thewrathhey all!00:46
philipballewhas anyone ever seen their computer unable to fully shutdown?03:17
IAmNotThatGuyphilipballew, any issues?03:18
IAmNotThatGuyI have to leave now.  And did you try sudo shutdown -1 ?03:19
philipballewwell goodbye :)03:22
KM0201philipballew: computers not completley shutting down, is not really that uncommon a problem w/ some motherboards (ive saw it with several dells)03:41
KM0201philipballew: you can get around this, with sudo shutdown -h now (just make sure everythng is closed, saved, etc.. becuase.. now means now)03:42
KM0201most of the time, that command will power down any PC.03:42
bioterrorproblems with acpi, if I remember right03:43
computorhi everyone. ive been using ubuntu for years and never got around to learning all the commands and the like. any suggestions on where to start?03:44
bioterror!shell  | computor03:45
ubot2Factoid 'shell \xc2\xa0' not found03:45
bioterror!bash | computor03:45
ubot2computor: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal03:45
computorfantastic! thanks!03:46
philipballewKM0201, bioterror alright. this is a new problem. i used this computer with 7.10-10.04 till i then let it sit and then installed xubuntu 10-10 and now this problem accours03:55
philipballewbut thats what happens now. haha03:58
philipballewhow can I find out what comand a button on my desktop is giving?09:24
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KentrelHey, I have a harddrive called "Data" and another called "A", but linux mounts them as "Data_" and "A_". Why?16:21
escottKentrel, maybe the uuid weren't so unique and have changed in which case it thinks Data is reserved for a previous uuid. not sure where the uuid mappings are stroed16:22
charlie-tcaDid you leave a space after the name?16:24
KentrelNo, I did not16:25
KentrelI did reinstall over my old installation though.16:25
KentrelSo the fstab is new, but it doesn't have any references for the harddrives16:25
escottKentrel, you might remove the device and try to clear the blkid cache with blkid -g16:26
KentrelWill unmounting it be enough?16:27
escottKentrel, i would unplug it. you may be able to hand edit /etc/blkid.tab16:27
escottKentrel, scratch that blkid.tab symlinks to something in /dev16:28
bioterrorKentrel, do you have already folders Data and A in /media?16:37
KentrelI have to sudo ls to see whats in them, and they're empty16:37
bioterrorthat's your problem16:38
bioterroryou have two choices16:38
bioterror1) you remove those folders from /media16:38
bioterroror you can add those drives to /etc/fstab and make them to be mounted on boot16:39
Kentrel1 sounds easier. I'll try that first. thanks!16:39
bioterrorthe problem is that you dont have them in fstab, and probably nautilus checks that there's already folders with these names16:39
IAmNotThatGuybioterror, never thought about the folders being present already. My bad. You have done a good job :D16:40
charlie-tcanice catch, bioterror16:40
bioterrorIAmNotThatGuy, this is my suprised face:16:40
javatexanhowdy all18:11
javatexanI know this is sacrilegious but I installed ubuntu server 11.04 and then put the xubuntu-desktop on it (basically making centos sortof).  I need this server to be userless most of the time so I wanted to setup auto login... theres not an option in the settings manager -> Session and Startup.... help18:14
pleia2javatexan: you want Settings > Login screen18:17
pleia2one of the options is to log in automatically as a user18:17
pleia2(Session and Startup is for post-login stuff)18:18
javatexanthanks pleia218:47
javatexanfound it18:48
javatexancan you use cron @reboot to start a couple virtualbox vms?20:44
javatexannever mind bioterror I have to find a way to ask the vms to shutdown before the ubuntu reboot/shutdown is allowed.21:00
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javatexanI am guessing I will have to make my own script for rc.d?21:12
javatexanmake that init.d....sorry...I was thinking about the runlevels...LOL21:14
philipballewhow do i set a file as excitutible?21:21
philipballewchmod something i know21:21
nlsthzn-at-worksudo chmod +x filename21:21
nlsthzn-at-workone of a very limited amount of commands I actually remember :)21:21
nlsthzn-at-workor in nautilus just go to properties and make it executable from there21:22
nlsthzn-at-workphilipballew: ^21:22
philipballewnlsthzn-at-work, i could do nautlius, but the terminal sounds more fun!21:22
philipballewwould I be able to do this to mutiple files at once or do i need to do one file at a time you think?21:23
nlsthzn-at-workphilipballew: I have no idea... sorry21:25
philipballewno worries. just me being lazy. haha21:25
escottphilipballew, of course you can use and globbing pattern chmod +x *.sh21:36
philipballewi typed chmod +x filename nextfilename anotherfilename ect21:39
philipballewit worked i think21:39
javatexanso if I want to use init.d and the runlevels to start an app at startup and stop it at shutdown, which do I use if there is a gui?  I know some of the runlevels are only for text?23:32
javatexani guess default install will probably work though right?23:34
javatexan# Default-Start:     2 3 4 523:34
javatexan# Default-Stop:      0 1 623:34

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