kim0Morning everyone07:55
popeyGood morning world!07:56
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Pendulumhi mhall11912:55
paultagchallah, alle13:01
Pendulumhiya paultag13:04
paultagPendulum: morning :)13:08
paultagPendulum: howareya today?13:09
Pendulumawake for now :)13:09
* czajkowski tickles paultag 13:11
paultagczajkowski: oh you're in a cheery mood :)13:12
paultagczajkowski: aloha :)13:12
czajkowskipaultag: we have some mails to be doing my dear13:13
czajkowskialways brightens my day!13:13
czajkowskipaultag: also I'll be offline for 10 days at the end of the month :D something to look forward to13:14
popeyooo me too :D13:14
paultagczajkowski: we do indeed :)13:14
paultagczajkowski: Woohoo!13:14
paultagpopey: :)13:14
czajkowskipaultag: looking forward to me being offline :p13:14
czajkowskipopey: looking forward to me being offline :)13:14
paultagczajkowski: totally :)13:14
czajkowskiwe have 19 more teams to process by the end of october13:14
paultagczajkowski: are you going to be offline for real or keep poking back on IRC?13:15
czajkowskiand I need to get the final number of teams who didnt ask canonical for their gift so we know for future reference13:15
czajkowskipaultag: for real I'm heading to Lahinch where I'd have to go to an internet cafe which I'll do once a day to check email re jobs13:15
paultagczajkowski: awesome13:15
paultagczajkowski: you need it :)13:16
czajkowskinah not really13:16
paultagczajkowski: bah! de-stress for a while13:16
czajkowskiust a break from UK13:16
czajkowskiI can hardly be stressed sitting on my arse for the last 3 months :)13:16
* popey has holidy too13:19
czajkowskiI have a way with words what can I say :)13:19
czajkowskipopey: ohh nice13:19
nigelbhah, lightning strike in Ireland led to Amazon and Microsoft outage.13:20
paultagwas that you again?13:21
popeybrushing her hair13:21
* czajkowski peers at popey 13:25
czajkowskigetting the hang of this G+ lark13:25
czajkowskihey at least Google didnt get effected over there13:25
czajkowskijussi: how did you derail a post down to MS :(13:31
jussiczajkowski: oh Im so sorry...13:32
czajkowskilots of people chose to use non oss products/applications/tools that's fine.  I use skype to ring home to the folks. doesnt make me evil, use the right tool for the right job13:33
jussiczajkowski: its after popey's "I feel so dirty" comments when he bought it...13:35
nigelbgreg-g / pleia2: lol, and ANOTHER ubuntu member stolen by the California LoCO :-P13:35
* AlanBell agrees. czajkowski isn't evil because of using skype.13:35
paultagLet's go LoCoHiO!13:35
* popey peers at his irssi window13:36
popeyrunning inside putty on windows 7 on a mac13:37
popeydouble whammy of 'evil'13:37
popeyNote: Not evil.13:37
greg-gnigelb: ;)13:37
paultagI'm on cygwin now. Only way I could make my work machine usable13:37
nigelbgreg-g: heh, when's the big move?13:39
czajkowskiakgraner: nope am just evil clearly :)13:40
czajkowskiakgraner: flip side is I'm irish, so loveable :)13:40
paultagyou're rougish :)13:41
nigelblolfail at spelling? ;)13:43
paultagnigelb: yeah, totally. rogue not rouge13:44
Pendulumczajkowski: was there some tabcomplete fail in there?13:44
* AlanBell is fully confused now13:44
nigelbI'm guessing there's a mix of IRC + facebook13:44
czajkowskiPendulum: aye13:44
paultagI think she meant AlanBell13:44
paultagnot akgraner13:44
nigelbAh, that makes sense13:44
greg-gnigelb: fingers crossed, leaving town on Wed morning, Thurs morning at the latest. Then driving for 2 weeks across the country before making it to the bay.13:44
czajkowskiPendulum: G+ Twitter irc and fb chatting is not a goog combination for my brain it seems13:44
czajkowskiAlanBell: I'm irish :)13:45
nigelbgreg-g: You're driving cross-country? WOW!13:45
AlanBellczajkowski: I had noticed ;)13:45
greg-gnigelb: oh yeah, it'll be great13:45
nigelbI know someone who's probably just finished a 3-day bike ride to MV.13:45
AlanBellczajkowski: to be sure you are13:45
greg-gnigelb: got all of our stuff/bed/etc in these things: http://www.upack.com/, Just the essentials in the car (and our bikes)13:45
nigelbgreg-g: Bike + car?13:46
paultagnigelb: so you can stop and go for a bike13:46
paultagsitting in a car for a few days sucks13:46
greg-gnigelb: bikes on the car so we can go for rides when we want, exactly what paultag said :)13:47
paultagit's a damn fine idea if I may say so :)13:47
greg-greally, it only taks a little over 2 days of driving to get there, but we stretching it to 2 weeks, so we'll have things to do/explore13:47
nigelbI've at most done one night of travel on a car/bike13:48
paultagshould be a blast13:48
nigelbMy longer trips have been train, which was awesome13:48
greg-gI drove from Minneapolis to outer LA (for Coachella '07) in 2 days :)13:48
greg-gnigelb: yeah, train would be nice, but not sure we're selling the car yet13:48
paultaggreg-g: and I bet you were snorting instant coffee off the dash13:48
paultagthere's no way I could do that :)13:49
greg-gno comment13:49
nigelbyou claim the 5th? :P13:49
greg-gindeed, but not that I did anything wrong13:49
paultagnigelb: you plead the 5th :)13:49
paultagor cite13:49
greg-gmake use of... envoke... whatever ;)13:50
* paultag twitches13:50
nigelbpaultag: right whatever ;)13:50
paultagsed s/envoke/invoke/g13:50
paultagchrist, sorry, that was getting to me13:50
paultagI think I have OCD13:50
greg-glol, sorry13:50
greg-gI think we just kicked everyone else's convo out of the room :(13:51
paultaghahaha, ain't no thang. I have these odd twitches. When I see something misspelled by someone else ( since I suck at spelling ), i compulse and write a sed script to fix it :)13:51
AlanBellthere is an irssi plugin to apply them13:52
paultagAlanBell: o'rly?13:52
paultagwow that was dickish of me13:52
paultagsorry greg-g13:52
AlanBellpaultag: I can't find it now, but a couple of years ago I nearly wrote one and discovered it had already been done13:55
paultagAlanBell: :)13:55
greg-gpaultag: wait, why are you sorry?13:58
paultaggreg-g: for sed'ing you14:00
greg-gpaultag: I don't mind being sed'ed if it fixes a mistake of mine.14:01
paultagnigelb: Oh, did you see -- I got Syn linking and unlinking packages :)14:02
paultagit is fragile, but it "works"14:02
nigelbpaultag: so, eventually you'll have something like debian14:03
paultagnigelb: nah :)14:04
paultagnigelb: this is much more primitive and less robust14:04
paultagnigelb: but it's orders faster then dpkg, which is just awesome14:05
paultagnigelb: because you can install things in batches at the same time, and force the HD IO to 100% rather then doing 1, waiting, doing another14:05
paultagit's also computer maintainable, so I won't have to touch packages once they're working unless it fails14:06
paultagwhich is nice :)14:06
paultagnigelb: http://pastebin.com/9ruXNgNa14:07
nigelbpaultag: lol, I know what fbautostart is, but everytime I see it, I go "autostart facebook? what?"14:08
paultagnigelb: :)14:08
paultagnigelb: it was the only simple package I did not have installed that I could synize14:09
paultagin theory I could slowly use Syn to borg a Debian install14:09
paultagI'd have to match glibc versions or i'd be shifting without a clutch14:10
paultagalthough that's not a bad idea...14:10
mhall119paultag: did you see I got a website?14:19
paultagmhall119: yepppers, sure did. Checked it out and all that14:19
mhall119I need to write up some content for it now14:20
paultagmhall119: I'm going to get a site "reedfeeder" and have pictures of people feeding panda bears bamboo14:21
paultagand steal all yers misspells14:21
paultagwith cute panda bears14:22
paultagthey'l never leave14:22
mhall119paultag: make sure you provide an rss I can subscribe to ;)14:26
jonokim0, brb, sound issues, rebooting14:59
jonokim0, all set?15:06
jonokim0, invite sent15:07
jonokim0, let's make sure we get those slider images unblocked ASAP15:26
jonoI think they will help bring more traffic15:26
kim0will ping Aljandra again .. they need to look good also :)15:26
jonofolks, I am asking kim0 to get more traffic flowing to cloud.ubuntu.com - ideas and comments welcome15:26
jonokim0, totally15:26
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technovikingmorning all15:50
akgranertechnoviking, morning....and here I am thinking it's 5 o'clock somewhere :-)15:51
* akgraner mumbles something about it being Monday :-P15:51
Pendulumakgraner: it's almost 5 o'clock in the UK15:55
AlanBellit is, what happens at 5?15:55
technovikingbeer o'clock15:56
AlanBelloh good, make mine a pint15:57
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akgranerjono, kim0 I know said you want to drive more traffic but what other information are you wanting to get out - just get people to the site in general and let them take it from there or is there more of a specific message to write about?16:32
kim0akgraner: It should be more about raising the site's visibility (especially outside the typical ubuntu circles), and getting more conversations going on16:33
akgranerkim0, gotcha...16:35
jcastrokim0: would it be useful to link the cloud subforum prominently on it?17:05
kim0jcastro: the cloud subforum is not getting a ton of traffic, so not sure how helpful that would be17:06
jcastrowell, I was thinking on how you could have discussions on cloud.u.c, if you gave people a place to discuss17:07
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kim0it's more about comments and converstaions on articles17:08
jcastroah ok17:09
* jcastro goes back to thinking more then17:09
kim0ok folks, I'll be mostly afk for now .. see you tomorrow17:09
jcastrotake it easy!17:09
nigelbjcastro: Did you change teams? :P17:24
jcastrojono: ~30 minutes?18:29
nigelbAlanBell: what's happening in London? :(18:32
AlanBellpeople want to steal stuff18:35
jonojcastro, will ping you after lunch18:39
jcastrono worries18:40
jcastrojono: interwebs here is not so hot, we'll have to fallback to phones.18:40
jonojcastro, np18:40
czajkowskiLovely riots in London19:07
czajkowskiright around the corner from me19:07
jussiczajkowski: you are near tottenham?19:40
czajkowskijussi: it's moved down from Tottenham19:45
jussiczajkowski: ahh ok, I hadnt been following that close.19:46
jussiwhat is the cause of the riots?19:46
czajkowskiwhat originally started it off was a guy shot by the police but it's long gone past that19:49
czajkowskijust thugs now19:49
technovikingsomtime people just look for reason to be a-holes19:54
czajkowskitechnoviking: indeed19:55
czajkowskitesco closed earlier on20:00
czajkowskibookies closed around 7 and don't normally till 1020:00
jcastrojono: heya, I'm around now if you want to char21:11
jcastroer, chat, or we can punt till later, up to you21:11
jonojcastro, give me two mins and then lets talk, wrapping an email now21:12
jonojcastro, all set21:22
jcastrojono: I'll step out from the conference room21:23
jonojcastro, cheers21:23
jcastro<-- eod22:42

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