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* apw looks about07:49
RAOFAnd sees before him a barren wasteland of SandyBridge07:49
apwohhh, that sounds worse than moordor, back to bed me thinks with some cocoa07:50
RAOFActually, it's quite pleasant with a fully up-to-date oneiric stack.07:51
RAOFThis laptop now has a MTBF greater than 5 minutes.07:52
apwheh, that sounds like an improvement07:52
* _ruben wonders who came up with the name Sandy Bridge for just a chunk of silicon... ;)07:52
apwthough this week is post A3 and pre-FF so oneiric should degerate into an uninstallable disaster07:53
RAOFIn fact, it's become so well behaved that it's been rewarded with 8GB of ram and an SSD.07:53
apwfatal, it will start to think you like it and start missbehaving07:54
RAOFWell, it always did before.07:55
RAOFNow, it seems to have settled down and gone many days without a GPU hang.07:55
RAOFI claim the pacifying influence of mesa 7.1107:55
apwimaginary at best i am sure07:55
lagapw: How many people do you have doing ARM now?08:13
apwfull time, one08:13
lagapw: And he's off today?08:13
apwhe indeed has vacation yes08:13
apwcirtinly only one really with h/w08:13
apwbut then we known when our deadlines are08:13
lagapw: Do you know if anyone else has a BB XM?08:14
lagcooloney: Do you still have a BB XM?08:14
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cooloneylag: oh, no08:50
cooloneylag: i sent them to ppetraki 08:50
lagHow many does he have now?08:52
lagAnd he's off this week08:52
apwhe likely means all his boards :)  rather than having lots of one type09:07
pgranerapw, info on drives12:09
pgranerModel: ATA WDC WD20EARS-00MVWB012:09
pgranerFirmware Version: 51.0AB1512:09
apwsmb`, do you remember some discussion about disks and sata link resetting last weke, likely on this channel12:14
apwsmb`, ignore, found it12:49
apwpgraner, so there are several WDC models which are quirked under "NCQ is slow"12:49
pgranerapw, no surprise there12:50
apwpgraner, could you file a bug pls, and i'll get you a test kernel with ATA_HORKAGE_NONCQ turned on12:50
pgranerapw, ack doing it now12:51
pgranerapw, you want it against natty or one-eyed-rick12:51
apwpgraner, do -rick- and i can widen it back13:29
pgranerapw, ack13:29
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* ogasawara back in 2014:29
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smbapw, ACK to ignore. Just came in. :)14:31
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tgardnerbjf, ogasawara: quick mumble ?14:48
ogasawaratgardner: sure14:52
txomonis here someone that can help me with this bug?15:01
txomon!bug 48506715:02
ubot2Launchpad bug 485067 in linux "wireless card malfunction" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48506715:02
sforsheetxomon, does 'rfkill list' show any blocks applied to your device?15:10
txomonsforshee, how?15:32
txomonuops, i took another bug15:33
sforsheetxomon, open a terminal and run 'rfkill list', then see if any of the items say yes next to them15:34
txomonim going to switch on that computer15:35
txomonsforshee, there are a pair of blocks16:10
txomonone in 16:11
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txomonphy0 wireless lan16:11
txomonand in hp-wifi wireless lan16:11
txomonbot of them soft blocked16:11
sforsheetry running 'rfkill unblock all'16:11
txomonit works16:12
txomonwhat was the problem?16:12
txomonand why it was blocked?¿16:13
sforsheetxomon, probably the hp-wmi driver thinks the bios is telling it there's a soft block applied16:13
sforsheeif you reboot do the blocks come back?16:13
txomonand can it be caused by blocking it on windows?16:14
sforsheetxomon, possibly16:14
txomonin windows also happens something strange, it for default, wireless is disabled16:15
sforsheetxomon, if you have a wireless hotkey pressing it should remove the soft block, if everything is working properly16:15
txomonsforshee, is again blocked16:15
sforsheetxomon, that may just be the default state for your machine if windows shows the same symptom16:16
txomonthe button makes a hard block in the hp-wifi16:16
txomonbut the soft blocks are always there16:16
txomonnow has appeared a hard block in phy0..16:17
sforsheetxomon, okay then, when I get a chance I'll look at the driver and post something on the bug16:17
txomonok, the phy0 is now the only one blocked after doing the unblock, with a hard block16:18
txomoni have another bug with another computer16:20
txomonin which the 3G modem doesn't work unless i reboot from windows to linux16:20
sforsheetxomon, have you filed a bug?16:21
txomon!bug 70995516:21
ubot2Launchpad bug 709955 in linux "03f0:241d Gobi wireless modem only works when rebooting from windows" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70995516:21
dupondjesforshee: could you close https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=39982 as you commited a fix for it in the kernel ? :)16:26
ubot2bugzilla.kernel.org bug 39982 in Platform_x86 "dell_wmi: Unknown key eXXX pressed" [Normal,New]16:26
dupondjethx for the work also btw!16:26
dupondjeseems I can do that myself :) nvm16:27
txomonsforshee, what do you think about that? it seems like the modem is not correctly initialized in ubuntu16:35
sforsheetxomon, I added a comment, please check the bug16:36
apwpgraner, did we get a bug for that disk thingy16:37
pgranerapw, not yet, damn mgt crap is overtaking me today... I'll get it to you in a bit16:38
pgranerapw, the hold up is I have to me the array to the oneiric box, its currently on my natty one16:39
apwpgraner, file it there, it doesn't make a lot of odd16:39
pgranerapw, K doing it now16:40
txomonim going to check it16:41
sforsheedupondje: np, note that we've only applied the fix to oneiric, I don't think the issue warrants an SRU16:41
pgranerapw, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/82279616:46
ubot2Ubuntu bug 822796 in linux "[Natty][Oneiric] WD "Green" drives have faulty NCQ need kernel quirk" [Undecided,New]16:46
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txomonsforshee, it worked16:49
txomonbut im unable to enter in launchpad...16:53
txomonnow i can... there was an error or sth16:53
pgranerapw, you need anything else in that bug?16:53
pgranermanjo, ping16:54
NCommanderhas anyone seen ppisati? I have an OMAp4 kernel bug that I need smacked16:54
NCommander(config issue)16:54
txomonsforshee, and I have another bug in the same computer, when I plug an ethernet wire, connected to something, the computer crashes16:54
pgranerNCommander, holiday this week16:55
tgardnerNCommander, send it to me and Cc kernel-team@lists.ubuntu.com16:55
NCommanderpgraner: who's covering omap4 bugs?16:55
NCommanderpgraner: will do, thanks.16:55
apw pgraner no that works for now16:59
txomoncan anyone put this !bug 709955 as fixed?17:02
ubot2Launchpad bug 709955 in linux "03f0:241d Gobi wireless modem only works when rebooting from windows" [Medium,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70995517:02
manjopgraner, pong ... sorry was having lunch 17:04
txomonill come back later17:05
apwtxomon, if you have to hand get the firmware from windows to sort it, its actually not fixed in linux, just worked round17:07
apwpgraner, http://people.canonical.com/~apw/lp822796-natty/17:22
apwpgraner, if those work, it would be good to have some performance numbers on the broken kernel for NCQ 1, 8, 16 or something to support upstreaming17:25
apwyou have these already i suspect17:25
pgranerapw, sure I'll do dd timing tests on all of them17:25
* tgardner --> lunch17:51
* bjf -> lunch18:24
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