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danilosgmb, hey, welcome back :)08:49
* gmb returns11:17
danilosgmb, welcome back-back :)11:24
gmbdanilos: Thank you^211:24
bacgmb: good vacation modulo dentristry?11:39
gmbbac: Yes, thanks, it was fantastic.11:40
* danilos -> food11:41
gary_posterwelcome back gmb!11:47
gmbThanks gary_poster :)11:47
gary_postergreat trip?11:47
gary_posterhey benji :-) hope you had a good weekend.  Carl said he put the new version of python-keyring in Debian.  What do I do to get it uploaded into Oneiric?  Do I Just file a bug against Ubuntu?12:19
benjigary_poster: that I don't know, Leonard did that bit; I'm sure Barry would know12:20
gary_posterack ok thanks benji12:20
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gary_posterWarning: we have guests in the house, and my office is the guest room, and I forgot to get my headset out of the room, and the guest is still in bed, so I may need to postpone the call until he gets up12:23
danilosgary_poster, heh12:25
danilosgary_poster, btw, I've updated counts on https://dev.launchpad.net/MaintenanceRotationSchedule for most things (didn't get to registry review and project review), but I wonder if we should continue to keep them updated considering the graphs we have available?12:26
gary_posterdanilos, congrats on landing the lp2kanban12:27
danilosgary_poster, thanks12:27
gary_posterwe should get bac or gmb to run, or did you already?12:27
bacnot me12:27
* bac adds CHR reminders for the week12:27
gary_posterdanilos, looking at graphs12:27
danilosgary_poster, I'd be happy for either of them to try setting it up12:27
gary_posterdanilos, so you updated the start but didn't change the stop?  (my intent was that we move the previous week into the "??" columns.  But maybe we can delete, yeah...still looking12:29
danilosgary_poster, oh, I can go back and fix that if you decide to want me to12:30
gary_posterdanilos, yeah we can drop I think12:34
gary_posterdanilos bac gmb, do any of you happen to know how I can request Ubuntu to upgrade the python-keyring package in Oneiric to the newesy Sid version (as of this weekend)?  Do I just file a bug against Ubuntu?  (barry is not online for me to ask him, as benji suggested)12:35
gmbgary_poster: Not a clue, sorry12:35
bacgary_poster: i'd ask pitti12:35
gary_posterbac, ask pitti to do it, or how to do it?12:36
bacgary_poster: i think you need to get a MOTU to upload the new package.12:36
bacgary_poster: ask pitti the latter and he12:36
gary_postermight be able to do it himself12:36
bacwill probably tell you who to get to do the former12:36
gary_posterok cool12:36
gary_posterthank you12:36
gary_posterbac benji danilos gmb, I think let's just have our skype call in 2 and hope that we don't have much echo without a headset.  Skype seems to often do ok like that.12:38
gmbgary_poster: Are we due to have a call now?12:38
gmbAs in, standup?12:38
gary_postergmb, sorry, I gave the "warning" earlier but didn't ping anybody: "we have guests in the house, and my office is the guest room, and I forgot to get my headset out of the room, and the guest is still in bed, so I may need to postpone the call until he gets up"12:39
gary_posterso option b is "we just do this without a headset"12:40
gmbgary_poster: Completely missed, sorry.12:40
gary_posternp :-)12:40
gary_posterbenji, when you get a chance, https://code.launchpad.net/~gary/launchpad/bug821531/+merge/7073813:11
gary_posterplease :-)13:11
gary_posterthank you13:13
benjigary_poster: I'm done with https://code.launchpad.net/~gary/launchpad/bug821531/+merge/7073813:33
gary_postercool, thanks benji.  good naming ideas, I'll do 'em.  "Line 130 of the diff: JavaScript has warped your brain, you're missing a comma on the last element of "mapping"."  :-) That's not required nor caught by our linter, though, so I'm surprised it's worth calling out (though it's easy enough and I'll do it).  Do you really care about this (out of curiosity)?13:37
benjigary_poster: I think it's better to have the comma than not because it makes editing the code easier later, but I'm not going to get bent out of shape over it.13:39
benjiit's just somethign I noticed, a reply like "tough cookies, I like it better that way" works for me ;)13:39
gary_posterbenji, ok cool.  heh, I do like short dicts better without trailing commas, but eh.  I see where you are coming from and generally try to follow what the reviewer suggests unless I can't stand it. ;-)13:42
gary_posterOn a completely unrelated but somewhat aghast note, I've been telling people about how they can pass an IResult as a response and have it handled properly by Zope.  However, that depends on the server calling consumeBodyIter--and instead, this is in eggs/zope.server-3.6.1-py2.6.egg/zope/server/http/publisherhttpserver.py:13:42
gary_poster        def application(environ, start_response):13:42
gary_poster            request = request_factory(environ['wsgi.input'], environ)13:42
gary_poster            request = publish(request)13:42
gary_poster            response = request.response13:42
gary_poster            start_response(response.getStatusString(), response.getHeaders())13:42
gary_poster            return response.consumeBody()13:42
gary_posterwhere consumeBody is {{{return ''.join(self._result)}}}13:42
gary_posterso that whole IResult thing is broken AFAICT13:43
gary_posterthis is why people (we) should not be using a barely maintained gigantic framework.  barely maintained small framework is fine (pyramid?).  well maintained gigantic framwork is workable (Django, Z2 back in the day, Z3 maybe when ZC and Stephan and Philip and so on were actually kicking tires publicly).13:44
gary_postergigantic framework with few users doesn't have enough eyes per loc13:44
benjiyeah, I thought that would work too13:44
benjiI think you're right about the big/active, small/inactive framework thing.13:45
bacgary_poster: i'm back14:43
gary_posterbac, thanks.  (/me nominally refrains from bac/back joke)14:44
* gary_poster postponing CHR just long enough to finish large-ish review response15:03
gary_posterbenji, changes for your suggestions/requests are 582 lines. ;-) I think I may need a re-review.  You game?  https://code.launchpad.net/~gary/launchpad/bug821531/+merge/70738 (total is still < 800 loc)15:28
benjigary_poster: sure, looking now15:29
gary_posterthank you15:30
gary_posterhm, CHR now15:31
gary_posterdanilo, you still around?  was going to try and change our Thursday call time the way we discussed15:35
gary_postersorry, danilos15:35
benjigary_poster: ok, done; I did notice one small thing that we probably don't care about15:39
gary_posterbenji, actually that's not quite the behavior (and there are tests for the actual behavior, and help text).  log == callgrind (legacy behavior); log,pstats == pstats ("log" is ambiguous, and "pstats" is explicit); callgrind,pstats == callgrind + a warning about how we ignored the pstats request and they should make it separately.  Actually, I don't have a test for the second case, now that I think about it; I'll ad15:44
benjiright, I was focusing on the log,pstats case; I shouldn't have muddied the watters by mentioning the third; I'm glad to see it was intentional ;)15:45
gary_posterheh, ok15:46
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gmbI wonder why I assigned myself to bug 110195 last month and then unassigned myself... Why didn't I tell myself in a comment, you know, like a normal person?16:26
_mup_Bug #110195: Nominating a bug for a distro release affects all package tasks for that distro <lp-bugs> <motu> <oops> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/110195 >16:26
benjiTime to make the donuts.19:00
benjiwow, CHR in 10 minutes19:10
* bac CHRs. so ten minutes is the time to beat?20:00
* gary_poster had to work an hour on it20:14
gary_posterprojects were the big backlog for me20:14
gary_posterlooked like orange had not done much on them20:15
* bac finishes CHR in 29 minutes.20:29
gary_posterbenji, I had my first "LP guesses my bug number from my branch" moment in the wild today--very nice. :-)  Also, though, could I get your help?  I need to verify that the new keyring actually works with Gnome and LP.  I don't have a UI environment fully set up yet (hasn't been a priority :-/) so could you give it a whirl?20:35
gary_posterYou would need to update some tree with lp:~gary/launchpad/bug752282 and update your download-cache, run bin/buildout, and do something to verify the keyring is working for you in Gnome (you would know much better than I what that would be :-) )20:35
benjigary_poster: 1) cool, 2) sure20:36
gary_posterbenji, thank you.  fwiw, that can constitute more than your fair share of a review of that branch https://code.launchpad.net/~gary/launchpad/bug752282/+merge/70787 .20:37
benjigary_poster: hmm, I don't think I can help you the way you originally intended; I only have LP running on a VM with no GUI20:40
benjiI can test that keyring itself is doing the right things though.20:40
gary_posterbenji, oh, ok.  Yeah, that sounds like a reasonable plan.  I can tell that it doesn't blow the text ui up. ;-)20:41
benjigary_poster: wait, I'm confused; I thought this was about running in a non-GUI environment.  Do you want me to test with Gnome just to be sure it all still works?20:41
gary_posterbenji, yeah I need a GUI20:42
gary_posterI need Gnome20:42
benjigotcha, looking now20:43
gary_posterbenji, this is to verify for Oneiric that it is ok20:43
benjigary_poster: I'm getting an odd error building keyring: http://paste.ubuntu.com/661416/20:48
gary_posterack benji.  that's on a fresh install?  I did it on an existing branch.  lemme try to dupe.20:49
benjigary_poster: yep, fresh checkout (well, "clone")20:50
* gary_poster tries20:50
gary_posterbenji, worked fine for me after a make clean.  I'll try again with a *really* fresh checkout :-)20:51
benjiit may be that I have to use a system python (way, way too many things to set up to get gnome to work any other way)20:51
gary_posteroh, benji, that's not building LP is it20:51
benjigary_poster: nope, keyring20:52
gary_posterbenji, so this is from a checkout?20:52
gary_posterok lemme try that20:52
gary_posterwfm before, of course20:52
gary_posterand for you I assume since you made the eggs20:53
gary_posterbenji, give me repo to clone again please?20:54
benjigary_poster: ssh://hg@bitbucket.org/kang/python-keyring-lib20:55
gary_posterthank you20:55
gary_posterbenji, wfm.  I used a clean Python, was I not supposed to do that?20:57
benjiclean is good for dev, but for testing gnome you have to go system20:58
* gary_poster has fun with relacements20:58
gary_posterbenji, so you got the failure with a system Python?20:58
gary_posteroh ok20:58
gary_posterI think I had a failure with that too benji, and thought you had set things up to work with a clean Python20:59
gary_posterso did that20:59
gary_posterit builds for barry, and for Debian dude, as far as the deb stuff is concerned20:59
benjiat some point both (clean and system) worked20:59
gary_posterI'll try system Python, but I'm not sure what to do about it.  oh here's an idea benji20:59
gary_posterbenji, ppa:barry/python has build21:00
gary_postermaybe only oneiric; looking21:00
gary_posteronly oneiric :-/21:02
gary_posterbenji, you can build with a clean python, then build with a system python.  I might be able to figure out a zc.buildout 1.5.2 system python approach of excluding something or other but since we need system Python packages we can't be blanket about it.21:05
gary_posteractually benji, nm; it works for me even with system python and completely clean, so I dunno what's going on21:07
gary_poster(I mean, building eggs)21:07
benjiI got the same error.21:07
gary_posterok benji.  Here's hoping it works then.  I'll ask danilo to look at it tomorrow morning21:07
gary_posterthank you benji and sorry for the annoyance21:08
benjino problem21:08
gary_posternight all21:12

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