EgyParadox!bored | EgyParadox12:14
lubotu3EgyParadox, please see my private message12:14
thelinuxerEgyParadox: lol what r u doing ?12:14
* EgyParadox elseyam 3amel shoghlo :D12:15
thelinuxer!bored | thelinuxer12:16
lubotu3thelinuxer, please see my private message12:16
EgyParadoxdah tele3 factoid 7a2i2i12:16
elacheche_anishey guys :)12:17
elacheche_anis!bored | elacheche_anis12:17
lubotu3elacheche_anis, please see my private message12:17
elacheche_anisI like this bot12:17
thelinuxerelacheche_anis: yeah it's a cool bot12:17
thelinuxerEgyParadox: bas how can we play with this ubuntu-trivia /12:18
EgyParadoxcheck the channel12:20
thelinuxerdah gamed awi!12:20
thelinuxerEgyParadox: eih dah i stopped your game! :D12:24
EgyParadox:D 3ady da kwayes ana tele3t gahel12:24
thelinuxerEgyParadox: http://blog.ryanak.ca/trivia.html12:31
thelinuxerEgyParadox: dude can u check for other bots to include in our room?12:31
thelinuxerzay el moot bot masalan12:31
EgyParadoxmoot bot?12:32
thelinuxeri don't know if we can have it permanently in the room or not12:32
thelinuxermeeting bot12:32
EgyParadoxI think it should be requested in meetings12:36
thelinuxermaho i know12:38
thelinuxeri am just telling u to check for useful bots12:38
EgyParadoxheya betorganize eldenya shewaya12:38
EgyParadoxoli law fee meeting gai wana 7ageebo12:40
thelinuxermahsy eshta12:40
thelinuxerbas i was searching for bots12:40
thelinuxeruseful bots we mala2etsh12:40
thelinuxerfa i was telling u to try12:40
EgyParadoxmomken netranslate elfactoids12:42
EgyParadoxhenak arequest elbot12:55
thelinuxerwhat r these ?12:57
EgyParadoxmesh fahem12:59
thelinuxerah ok, ana makontesh merakez13:00
EgyParadoxTopic for #ubuntu-scribes is: Sorry, Mootbot is currently buggy and/or broken and I have no time to fix it at the moment. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause -- Seeker`13:02
EgyParadoxthelinuxer:boss aslan13:08
thelinuxerwhere ?13:08
EgyParadoxelbot fee moshkela13:10
thelinuxerEgyParadox: r u coming today to the session ?13:25
EgyParadoxheya enahrda?13:25
EgyParadoxah sa713:25
thelinuxeru announced it urself :D13:25
thelinuxerla2 mafeesh e7temal13:26
thelinuxerla gy la la213:26
EgyParadoxmana 3aref *facepalm*13:26
EgyParadoxheya elsa3a kam13:26
thelinuxermomken teshoof fawzy 7ayeegy ezay we tezabat ma3ah13:26
EgyParadoxana 3omri maro7t elsa2ya :D13:27
EgyParadoxheya gamb wezaret elkhargeya bayen?13:27
thelinuxerta7t kobry 15 mayo13:30
thelinuxerbos kalem fawzy we zabat ma3ah13:30
thelinuxerhowa el mafrood saken ganbak13:30
EgyParadoxthelinuxer:3andak nemreto?14:01

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