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maruqhi, not sure if I'm in the right room, but seem to having an issue with Ubuntu AMIs + EBS volumes04:35
maruqI'm using AMIs based on Alestic ami-06ad526f, when I attach an EBS volume it doesn't show up04:36
maruqI went back to using that pure AMI (no mods), and same thing, no EBS volume04:37
maruqIt shows up fine on the 10.10 AMI (ami-ccf405a5) though04:37
maruqalso shows up fine on Amazon Linux04:38
maruqI'm using the command line tools (ec2-create-volume, ec2-attach-volume, ec2-describe-volume)04:39
maruqthen logging in to the node, and trying to mount the volume (/dev/sdh) to my own dir (/mnt/redis)04:40
maruqanyone got any ideas?04:40
flaccidmaruq: you should use the official canonical AMIs if not already04:48
flaccidi know they certainly work04:48
flaccidyou'll find devices attached as /dev/xvd* not /dev/sd*04:48
flaccidafter attachment check /proc/partitions, fdisk -l and ec2-describe-volumes04:49
maruqThe ones on Alestic page say Canonical published?04:49
maruqoh, thanks, I'll check xvdh04:49
maruqseems to be there, thanks04:52
maruqalthough AWS API seems to only take /dev/sd*, which in turn maps to /dev/xvd*04:52
maruqlittle confusing thereā€¦ oh well, problem solved04:53
flaccidits because aws forked xen04:53
maruqokay, although it seems to suggest on windows it'll take xvd*?04:54
maruqI don't know enough about xen though04:54
flaccidxen virtual device..04:54
Udithi, I`m beginner to cloud OS. i have my minor project on cloud can u please suggest me some challenging and pratical project?04:55
maruqokay, well, it seems to work. thanks04:56
flaccidUdit: http://google.com/04:56
flaccidUdit: or just see topic and make UEC your project, good luck04:56
flaccidmaruq: its because ubuntu would need to patch the kernel to support /dev/sd* on the instance..04:56
Uditthanks, whats UEC?04:56
flaccidUdit: follow and read the links in the topic04:57
maruq@flaccid: okay, that's cool. I'll just note it down04:57
Uditokay thanks04:57
maruq@Udit: UEC = Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (a sort of AWS EC2 on your own servers).04:58
Uditits like eye OS??04:58
maruq@Udit: Not sure what subject you're doing for, but sciences or maths usually have a lot of fun problems to solve04:59
Uditdo u noe abt the phovirtualbox05:01
flaccidUdit: off-topic. goto #virtualbox05:01
maruqgood luck05:01
Uditwhich network oi need to select fr #virtualbox05:02
flaccidthis network05:03
Uditok thanks again05:03
codechmm.. i created an EMI with vmbuilder and am running it as m1.xlarge (20G disk on my UEC) but i only have a 10G sda in the instance?07:48
codecis this related to calling vmbuilder with --rootsize=10240?07:49
kim0codec: when you sudo fdisk -l .. do you see 20G09:56
kim0wait around someone should hopefully be able to help10:10
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