Numnlol its listed in the faqs. but i need to have the meta package to upgrade*update lubuntu?00:00
KM0201Numn: i update ubuntu all the time, and i don't have that package00:01
Unit193I had it at one point ;)00:01
Numnok go down to the meta package thing in the faqs its told there :S00:02
KM0201Unit193: how iss it you enable ctrl alt backspace00:03
KM0201i thought that was in the faq (i remember it there)00:03
NumnKM0201: in the ubuntu it aws00:04
Unit193KM0201: nano .config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml00:04
KM0201Unit193: yeah, but i'm trying to remember the command00:06
KM0201figured it out.00:10
Numnhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommonQuestions#Meta-packages: ubuntu-desktop00:10
Unit193KM0201: protip: Search, then ask00:10
KM0201Unit193: i didn't find it w/ a search00:11
KM0201i just finally remembered the file to edit.. a search didn't turn it up00:11
Unit193Heh, http://paste.ubuntu.com/660787/  (That's after sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop --no-install-recommends -s |pastebinit )00:15
KM0201i think i figured out my problem.. when I set up my disks as Raid1 in the webUI(including formatting them of course)... it's not actually doing anything to the disks.. .i booted a parted magic live CD and looked at the partitions, and the drives that should be i nthe Raid, are still listed as unallocated.07:11
KM0201wrong channel07:11
whatthefunkhi everyone08:10
whatthefunki have a question about icons08:10
bioterror!ask | whatthefunk08:11
ubot5whatthefunk: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:11
whatthefunki can change the icon on the panel, desktop, or menu, but no matter what i do i cant get the icon in the left hand corner of the open window to change08:11
whatthefunkthe icon also wont change in the task bar in the panel08:11
whatthefunkso...is there anyway to get the icon in the open window to chage?08:16
bioterrorI've never not that much care what the icon looks like in titlebar08:29
bioterrorthat was a good sentence08:29
whatthefunkit just seems weird that when you change an ion, its not system wide08:33
DeadEndI have windows version of firefox running in wine, it has 8 separate flash games running open in separate windows , load average is after hour 0.06, 0.03, 0.05,...............   0.12 the highest it gone.... unbelievable ...in fact I really dont believe those stats compared to Ubuntu which runs the same task at 1.50 odd most times10:47
bioterroryou have too much time ;)10:47
DeadEndI play flash games for a livin, not enough time is my problem,10:51
bioterrorprobably poker? :)10:51
DeadEndhate the game10:52
bioterrornext level is moving to stocks10:52
DeadEndWell for sure but I only play the free games so no risk :)10:53
DeadEndI use a mouse recorder to buy tkts so I can play 24/710:54
DeadEndmake a small amount each day on each site it soon adds up10:54
DeadEndThinking of forking lubuntu into  BingOS, a distro dedicated to the world of online Bingo with all the tools to make a small fortune11:00
morrimi laptop just crashed :p11:10
morrifrom the couch to the floor but it didnt seem to harm it xD11:10
DeadEndAnother advantage to running a light distro ?11:12
Numnsomeone got same as me.. everytime i start computer i need to write my password for the wireless all the time13:18
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KM0201no, i auto logon no problem.13:29
KM0201Numn: try this... right click on your networking applet, and choose "edit connections"13:30
Numnok, how do i do that.. i thought it would do it then i typed for the first time :S13:30
KM0201Numn: then, on the first tab "wired".. highlight your wired connection (probably eth0, maybe eth1)13:30
KM0201after you highlight your wired connection, click "Edit"13:30
KM0201then at the top, uncheck "connect automatically"13:31
Numnok thx13:31
KM0201one thing i've found (with all *buntus) is if you have a wired connection like this... it always looks for wired for like 5min, before it looks for wireless13:31
KM0201Numn: not quite done13:31
KM0201save that, then go to the wireless tab.13:31
KM0201and choose your wireless network, then choose "connect automatically"13:32
KM0201you'll get disconnected when you save it, then you should reconnect automatically13:32
KM0201when that's done, try restarting, and see if it signs you on auto.13:32
Numnyes its already their. but everytime i make changes i get the same defualt again13:32
KM0201is your wireless network set to connect automatically?13:33
KM0201are you getting asked for your network password, or your keyring password?13:35
Numnoh it working now :)13:36
Numnthx for the help :)13:36
KM0201what was the problem13:39
Numnkeyring i think :P13:40
KM0201well keyring, and network password, is a big difference13:51
KM0201the keyring is getting asked, because you're likely set to "auto login".13:51
morriand also because when you were asked to rpovide a password for the keyring you put in a password instead of leaving it blank13:59
KM0201morri: exactly. :) i always leave mine blank14:11
morriyea me too14:12
KM0201my point was, he's asking about a network password, when he's actualy entering his keyring password... Asking Questions 101.. rule 1.. ask the proper question.. :)14:12
morrithats also true..14:12
amadeoSo I have bluetooth on my laptop and I'm trying to connect to my headset. my issue is that some programs play sound but others(java based programs) will not play sound through the headset. any ideas onto what it may be15:29
amadeobut the same java software work on my other laptop that is running ubuntu15:30
pip__anybody having a problem getting 11.10 alpha installs to boot?15:50
KM0201pip__:  is itfreezing at "bluetooth"15:52
pip__yeah thats the one15:52
pip__I am able to open a terminal with ctr+alt+f115:55
pip__so I guess technically it's not a freeze, but I can't get a GUI15:58
pip__ttfn guys16:19
GuestnnnNeed help with minimal install. Which package should I use the first option is Basic Ubuntu Server. I tried this but the computer will not boot up. Lubuntu is not an option.16:56
bioterrorI did not get your question17:01
GuestnnnThe question is do I have to install another verison of ubuntu or xbuntu then install lubuntu from terminal?17:03
bioterroryou can install lubuntu with command: sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop --no-install-recommends17:05
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silverarrowanyone who can operate a mac?19:00
silverarrowI am trying to burn iso in mac, and have trouble19:01
silverarrowI am trying to burn lubuntu and some kind of disk check tool19:01
silverarrowany mac-linux people here?19:02
bioterroryou can burn it with that mac's disc thingie19:03
silverarrowthat is where I am at a loss lol19:04
bioterrorhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto#Mac OS X19:04
silverarrowI am sitting here with my fathers new mac, and it is the only machine here working properly19:05
silverarrowI am here watering plants, while everyone are away19:05
silverarrowI shall be without a burner for several days, the mac is it19:07
silverarrowanyone who can help with  grub failure ?22:46
silverarrowupdate totally messed with the newly installed os22:47
silverarrowI am quite shore it is grub trouble@22:47
silverarrowanyone by the computer+22:48

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