pastebin the contents of your /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?19:40
MannyNzyeah hold on a sec19:40
jmichaelxok, i am not seeing a "Module" section, telling it to load glx19:42
jmichaelxcan anyone else tell us whether or not that is significant?19:42
MannyNzi just used the backup from before the distri-upgrade with the result of a black screen and a curser in from of a X ... so the old one doesnt work either19:43
BluesKajMannyNz, glxinfo 3d in the terminal19:43
BluesKajor tty19:44
MannyNzunable to open display19:44
vertago1I found out a way to do it witout removing the packages: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=43263619:44
jmichaelxMannyNz: my xorg.conf looks very abbreviated when compared to yours: http://paste.ubuntu.com/661369/19:46
MannyNzi used the failsafe xorg.conf resulting in an error: "Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)19:47
jmichaelxMannyNz: you might try backing up your xorg.conf, and trying it with mine19:48
MannyNzyeah hold on19:48
jmichaelxMannyNz: how did you do your upgarde to 11.04?19:48
* BluesKaj thinks the default nouveau bug is at work here19:51
MannyNzweill your xorg.conf doesnt work either. same thing as with my old one .. black scree.19:51
jmichaelxBluesKaj: what is the story with that bug?19:51
MannyNzi used that systemupdater thing (grafical interface)19:52
BluesKajdoesn't matter about xorg.conf , it's being ignored by the look of nvidia not found19:52
MannyNzupdate manager its called19:52
jmichaelxBluesKaj: is there a workaround?19:53
BluesKajjmichaelx, sometimes the nomodeset after quiet splash in /etc/default/grub will work19:54
BluesKaj"quietspalsh nomodeset" then save and update grub19:55
BluesKajoops "quiet splash nomodeset"19:56
MannyNzdo you mean the entry: GRUB_CMDLINE_LNUX_DEFAULT="quet splash"19:56
BluesKajyes MannyNz , that's it19:56
jmichaelxMannyNz: yes, but you should check the spelling19:56
MannyNzokay am rebooting right now19:56
BluesKajMannyNz, and make sure you sudo update-grub19:57
MannyNzoki getting to the interesting part19:58
MannyNznothing changed19:59
MannyNzafter logging in it stays at the background picture of the login20:00
BluesKajsudo update-grub ?20:00
MannyNzdid that20:00
MannyNzit ran through and listed some header versions then finished and i rebooted20:01
MannyNzglxinfo still says: unable to open display20:01
BluesKajMannyNz, ok back to the tty , sudo apt-get install --reinstall nvidia-current20:02
MannyNzwell it doesnt list the nvidia-current, saying its an illegal command20:03
BluesKajMannyNz, then nvidia-xconfig20:03
MannyNzsry my mistake20:04
MannyNzmissed the install before the --reinsall20:04
BluesKajyes the config file has to be removed and reconfigured20:05
MannyNzit installs again that 270.41.06 version20:06
MannyNzokay now i got an error with "nvidia-xconfig": Validation Error: data incomplete in file /etc/X11.xorg.conf. Undefined Device "(null9" referenced by Screen "Default Screen".20:07
MannyNzwhen i ran the command a second time the error dint show up anymore20:08
BluesKajdid ti create new xconfig tho ?20:08
BluesKajMannyNz, that's probly the right driver for your card , nvidia-current is the current driver that works with your card , hence not all nvidia-current drivers are the same20:08
MannyNzbut when i do "startx" now i get the black screen again20:09
MannyNzis it a problem that i have connected two screens for creating the xorg conf?20:09
MannyNzThat is the current: http://paste.ubuntu.com/661392/ and that the one from before the dist-upgrade: http://paste.ubuntu.com/661393/20:12
MannyNzneither of them work tho20:12
asranielhi. my gf had a problem where during a update everything broke. i could fix that. but now the wireless is broken. i can't activate it20:15
MannyNzi think i have to do, what i tried to avoid and reinstall kubuntu again :(20:18
BluesKajMannyNz, there is the new 280.13 in a ppa , sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa20:23
systemclientmy kubuntu with proprietary nvidia just froze, music stopped playing also20:23
systemclienthow can I recover (I have files open …)20:23
MannyNzokay ill try it20:23
systemclientis there some log file that might help debugging this?20:24
BluesKajMannyNz, then update , and install nvidia-current , then reboot20:24
systemclientXorg is running in a frenzy …20:25
MannyNzokay its downloading, taking a bit of time20:25
BluesKajsyt yes /var/log20:26
BluesKajsystemclient, ^20:26
systemclientwhich one of them?20:27
systemclientthe xorg log?20:27
BluesKajdepends what froze your system look at the apps you have open on top , what were you working on when it froze?20:28
MannyNzreboot, and same thing, i login and then nothing more happens20:31
MannyNzshould i do nvidia-xconfig again?20:31
BluesKajyes MannyNz20:32
MannyNznow startx just gives me a black scree20:34
MannyNzhaving the cross-cursor and thats all20:34
ryan__MannyNz, is this after you log out?20:35
MannyNzafter i log in20:36
MannyNzfrom tty1 i do "startx"20:36
MannyNzthen i have a black screen and the cursor and nothing elese20:36
ryan__idk then sorry20:36
BluesKajryan__, he just installed the 280.13 nvidia driver xorgedgers , cuz nothing else seems to be working for him20:37
MannyNzwhen i do "sudo start kdm" i get to the login screen, but also stay there after entering my password and hit enter20:37
BluesKajMannyNz, look in the the menu at the login and see if you can't get on in "safemode' or whatever that is called20:39
ryan__so ur only booting promtp/dos right now?20:39
ryan__I was going to say...20:40
ryan__although extreme20:40
ryan__u can force quit ur computer half way through boot..20:41
MannyNzoki hold on20:41
ryan__then turn it on it will go directly to safe mode20:41
ryan__then boot in x20:42
MannyNzchanged that timer in grub and enterd failsafe mode now20:45
MannyNzor what it is called :)20:45
BluesKajfailsafe sounds good to me :)20:45
MannyNzokay i can choose now betweed: resume, clean, dpkg, failsafeX, fsck and grub20:46
MannyNzfailsaifeX ?20:46
BluesKajtry it , yeah20:46
MannyNzokay lets c what happens20:47
MannyNzwell i get thrown back to the same menu20:47
ryan__u want to start in low resx mode20:52
ryan__can't remember the name20:52
ryan__probably failsafe20:53
MannyNzyeah its called failsafeX20:53
ryan__it will run default xorg vid frive20:53
MannyNzwhen i hit that option it waits a bit and then i get thrown back to the menu with the option20:53
ryan__did u try the trouble shoot option?20:54
MannyNzdont know what u mean with that, but i entered the failsafe mode and then chose the option failsafeX20:54
MannyNzand as it seems that one doesnt work as well ... but as u said it should use the defauld vid drivers ... dont know why it doesnt work20:55
ryan__sorry it's been a while since i last did this20:55
LinkmasterI'm having difficulty connecting an external to my computer; I get an odd error message, and it won't mount20:55
ryan__there is an option that will run a few tests20:55
MannyNzæ ryan__: no prob ... thats the way it should be .. dont like that to happen on a regular base20:55
Linkmaster"An error occurred while accessing 'BACK-UP blue-light Simple Drive', the system responded: An unspecified error has occurred.: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken."20:56
MannyNzthere is dpkg which tries to fix broken packages, clean that tries to free some memory... grup ...20:56
ryan__linkmaster, sounds like ur trying to mount a locked drive20:56
Linkmasterryan__: thats similar to what I thought, but theres no ability to lock/unlock it20:57
ryan__I found a virus that locks hdd's20:58
ryan__I am working on one no20:58
ryan__it is the old style hdd with pins20:59
Linkmastera virus?? would it cause the drive to disconnect every 10 seconds or so? Because this was on my moms windows computer originally, and I'm attempting to fix it20:59
ryan__can u access it at all in windows?20:59
ryan__like when u are running it?21:00
Linkmasteryes, but once you attempt a file transfer, it coughs and disconnects. I can see the drive in linux, but when I attempt to mount it via dolphin, it gives that error21:00
ryan__u have a bad head I think21:01
Linkmastercrapppp.....any way to fix it?21:01
ryan__sounds to me like ur drive is almost toast21:01
ryan__not really, unless u know how to find another dead drive with a good head and can dismantle it to replace it21:02
ryan__try one thing for me21:02
ryan__install gnome disk utility21:02
ryan__it works on kubuntu as well21:03
MannyNzchanging a head on ones own ... doenst that screw up the drive normally ?21:03
ryan__I have done it b421:03
ryan__it is hard21:03
MannyNzjesus ... id mess it up with bringing in dust XD21:03
ryan__how is ur fix coming?21:04
MannyNzhmm not really: im in the recovery mode and yeah cant run the failsafeX21:04
ryan__did u try rthe dpkg?21:04
MannyNzi can give that a shot hold on21:05
ryan__hmm... there was a way in fail safe to troubleshoot...21:05
Linkmasterryan__: I installed and pulled up Disk Utility. I'm going to turn on my drive, and see what happens21:05
ryan__then it brought u to a different set of options21:05
LinkmasterOkay, the drive is showing up. What should I do next?21:05
MannyNzis it mounted21:06
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
ryan__linkmaster... yea plug in drive, turn on disk   utility, click the driver u are looking at21:06
ryan__click smart data21:07
LinkmasterI see a big red "Disk failure is imminent" right above smart data21:07
ryan__make sure ur on the right drive21:07
ryan__dead hdd21:07
ryan__its lost my friend21:07
Linkmasterall but two things are green though21:07
ryan__don't matter21:08
ryan__the head cant read the initial..21:08
MannyNzyeah have one of those too ... it alwas made funny noises and when i looked at the smart values more and more sectors got reallocated21:08
ryan__it won't boot under any cercomstance now21:08
Linkmaster'reallocated sector count" and "current pending sector count" are red21:08
seawingdoes anyone know why the wireless tab in a new kubuntu 11.04 install is greyed out? (mobile broadband tab too)21:08
MannyNzlinkmaster, is there some really important data on it21:09
LinkmasterMy moms businees21:09
ryan__it is grey'd out when u don't have a driver installed21:09
MannyNz@ link any backups21:10
LinkmasterI have a drive identical to it. Should I swap out the harddrives in them so I can recover the information in it?21:11
LinkmasterMannyNz: I think, but she needs the information off of this one...she's not the most organized person concerning computers21:11
MannyNzafaik is the information on the hd so swapping wouldnt do the job21:11
MannyNzthe only way to get the data is to open up the HD, but dont do that on your own, unless ur an expert21:12
* Linkmaster isn't an expert, but he's good at doing things21:13
MannyNztherefore consider what the data is worth and if it is there are companies/persons ... who save the data for you, but its real expensive21:13
LinkmasterIts a massive drive, and has screws holding the casing together. Let me pop it apart21:13
MannyNzlike i said unless u know what ur doing dont open it up21:14
LinkmasterI've dismantled my netbook and conducted repairs on it :P21:15
MannyNztalk to your mom and ask her if its worth rescuing the data by a professional21:15
MannyNztaking a laptop apart isnt the same then taking a HD apart21:15
Linkmasterwant me to get some pictures of it?21:16
MannyNzi took my laptop apart twice and it still worked afterwards, but personally i wouldn't open up a HD unless i dont want to use it anymore and want to play with the disk and scratch it21:16
seawingthanks ryan,  I will look for the driver21:16
LinkmasterI just took off the top. It has a lot of circuit boards on it, more than a regular HD...Hm. :l21:17
* Linkmaster puts the casing back on21:17
* gomiboy opened a HD once... to turn it into an ashtray :D21:17
MannyNzso you watched the ash spin around then :)21:18
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ryan__seawing, broadcom ?21:19
ryan__what type of computer?21:19
=== Foxy6 is now known as Nexus6
MannyNzwb ryan__21:20
seawinglenovo c20021:20
ryan__hmm..  have u tries "search for missing drivers" option yet?21:21
ryan__if u know its a broad com... go to the kpackage and install "b43"  and if that don't work typ in broad and install those...  b43 first though21:22
seawingsorry, duh, I will do that right now.21:22
MannyNz@ ryan__: ah now the failsafeX says: error: screens found, but none have usable configuration21:22
MannyNzwhen i run "sudo X -configure" it says Failed to load modle "vmware" and later: Number of created screens does nto match number of detected devices. Configuration failed.21:23
seawingit says the broadcom STA is already installed and active21:24
sstoveldhey guys, i'm having an issue with my scroll button on my laptop, anyone able to help?21:26
seawingor firmware-b43-installer21:26
* MannyNz burns a 11.04 live cd now :/21:26
ryan__the b4321:26
ryan__let me look21:26
ryan__yes fcutter21:27
MannyNz@ ryan__: i do a clean install now of 11.04, since i dont want to waste anymore of your time, but thanks alot for sticking with me and trying to help21:28
ryan__ur welcome21:28
ryan__any time21:29
ryan__no more installing vid drivers21:29
MannyNzfortunately in linux one can separate os and the home data :)21:29
ryan__if it don't show up on ur "Missing software search"  it probably isn't good for ur computer21:30
MannyNzbut i stil wonder why the distri upgrad mad so much trouble this time ay21:30
seawingryan, do I need to reboot ?21:30
ryan__u upgraded from 10 10?21:30
ryan__u may need a reboot21:30
ryan__ok manny21:30
seawingthanks, cya.21:31
ryan__ the transision between unity in ubuntu also affected kubuntu21:31
ryan__so this upgrade even for ubuntu sucked very badly21:31
MannyNzyeah tho the upgrade on my dads laptop (32 bit ) worked fluently21:31
ryan__fresh install is the only way21:31
MannyNzbut yeah ... clean install, linking home and hope to be happy then21:31
ryan__some computers aren't compatable21:32
ryan__so it it don't work on the install21:32
ryan__u wil need to stay with 10 10 till the next major release then try again21:32
MannyNzill give it a try with the clean install21:32
ryan__sounds good21:33
ryan__see u later21:33
MannyNzotherwise back to 10.10 :)21:33
ryan__ yea21:33
MannyNzat least i tried that during term break21:33
MannyNzkk cu21:33
sstoveldhaving an issue with my scroll button on my laptop, anyone got some time to help?21:33
Daskreechryan__: can You get back here if the GUI fails?21:33
MannyNz@ sstoveld: time yes, knowledge no. since its probably some driver issue (my opinion)21:34
ryan__not really... unless u have a back up and the knowlege to revert21:34
sstoveld@MannyNz ah, yeah it's strange, it was working perfectly on ubuntu before the 11.04 upgrade, worked fine 10.10, now 11.04 it only scrolls once when i hold down the button, instead of keep on scrolling21:35
ryan__daskreech, u can try it live though.. f ur vid driver isn't compatible it just won't completely boot21:36
Daskreechryan__: I guess that's a solution21:36
MannyNz@ sstoveld: like i said i lack the knowledge to go deep in on driver issues with linux, im still new to it myself and spent way to less time in getting known to it better21:38
sstoveld@MannyNz yeah i understand, thanks21:39
MannyNzyou could try a 10.10 live cd and see if it works to exclude hardware failure21:39
sstoveldwell it still works on my xp partition, and it does scroll, just doesn't continuously scroll when i hold it down21:40
MannyNzokay that should exclude a HD failure then :)21:41
sstoveldso i don't think it's hardware failure, but it probably does sound like a driver issue21:41
MannyNzso the movement isnt fluently?21:41
sstoveldcorrect, when hold it to scroll down, it will scroll down once, instead of a fluent scroll21:41
MannyNzhmm it also might be some settings21:42
MannyNzhave u tried to play around with scrolling settings (system->something ... cant remember)21:42
sstoveldyeah, i didn't see any options in the touchpad settings for my issue, only for edge scrolling among other things21:44
MannyNzhmm then im really out of ideas :|21:45
sstoveldyeah im at a loss as well lol, wonder why it stopped working with 11.0421:45
seawingryan, I installed b43 and rebooted and no change so I installed broadcom-sta-common and no joy yet.  any other ideas?21:47
MannyNzseawing: what laptop is it? acer ?21:48
seawinglenovo c20021:49
seawingthis all worked in 10.1021:49
MannyNzhmm kay, my dads laptop isn acer and uses the b34 as well afaik21:49
MannyNz*smile* all things worked in 10.10 XD21:49
seawingactually, new development. I plugged in an old netgeat pci card and now the wireless tab in active21:50
MannyNz\me is afk now21:53
seawingand the netgear card seems to work.  funny thing is that when I upgraded to 10.10 I didn't have to use the pci card anymore.21:53
seawingarrrg.  it can see the network with the netgear card but it is not accepting the WPA password or something.  I am going to try shutting off security I guess and see if that works.22:05
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ItBlendshow do I make krunner not transparent?22:49
tonymcgo to system settings22:58
tonymcthen to workspace appearance22:58
tonymcthen desktop theme22:58
tonymcand then go to the advanced tab22:58
tonymcand change krunner theme to something not transparent22:58
tonymci really like the caledonia style22:59
tonymcon all my plasma23:00
tonymcclean and simple23:00
ItBlendstonymc, thank you23:00
tonymcand not transparent :-)23:00
Roeyhey tonymc,23:27
Roeythere were new packages (ppa5, previous I had was ppa3)... what's new with them?23:27
RoeyKDE workspace packages23:27
Roeyand others23:27
Roeyit's not from upstream, right?23:27
tonymcnetwork manager breaks23:27
tonymcit sorta is23:27
tonymcif you're talking Kubuntu backports PPA23:28
tonymcwell, network manager itself is fine23:28
Roeywell yes since I'm on kde 4.7 in Natty23:28
Roeyso I am using them backports yes23:28
tonymcbut the wifi integration... well, it broke for me23:28
tonymcwifi works fine but i can't do anything23:28
tonymclike select a new connection etc.23:28
Roeydoes it finally let you save it as a system setting so that it starts up independently of you logging in now?23:28
Roeythe [x] System  checkbox has been grayed out as far as I can remember.23:29
tonymcon a brighter side, they fixed GridDesktop23:29
tonymctext-to-speech also seems to be fixed now23:29
Roeyoh what was wrong with it?23:29
tonymcit crashed plasma23:29
Roey(with Grid)23:29
Roeygrid did? uh-oh... ok23:29
tonymcyep, what a pleasant surprise on a brand new 4.7.0 release23:29
tonymcand yes, it was KDE problem, not packaging23:30
Roeycrap I need to restart KDE then .23:30
tonymcwhat you mean?23:30
RoeyI hope this stupid bug I showed you yesterday got fixed23:30
Roeywill  be fixed before the next relesae.23:30
Roeytonymc:  oh, I installed it today from work remotely23:30
Roeybut I need to refresh KDE to get the changes to take.23:30
tonymcwell if you don't have grid desktop23:30
tonymcyou have nothing to worry about23:31
tonymcit's a shame network manager plasmoid broke23:31
tonymcotherwise KDE is almost perfect for me now23:31
Roeyoh, tile desktop?23:43
Roeyfor me there is this persistent error since kde 4.whenever.  I have two rows of virtual desktops, and sliding goes in the wrong direction.  There's a bug for this but I have no idea if it's being addressed.23:44
Roeyas of kde 4.7 it's still present23:44
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