airurandogood morning08:44
slashtomgood morning08:47
airurandohi slashtom08:48
airurandowell done on getting the ball rolling on UHD again.08:49
slashtomno problem, i was chatting with ebel about it the other day08:50
slashtomi do think that we need to try something different, will raise it at the geeknic and see what people think08:50
slashtomthinking maybe first saturday in september, if that suits08:50
airurandofirst Saturday in September?08:54
airurandono way08:54
airurandoglobal Jam08:54
slashtomoh, i didn't have that in my schedule08:54
airurandomaybe the second Saturday in September08:54
airurandoaye nothing concrete yet08:55
slashtomsecond saturday is the coderetreat that tdr112 mentioned08:55
slashtommyself and ebel are booked on it08:55
slashtomthird saturday my mum is visiting08:55
slashtomand on the forth weekend there is a beer festival at the RDS08:55
airurandooctober it is so!08:56
slashtomwhat's happening at the global jam?08:56
airurandostill a bit up in the air08:56
airurandoinfoturtle is trying to org Limerick again08:56
airurandotdr112 has hopefully asked TOG again.08:57
airurandohaven't heard back from either yet08:57
airurandowe also have an expression of interest from a 091labs guy in Galway08:57
airurandonothing concrete08:58
airurandohe is looking into it to see if the interest is there08:58
airurandofingers crossed08:58
slashtomi cannot have been paying attention, otherwise it would have been on my schedule09:03
slashtomjust as well we have nothing planned09:03
airurandoglad you'll be there09:04
airurandoGeeknic up on the website16:04
airurandoand on the LoCo Dir16:04
airurandoI do hope the weather picks up for it!16:05
moylanwouldn't be an irish picnic without the challenge of drinking a cup of something faster than the rain can fill it! :-)16:05
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airurandoindeed moylan16:14
airurandoand finally its now gone out to the mailing list16:15
airurandountil I looked into this I didn't realise we held the second geeknic ever.16:16
airurandohow do tdr11216:24
airurandohow are things with you?16:24
tdr112been busy , too much stuff on16:27
airurandoI know that feeling all too well16:28
airurandodid you get a chance to ask TOG about UGJ?16:28
tdr112i talked to a few about it16:29
airurandowere they OK with it?16:29
tdr112the idea is fun , it should be ok16:31
tdr112i will confirm it this week16:31
airurandocool, only if you get a chance.16:31
airurandoare you going to the Geeknic?16:32
tdr112i dont know yet ,i might be working16:38
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infoturtlehye guys, I know it's a bit late but is anyone on here? looking for some help on how to start doing some bug solving23:12
moylanprobably not the best person to ask but go ahead.23:13
infoturtleI just wanted to know how to go about it, I know nothing about where to start other than the list of bugs on launchpad launch pad. You know any sites that can help me get going?23:15
infoturtle*meant to delete that second launchpad23:15
moylanah then definitely not the person to ask.  i keep wanting to go to the ugj but never end up making it.23:15
infoturtleok cool, not to worry. The whole thing just seems so vast to me. Maybe I'll find someone else23:16

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