pindongaajmitch, ah, ok00:00
pindongaI hope you can still manage to get 1.0 and 0.6 of django-configglue in, but if not, I understand00:01
pindongaif there is anything I can do to help , please let me know00:01
ajmitchI'll do what I can, there's still a couple of days before I have to beg the release team for exceptions :)00:01
pindongaajmitch, I know you'll do your best and I am grateful00:02
pindongaI'll check again in a couple of days (wed the latest)00:02
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micahg\o/ vala-0.14 is almost bootstrapped on powerpc which will fix a number of universe depwait/FTBFS issues01:41
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tonymchi all09:47
tonymchow do i go about packaging headers? i don't need to compile them or anything, just headers09:47
mok0Why does python-stdeb insist on installing python2.6?10:00
Laneyhighvoltage: good post, but I think the technical contributions bit could be a bit misleading10:03
Laneythe DMB only deals with people doing Ubuntu Development, not these upstreamy folk (wherever they may end up)10:03
tonymchow do i go about packaging headers? i don't need to compile them or anything, just headers10:05
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tonymcis there a way to compile x86 packages on an x64 system?21:19
dupondjetonymc: ofc21:23
dupondjepbuilder-dist has arch argument for example21:23
tonymcwhat about debuild?21:23
tonymcpbuilder is too heavy...21:24
dupondjepbuilder heavy ?21:24
dupondjenot really :)21:24
tonymcwell it downloads minimal system21:25
tonymci wouldn't want that21:25
dupondjeguess its not possible then21:25
dupondjecause you'll always need a minimal system to build packages21:26
tonymcwell debuild doesn't need that21:26
tonymci know it's not a clean method to build stuff21:26
tonymcbut my program isn't that complicated and there are no complex dependencies or anything21:26
jtaylorit is possible but it can be a lot of work21:32
jtayloron oneiric it should be easier due to more multi arch packages21:32
jtaylorinstall gcc-multilib and all 32 bit dependencies and pass -m32 to the build should do it21:33
tonymcOK then, how do i build with pbuilder? i've found something on google, "linux32 pbuilder -ai386" but it doesn't seem to work - package still builds as x6421:56
jtaylorsetup a 32 bit chroot21:58
jtaylorpbuilder --create --architecture i38621:58
micahg_or use pbuilder-dist21:58
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tonymccan i somehow install a local package onto that chrooted environment?22:03
jtaylorpbuilder --architecture i386 --login --saver-after-login22:04
jtaylorthen do what you want to do in the chroot and logout22:04
jtaylorthe changes will remain22:04
jtaylorthere is also --extra-packages you can use22:05
jtaylorfor packages in the repo22:05
tonymclooks like everything's working now22:09
tonymcmany thanks, you've been really helpful22:09
jtayloralso have a look at pbuilder-dist, it makes a few pbuilder operations a bit simpler22:10
jtaylorlots of info here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto#Building_32-bit_packages_on_64-bit_or_for_older_Ubuntu_versions22:10
tonymcone more noob question22:11
tonymcwhere does pbuilder store built packages?22:11
tonymci can't seem to find them anywhere22:11
jtaylor /var/cache/pbuilder/result22:11
jtayloror in --buildresult=...22:12
jtayloryou can mount directories from your host with --bindmounts=/dir/...22:12
jtaylorbut note if you create files in there they will be root owned22:13
tonymcif i make /var/cache/pbuild/result writeable by me, i won't have to run it as sudo and thus the packages will be owned by me, right?22:15
tonymci mean /var/cache/pduilder22:15
tonymcor it's not adviceable?22:15
jtaylorno pbuilder will always need root rights so far I know22:15
tonymcah OK22:16
tonymci build everything with scripts anyway, another two lines with chown won't matter22:16
tonymcthank you very much22:16
tonymcpbuilder doesn't download build time dependencies - is it how it's supposed to be?22:43
tonymcit displays an error in which it says that in order to resolve the situation it needs to remove pbuilder-satisfydepends-dummy22:46
tonymchowever when i login i don't see this package22:46
tonymcah i got it, sorry22:51
tonymcneeded to enable universe in sources22:51
tonymcit is aliiive... once again thanks for your help, quite a crash course in packaging i had23:01

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